FAN Box Office Prediction

It’s FAN Day Tomorrow and the release of a Shah Rukh Khan film is always a big event for fans across the world. The industry, his fans, well-wishers and even those who love to see him fail – are all keen to see and know how his films perform at the box office.

For an actor who has achieved so much in the industry, his stardom is put to test each time he makes an outing. FAN will be no different. The success of the film will be important for SRK, because his standing in the industry has taken a dip in the last few years.

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While his films that are perceived to be underperforms, still make it to the Top 3 worldwide grossers of the year, the standards that Shah Rukh Khan has set over the years is so high that there are expectations of a major grosser – each time he releases a film.

FAN is also important because Shah Rukh’s next film ‘Raees’ is scheduled to take on Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ during Eid this year. While there are rumours of ‘Raees’ getting postponed to a later date, the makers could be waiting to see how FAN performs before taking the final decision. If FAN does very well, ‘Raees’ could still take on ‘Sultan’, but if it doesn’t perform, ‘Raees’ will have to move to a different date.

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Key stats:

  • Screens: 3500 – 3600
  • Budget: 105 crore
  • Runtime: 2 hours 22 minutes
  • Trailer score: 8 on 10
  • Music Popularity: 4 on 10
  • Marketing campaign: 3 on 10

All records of 2016 are *expected* to be surpassed, all of which currently belong to Airlift:

  • First Day: Airlift (12.35 crore)
  • Highest Single Day: Airlift (3rd Day, Sunday, 17.35 crore)
  • Highest Non-Holiday Single Day: Airlift (2nd Day, Saturday, 14.60 crore)
  • Highest First Weekend: Airlift (44.30 crore)
  • Highest First Week: Airlift (83.5 crore)
  • Highest Second Weekend: Airlift (19.26 crore)
  • Highest Second Week: Airlift (28.79 crore)
  • Highest Lifetime: Airlift (128 crore)

Factors in favour of FAN on opening day:

  • Shah Rukh Khan, there isn’t much of anything else really.
  • Good trailer
  • Partial Holiday release

Factors against FAN on opening day:

  • Lack of universal appeal: Just one song, no leading lady.
  • The outstanding word-of-mouth of ‘The Jungle Book’ will make it difficult for FAN. The impact may not be big, but business will be divided at multiplexes.
  • Maneesh Sharma’s track record isn’t great, his films have only appealed to a small section of audience.

IndicineFBO: We expect FAN to collect Rs 21.9 crore on Day 1. Check our detailed FBO page for previous predictions and more.

Check out the detailed box office predictions of FAN

IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 – 22 cr
  • Day 2 – 23 cr
  • Day 3 – 27 cr
  • Weekend – 72 cr
  • First Week – 120 cr
  • Final – 175 cr+ (Super Hit)

IF AVERAGE (mixed response)

  • Day 1 – 21 cr
  • Day 2 – 20 cr
  • Day 3 – 23 cr
  • Weekend – 64 cr
  • First Week – 98 cr
  • Final – 135 cr (Hit)

IF BAD (worst case scenario)

  • Day 1 – 20 cr
  • Day 2 – 17 cr
  • Day 3 – 19 cr
  • Weekend – 56 cr
  • First Week – 82 cr
  • Lifetime – 100 cr (Below Average / Flop)

Note: Verdict would also depend on how FAN performs overseas.

What do you think of the box office prospects of Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • If a star movie lifetime colection is 146 crore(dilwale the flop show) then a fan movie will collect 46 crore lifetime.and first day colection will be 7 cr. I’m rit na?

  • All those talking about non holiday check your facts right ETT BB both released non-holiday during ramjan period 5-6 days before EID in those 5-6 days itself huge collection EID collections are just icing on the CAKE.

  • @12:51pm

    Haha what a point- they will gladly add collections of those places where there is a holiday n claim its part of a non holiday release…!

    Double standards have reached new heights in Paglapur…!

  • I don’t know why you keep saying it has limited appeal. It commercial movie with universal appeal.

  • @Aunt 10:54 pm : Get a life you loser. FAN might cross this 60cr barrier in it’s first weekend itself.

    @Mayanmari Langoor 10:56 pm : At end of the day, collections matter the most. Right? It’s not mine, but bhabhijan fans statement. So why are you bringing technicality here (e.g. footfall etc) ?

    @Jhootha-jit 11:53 pm : Hold on. We are talking about SRK , not about some holiday made star who struggles to go past 100cr on a non-holiday.

    @Hrithik 12:51 am :What’s wrong in comparing Flop Ho with FAN?
    If we closely observer , both the movies look equal in size :

    -Bhabhijan was coming after a complete year with Flop Ho and huge hype was there around this movie. Whereas , SRK is coming just after 4 months post a bad WOM movie like “Dilwale”. So bhabhijan has an upperhand here.

    -Flop Ho released on 3900 screens with moderate ticket rates. FAN is releasing on 3500 screens with slightly increased ticket rates. Also, Flop Ho had a mass appeal (which would have helped it to work at small centres), whereas FAN is missing that. So if we consider all these, it goes 50-50 in favor of both the movies.

    -Flop Ho didn’t have any competition for almost three weeks , whereas FAN will be facing a stiff competition from “The Jungle Book” in multiplexes. Again, Bhabhijan has an upperhand here.

    So, conclusion is, Flop Ho had everything in it’s favor and thus, it’s quite fair to compare it with FAN.

  • after super success of my prediction on dilwale and bm….I predict fan will b 100 -150 cr ….and will b called flop below 135 cr


    watched FAN FDFS.

    I must say THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR,no matters how many best movies will come in your way.

    PEOPLE will remember GAURAV CHANDNA’S CHARACTER FOREVER,there’s not a bit doubt IT.

    I loved 2ND HALF much more than 1ST HALF.

    2ND HALF is what is the SOUL of THE MOVIE.

    I can’t explain much more about THE MOVIE ,because IT’S THRILLER and you can’t feel even a bit what HIGH STANDARD DIRECTION and EMOTIONAL VALUE ,IT will give you at theatre.

    many non-SRK FANS even cried while watching THE 2ND HALF/CLIMAX.

    THIS MOVIE is for not only SRKIANS because IT’S A RELATIONSHIP between A STAR and A FAN.I guaranteed you all,you’ll definitely cry after watching THIS MOVIE.

    as I said there’s much conflict that critics made about EACH HALF in the people’s mind about THIS MOVIE.

    then let me give clear cut comparison between 2 HALVES

    1ST HALF:

    IT’S completely the life story of Gaurav Chandna with out involved with HIS STAR much and HIS OBSESSION and LOVE for HIS SUPERSTAR.and here the journey of FAN starts to meet with HIS SUPERSTAR.and I laughed when many critics said this is the best part which really doesn’t any entertainment value which might the critics likes,may be that’s the reason why they’re obsessed with 1ST HALF of the movie.but I must say THE 1st half has GOOD COMEDY which will make you laugh and innocent stuffs of REAL FAN to be watch out for.

    2ND HALF:

    THIS is THE HEART and TRULY THE SOUL of THE MOVIE which contains THE REAL INTENSE,SORROW which WE can say “TRUE MEANING” that justifies the title “FAN”.and I promise you THIS will 100% tend you to cry if you’re a realistic and sensible movie watcher.this I’M telling from a neutral point of view not only as the point of view of A SRKIAN.


    KING SRK’S INTENSITY that again raised the bar that HE had shown us through DARR,BAAZIGAR,CDI,even beyond that which I can’t only define through words only.

    THIS IS COMPLETELY REALISTIC MOVIE and has universal appeal.

    THIS MOVIE shows KING SRK is that talented actor WHO can defeat AGES through HIS ACTING.

    GAURAV CHANDNA is THE ROLE which will be remembered and will stay in the hearts of PEOPLE FOREVER.I BET IT.HE completely overshadowed the real KING SRK played SUPERSTAR ROLE as ARYAN KHANNA.

    THE ENTIRE FILM contains POWER PACKED DIALOGUES and ACTION LEVELS is not less than any hollywood movie along with OUTSTANDING CINEMATOGRAPHY with TERRIFIC DIRECTION with AWESOME SCREENPLAY which doesn’t have at all any useless scenes.

    there is no song to divert THE STORY ,if really you’re a hollywood and completely realistic kind movie watcher.


    I saw IT in almost every KING SRK movie released after 2010 except DON2 and JTHJ upto some extent.but believe me you’ll not find a single con in the movie.

    there is no song,which may disappoint regular masala movie watcher but doesn’t at all issue for good cinema watchers.


    sorry for being gone little out of topic.I want to ask @indicine one thing as they unnecessarily questioned the REALISM of the the sense I too can ask you how in bajrangi bhaijaan despite of tight security salman tried to enter pakistan which is highly unrealistic.and what can I say about pk,the complete logic of understanding mind through touching hand as well as being alien is the biggest unrealistic logic that these movies has.but honestly speak where you found a simple unrealistic scene in FAN MOVIE ,can you answer,I know you can’t.and if your rating this movie as 4/5,then your rating to movies like DILWALE,HNY,kick, and all big entertainer must be 1-1.5/5.and for films like bajrangi bhaijaan,pk youer review must be 2-2.5/5.AND FOR FILMS LIKE NEERJA,AIRLIFT must be 3.5-4/ some fools are really thinking it’s a dilwale/HNY type movie.

    THIS IS THE MUST WATCH MOVIE for every good cinema watcher and compulsory if you’re A DIEHARD FAN of ANY SUPERSTAR(UNKNOWN).

    MY RATING : 4.5/5 (being a neutral sensible realistic movie watcher) but

    5/5 (being an SRKIAN or the DIEHARD FAN of AN UNKNOWN SUPERSTAR)

  • Bhai’s content rich BB collected 321cr. According to bhagoda’s fans billu 2 is even more content rich movie. Hence it should collects 300cr minimum.

    P.S: m not saying to break BB’s record as it is not a Eid release..

  • @mekanik:
    Hahaha…. So according to you billu 2 is much better movie than pk & BB.
    Hence being a better movie it will definitely break pk & BB record!!! What do you say???

  • The story fan might connect mostly to SRK fans only coz many of his own dialogues are used. So it may not appeal much to others. That’s a huge negative point.

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