FAN Box Office Prediction

It’s FAN Day Tomorrow and the release of a Shah Rukh Khan film is always a big event for fans across the world. The industry, his fans, well-wishers and even those who love to see him fail – are all keen to see and know how his films perform at the box office.

For an actor who has achieved so much in the industry, his stardom is put to test each time he makes an outing. FAN will be no different. The success of the film will be important for SRK, because his standing in the industry has taken a dip in the last few years.

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While his films that are perceived to be underperforms, still make it to the Top 3 worldwide grossers of the year, the standards that Shah Rukh Khan has set over the years is so high that there are expectations of a major grosser – each time he releases a film.

FAN is also important because Shah Rukh’s next film ‘Raees’ is scheduled to take on Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ during Eid this year. While there are rumours of ‘Raees’ getting postponed to a later date, the makers could be waiting to see how FAN performs before taking the final decision. If FAN does very well, ‘Raees’ could still take on ‘Sultan’, but if it doesn’t perform, ‘Raees’ will have to move to a different date.

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Key stats:

  • Screens: 3500 – 3600
  • Budget: 105 crore
  • Runtime: 2 hours 22 minutes
  • Trailer score: 8 on 10
  • Music Popularity: 4 on 10
  • Marketing campaign: 3 on 10

All records of 2016 are *expected* to be surpassed, all of which currently belong to Airlift:

  • First Day: Airlift (12.35 crore)
  • Highest Single Day: Airlift (3rd Day, Sunday, 17.35 crore)
  • Highest Non-Holiday Single Day: Airlift (2nd Day, Saturday, 14.60 crore)
  • Highest First Weekend: Airlift (44.30 crore)
  • Highest First Week: Airlift (83.5 crore)
  • Highest Second Weekend: Airlift (19.26 crore)
  • Highest Second Week: Airlift (28.79 crore)
  • Highest Lifetime: Airlift (128 crore)

Factors in favour of FAN on opening day:

  • Shah Rukh Khan, there isn’t much of anything else really.
  • Good trailer
  • Partial Holiday release

Factors against FAN on opening day:

  • Lack of universal appeal: Just one song, no leading lady.
  • The outstanding word-of-mouth of ‘The Jungle Book’ will make it difficult for FAN. The impact may not be big, but business will be divided at multiplexes.
  • Maneesh Sharma’s track record isn’t great, his films have only appealed to a small section of audience.

IndicineFBO: We expect FAN to collect Rs 21.9 crore on Day 1. Check our detailed FBO page for previous predictions and more.

Check out the detailed box office predictions of FAN

IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 – 22 cr
  • Day 2 – 23 cr
  • Day 3 – 27 cr
  • Weekend – 72 cr
  • First Week – 120 cr
  • Final – 175 cr+ (Super Hit)

IF AVERAGE (mixed response)

  • Day 1 – 21 cr
  • Day 2 – 20 cr
  • Day 3 – 23 cr
  • Weekend – 64 cr
  • First Week – 98 cr
  • Final – 135 cr (Hit)

IF BAD (worst case scenario)

  • Day 1 – 20 cr
  • Day 2 – 17 cr
  • Day 3 – 19 cr
  • Weekend – 56 cr
  • First Week – 82 cr
  • Lifetime – 100 cr (Below Average / Flop)

Note: Verdict would also depend on how FAN performs overseas.

What do you think of the box office prospects of Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • & I’m 100% sure FAN will surpass the 200 cr mark in the domestic market with excellent WOM.
    Because if the WOM is excellent, the weekend itself will be close to 70 cr or so. Damn damn sure.
    IMDb rating for FAN is rising, 9.4 with 1.7k votes so far.

  • I’m not a huge fan of Srk,but I have respect for his achievements.My best wishes are with him and his many legions of fans.Wishing each and every SRKan Best of luck for Fan👍
    From a fan of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar!

  • #Without any songs
    #without any heroines
    #Without any festive releases
    #Fan will create history
    #Mark my words
    Duniya ka Sabse bada superstar ka sabse bada Fan
    #Fasal kerala

  • Krk has given two stars to Fan and he has predicted 120-150 crore for Fan !!!!
    Remember one thing that it is the audience who decide which film to watch which not to watch !!!!!
    My prediction for Fan .
    1st day – 20+ crore
    2nd day – 24 crore
    3rd day – 28 crore
    Weekend – 75+ crore
    Weekdays – 40+ crore
    1st week – 130+ crore
    Lifetime – 160-200+ crore
    Overseas -150 to 200+ crore
    It will be interesting to see which side collects more Domistic or overseas !!!
    Just praying that the audience love it .

  • I will be posting my review of Fan tomorrow. I would be highly grateful if @Team Indicine and all readers of Indicine.Com could read the review on my blog and give me the required feedback.O will be posting the link in the comments section. Please do read!Thank You!

  • FAN review:
    The most illogical film ever. Even regional and b-grade films are not so illogical.
    Gaurav gets the phone number of his favourite star, who is so powerful?
    Gaurav gets into such a big superstar’s house? No CCTV cameras?
    So easily all blame put on the superstar?
    FAN is an insult to any person’s intelligence. Its extremely unrealistic and lowers your IQ.
    Srk’s acting was good though. VFX was horrible in some places.
    My rating:
    1.5 / 5

  • My last prediction
    Opening – 22 cr
    Life time – Above 150 cr
    #Finger crossed
    Eagarly Waiting for Fan… Exited…
    Duniya ka Sabse bada superstar ka sabse bada Fan
    #Fasal kerala

  • After Super success of my predictions for Dilwale and Bajirao which was as below

    Dilwale :: less than 150 Cr
    Bajirao :: more than 150 Cr

    Final collection of
    Dilwale :: 147 Cr (100% Accurate) FLOP
    Bajirao :: 186 Cr (100% Accurate) SUPER HIT

    I am going to predict yet another so called biggest film (always) of year (2016)

    Fan :: less than 100 Cr
    Positive points : yrf, Overdose promotions, Double Role Film (Which is the biggest hit formula for our Hindi Cinema since a century, almost all are hits, you can say never failed or evergreen hit formula except some flops like Duplicate etc)
    Negative points : SRK’s flop career, All posters, all teaser & trailers & 1st song all are FLOP, Mixture or Remake of Darr, Baazigar, Billu, Samitabh, DHOOM3 etc , SRK copied Kangana’s Haryanvi Act (TWMR), Bad release date (SRK’s career is almost nil without EDX), Bad Music, graphics or make up act more compare to srk acting, simply Bad acting, Same double role film where one is hero & other is villains.

    Expecting this prediction too will be as successful as my previous accurate predictions (SULTAN & RAEES predictions after FAN release)

    I know that there will be predictions like
    Above 227 Cr, 300 Cr, 400 Cr, 500 Cr or 1000 Cr that float everywhere & every time but it’s well known fact that Srk’s films always remain below 227 Cr or remain below any Big records at any time except Ce (break 3i lifetime) or remain below expectations (i.e Above 227 Cr, 300 Cr, 400 Cr, 500 Cr or 1000 Cr)

    After films release, This excuses and that excuses given by SRK fans like so much excuses was given when Biggest films of Hindi Cinema like HNY & Dilwale did 204 Cr & 147 Cr respectively despite getting EDX holidays which are much lower than expectations like 250Cr or 300Cr or 400Cr at that time.

    Srk’s fans predictions always failed because they feel srk is biggest superstar of Hindi Cinema which is not true

    Lovers always predict too high but haters predict reality

  • #indicine, i would like to know what made u to predict FBO as 21.9 crs? Really? If it gets there then i have no doubt that srk in his bad phase also is the biggest crowd puller superstar, even bigger than salman at his best phase of career..

  • Less marketing compaign & Less music popularity.. but movie will make History in bollywood…Only with the Name of king khan….
    #Fasal kerala

  • I want Billu fan to be hit but I fear without Irrfan Khan in the sequel n minimum manipulation its gonna be tough.

  • Wow..21.9 crore is excellent.. The superb advance booking at multiplexes by today evening has sent some positive vibes..Since there is a partial holiday so the collections can start showing an upward trend from early noon onwards rather than evening onwards for these types of films.. if the Word-Of-Mouth is positive, don’t be surprised if it results in a near 25 crore opening too..Also,if it happens then I won’t be surprised if makers start targeting the Ram Navmi weekend..

  • Hoping ur prediction of 21 plus proves correct. Would want it to do min 17 – 18 cr business which will be satisfactory for me. But with SRK obviously satisfactory is not enuf so 20 plus will be awesome.

    And yes after so many years of stardom he is still put to test but as he does almost all the times he will hopefully come out a winner again.

  • @ Indicine : Last 2 days here have been rocking with plenty of stuff on Fan. Over the last month u missed out on some promotional activities of Fan but more than made it up in the last 2 days. So thanks.

  • @EDX hrithik popularity is nowhere near khans,in small towns and villages you will not get a single fan of hrithik and you talk about box office then hrithik crosses 200 crores by using jadoo calculator which was brought by jadoo from mars for hrithik for manipulating the box office and making fake records
    Dont down grade any actors else I will start bashing your jadoo boy

  • Its not a non holiday release there is a partial holiday so below 20 would be a dissapointment
    Who knows srk might use his calculator at the end to manipulate

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