FAN Business Economics: Budget, Recovery, Hit or Flop!

Shah Rukh Khan returns 4 months after ‘Dilwale’ with Maneesh Sharma’s FAN. It’ll be his first non-festive release (without Eid, Diwali, Christmas advantage) after ‘My Name Is Khan’ in 2010.

For films starring Shah Rukh in the lead, recovery of investment isn’t usually a problem. Even if his films don’t perform upto expectation at the domestic box office, the fact that his films perform consistently well overseas, as well as fetch a good price from satellite rights, is a huge advantage that his films have. Even in the worst case scenario, his films recover investment.

But FAN is different and unlike most Shah Rukh films in recent times. It doesn’t have too many songs, not does it have a female lead or a major supporting cast, it hasn’t even been promoted heavily. The content of the film and SRK’s performance in it, are expected to bring audience to theatres. That’s exactly why the perception that the film has worked and found acceptance amongst the audience is what will make ‘FAN’ a hit or flop.

FAN Business Economics below:

  • Total Investment: ₹105 crore (cost of production 85 crore and advertising 20 crore, does not include SRK’s fee)
  • Satellite rights: Sold, assumed to be equivalent to Shah Rukh’s fee
  • Recovery from other rights: ₹ 10 crore
  • Recovery from theatrical business (India + Overseas): ₹ 95 crore

Assuming that the ‘distributors share’ from overseas business is about 30 crore (about 70 crore overseas business), FAN has to do a share of around 60-65 crore from domestic business to recover costs.

Approximate figures of how much FAN has to collect in India:

  • FAN will recover costs if it does ₹ 125 crore.
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 135 crore: HIT
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 170 crore: Super Hit
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 210 crore: Blockbuster


  • Ticket rates have been hiked.Rates are higher than PRDP and significantly higher than Airlift.
    Fan releases on 3500+ screens in India.

    And 1100+ in overseas.

    I am expecting 19-20crs tomorrow…

  • Domestic screen count is really less only 3500 .
    But overseas is huge!!
    Let’s see how much Fan can collect!

    Now I completely agree with indicine with its opening day 20 crore !!!!

  • 210 cr is on cards.. Not biased but I know the content will click definitely.. If a TWMR can earn 150 cr without big opening but WOM then FAN’s initials are confirm and content will definitely click

  • The common points between all the reviews that I’ve read so far :

    1. Everyone is amazed by SRK’s performance . Most of them describes FAN as the best performance of SRK’s career .

    2. Most of the people are praising the climax of FAN . They say that they haven’t seen such a climax for a B’Wood movie in a long time .

  • Best of luck to srk sir and his all die hard fans … I hope Fan doesn’t disappoint us like Dilwale …!!!!!

  • will flop big time!
    in best phase Above Avg or just a Hit!!
    collections less than 120cr!!!

  • Lot of SRK fans abused @indicine when they said screen count is 3500 in QNA about 2 months back. Now Taran has officially announced that screen count is 3500.

  • Fan Trailer isn’t even at the level of Dilwale. I think it is as worst as HNY. Now Fan will do 139 crore on a best case scenario. So Chennai Express at 395 crore will remain the biggest worldwide grosser for SRGAY.

  • Reviews have been just decent.
    Read GULF’s review… 3 stars.

    Emirates24x7 said it’s an intriguing film but unfortunately doesn’t end well.

    Bollyarena too gave 3/5.

    I think it’s not a masterpiece or gem as many were expecting it to be ….Maneesh Sharma has faltered.Srk has given a good performance though.
    Let’s see!

  • Hope it do fair business as it is good for industry and for the people who are associated with it.

  • So Indicine says 19.4 cr for FAN Day 1 . Impressive figures , but I will be happier if it goes past 20 cr mark .

  • FAN doesn’t have a proper music album. This is a major drawback, as while calculating the amount for recovery, money earned from music rights would have been taken into consideration. But in this case, music rights add zero value to the overall earning. Hence, more or less, the recovery is entirely dependent upon the theatrical business of FAN.

  • My prediction for Fan …!!
    1st day – 20+ crore
    2nd day – 24+ crore
    3rd day – 28+ crore
    Weekend – 75+ crore
    1st week – 130+ crore
    Lifetime – unpredictable …
    Overseas – 200+ crore

  • Avg. .. reviews are not good.. there is not even thriing twist or something.. when 2nd half starts u can see whats gonna happen in the end.. couple that with no Songs and no DP or famous Heroine which SRK usually needs,u have a preety avg movie..

  • Even In worst case scenario , I am expecting a HIT status. If happens , then SRK will be the first among three khans, who will earn a HIT status with a non-holiday release. As recent non-holiday releases of other two Khans were above average (Flop Ho and Talaash).

  • not sure if the movie will be huge hit even after being received well….

    but one thing for sure is that


  • Fan is a commercial movie nd it has been promoted nicely.

    He is biggest superstar in the world as per a Muslim interviewer of BBC .

    Fan should do 30 plus on partial holiday with 3500 plus screens.

    It Should cross 200 cr easily.

    If it failed in these 2 aspects then SRK is no more a big superstar.

  • But expecting 30 + Crore Day One. 3600 Screens, Big Promotion, Solo Release, YRF Production House, Ram Navami. Best of Luck SRKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • If fan closes on to PK’s day 1 nos. then I will accept that SRK is the biggest superstar even today. Even a 24 cr TRADE total will suffice. Looking Forward.

  • Flop Ho released on 3900 screens with too much fuss around it.
    Blockbuster Khan is coming after a complete year, with his favorite masala genre. Records will be history bla bla bla.
    On the other hand, FAN is releasing only on 3500 screens (400 less than Flop Ho) and a strong WOM movie “The Jungle Book” is destined to affect it in Urban areas.
    Still I am damn sure it will cross the 17 cr opening of Flop Ho and that will be a tight slap on the face of haters.
    Because, FAN doesn’t have anything in it’s support other than SRK.
    It neither has top female lead, nor melodious songs.

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