FAN Business Economics: Budget, Recovery, Hit or Flop!

Shah Rukh Khan returns 4 months after ‘Dilwale’ with Maneesh Sharma’s FAN. It’ll be his first non-festive release (without Eid, Diwali, Christmas advantage) after ‘My Name Is Khan’ in 2010.

For films starring Shah Rukh in the lead, recovery of investment isn’t usually a problem. Even if his films don’t perform upto expectation at the domestic box office, the fact that his films perform consistently well overseas, as well as fetch a good price from satellite rights, is a huge advantage that his films have. Even in the worst case scenario, his films recover investment.

But FAN is different and unlike most Shah Rukh films in recent times. It doesn’t have too many songs, not does it have a female lead or a major supporting cast, it hasn’t even been promoted heavily. The content of the film and SRK’s performance in it, are expected to bring audience to theatres. That’s exactly why the perception that the film has worked and found acceptance amongst the audience is what will make ‘FAN’ a hit or flop.

FAN Business Economics below:

  • Total Investment: ₹105 crore (cost of production 85 crore and advertising 20 crore, does not include SRK’s fee)
  • Satellite rights: Sold, assumed to be equivalent to Shah Rukh’s fee
  • Recovery from other rights: ₹ 10 crore
  • Recovery from theatrical business (India + Overseas): ₹ 95 crore

Assuming that the ‘distributors share’ from overseas business is about 30 crore (about 70 crore overseas business), FAN has to do a share of around 60-65 crore from domestic business to recover costs.

Approximate figures of how much FAN has to collect in India:

  • FAN will recover costs if it does ₹ 125 crore.
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 135 crore: HIT
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 170 crore: Super Hit
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 210 crore: Blockbuster


  • Expecting it to be a hit at a minimum.

    If the content is appreciated than a superhit can be on the cards. But lets see the WoM first.

  • In reality I m even doubting whether it will cross 150 or not.

    Airlift 130 cr in 2200 screens with niche genre . Fan has biggest star while airlift had flop star. Let’s see how much fan will do with commercial values,hiked price nd Much more screens.

  • Fan will easly collect 20 cr opening day &
    Above 150 cr life time…
    My last prediction
    Opening day – 20 cr
    Life time – Above 150 cr
    Without Any songs & Heroines Fan will be create Highest life in non holiday…
    #Finger crossed…..
    Duniya ka Sabse bada superstar ka sabse bada Fan
    #Fasal kerala

  • 105*2 = 210 Cr have to collect at Domestic Box Office to take HIT status which is impossible

    leave overseas collection because it never matters

  • @Babaji 8:07 pm : Are you on weed? Which theatre are you checking in? Prices are much less as compared to PRDP in most of the theatres and in few, they are on par. Yes, if you are comparing with AirLift, then ticket prices for FAN are slightly high.

    @The Breast 8:11 pm : Who asked you to be a baba Octopus ?? We don’t need your prediction. Chal bhaag yahan se.

    @Yuvraj the Village Idiot 8:11 pm : Wait for the ultimate shit which will be releasing this Eid. Where a fatso will be showcasing her talent in underwear.

    @Rang-ill 8:13 pm : Did you already watch the movie? If no, will you just shut up???

  • I m expecting 18-19 crs for first day, beyond that will be very good.
    Also I know that salman fans and other stars fans will leave no stone unturned to spread negativity about this film.
    Early reports are Good to above average.
    Let’s see what happens ?
    Going for it on Saturday.

  • I think…. 105 cr budget is not confirmed… expect to be less. 85-95 cr budget seems okay.
    FAN should do 200 cr to get blockbuster.

  • The early reviews are good, I think the WOM will be good to excellent. First day around 20 cr, minimum HIT and SUPERHIT/BLOCKBUSTER if the content clicks with the audiance. All the best King Khan !

  • @ xzone the stupid citizen – you don’t know difference between langot and underwear proves how well you know about wrestling.

  • @xxx zone_8:28 pm :
    But, mine prediction will come true…. Just wait n watch !!!!
    & What a joke u made man,’if billu Fan becomes hit then haklu is the first one to give hit on a non-holiday’😂 LOL…. Looks like Blockbuster READY has been done by Saif Ali Khan in LungiLand 😂…. Isn’t it????

  • @sunny cheechee
    You called your fav actor Akki a flop star haha
    And accepted that Srk is the biggest superstar. What more can I want. You trolled yourself hahaha

  • FAN prediction
    – on excellent like Airlift = 135cr
    – on good/average = 110cr
    – on bad 👎 = 95cr

  • @Sunny UlluHolic 8:15 pm : Your high expectations itself say, how bigger you consider SRK as a star.
    You won’t be having an expectation of 150 cr (let alone 200 cr) from your Akki, but for FAN, you are expecting 30 cr+ opening and 200 cr+ lifetime. That sums up everything.

    @8:20 pm : Position of SRK is not so weak that you start comparing him with Akki and all. Let Akki compete with the likes of Ranbir/Ranveer and Varun.

    @Andkosh 8:18 pm : Abe jhandu, I am talking about most recent release. Else if you go into past, even SRK has a HIT movie (MNIK) on non-holiday which collected 200cr+ worldwide (a record, which your bhabhijan is still chasing).

    @8:27 pm : Wow Mr Trade expert. Which school did you attend? Your mathematics is fantabulous.

  • Booked my ticket for tomorrow 10.45 am..After a long time stood in the line for around 15 minutes for advance booking and thankfully was lucky enough to get the only single ticket available for that show..also the first show starts at 8.45 am and was delighted to see it was Houseful.. I think 20-25 crore opening day is very much possible..Fingers crossed..

  • What is the logic @indicine Fan has 85cr budget without SRk fees ? As taran adarash told Fan has 85cr plus 20 budget .

    How a film like Fan has production cost of 85cr without srk fees ? and that too of YRf film which always has low budget films .
    And in Fan there is no other actors and no Action and other things then 85cr budget without Actors fees ?

    I am damm sure you will tell 70cr budget for dangal including aamirs fees .

  • @Yuvraj the Village idiot 8:59 pm : Go and watch the teaser again, if he is wearing a langot or underwear.

    @The 9:00 pm : Nothing much can be expected from an illiterate like you. I have clearly mentioned the “recent” release and not the “past” release. Do you have eyes? Then use them to read my comments properly.

    @Aashish 9:04 pm : Excellent !!! Give me high five.

  • Hey that expectations are just to make fun of him nd his fans 😂 because I know it will not do more then 20 crs on day one nd u call him biggest star for wht? ? For business of 150 crs on diwali festival. ?

    Nd @Xzone I m not comparing Akki nd srk. I m comparing biggest hit of 2016 with fan . As I said flop star’s movie did 130 cr so wht should be expect from biggest superstar? 300 cr easily?

    in reality only 150 because he is not bigger star then flop akshay kumar. Mind it ! Non holiday times for srk ;)

    In 2010 Akshays non holiday housefull nd TMK took bigger opening then MNIK with similar lifetime collections despite both movies got negative reviews nd MNIK got extraordinary. Level of srk 😂

  • @Saurabh fan has a production cost of 85 cr coz of vfx effects on srk’s face nd fake stunts done by high profile stuntmen.

    Everything is fake in fan .

    One srk is fake.
    Stunts are fake
    The tagline is also fake’ duniya ka sbse bda star’ ?

  • So, the overactor will claim the money from the satellite rights as fees just like Bhai did with PRDP… But Zebra fabs included that bhai fees in the budget of PRDP to inflate its budget and reduce its BO verdict..
    What about now???

  • Anyway, it is set tp earn below 120 crores lifetime… So it will be an utter flop…
    People are giving negative feedbacks of the 2nd half which is the most crucial..

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