FAN Business Economics: Budget, Recovery, Hit or Flop!

Shah Rukh Khan returns 4 months after ‘Dilwale’ with Maneesh Sharma’s FAN. It’ll be his first non-festive release (without Eid, Diwali, Christmas advantage) after ‘My Name Is Khan’ in 2010.

For films starring Shah Rukh in the lead, recovery of investment isn’t usually a problem. Even if his films don’t perform upto expectation at the domestic box office, the fact that his films perform consistently well overseas, as well as fetch a good price from satellite rights, is a huge advantage that his films have. Even in the worst case scenario, his films recover investment.

But FAN is different and unlike most Shah Rukh films in recent times. It doesn’t have too many songs, not does it have a female lead or a major supporting cast, it hasn’t even been promoted heavily. The content of the film and SRK’s performance in it, are expected to bring audience to theatres. That’s exactly why the perception that the film has worked and found acceptance amongst the audience is what will make ‘FAN’ a hit or flop.

FAN Business Economics below:

  • Total Investment: ₹105 crore (cost of production 85 crore and advertising 20 crore, does not include SRK’s fee)
  • Satellite rights: Sold, assumed to be equivalent to Shah Rukh’s fee
  • Recovery from other rights: ₹ 10 crore
  • Recovery from theatrical business (India + Overseas): ₹ 95 crore

Assuming that the ‘distributors share’ from overseas business is about 30 crore (about 70 crore overseas business), FAN has to do a share of around 60-65 crore from domestic business to recover costs.

Approximate figures of how much FAN has to collect in India:

  • FAN will recover costs if it does ₹ 125 crore.
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 135 crore: HIT
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 170 crore: Super Hit
  • If FAN collects more than ₹ 210 crore: Blockbuster


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    Shit was scheduled to release on Eid but common sense prevailed n Raeesa Bhabha as The Baadshah Rice Chef will release at a later date…!
    PS your wait to see Raeesa Bhabhis undies will be prolonged.

  • @XZONE:ha ha to much fun you already became defensive poor player before match started with your lots of excuses already what a joke no top heroine? Is someone stopped him to take top actress? Non holiday release READY blockbuster remind you. Stop criticising other star supporter tell SRK to do well scripited movie Anand L Rai Dwarf movie Salman refused to do its means the story is not catchy now SRK agreed to do it silly guy huh.

  • @xzone : Hypocrite !!!!! What about the ticket price difference ? In Bangalore, a multiplex ticket price has gone up from 160-190 to 260-350 in week days alone forget weekend prices (from tomorrow). Only a fool can compare a 2014 movie with 2016 movie which is releasing on partial holiday. You hypocrite had been calling Jai Ho as B grade movie and now comparing with a YRF production movie just to down Salman & Jai Ho !!!!!!!!!!

  • Srk fans still stuck in Jai Ho instead of concentrating on FAN. Poor SRK, his fans alone are enough to destroy him he doesn’t need haters !!!!!!!!

  • Saw the movie not good ! Want my money back .. Advice to others : wait till this movie lands on TV .. Not worth spending money

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