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Maneesh Sharma’s FAN has released in the United Arab Emirates and the first show has just concluded. We will be updating this page with all the Twitter reviews that we can find of the film. So bookmark this page and visit once every couple of hours!

Review by our reader Syed from Dubai

I watched Fan in Dubai today 9:15am show by taking off from my work! This is the movie I was waiting for a very long time. Fan is all about SRK vs SRK.. You will love every scene.. Thank God there are no songs to divert.. But the actor in SRK will keep you glued to the screen from scene one!

Every one knows the story from the trailer itself but what makes this movie special is the treatment and SRK’s performance.. I’m pretty sure that FAN will cross 200crore this time! You can watch it multiple times.. Especially the climax when SRK superstar says to FAN SRK that (removed because of spoilers)

Best scenes from FAN:

1) When Chandana enters real SRK house and thrashes his awards

2) The actual reason why superstar SRK hates Chandana

3) The scenes which involves Chandana to define the superstar SRK

4) The way Chandana stays in the same hotel and same room where actual Superstar SRK stayed when he first came to Mumbai from Delhi

5) climax scene

My rating : 5/5



  • Indicine, raise your standards. Have you become that desperate for publicity that you post KRK reviews now?

  • @iandicine KRK reviews really…??
    he called Baahubali video game
    Airlift crap
    n u believe in him
    n u even believe he went to dubai…

  • I have been searching for the reviews since morning.
    The reviews have been positive so far.Just can’t wait for tomorrow.Will be most probably watching it tomorrow or else on Sunday😢.
    But anyways as a Fan I can’t be more proud of my most favourite actor for making a movie about and for us.
    One thing is for sure srk is surely going to roll back those glorious years and again give a magnificent performance

  • Salman Khan’s Sultan has crossed 6 million views No Need for Any Other Trailer After Seeing This. ‪#‎SultanTeaser‬ is enough! baap of all teasers

  • Definetly gona be All time blockbuster its thrilling and new theme which never seen in recent years
    Srk love you all the best! FAN

  • Indicine I trust only in ur review !!!!!
    Plus, audience feedback is the most important thing to look forward to .
    Krk has fooled bhaitards 😂

  • @indicine dubai ka population har thursday bad jatha hai…desh ke log sab UAE jakar film dekhar ajatha hai….bloody attention seekers 99%of them

  • Krk review? Why? Bahubali ko vedio game bataya tha, Raanjhna ko Worst film bataya tha. 2 rs ppl ke tweet se toh mera tweet post kar deta. Kya din agaya Indicine ka.

  • Our dear Kshitij has also watched it. Here is his review:
    Watched #Fan ..what a great movie.Loved every bit of it.Terrific performance by @iamsrk

  • irony is that

    lots of Salman fans show krk reviews to srk fans for srk films. ( though they really hate him)

    there are lots of srk fans showing krk’s review to Salman fans with Salman’s film.

    Atleast be honest to yourself

    this guy is a creep.

    if this film is a critical failure, I am going to accept it

    but with this krk’s review…. PLEASE!!!!!!!

    there is a saying

    HATE him or HATE him
    but you really can’t ignore him.

    he has got mentioned in an article……

    and Salman fans are loving him right now.

  • my uncle back there watched the movie and he said it’s nice but a little slow at parts !!! Few scenes will be a treat to all the SRK fans !!!!

  • @ Indicine : Really getting extremely tough to focus here at work with such updates by you. Keep going !!!!!!!!

  • @BSpoilerz Riverting story with lofty , exceptional performance by @iamsrk make it a winner..! 2nd half is full of chills.
    @ umar shandhu
    Standing ovietion

  • Indicine is a huge fan of megastar krk.
    They published an article about his birthday,his views on kejriwal reviewing movies and now included his review too.

  • That means sure flop now…! Lol..
    If krk said 2nd utter nonsense then sure flop hogi yeh movie.

  • after reading first tweet

    I Google searched what “Def” means,
    hoping that it’s not something bad cuz she didn’t look too impressed with one of the performance.

    but good for me. , Google SAID


  • @indicine why are u giving negative publicity by posting even fake review @jabra srkian review…why srk fan call srk movie nonsense…..

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