Entertainment Saturday Collections: Early Estimate

EntertainmentEntertainment has picked up at select multiplexes on Saturday, but other centres where it opened well on Friday were down slightly. The second day business is likely to be up by around 2-3% which isn’t good enough for the film to recover costs.

Like we mentioned in our box office prediction, Entertainment needed to collect atleast 13-14 cr on Friday and then show decent growth in business on Saturday if it had to have any chance of recovering costs – as Singham Returns releases this week and it would get the widest release for any film this year apart from Kick.

If Entertainment does well in Week 1, it would get more shows at multiplexes when ‘Singham Returns’ releases, giving it a decent chance of recovering its high costs. Unfortunately, the opening numbers are pretty poor and the first weekend business is likely to be around the 35 crore net.

Kick is still doing pretty well at the box office in its third weekend and has collected around 3 – 3.25 crore on its third Saturday (early estimate). The film has now crossed the 220 crore mark. The all india business should be about 225 crore on Sunday, a couple of crores short of the lifetime business of Chennai Express.

Entertainment Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 11 cr
  • Saturday – 11.25 cr
  • Total – 22.25 crore


  • that means the WOM is not good.
    anyway feeling bad for Saji-Farhad.

    Can’t wait till Friday.

    the best dialogue of the year:
    Jis Mei Hai Dum,Toh Fakt Bajirao Singham..Aa Raho Hu Main.

  • Entertainment, hope to watch today.

    All the best, it is amazing Kick has earned that much on 3rd Sat and crossed 220 Crores. Sunday 4 Crores. By Tuesday, it will beat Chennai Express…

  • So basically it will flop.And Singham Returns has book all Single screens for 2weeks so no room for Enertainment to perform.
    And also in E-Square cinemas Pune Entertainment got only 5-6 shows which is even less than Fugly – what the fuck were the producers thinking

  • People who do not believe that the Khans have dominated Bollywood for 20 years without using underhanded tactics are delusional. Even Amithab Bachan with much greater prowess than the Khan could not dominate more than 10 years. The following actors have been severely undermined by the Khans at varying degree of levels
    1) Hrithik Roshan
    2) Akshay Kumar
    3) Ajay Devgan
    4) Sunil Shetty
    5) Sunjay Dutt
    6) Chanderchaur Singh
    7) Vivek Oberoi

    Currently BOI is there tool against Hrithik and Akhshay

  • Hrithik has been undermined by the Khan mafia ever since Kaho Na pyar hai shattered all records for a debut.
    Some of his early good movies such as MK Fiza Yadain MPKDH MJDK were halted at the boxoffice by tremendous conspiracy by the Khans. They were worried that Hrithik will far surpass them and become the Amithab Bachan of the 21 century . They were breathing a sigh of relief after usurping the Box office of Lakshya ( one of the best movies of all time). However 2006 shellshocked them. They have gone into overdrive mode since than forbidding top production houses to work with him. To keep him down to number 4 they spent several crores to mislead people about the collections of Krish3.
    Amithab Bachan may have never been made if Rajessh Khanna was as nefarious as the Khans.
    This is the tragedy of Bollywood 21 century.

  • All responsible AKKI sir, i’m already told my previous comment Akki bad luck for August release any movie ( eg. Joker,OUTIMD and now Entertainment) but next year good for SIB because 31 July 2015 release not August. Best of luck….

  • Akki is the king. This movie apart from being a no-brain comedy still had a deep message and everyone should watch such movies rather than terrible movies such as Kick and Dhoom 3. If it is not a hit, then this proves we do not respect animals.

  • I don’t know why akki releasing his film after eid
    I mean
    2012 — joker on 31 Aug where eid on 20 Aug
    2013 — OUATIMD on 15 Aug where eid on 9 Aug
    2014 — entertainment On 8 Aug where eid on 29
    2015 — Singh is bling On 31 July where eid on 18
    two of them are already a huge flop.’
    every time he selected bad release date.
    I really really hope that entertainment will not be
    I want to see it will be average or above average or
    semi hit or hit.
    love u akki from the fan of Salman and aamir.

  • Oh i predicted 65cr lifetime but now i doubt about my prediction because ajay said aa raha hun mein so if ajay aagaya to entertainment aur bhi weak parr jaegi now looks like 55cr lifetime

  • Ultimate Flop machine Akki back in flop mode
    Akki is solely responsible for loss in industry
    I mean he does 5-6 films a year that means avg budget=360 to 400cr
    From that just 1 becomes a semì hit or max hit
    Akki stop this nonsense of signing 1 film after another and do like khans or hrithik who do 1 or 2 films and almost the profits are tripled

  • good news for salman fans kick crosses 220 crore mark ……party time pls watch it today and make it biggest blockbuster

  • So Akkians were reviewing Kick ..now its time to pay them back…Congrats losers on yet another disaster..enjoy Entertainment.

  • Happy Raksha Bandhan & Celebrate it by watching KICK..CE ka record tootega..Too Much Fun..BOI shows growth by 75%..Wow.

  • Anand in your dreams cycle kick beat a huge power train Chennai Express which released in 850 less screens,less ticket price, less open weeks… Even with three advantages cycle kick coundt beat Chennai Express hahaha… Fan ans raess will collect 300 cr in India and our lallu bhai will be chasing Chennai Express..

  • i still dont understand the reason of releasing the film between kick nd singham..they could have released after a week of singham..
    anyways from the opening of each nd eveey recent movies of akki; one thing is pretty much clear that akki is behind from 3 khans along with hritik nd even rk when it comes to opening..
    he is doing on average 4 films per year that shows his passion nd energy for his work but indirectly too many movies are harming him..
    i dont know what akki fans will say on this but acc to me;; a superstar must able to cross 15 cr at least on first day on his shoulders be the film releases on any day be it holiday or be it a working day…this thing is missing in all akki films since rowdy rathore..
    hope he will make a good come back nd will provide a good fight…

  • stardom of akki cleared from holiday collection. holiday was very good movie at least better than kick but still due to akki it earned around 112 crores.If holiday starred srk or salman it surely crossed 250 crores.

  • Bollywood star ranking update

    Akshay set to loose his 6th spot to ajay even if singham returns is a semi hit

    Current ranking
    1 aamir
    2 salman
    3 sharukh
    4 hrithik
    5 ranbir
    6 akshay ajay
    8 ranveer
    9 arjun
    10 sidharth

  • Realsing it on 8th august was the worst decion made by the maker which will cost them.it should have realeased on 29th august.

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