Ek Villain First Week Collections

Ek Villain has done outstandingly well in its first week netting Rs 75.96 crore at the domestic box office.

The film is likely to be the highest grosser on its second Friday too as both the new releases this week have opened poorly.

Ek Villain is already the 4th highest grosser of the year behind Holiday, Jai Ho, 2 States and Gunday. It should go on to beat 2 States and Gunday, but will have to show decent upward trend this weekend to beat Holiday and Jai Ho.

Ek Villain Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 16.48 cr
  • Saturday – 15.91 cr
  • Sunday – 17.32 cr
  • Monday – 7.9 cr
  • Tuesday – 6.75 cr
  • Wednesday – 6.1 cr
  • Thursday – 5.5 cr
  • Total – 75.96 crore

Verdict – Super Hit



  • @indicine I think finding fannys trailer will b released tomorrow.if it really hapoens then I hope to see it instanly on indicine bcz whenever trailors of a khan,akshay or hrithik film is launched u ppl post them instantly

  • Great to see this article crossing 100 comments.this is I think the first article related to a Bollywood youth(excluding suoerstar ranbir)that has crossed a century of comments.confrats sid abd keep it up my future superstars brigade.

  • @arjun kapoor: when u’re commenting something ,make sure dat u sud tell the truth. When did i say dat all hrfans are like dat? ?
    If i call k3,guzaarish n kites as a brave experiment, i don’t think it’s wrong at all even indicine once wrote dat k3 is the riskiest movie of bollywood. Don’t u think dose two movies in 2010 were also experimental ones? ?
    I have also many times said dat i didn’t like hro’s MPKDH n AMALL. . N ofcourse, i just cann’t say what people like salman n srk doing are experimental or ambitious as they mostly do typical deshi n commercial love story which are very popular in india n do gud collection. .

  • @nipun wen did I say all hr fabs r like that???yes,kites and guzaarish were experimental films that flopped bcz of poor execution especially kites while guzaarish I blv was decent but blw expectations.

  • @nipun,is JTHJ,RA ONE,DON2,MNIK,KHNH,KANK and many more even THE UPCOMING.all are Desi type films? Upgrade your IQ and don’t compare lallu with KING KHAN.

  • @arjun, i think so ff open good,
    1st day- 10-12cr
    2nd- 9-11
    3rd- 12cr,
    1st day any how ff opens above 10cr, while other 2 days in weekend depend on gud wom,
    if wom is gud then it goes to my predicted way,
    and 45 is easy in 1st week if wom will b gud. Lifetime is 75-80cr just bcz dp’s stardom nwdays,

    Indicine also not posted about Its entertainments Johny Johny song,
    i think its best party song of the year till now, better than Kick’s those song, which indicine posted at a time.

  • @sss: i said “today”.no need to bring khnh and kank. In last 3 years, srk has done 4 movies among which ra one was a brave experiment.i have said dat earlier. Again don2 comes in action thriller, jthj in commercial love story and ce in deshi masala and these 3 were not risky at all.

  • @arjun: i was telling about your reply to babaji where u said dat all hr’s movies are brave logical etc for me .

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