Ek Villain First Week Collections

Ek Villain has done outstandingly well in its first week netting Rs 75.96 crore at the domestic box office.

The film is likely to be the highest grosser on its second Friday too as both the new releases this week have opened poorly.

Ek Villain is already the 4th highest grosser of the year behind Holiday, Jai Ho, 2 States and Gunday. It should go on to beat 2 States and Gunday, but will have to show decent upward trend this weekend to beat Holiday and Jai Ho.

Ek Villain Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 16.48 cr
  • Saturday – 15.91 cr
  • Sunday – 17.32 cr
  • Monday – 7.9 cr
  • Tuesday – 6.75 cr
  • Wednesday – 6.1 cr
  • Thursday – 5.5 cr
  • Total – 75.96 crore

Verdict – Super Hit



  • @nipun so u are accepting that since ur review gt many likes it means u hv given a correct review.similarly aashiqui2,cheenai express,jab tak hai jaan etc are also hit movies which means they were also liked by many.then y do u ppl hv problem in apprecearing those films content behind their success instead of giving all credit to music,promo,marketing etc

  • @arjun due to low buzz of hskd, it will trun another gtpm, 2sates super hit due to chatan vagat n excellence wom, ek villen although mixed wom but due to storng buzz n awesome music as well as acting it works althoug ek villen may not become blockbuster as it drops in 2nd friday but hope for the best. Hskd looking another gtpm mark my words

  • @Romu..read this..BBB IS A SUPERHIT!!!
    The movie had an opening of below INR 10 million. It grossed INR 95.0 million in the first week. The movie grossed INR 75.0 million in week 2, taking 2 weeks collection to INR 170 million. It earned INR 214.4 million. The film was declared a “Super Hit” by Box Office India. It earned approx INR 233.1 million in full theatrical run.

    @nipun thanks kid, happy that it didn’t flop..its one of my all time favs as well :)

  • @arjun kapoor:i didn’t mean my comment was gud becoz of dat only. It has been liked by some people means they agree wid me.
    As for those 3 movies u have mentioned above, JTHJ is a nice movie.but not great.it deserved to be hit and it did it. I have never bashed jthj. Similarly,ashiqui 2 was an okayish movie.still it’s okay if it became a BB as it will be good for future stars.
    Chennai express doesn’t come in bad catagory ,it was an average to below average movie for me.
    As u have said earlier,every one has an opinion. I like those movies which are entertaining as well as gud in content. So i don’t think a film like ready or dabbang 2 deserved to be BB as they come under bad catagories . .

  • I have main problem wid the same typical desi masala genre. They come in every one or two months. Even if superstars are doing it,they sud do masalas like agneepath or ghajini which were very gud instead of movies like ready etc.
    There have been brave experiments like raone,kites,guzaarish,talaas etc which cud nt perform dat well and some of them were even failure.but i appriciate those movies. Atleast,they have tried something different to improve the industry.

  • CE saved SRK career as srk was begging people 2 watch his films promoting like anything…offering buy 2 get 1 free tix…he is business man now….HNY will b flop 4 sure…janta farah khan ko kabhi maaf nahi karegi…

  • Article is about ek villain and everyone discussing about KING KHAN, ch akki and 60cr club actor’s fan are dancing as his star has star power like sidharth/riteish,while both of them inspired by KING KHAN.

    @nipun,sorry yaar surf looters main kahin bhi loop hole/flaws nahi tha,ab khush?similarly krish3 is a average movie excluding VFX and looters is a above average,don’t ever try to compare CLASHED LEGEND FILM JTHJ with your low grade movies,it’ a kind request.

  • @romance ek villain has mixed wom!lol.bbb was avg!lol.hskd will go gtpm way!lol.gunday,mai tera hero are non clean hits.lol.u shd bcm a comedian.grt jokes.keep it up

  • @arjun kapoor
    My open challenge to you,Humpty Sharma will not cross 55crs,while Finding fanny won’t be able to go past 50crs as i heard somewhere that the film is in english.
    2 states and ek villain were always going to be hits,anyone who had laughed at u that time was a fool.
    Even 2 states got most votes on indicine for the surprise 100crs film of the year..so don’t be overconfident of ur predictions…u were also predicting 200crs for holiday..remember??

  • @nipun I agree wid u but u also hv to gv credit to films like ready,dabangg2 for their success. Salman films are mostly enjoyed by his fans but if they are getting enjoyed out of watching them,wats wrng in it.its not that easy to make each film of yours a treat for the fans

  • @nipun btw I didn’t like lootera.i think it belongs to that category of films which are too gd to b enjoyed.thats y propably it failed at b.o.

  • @sid duplicate i don’t need to fight with you, wikipidia can be edited by anyone, cheak boi you can see raanveer sing filmography
    Bbb average
    ladis v/s rv average
    looter flop
    ramlela hit thanks to deepika
    gundey semi hit
    btw i am only hritic hater n like all actor but i only trust the verdict given by boxofficeindia

  • @nipun well ur review comment got likes that nt mean everybody agree wid it, i found A2 was 1 of best movie of 2013 better than ranjhana least 4 me, and about songs that was movie based on two singers then its necessarily ri8, its not easy to convey audience to watch movie by newcomer lead pair now days, that movie did it because that have content, nice story, well directed, in songs too they describe conditions, situations, what movie got that deserved A2.
    Even rockstar movie has too many songs but great movie.. And definately songs create litl buzz but if movie had lack story then it goes way to yaariyan, london dreams, yuvraaj, veer.. Despite having star like salman its didnt work…

    somewhere people found great story in A2, and if its starring by some big stars like khans, hr, rk, then it surely goes for 200cr movie coz movie has that potential

  • @nipun kites was a brave experiment? you must be out of your mind. I know you are a hrithik fan but don’t sound completely delusional and biased towards hrithik. Guzaarish may be a good movie but boy you got some nerve to say kites was brave experiment and you were making fun other guy for being senseless. at least they don’t use two names like you Taylor swift.

  • @ankan:everyone has their own opinion. IMO,other love s ories like lootera,raanjhana,ramleela were better dan as2.

  • @babaji wen did I force my opinion on others????in the dictionary of nipun everything that hrithik does is ‘classy’,’logical’,’brave’, thats y I brought hrithik films into d discussion

  • @babaji yes I remember my holiday prediction going wrong.but I hv learnt from my mistake.I will nvr trust akki and his films from nw.ppl don’t hv any faith in akki.watever is hit films earn is bcz of its content.but I took akkis stardom into consideration for holiday and I failed miserably

  • @babaji challenge accepted.finding fanny will do 50cr in 10 days and lifetime will b 80-90cr.verdict-superhit.u should not underestimate the star power of arjun and deepika

  • @arjun i only trust the verdict given by boi, comment about boi verdict, for me ce was blockbuster Not ATBB.

  • @arjun hskd trailler is boring like gtpm n buzz was very low thats why i told hskd will go same gtpm way.

  • Romance Express: (August 11, 2013
    at 1:07 am)
    Who care about boi, acc to boi, yjhd
    break d2 opening as well as weekend
    record, can salman fan digest this, ce
    officially broke ett record thats it. l0l
    @ ahmed, Sm day b4 srk fan #sss mentioned Kites in his hr’s best movie, do i wanna say anything?
    #anurag basu who know for make class hollywoody alike movies and kites is best romantic movie ever in bollywood, atleas for me, and 2nd best in world cinema after Titanic, the movie is well critical acclaimed the problem in movie is only spanich language.. Which ruined the feelings of movie for those who cant catch their feel, sayings, and language what they talking.. But who get that all things and catched it they definately can say that movie atleast as good movie, i didnt expect everyone goes to my way of thinking and my review on Kites..
    But its best romantic saga of all time with style n class.
    I still want hr would back with #Anurag Basu, i always keep him in my best directors list…

  • once time BOI showed lifetime collection of yjhd 199cr -_- like they also played with K3 figures within per week they change into collected fig.

  • @ankan 45cr in 10 days will b a decent collection fr a low budget 1800 screens released english language film.

  • Romance Express: (August 11, 2013at 1:07 am)Who care about boi, acc to boi, yjhdbreak d2 opening as well as weekendrecord, can salman fan digest this, ceofficially broke ett record thats it.

    Romu dear..if you are a hardcore follower of BOI, then do you agree that ETT opening day record was broken by Dhoom 3 and not CE!? :D

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