Ek Villain First Week Collections

Ek Villain has done outstandingly well in its first week netting Rs 75.96 crore at the domestic box office.

The film is likely to be the highest grosser on its second Friday too as both the new releases this week have opened poorly.

Ek Villain is already the 4th highest grosser of the year behind Holiday, Jai Ho, 2 States and Gunday. It should go on to beat 2 States and Gunday, but will have to show decent upward trend this weekend to beat Holiday and Jai Ho.

Ek Villain Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 16.48 cr
  • Saturday – 15.91 cr
  • Sunday – 17.32 cr
  • Monday – 7.9 cr
  • Tuesday – 6.75 cr
  • Wednesday – 6.1 cr
  • Thursday – 5.5 cr
  • Total – 75.96 crore

Verdict – Super Hit



  • Nobody wants to be a part of 60 cr club except my khiladi..
    Pround fan of 1 and only khiladi who is the consistent with 60cr films

  • akki goes to 120 cr and fall back to 60 cr..wat a star! Defintly not in league of khans,ranbir,Hr etc
    The first star who wil be playing a DOG!
    yes you read it right..watch out for entertainment in dogy style..it is non sense but i enjoy it

  • #EkVillainWknd 50.70 cr, Mon 8.10 cr, Tue 6.80 cr, Wed 6.40 cr, Thu 5.20 cr. Total: ₹ 77.20 cr nett. 2nd HIGHEST Week 1 of 2014. . MONSTER BLOCKBUSTER!

  • I watched da movie yesterday.
    Neither ashiqui 2 was a great movie nor is ek villain. .still i would prefer the later one as it has better content,still it’s flawed!
    Movie flaws in the 2nd half due to its incomplete and poor script and way of story-telling. Guru didn’t know dat his wife was pregnant. But how was he contemplating about how she got pregency report n how she kept that a secrete which was not known to guru! And even if guru wasn’t contemplating those things and it was just shown to audience show that they can understand , then i don’t think it was a proper sequence of telling the story.
    Still,i feel it’s watchable atleast for one time. Where it shows its greatness is the brillaint performances. Riteish delivered a powerful performance perfectly. Siddharth was also very good. He was looking hunky n killer. Shraddha was sweet.she played her part well. Amna sarif was also superb. KRK had a small part and he did an okay job.
    Finally,it’s the music which is the best thing about the entire film. In ashiqui 2, some songs were unnecessary. But ek villain songs are perfect for their respective scenes.
    Ratings:3/5(actually it’s 2.75,2.5 is a bit unfair as i gave jai ho and main tera hero 2.5 and ek villain is better than them.so 3 is okay)

  • bohut khub bohut khub very good very good khub valo khub valo.Sid ki har movie aab achsa chalega.

  • Great going Bollywood youth.here’s an encouraging stat:
    Name films hit bighit success%
    Ranbir 11. 2. 4. 54.5%
    Ranveer 5. 2. 1 60%
    Sidhart 3 2. 1. 100%
    Varun 2. 2 0. 100%
    Arjun 4. 2. 1. 75%
    Sushant 2. 2. 0. 100%
    Aaditya 5 0. 2. 40%

  • UTV and Vishal Bhardwaj will launch the trailer of Shahid Kapoor-Shraddha Kapoor starrer #Haider at an event in Mumbai on 8 July, releasing on oct2.

  • @arjun kapoor stop giving fake success ratio
    ranbir 2blockbuster,2 super hit, 2clean hit.
    Ranver 1 clean hit thanks to deepika
    shahid 1blockbuster, 1 super hit, 2clean hit.
    Arjun 1super hit, 1 clean hit.
    Rest of others can’t did 5 or more films.

  • @Myanmar LANGOOR hahaha..it is farah khan-srk jodi not farah khan-akshay jodi to give a disaster lyk Tmk
    And I dont even consider akki any competition with khans,hr and ranbir
    Go fyt with riteish and emran hashmi fans as akki competes with them.lol

  • @nipun guru got to knw abt wife’s pregnancy frm d doctor in d hospital where rakesh was admitted.and how cn u say aashiqui2 had unnecessary song sequences.point me one song that looked forced???

  • @Romance lollipop, you every HR page comments krrish3 not beat yjhd, release on diwali weekend etc etc… i control so many long time but now i can’t control myself.@romance tere maa ki,
    Nov30 of 2013, 1:40am your comments.
    Krrish3 18day India business actual:-Hindi version –193cr
    Tamil and Telugu version –13cr
    Total : 206 cr nett
    @Romance, you write like this,
    If you no belief can check this,
    http://www.indicine.com/movies /bollywood /pankaj kapur-to-play-villain-in-hrithik-roshans-shuddhi
    Below comments section check @romance new year write one…

  • @king yeah I preadicted that yesterday now see how
    Ek vilain wil pick up and beat holiday(that didnt remain top groser for 10 days.lol)
    as BJ has releasd and opened very low and LHDD has completely newcomers

  • Myanmar go n comment about your country’s star .don’t comment on third largest economy India’s stars. I don’t care if it crosses jai ho but it should surely cross holiday… akki is smaller than sid

  • Bang bang will collect 300 cr according to roshans,nipun and srk haters( they want every film to succeed except SRK)but 150 cr according to trade

  • @King Pizza haha…. Why Akki Shame? why not SRK has to shame on himself Ranbir kapoor’s 2 movies bigger than SRK’s all movie except Chennai Express and chennai express was blockbuster in a reason of Eid release..
    just Akki sir get one movie release on Eid Diwali or Christmas then u barkers will see the destroye the records…..

  • @romance when did I prsnt fake facts.ranveer and arjun both have three hits.even a 3yr old kid knows that.gunday was a clean hit.read any newspaper,website or go through any news regarding gunday on tv,everywhere it mentions gunday as hit

  • @romance mark my words,bang bang will b 10th hit in hrithiks glorious career and it will bcm a 200cr blockbuster

  • Fazy our ch akki is smaller than ranbir kapoor. YJHD is ahead of all akki movies. Yhjd last year’s post ipl – 180 cr
    Holiday latest post ipl release- 110 cr

  • Very good collections this shows the growth of Bollywood . But i honestly the movie was average . After watching the trailer, songs and dialogue promos i had big expectations from Ek Villain but it did not turned out to be . The main reason behind Rakesh killing other Women is just a stupid reason . If they could have told another solid reason then movie would have been solid . Performances wise all of them has done a great job . Siddharth has given his best performance till date absolutely brilliant , Shraddha has done a very good job has played a bubbly character though according to me her performance in A2 was better than Ek Villain because Aarohi was a more performance oriented character than Aisha . Riteish has done a mindblowing job definitely his best performance till date . I don’t think music has played a major role in the success of the movie according to me the biggest reason is performances which are absolutely superb of all the actors . I agree with you @ Nipun that Ek Villain is definitely a better movie than Aashiqui 2 . After all this i still believe that it will be difficult to beat Holiday and Jai Ho . Congratulations Siddharth you deserve it .

  • @fazy ur akki got DIWALI release With BLUE got good CHRISTMAR advantage with k786 both got bombed !

  • @arjun: dat doctor said dat aisha was pregnant.she didn’t say anything other dan dat to guru. But guru started think when she got the pregencey report ,why n how she didn’t tell it to guru n many other things which were not known to guru. As for ashiqui 2 music,i said that there were unnecessarily many songs and i didn’t say whether they were matching or not. In each 15 mins,there was a song.

  • srk fans dont bark sid also will beat srk all film before cheap express don 2 kachra 1 jab tak hai jhang

  • @nipun
    Nice review,3 stars from me also…it is better than A2..Sometimes it is quite difficult to rate on a 5 rating scale,i also feel it was better than jai ho..
    @weak rum
    Who the f@#k are u to stop any from commenting??
    Are you The p.m of india?
    This year you will know that CE was a fluke..our king’s range is upto 110crs..
    Kids like sid,ranveer are passing him with such ease that too on non holidays…such a shame..
    And Bang bang is going to be a blockbuster…wait n watch.

  • Akki’s luck was’nt good as he did two worst films when he got holiday release dates..i.e TMK and Blue..
    TMK opened very well but was a crap,still it was an above avg. film…

  • @king kong @pra teak
    Now Ek villain will beat our haklu’s all films except ce…that too on non holidays such a shame..
    Srk should start doing sideroles with sid,varun and tushar kapoor.
    Soon Armaan jain will beat him…

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