Ek Villain First Week Collections

Ek Villain has done outstandingly well in its first week netting Rs 75.96 crore at the domestic box office.

The film is likely to be the highest grosser on its second Friday too as both the new releases this week have opened poorly.

Ek Villain is already the 4th highest grosser of the year behind Holiday, Jai Ho, 2 States and Gunday. It should go on to beat 2 States and Gunday, but will have to show decent upward trend this weekend to beat Holiday and Jai Ho.

Ek Villain Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 16.48 cr
  • Saturday – 15.91 cr
  • Sunday – 17.32 cr
  • Monday – 7.9 cr
  • Tuesday – 6.75 cr
  • Wednesday – 6.1 cr
  • Thursday – 5.5 cr
  • Total – 75.96 crore

Verdict – Super Hit



  • @nipun their is something called screenplay.if u remember d flashback in 2nd half begins wid guru thinking hw he gt away wid the murder and hw that woman’s curse came true.then d director starts retelling d love story from where he left in first half.
    As far as song in every 15 min in aashiqui2 is concerned,their is nothing wrong in it as they helped d audience to feel wat the couple are feelimg at the moment.aashiqui2 was a suoerb romantic musical and wasn’t overrated at all.both villain and aashiqui2 are deserving blockbuster

  • @nipun hw did hrithik in dhm2 got into museum disguised as a ststue.didn’t the security see a statue walking in

  • @nipun hw does both d hrithik in kaho na pyar hai hv same voicemd second hrithik had spent all his life in newzealand yet doesn’t hv any accent!

  • @babyji don’t blame it on akkis luck.he has akways done films for money that’s y he has never made it top 3 and right nw he is somehow hanging in the top10

  • Babaji ka ullu – don’t forget to die when HNY will collect 110 cr in three days only. And I said to Myanmar not to you this clearly means you are Myanmar or Nepali whatever. First go n learn some maths illiterate ch akki fanatic

  • @arjun kapoor i told you the verdict given by boi, even i beleive ce as blockbuster not ATBB, gundey was not clean hit, same nither soty or mth was clean hit. The actor who are huge popular are ranbir n shahid. Acc to ormax media rk n sk are in the top10 popular star. Rest of other youngstar can’t enter top10 popular star list. Boxoffice matter are others, even farden khan, zyed khan, arjun rampal gave successful film

  • @vicram bang bang can’t beat besaram, trust foxstar, they can’t make fool like roshens

  • @arjun kapoor You foolish stupid boy.Always yelling about the position of an actor.Can you give me top 3 actors between 2007,2008,2010,2012.

  • @nipin senior

    Review of Nipins Review-

    0.25/ 5

    Why a quarter of a point you ask I hear- well it made me laugh when he said Aashiqui 2 had unnecessary songs when the troll liked all the songs of a super wannabe hero movie called Rohit 3- cant imagine a superhero like Spiderman or Superman having unnecessary songs in them but the troll is a hypocrite so it figures that he finds everything the Roshans say or do as Holier than Holy…!

  • @Romance nonsense and @Arjun Kapoor
    Gunday isn’t a Hit..its a semi hit..also @Romu you forgot BBB which was a clean hit and ran for 7 weeks..so Ranveer has 2 Clean hits, 1 Semi hit(Gunday), 1 Above Avg(LVRB) and a flop(Lootera)..

  • @Arjun Kapoor, i agree with you that Don 2 was a well made hit film, as its action was good..but CE and JTHJ!?? really!!?? looks like you were on pot!!! :D :D

  • @Arjun Hrithik earn his 10th clean hit, as successfull it would b 12lth from 20, including average semi-hit.

  • @Arjun and rk has 4 or 5 clean hit, many trade says rockstar is semi hit, indicine also show it semi hit, if u count it as hit then no. Of clean hit 5..
    Aaditya rk- i knw his movies 2 failure 2 clean hit

  • @Adjun kapoor
    You once said that you can’t see injustice….and now u are giving me lectures on not insulting our king..read all comments again,did i started or did they?
    And also u once said to nipun,not to impose his choices over everyone….
    And now you are doing the same…follow yourself before giving lectures to anyone u stupid guy…

  • @adjun kapoor
    Akki always likes doing more than 2-3 films a year,yes his choices have been poor but he likes working constantly,that does’nt mean he do films just for money…
    He gave 4 hits in 2007,and was in the top 3 actors…
    Don’t just see the present scenario where salman or aamir are ruling,they were no where before 2008…
    Akki is still a huge star much bigger than all of your Youth brigade actors,which u are so proud of.
    First tell ur adjun kapoor to deliver a hit without yrf-dharma and then talk.

  • @sid everyone has their own opinion.respect it.the only reason I replied to gabbar was bcz he called stk by a bad name and also those well made hit films with bad names.u didn’t like jthj,ce its ok.I respect ur opinion but y did u use bad language

  • @arjun:datz what i didn’t like. .i didn’t like the way of re telling story again and again. If there were a parallel screenplay with a suspence it cud have been much better. BTW,3 stars is not a bad ratings either.
    As for dhoom 2,there was so many things in that movie starting from great performances,hro-aish chemistry,great music n dance no.s, coolness,style,entertainment every thing. I agreed what u said about d2. But it’s positive things were much more than negatives.it’s direction was so gud that audience won’t find the loopholes so immediately. Ek villain had also great music and performances and i praised them. But hands down. D2 was easily higher in terms of content. D2 is still prefered as the best dhoom movie by many.
    As for KNPH,it’s rare to have same kinda voice with same kinda face.but it’s nt impossible.

  • @indicine why r u ignoring arjun-deepika’s finding fanny.2 photos of the film is already and trailer will b out this sunday.but no news about it even though u publish the smallest of news about films starring the superstars.for past 12 months u hv been ignoring the films Starring Bollywood youth to some extent but look wat happened.almost of them became semihits,hits and superhits

  • Don’t underestimate the power of youngistaan.when I had predicted that 2 states will b a superhit and ek villain a blockbuster,almost everyone in indocine laughed at me.nw I m predicting-humpty will complete varuns hattrick of hit at b.o. by collecting around 60cr while low budget limited release finding fanny will b a superhit and earn about 85cr.mark my words!

  • @navin bhojpuri : when did i like all songs of k3? ? I somewhat loved dil tu hi bata. .raghupati raghav’s dance was gud although the song was okayish. .initially i found god allah better dan these two,but later it sounded boring and horrible. But moron,what about jai ho songs like baki sab first class n salmanfans 3rd class hain? ?
    I don’t like it when in a movie, a song comes in each 10-12 mins. Btw,everyone knows as2 songs were well-composed.no need to tell about them and ashiqui 2 was nothing,but an okayish movie.
    This guy navin is the same moron who once said dat ready is better than ZNMD. Now hez trying to be smart.


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