Ek Tha Tiger Records – Box office

Before the release of Ek Tha Tiger, we published an article on the records that the Salman Khan film chases. Barely 6 days after it’s theatrical release, it’s time to look back and see which of those records were broken.

  • First day†: Agneepath’s 21 crore record was absolutely destroyed by Ek Tha Tiger on the opening day of it’s release. We expected anything in the range of 26-28 crores, but ETT did 31.25 crore nett!
  • Biggest day†: Even if you include collections from the regional versions of Ra One, Ek Tha Tiger†quite comfortably surpassed the biggest day in history, once again by a huge margin.
  • First Weekend†(3 days) : Ra One’s 52.93 crore moves to the second spot, with ETT taking the top spot.
  • First Sunday†: Previously, Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore held the top spot for the biggest Sunday. Now, it belongs to Ek Tha Tiger.
  • First Week†(7 days) : The film hasn’t completed 7 days yet, but has already taken over the top shot in less than 6 days!
  • Second Weekend†: Will be updated – but the 34 crore second weekend of 3 Idiots is unlikely to be broken.
  • Lifetime Collections†: Will be updates – has an outside chance if it sustains well over the working weekdays and picks up during the second weekend. The film has 10 open days until Joker releases on 31st August. The only competition this week will be from a small film Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi.

Other records and achievements for Ek Tha Tiger

  • The first film to cross 30 crores in a single day.
  • The first day and first Sunday were both more than 20 crores – no other film has crossed the 20 crore mark twice.
  • Is the fastest to 100 crores – joined the much-hyped club in less than 6 days – the previous record was held by Bodyguard, which took 7 days.
  • Ghajini in 2008 was the first film to cross 100 crores. Since then, Yashraj Films have produced and released 11 films, but Ek Tha Tiger is the banner’s first 100 crore film.
  • ETT is also Katrina Kaif’s first (solo) 100 crore grosser.
  • On it’s 7th day, if you go by the figures from Boxofficeindia, only 6 films are currently ahead of Ek Tha Tiger – Agneepath, Ready, Rowdy Rathore, Dabangg, Bodyguard and 3 Idiots. All other films have been beaten in less than 6 days and this includes biggies like Ghajini, Golmaal 3, Ra One (hindi only), Don 2 and Housefull 2.

Obviously, the holiday release, hiked ticket prices and more frequent shows due to it’s short runtime – have all helped the film exceed even the unrealistically high pre-release expectations of the trade.

The film has broken every record in the first 6 days of it’s release. The magical figure of 200 crores, the only remaining record of real interest, remains to be surpassed.

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  • ETT break another record this tym is 3 idiots previous is tuesday’s collection is 9.25cr.and ek tha tiger ka collection 12.5cr upadte hua

  • For all srk fans, the great reasons 2 b proud of him are as follows
    1. He is the first gay superstar from india
    2. He is the international superstar with highest gay fans.
    3. He has the most gays fans than any other actor in india.
    4.He is the only actor in the world who can stammer with a goat’s voice and even bray like a donkey at the same time.
    5.He is the only superstar to still maintain a live-in sexual relationship with another successful gay director karan johar.
    6.He is the only superstar in the world who entered the wankede stadium fully drunk during the IPL watch, abused and man-handled the police and stadium officials and then in order to escape from punishment, used his own innocent children as scape goats to gain public sympathy (its the real truth and not the one he dramatised with his histrionics).
    5. He is the only star in bollywood who buys whatever awards he wants except the national award(he is already bribing for the it as well). He lobbies with the event organisers to give him awards on the agreement that he would even ‘host the show, monkey dance, crack some moronic jokes, do so stupid histrionics if necessary’ to increase the trp ratings as he has some following. So like these there are many reasons for srk fans 2 b really proud of and not to forget the fact that, he is the most irritating,arrogant,opportunistic,manipulative,selfish,deceptive and self-bragging bakra actor in the world. Really proud of srk!!!

  • @ Sateesh,

    What you are saying is absolutely wrong. The malayalam film Thalavattam didn’t flop because of Salman, but only because of Priyadarshan. He just copy pasted in to Hindi. He should have made changes to suit bollywood, just like he did when he did making Malayalam version of it.

    If you know, Thalavattam was inspired by english movie, ‘One Flew over the cuckoo’s nest’. But, he did a brilliant job in making it more suitable by making changes to suit kerala viewers.

    However, he just thought of adding some songs and exotic locations and it will be accepted in Hindi, and barring his “Hera Pheri’ none of them have worked in that formula. He keeps on making the same mistake.

    As to Salman not acting like Lal, then you didn’t read what Priayan said, that Salman was better in many parts than Lal comparatively.

    I don’t say Salman is better in acting compared to Mohan Lal, but things that Salman do, Lal can’t, and no one can just ape the other. Everyone has their limitations, whether it is Lal, Mammooty, Salman or Aamir.

  • Et tha tiger is very good movie salman&kat both looking very nice and i think thay ,ll marrid soon rockssssssssss sallu bhai love u kat

  • SRK booked for insulting the national flag by flying it upside down. Blatant arrogance. Even 3 year olds dont do that once they know about our national flag. And we still have 2 call srk an indian? I am sure he would have flown pakistan flag better. At times i feel he is more pakistani than india, and hence is a real danger to the security of our country.

  • @ Jay, then why was the films Garam Masala & the film ‘Bhool Bhulaiyya’ which was from original malayalam film become hits & kyonki flop?

  • The Indian box office is currently dominated by top Bollywood star Salman Khanwhose action film Ek Tha Tiger (There Was A Tiger) has set a record by hitting the coveted Rupees 1 billion ($18 million) mark in its first five days.


  • Dont degrade other actors while praising your star it never happens in hollywood only here fans fight amongst each other after all its just a film why do we get so personal each actor has his own style and fans agree salman is gng through his golden period that is good but it dsnt mean that shahrukh is over if that was the case his last 2 releases wuld hve bombed miserably ra1 collected 124 crs in indai all versions and don2 collected 112 cr all versions iam nt talking abt overseas figure whereboth these movies were highest grossers of the yr agree in india tday salman is no1 but dnt degrade srk he has won 8 filmfare awards for best actor the highest tied with the legandary dilip kumar so hve sme respect for other actors also salman fans

  • Ek Tha Tiger made 15 Crores on itís first Tuesday at the domestic box office. The 7 day total of the movie is 135.05 Crores. The box office collections of Ek Tha Tiger can in no way be termed as anything less than spectacular. Many movies have touched these figures but Salman Khan has now proved that speed does matter.
    Ek Tha Tiger Daily Breakdown
    Day 1 32.92
    Day 2 14.55
    Day 3 12.8
    Day 4 16.78
    Day 5 23
    Day 6 20
    Day 7 15
    Total 135.05

  • 200cr kya halwa lagta hai kya tumko three idiot is the only film which has collected 202 cr and
    ETT will break it sallu is box office God and shahrukh is nothing now a days kutta bhi nahi jata uska movie ha bakriya jati hai haaaahhhhhh.uske aise hi dialog dekhne.

    aur rahi compition ki bat toh Ra-one kaun dekhne gaya tha sala jo comment likh raha hai vo bhi dekhne nahi gaya hoga bacho ki movie.aur ek bhai sahab ne toh Ra-one ka collection 202 cr bata diya kya tere ghar ki kheti hai kya.

  • @ Sateesh,

    Garam Masala didn’t need any modifications, as it was already a urban setting movie with not much change required for people to relate too….., and Bhool Bhulaiyya, didn’t even come to 10% of what the Malayalam movie was. But, they did good business, so i accept, but being a malayalee myself i hate Priyan attitude of simply copy paste as he has done to Kyonki and most of the other great movies of Malayalam. No wonder he is struggling in Malayalam, and have now resorted these tricks to repackage and sell good old things. :)

  • fans ko sirf uska actor pasand h..acting toh nawazuddin..nasiruddin..manoj vajpayee…om puri..boman irani…kamaal hasan…wo v srk se far better…uske itne kam fans q h..

  • aur kisi actor ko awards se bada mat banao…..awards bik chuke h..all know kya huwa tha jb akki ko actor k liye award mila…ab batao ghajini n singh is king me cmparison h kya….akki ne v award nhi liya…ab batao awards toh jise tise milta rehta h


  • salman bhai rocking broken all previous records of bollywood and still continuing best of luck for 200 crores

  • Mention Not Guys Srk Nxt Breaks All Records….
    ETT gone…..
    Do nt compare with srk khan…
    He is best

  • SUb apni APni jaGA hai…. falTO mai behS kar rahey ho tum log seriously..
    i must sAY bollyWood mai hain 3 he sTAr SHAHrukh khan SALMAn KHan ANd AAMir khan..
    em THe biggESt fan oF salMAN.. but Shahrukh khan Jaisa aCtor koi nahi i AGreed…
    AND aAMir KHAn JAisi storICal movIEs koi nahi de sakta wo MR perFEcT hai.. :)
    and second salman khan k lIYe shoro mai hit or flops KOi MEan nahi rakhti thein..
    wo JusT paISey k LIYe MovIEs karta tha and thats all phr bhi os k boht fans they..
    but Jb YuVrAAAJ flop howi then usney.. bettER filmEY chooSE kein or Apna IMAge banaya en dekhlo..
    HE IS on top… bl k sub jantey hain wo actor ita acha nahi hai actually wo acting pey
    conentrate he nahi krta.. wo just style dekha ta hai body dekha tha film hit..
    boht baDA star hai Salman KHan GOd giFted hai..
    AAMir OR SHahrukh ita ita Work hard krtey hain then on ki movieS top pey hoti hain..
    en salman Araam SEy fazool acting karta hai phr bhi film hit socha hai kabhi kyun???
    log kya pagal hain jo os ki movieS dekhney jatey hain..
    star ki poWer hai fan following hai wo movies ko movies ki tarhan le k chalta hai
    log movieS dekheny jatey hain entertainment k liye moond chill karney k liyee
    or salman ki har film entertainment wali he hoti hai..
    na koi stoRical hoti hai na khch…. just entertain krta hai wo or yehe wajha hai log psnd krta hain..
    EN aGR salman big star nahi hai? or wo thirD class hai en blah blah
    so AMErica OR uk mai OS ka STatue hai… so wo log bhi kya pagal hain??
    SUb apni apni JAga hain 3 top k actor hain..
    en FUture mai in ka baap araha wo hai ranbir kapoor en ranVIr singh en shahid kapoor <4

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