Ek Tha Tiger Records – Box office

Before the release of Ek Tha Tiger, we published an article on the records that the Salman Khan film chases. Barely 6 days after it’s theatrical release, it’s time to look back and see which of those records were broken.

  • First day : Agneepath’s 21 crore record was absolutely destroyed by Ek Tha Tiger on the opening day of it’s release. We expected anything in the range of 26-28 crores, but ETT did 31.25 crore nett!
  • Biggest day : Even if you include collections from the regional versions of Ra One, Ek Tha Tiger quite comfortably surpassed the biggest day in history, once again by a huge margin.
  • First Weekend (3 days) : Ra One’s 52.93 crore moves to the second spot, with ETT taking the top spot.
  • First Sunday : Previously, Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore held the top spot for the biggest Sunday. Now, it belongs to Ek Tha Tiger.
  • First Week (7 days) : The film hasn’t completed 7 days yet, but has already taken over the top shot in less than 6 days!
  • Second Weekend : Will be updated – but the 34 crore second weekend of 3 Idiots is unlikely to be broken.
  • Lifetime Collections : Will be updates – has an outside chance if it sustains well over the working weekdays and picks up during the second weekend. The film has 10 open days until Joker releases on 31st August. The only competition this week will be from a small film Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi.

Other records and achievements for Ek Tha Tiger

  • The first film to cross 30 crores in a single day.
  • The first day and first Sunday were both more than 20 crores – no other film has crossed the 20 crore mark twice.
  • Is the fastest to 100 crores – joined the much-hyped club in less than 6 days – the previous record was held by Bodyguard, which took 7 days.
  • Ghajini in 2008 was the first film to cross 100 crores. Since then, Yashraj Films have produced and released 11 films, but Ek Tha Tiger is the banner’s first 100 crore film.
  • ETT is also Katrina Kaif’s first (solo) 100 crore grosser.
  • On it’s 7th day, if you go by the figures from Boxofficeindia, only 6 films are currently ahead of Ek Tha Tiger – Agneepath, Ready, Rowdy Rathore, Dabangg, Bodyguard and 3 Idiots. All other films have been beaten in less than 6 days and this includes biggies like Ghajini, Golmaal 3, Ra One (hindi only), Don 2 and Housefull 2.

Obviously, the holiday release, hiked ticket prices and more frequent shows due to it’s short runtime – have all helped the film exceed even the unrealistically high pre-release expectations of the trade.

The film has broken every record in the first 6 days of it’s release. The magical figure of 200 crores, the only remaining record of real interest, remains to be surpassed.

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  • Just in……joke of the century, next salman will be doing a romantic film because he is fed up with action….i guess action with bodygaurd shera!! Lol.

  • i saw this movie today!!! and see now a small & nice review of movie:-
    the opening action sequence is fabulous!!! but then the film dips down for sometime……but again it picks up due to awesome chemistry between kat &sallu…..& then there are some nice twist and turns…..also the last action sequence is also fantastic overall a great film!!!!!!! rating 3.5/5!!! U ROCKKED SALLU!!

  • look at srk fans now giving every single possible excuse to satisfy their desperation……………………

  • 200cr. Only.

    It’s a cast of a Hollywood action movie. Please make some movie which serve us Hollywood stuff :( ETT action is also not bed but the story is ………….. :p i just Waiting for Krissh 3 :)

  • i wont say anything to haters because the are frustrated after the result.They were very happy after the dip of thursday and friday but after weekend u all know………………..

  • Salman khan jaisa poore bollywood mein koi nahi hai na shahrukh na ranbir na aamir na john only salman rahi sahi baat sharukh ke fains ki toh shahrukh kisi mamle mein salman se aage nahin hai na hi salman jaisi smartness na hi salman jaisi body na hi salman jitne fans salman is the first position in india which have more than srk amitabh aamir not these three but all over the boolywood he is the only actor whose movies are roaring at box office on his name rahi sahi baat srk ki acting toh itna toh salman ke action ise pit dete hain salman aur sharukh mein zamin aur aasman ka fark hai so please srk fans dont copare srk with salman (salman is world seventh most lookin man) aur sharukh toh 700000000000000 mein bhi nahi salman ne bollywood ko modern banaya hai ik naya janm diya hai jaise ki jaise ki koi bhi naye cheej salman film mein laye aur public like this fashion and start fashionig with this also market get benfit for maket in wanted his shirts in ready his t-shirt in bodyguard his bluetooth in dabanng his gogle in ek tha tiger you see in his neck all this things very wonderful marketing and public purchases this things salman dhamaka is not only on box office and give chance producers directots to collect money but also the shopkepers get benefit from him his style like tere naam hair style he is not like srk liitle heart man he is the the oly which have also big heart that is why his fans like him by heart he has being human charity he gave more than 10000 cycles to the schools poor child which our government is not do salman ek tha tiger is collected rs 32.92 crore till 2015 his film collected rs65 crore so please srk fans please know these things you esaily turn into salman fans he is the which got super artists to boolywood which rocks in bollywood like katrina kaif sonakshi sinha himesh resmiyan etc if you see ek tha tiger one time then you go second time to watch this movie then you say the movie is mindblowing if you are salman khan fan you like this comment and srk fan i know that they are dislike this comment but truth is truth salman se srk ki phatti hai kyonki salman ne ik bar jo commitment kar di us ke bad do woh phir khud ki bhi nahi sunte

  • @Sateesh: b4 d release of ETT haters were sayin dis will b biggest flop of d year,
    whr r dey?
    & ya u were ryt barkin dogs seldom bite

  • Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger collects Rs 143.68 cr at worldwide Box Office

    Salmania is not only working wonders for Ek Tha Tiger in India, but also in the international market. The romantic action thriller starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in leads, has done an outstanding collection at the overseas Box Office in the first weekend. The Kabir Khan directed flick has smashed all the previous records at the collection centres in foreign countries like UK, USA, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

    Ek Tha Tiger egistered an earth-shattering response at the USA Box Office, where the movie has broken the records of Ra.One and Houseful 2. The film has collected Rs. 8.25 crores ($ 14,84,404) from 120 screens in its five day extended opening weekend. Its per screen average is $ 12,370.

    The second highest collection of Ek Tha Tiger is coming from the UAE Box Office, where it has done recording breaking business. The Yash Chopra’s movie has collected Rs. 6.79 crores ($ 1.22 million) in five day extended first weekend. It has raked in Rs. 4.75 crores (£ 5,43,073) from 68 screens at the UK Box Office.

    Ek Tha Tiger has also received very good response at the collection centres in other foreign countries like Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. In its opening weekend, the movie has grossed Rs. 2.29 crores (A$ 3,93,063), Rs. 59.77 lacs (NZ$ 1,32,613) and Rs. 16.43 lacs (FJD 52,795) from the Box Office in these countries respectively.

    However, Ek Tha Tiger has raked in a total of Rs 22.84 crores nett from Box Office in countries like UK, USA, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. The movie has collected Rs 120.84 crore at the domestic Box Office in six days. It has scored Rs 143.68 crores at the worldwide collection centres in five days. It is a record breaking collection for the film.

  • Ek tha tiger is salman best movie from this movie he shows that bollywood action ke mamle mein hollwood se peeche nahin reh gaya hai ek tha tiger jahil gawaron ko pasand nahi aaye gi only for branded pepoles ek tha tiger looking easily to breaks record of three idiots whats action romance this movie is not for only salman fans but all over worlds branded people not like jahil gawar this movie is surely not suite on any other because salman is the real macho man shahrulh kya stunt karega lagega ki hijda hai aur chutiua budha salman ki tarah mard bano uske baad hijde wali chaal chod kar action karne aana waise tum hijde ki style mein toh govinda se bhi aage nikal gaye i gave5 stars to you srk aur tum shanti kiran karte rehna hijda salma ek tha tiger collect 147 crore from india 121crore overseas 26 crore supreb in 6 days salman look 26 to 27 years old macho man but sharukh looks his oldness so fan of salman to know the total collection of ek tha tiger read my comments

  • haha, don2 and raone are behind ek tha tiger with in 6 days is this true haters hahhahahha love u salman khan haha love bahi inshallah u will get all awards this year a sure shot blockbuster love u muuahhhh God bless u , u are really a king not king khan nad also not king of bollywood and ofcourse not a king of hearts infact u r the king of world , we love u ,LAGEY REHU BAHI ,and indicine plz if u read all of us comments then plz will u like to tell us that dabangg2 firsm prome when will come , bcz i wana tell the haters that PICS ABI BAKI HAIN HAHHAHHAHHA LOVE U SALMAN KHAN

  • @Md rehan, don’t get tired writing essay about Salman. Do Salman Khan have one national award? Amitabh Bachan have three best actor awards. Then even Ajay Devgn & Saif Ali Khan have got national awards. If Salman is the tiger today, he was a rat in 2008/ 2009 getting collections less than films of John,Ranbir,Shahid & Emraan Hashmi during that time

  • @Md rehan , don’t get tired writing essay about Salman. Do Salman Khan have one national award? Amitabh Bachan have three best actor awards. Then even Ajay Devgn & Saif Ali Khan have got national awards. If Salman is the tiger today, he was a rat in 2008/ 2009 getting collections less than films of John,Ranbir,Shahid & Emraan Hashmi during that time

  • If you call Salman emperor today, you should have called him servant of Ranbir,Emraan & John in 2008/ 2009. Then @Md, then according to my knowledge Aamir & SRK had never made disasters like Main Aur Mrs.Khanna which could not recover even 1/4 th of the investment. Budget- 40 crore & returns less than 10 crore.

  • Sidhi si baat hai srk sirf romantic role hi kar sakta wahi ghisepite dilauge aur story.uske alva wo kahi bhi nahi chal sakta.isi liye unke fan jealous feel kar rahe hai salman se.kabhi to such ko accept karo

  • I have seen one guy saying that the tiger can make weak story into blockbuster. If Salman can do that he have made good scripts flop with his acting. Best example Priyadarshan directed remake of his own malayalam film ‘Thalavattam’ starring Mohanlal as Kyonki in Hindi. The malayalam film was a super hit,but kyonki was a flop. Why ?Kareena had no big role in it.The whole film was centered around Salman’s character.The character of Salman Khan required acting skills & script was totally dependent on him. But Salman failed miserably to get into skin of the character.

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