Ek Tha Tiger Records – Box office

Before the release of Ek Tha Tiger, we published an article on the records that the Salman Khan film chases. Barely 6 days after it’s theatrical release, it’s time to look back and see which of those records were broken.

  • First day†: Agneepath’s 21 crore record was absolutely destroyed by Ek Tha Tiger on the opening day of it’s release. We expected anything in the range of 26-28 crores, but ETT did 31.25 crore nett!
  • Biggest day†: Even if you include collections from the regional versions of Ra One, Ek Tha Tiger†quite comfortably surpassed the biggest day in history, once again by a huge margin.
  • First Weekend†(3 days) : Ra One’s 52.93 crore moves to the second spot, with ETT taking the top spot.
  • First Sunday†: Previously, Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore held the top spot for the biggest Sunday. Now, it belongs to Ek Tha Tiger.
  • First Week†(7 days) : The film hasn’t completed 7 days yet, but has already taken over the top shot in less than 6 days!
  • Second Weekend†: Will be updated – but the 34 crore second weekend of 3 Idiots is unlikely to be broken.
  • Lifetime Collections†: Will be updates – has an outside chance if it sustains well over the working weekdays and picks up during the second weekend. The film has 10 open days until Joker releases on 31st August. The only competition this week will be from a small film Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi.

Other records and achievements for Ek Tha Tiger

  • The first film to cross 30 crores in a single day.
  • The first day and first Sunday were both more than 20 crores – no other film has crossed the 20 crore mark twice.
  • Is the fastest to 100 crores – joined the much-hyped club in less than 6 days – the previous record was held by Bodyguard, which took 7 days.
  • Ghajini in 2008 was the first film to cross 100 crores. Since then, Yashraj Films have produced and released 11 films, but Ek Tha Tiger is the banner’s first 100 crore film.
  • ETT is also Katrina Kaif’s first (solo) 100 crore grosser.
  • On it’s 7th day, if you go by the figures from Boxofficeindia, only 6 films are currently ahead of Ek Tha Tiger – Agneepath, Ready, Rowdy Rathore, Dabangg, Bodyguard and 3 Idiots. All other films have been beaten in less than 6 days and this includes biggies like Ghajini, Golmaal 3, Ra One (hindi only), Don 2 and Housefull 2.

Obviously, the holiday release, hiked ticket prices and more frequent shows due to it’s short runtime – have all helped the film exceed even the unrealistically high pre-release expectations of the trade.

The film has broken every record in the first 6 days of it’s release. The magical figure of 200 crores, the only remaining record of real interest, remains to be surpassed.

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  • Ett only got these figuer to show at d end ,except actn nd cinematography i dnt thnk anythng of dis movie wil get anythng in d 2013 movie awards,,movie lackd evrythng ,only becz of salman star power its workng ,its completly shockng to se that dis type of movie was producd by yash raj camp,

  • Haters will hate. Who cares about these fixed awards anyway? It’s all about the box office and Salman is way ahead of everyone else at the moment. 120 crores in 6 days is insane.

  • AB bolo yaaron jo BOXOFFICEINDIA k figures ko authentic maante hain, unko ye jaan lena chahiye ki ETT crossed RA.1 & Don 2 in 6 days

  • As BOI states- any big star with a big banner movie on a national holiday will break records.

  • Hahah.. So Don 2 and Ra One record broken in 6 days LOL. And I bet, no film in the rest of the year (including Talaash and SRK’s next) will come even close to 120 crores in their entire run. Only Dabangg 2 has a chance this year. Wanna bet some money??

  • desperation is increasing among haters big slap to them in the name of ek tha tiger it has broken every single records comes in first week as i have said before now shoot urselves in the head haters………………….

  • @tdpunks.. keep waiting and dreaming. It will never happen. Even the total of SRK next and Son of Sardar both combined together wont be 30 crores on opening day.


  • @tdpunks, it’s not bad. But like most dreams, they remain just that :P Just said, don’t except it to come true. Forget Ek Tha Tiger.. SRK’s next won’t come close to Ra One :D So it’s better to have more realistic dreams like beating record of Bol Bachchan or Cocktail :P

  • @indicineExcept boxofficeindia.com, all trade analyst are giving bigger figures for monday and before.. 6 days collection are in range of 120-125 crores., whats wrong wid BOI,its irritaitng..why should v rely on it?

  • What a cheap records lol. This will be broken after a few months hehe.
    Let me tell u that eid is the only festival that can give a boost to the movies, that’s why sallu releases his movies only on eid. And that Muslims are the minority. Where as in Diwali it’s totally different, Hindus are majority and they do their Pooja and blah blah and that drops the collection. Ra.one and don2 still holds the record on Diwali and Christmas beta hehe.

    I will only consider salman greater than srk only if he clashes and defeats srk on the same festival.

    I luv srk and consider him greater than salman coz he defeated salman and akki with his DON DON DON. And yes, his RNBDJ faced a clash with gajini which was a remake but RNBDJ became a BLOCBUSTER. And guess what srk has more BLOCBUSTER than anyone in Bollywood hehe.

    Just wait till chennai express, u will see for itself who is greater if u want about records.

  • @wasim andhoo ko eye hospital jana chahiyee ETT is broken all records in 6 days just wait and watch for another week.

  • @Marz, your twisting the facts the way you want it. Salman has the most ‘Blockbuster’ in history and also the most ‘All time Blockbusters’.

    And then your talking about Jaaneman getting beaten by Don.. SRK used every cheap trick to market Don and even when he got scared of newcomer like Ranbir Kapoor when OSO released. He was insecure to the core, so he even said a lot of negative things about a film that had two newcomers.

    Do you know Mission Kashmir beat Mohabbatein during Diwali in 2000? Can SRK even compete against Salman if both their films release on the same day? Let him compete with Ajay Devgn first :D

  • it wud b second biggest film…155 cr nett nd 7-8 million overseas…this record will be broke nxt yr diwali with huge margin..

  • @marz: dude wake up salman most no. Of bb & atbb go & get a life, & abt jaaneman during dose days salman didnt used to promote his movies & nw when he has strtd promotin dem u can see d result & abt ur challnge & defeat thing

    Let me tell u no 1 has d guts to release his movie wid salman & ppl r still confident of clashin wid srk, as ajay is clashin wid him dis diwali, no matter who wins bt d fact is ppl think dat dey can clash wid srk & win bt no.1 has d guts to clash wid salman

  • Sunider, Salman used cheap tricks to fool the audience that’s why our own country INDIA is considered to be a backward and corrupted country in the world.

    We all know how week salman is when it comes to clash and that even salman lost against Ajay hehe.
    So no need to boast about salman’s clash records, srk has better clash records than this lallu okay.

  • @Rowdy 786
    we ll talk about akshay when he will start giving a higehst grosser movies of the year or ATBB.But for now dont discuss about him.

  • @ahmed, ur salman dosent have any gutts to release in other festive seasons especially Diwali, becoz u really know what is Diwali in Bollywood and who Diwali hehe.

    Do u even know that Ajay beat salman with all the best??
    Salman’s clash records are a way too weak so no need to boast.

  • @surinder
    can you tell me wat negative things did srk said about newcomers during oso!??
    Plz tell me wat are those comments

  • @Surinder,pls don’t remind history again & again.It will be more painful to Salman fans. In Diwali 2009,Salman starrer Main Aur Mrs.Khanna clashed with Ajay Devgn starrer All the Best. Then came the all time blockbuster Salman’s all time disaster Main Aur Mrs.Khanna. Budget-40 crores & box office- 10 crore.

  • Sunider, Salman used cheap tricks to fool the audience thatís why our own country INDIA is considered to be a backward and corrupted country in the world.
    We all know how week salman is when it comes to clash and that even salman lost against Ajay hehe.
    So no need to boast about salmanís clash records, srk has better clash records than your salman okay.

  • @Marz
    Both have different BO records.where as Srk has maximum BB,Salman has most nos. ATBB .
    neither like or hate them so cant be part of this discussion.

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