Don 2 Sunday Update

After two good days, Don 2 had a fantastic Sunday, which according to early estimates is around 18 crores (could be more). We contacted a few multiplexes late on Sunday and almost every late-evening,  night shows in Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mangalore were housefull. Infact, many had to return home disappointing as several shows were sold-out in advance. 

This is a clear sign that the film has been liked by it’s target audience. Farhan Akhtar directed films have always under-performed at smaller single-screen dominated centers and it’s pretty much the same with Don 2.

Moving on, it’ll be interesting to see how Don 2 holds up on Monday. If it remains steady and trends similar to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, it’ll end it’s run as one of the biggest hits of 2011. In case it drops heavily, then 100 crores could prove to be difficult.

The official overseas collections coming up soon. Stay tuned for more on Don 2.



  • @ Nikhil Sah

    But disgusting Sallu Lalu does SCENE-2-SCENE remake of proved Regional BLOCKBUSTERS from Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam even with SAME SOUTH DIRECTORS who can improve on their mistake.

    Hindi BODYGUARD was a remake of a remake (telugu) of Malayalum original with SAME director Siddique directing same movie for the third time. Still its a garbage boring movie despite director getting 3rd chance to improve on his mistakes.

    Sallu Lallu plays it absolutely safe to get to 100 crores. SRK could do that easily with working in Yash Raj Romantic Drama 4 times a year & easily make four 100+ crores per year that too ORIGINAL product. No remakes.

    case closed.

  • bodyguard to shahrukh ke samne kuch bhi nahi he baccha don to don he bodyguard to baccha he omkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • d simple way 2 judge success….who is more rich and famous?and who achieved d most?
    i think every1 got der ans…so jst shut up…and accept d truth…
    KING aise hi nahi kaha jata…der is d reason bhind…

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