Don 2 Day 1 Collections

Don 2 has opened to a good response on Friday with all India collections of around Rs 14.5 crores (including Telugu, Tamil versions).

Released on 3100 screens in India out of which 450 screens were in 3D, the Shahrukh Khan – Priyanka Chopra starrer has done exceedingly well at multiplexes in big cities. In Mysore, after a 35% opening on Friday, business picked up to 80% for the evening and night shows.

Farhan Akhtar films have never held mass-appeal. All of his films including Don 2, have failed to attract people in big numbers. In Don 2’s case, the lack of a hit music track being the biggest deterrent.

14.5 crores is a good numbers, considering the fact that Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara opened to about half the collections and yet managed to amass Rs 90 crores by the end of it’s run at the box-office. The word-of-mouth is good in metros, and we expect the film to trend similar to ZNMD.

The Dabangg 3-day weekend record  is likely to stay intact as Don 2 needs 35 crores in the next two days to equal the Salman Khan film that released during EID in 2010.



  • Being an srk fan i admit that salman is biggest star in india , it doesn’t mean srk is over.. He may be no. 2 or 3 in india but he is unmatchable in overseas which is again proved by don2 overseas opening..salman is just having a dream phase..but after bodyguard , people’s faith has decreased in him.. And there will come a time when people start it get bored of his one-dimensional cinema , and i doubt he can re-invent himself.. Like srk who is as romantic as rahul , as meaner as don .. So in long run , salman is,was and probably not will be a match of shahrukh.. What say admin ?

  • And wait and watch guys..don2 has a decent start , which i can understand after .. But with positive reports coming , it will do good business..

  • Some people always say srk buys awards.. Okay if u think a guy don’t deserue it for ddlj,kkhh,swades,devdas,chak de india, mnik ,darr ,bazigar then i say if u not get awards for these films , u better buy awards..

  • Hm..i think mi4 is still sumwat strong..though i haven’t seen it..but audience have liked so its collections must be steady for prediction 75-80 crores 1st week

  • My request to all srk fans in salman ke chamcho ke munh mat lago. Even if movie crosses 500cr they will come with something to bring this movie down. Let them play with economics of bodyguard for rest of their lives. In their heart they know that bodyguard will always be remembered for it’s box office and not for it’s content. And that’s where SRK movies differentiate themselves from salman movies. They will be remembered for their content. If it’s not SRK someone will definitely break this record one day. The thing is that salman fans can’t digest the fact that movies other than bodyguard can also perform well at box office. They jst can’t deal with it. They are in denial. Naive fools you can’t go forcing something which is just not right. Move on guys. We hav had enough with bodyguard and salman.You really need to find something else in your life to do other than bodyguard collections. But for now salman is religion and his fans are devoted adherents.

  • Hi

    I read tht it ll not work much as it lacks strong music……….. it lacks chikni chameli, munni…..


    wht u were expecting munni and chameli in DOn 2….. SRK is not making movie for BOX office he is telling the story…. There was no scope of such things in this movie..

    IT is not SALLU MALLU movie where story has nothing to do just munni type songs……….

    The next movie of sallu will have 3 item songs few nude pics of salman with the stilll show and thts enough for sallu fans..

    AS not according to indicine and alll there is no need for story they just want chiikini chameli…….. At least appreciate someone who broke the trend and ddare to told the story…

  • SRK fans go and watch Don 2. Have a blast. This is a movie where you won’t see slow motion mediocre action where a middle aged fat person beats 10 huge guys at a time. Instead you will see a skinny person who gets beat up a lot which is actually believable. Perfect use of marshal arts. No cheesy dialogues, nobodys shirt rips with sheer flexing of muscles, no stupid whistles. Actually it has a very little bollywood in it which makes it less stupid. You will get to see lotsa’ cool stuff like french riviera, Berlin,supercool waistcoats and shades ,gadgets,shotguns and what not. Perfect blend of Ocean movies, Bond and Mission Impossible…
    This was the way bollywood movies should hav made a long ago..I hope it’s a start. And kudos to farhan for bringing all action scenes with quality with mere budget of 75cr. He tried to make most out of it…

  • Don 2 Day 1 Collections:

    Total for Hindi version: Rs. 14.77 crore

    Grand Total: Rs. 15.30 crore

    This is the highest first day collection ever on a non-holiday Friday.

    @ Indicine: Box Office India always shoes less in any SRK movies

  • There iz a sayin in Hindi
    ‘100 sunar ki, ek luhar ki’ that proves salman kitni bhi blockbuster de de,
    Srk ki ek don 2 un sab par bhari hai..
    Srk was, srk iz n srk will be undisputed king of Bollywood…
    And those who r nt agree with me, i got two words fr u..
    SUCK IT..

  • @ Indicine:Don-2 1st Day actual collection (Hindi)- 14.77
    This is the highest first day collection ever on a non-holiday Friday.

    Box office India always shows less in SRKs movies

    you can check Wikipedia, koimoi, boxofficeindiacoin

  • Don 2 Day 1 Collections: Hindi Version

    Bombay: Rs. 4.82 crore
    Delhi: Rs. 2.75 crore
    East Punjab: Rs. 1.18 crore
    Mysore: Rs. 1.02 crore
    Bengal: Rs. 90 lakh
    Nizam: Rs. 1 crore
    Tamil Nadu – Karnataka: Rs. 43 lakh
    C.P. Berar: Rs. 60 lakh
    C.I.: Rs. 51 lakh
    Rajasthan: Rs. 85 lakh
    Bihar: Rs. 36 lakh
    Assam: Rs. 16 lakh
    Orissa: Rs. 14 lakh
    Nepal: Rs. 05 lakh

    Total for Hindi version: Rs. 14.77 crore

    Telugu version: Rs. 43 lakh
    Tamil version: Rs.10 lakh

    Grand Total: Rs. 15.30 crore

    This is the highest first day collection ever on a non-holiday Friday.

    Source: koimoi and boxoffice india co in and wikipedia, boxofficekings

    Dont always focus boxofficeindia only it never shows the actual figure

  • Don 2 Creates Records Overseas in Day-1 Collection

    *** North American gross – US$ 550K on Friday from 164 locations. The film opened on Friday and beat My Name Is Khan’s opening day gross of US$ 445K and is also higher than the sum of the first three days of RA.One.

    *** In UK the film debuted in the UK Top 10 on Wednesday and has collected US$ 527K to date from 76 locations with 3-D version accounting for 2\3rds of the collections.

    *** Middle East has grossed $ 930K on Thursday and Friday which is higher than the first two days of RA.One (US$ 710k) and MNIK (US$ 750k).

    *** Don 2 broke the record for the highest single day gross ever for a Hindi film in Australia where it took US$ 82K on Friday. The earlier record was Reliance Entertainment’s Bodyguard (US$ 74k). Don 2 has grossed US$ 136K in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

    Salman ka koyi name aur nishana bhi nahi hai…

    The International King..SRK…

  • Srk flop khan this year. Ab srk fan’s tum sab loot raha srk flop movie dekha dekha ke. Srk all hit movie copy of hollywood and bollywood

  • Srk flop khan this year. Abe srk fan’s tum sab ko loot raha srk flop movie dekha dekha ke. Srk all hit movie copy of hollywood and bollywood movie

  • haha

    Agneepath will be an alltime FLOP easily

    will struggle to collect 20 crores for whole week. mark my words.

    Just from trailer, looks like utter trash. 1990 agneepath itself is a flop movie. Big B is NO Al Pacino & Agneepath is NO Scarface. vijay chauhan is NO Tony Montana.

    case closed. Hrithik is rejected flop lead actor. Kites, guzarish list goes on & on & on. ZNMD became hit because of multi stars, farhan akhtar etc etc not hrithik is in the movie.

    Hrithik is finished as a lead superstar actor. He is a support actor now.

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