Dhoom 3 2nd Week Box Office Collections

Dhoom 3 has emerged as the highest grosser of all time ahead of films like Krrish 3 and Chennai Express. The film has broken second week records with business of around 68.5 crore net (including all versions), which is about the same as the first week collections of 3 Idiots!

Dhoom 3 has also become the first film to cross the 250 crore mark (Hindi version has collected 245.25 cr so far) and has an outside chance of being the first ever film to net Rs 300 crore in India.

Two films have released in theatres today – Arshad Warsi’s Joe B Carvalho and Ramesh Sippy’s all-time classic Sholay 3D – both of which are unlikely to pose any threat to the record-breaking run of Dhoom 3.

Dhoom 3 Second Week Collections

  • First Week – 188.99 crore
  • 2nd Friday – 10.1 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 12.04 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 16.71 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 6.83 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 7.26 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday – 10.78 cr (New Year)
  • 2nd Thursday – 4.61 cr
  • 2nd Week Total – 68.33 cr
  • Total Collections – 257.32 crores

Verdict – All Time Blockbuster



  • As an Aamir fan I m little disappointed.I thought Dhoom 3 will collect more than 300 cr nett in India.still hoping that it will achive dat milestone.bt it looks difficult now.

  • To the people that were saying that CE’s record only lasted 2 months, How many months did Krrish:3’s so called record last? ;P

  • SRK, Aamir and Salman (in order of rank) ruled Bollywood like no actor ever has and ever will in the near future.

  • @nipun What is you problem. Why are you continuosly degrading Aamir. You are slowly turning into SRKian, who are well known to hate every actor except their so-called king.

  • @ sakhi…u r very depressed ri8 now nd just chill..truth is truth ..
    Ce breaks record of 3 idiots we accepted now u accept tht d3 broke ce record evrywhere..nd u r nt a true fan of srk agr tm hoti then tm ye khti its okk..nxt year srk will brke all reocrdss..
    I hope happy new year will broke all records bcoz promotions abhi se strt ho gye h…

  • We have two crying babies here. @SAKHI and @Romance New_Yr stop it guys. It is now sound childish crying over getting out and insisting he is not out. Aamir made srk out. that is the Box Office FACT of 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Accept it and move on. Best wishes for HNY and Raees !!

  • @Nipun I hate Hrithik the manipulator but agree that Doom 3 was crap. Aamir is the most overrated actor of Bollywood.
    Doom 3 was utterly depressing. And also was Krrish 3

  • @SAKHI : You think Salman stardom is low. Put any other actor in movies like Ready, Bodyguard and Dabangg series and it will sure shot Flop. Sample is Sanjay Dutt tried ‘Policegiri’ and Saif tried ‘Bullet Raja’. Srk can never do a Tere Naam or Dabangg, likewise Salman can never do a MNIK and Swades !!!!!!

  • Aamir is only superstar for classes…………..case in point, he shamelessly said Salman is number 1 star just before D3 released in order to get Salman fans (mainly the masses) to come and watch D3.He also gave salman his D3 hat to wear for publicity such that salman fans will go watch D3 just becuz bhai supported Aamir. SRK, Hrthik and even Salman now are superstars of masses and classes and dont need to stoop so low like Aamir……….Remember for Ghajini he shamelessly made the ushers have the Ghajini buzz cut to promote his film during RNBDJ. So as i said earlier Aamir still has way to go to catch up to the craze of SRK, Hrithik and Salman………..maybe after D3 and PK masses mite like him a little…………………………

  • doesn’t want to say but still some srk fans make me to say so
    @sakhi this is for you.
    Ghajini 2008 – 1000 screens = 115 cr.
    Don 2 2011 – 3000 screens = 106 cr (2 open weeks + 2000 extra screens + Hike Ticket Price + 400 3D screens + Franchise)

    Result: SRK failed to beat 3 year old record of Aamir despite all this.

    Chennai Express 2013 – 3550 screens (boi,addatoday and some sites reported ce released in 3700+ scressn but took minimum) = 227 cr. (for your sake using official)
    Dhoom:3 – 4100 screens (Hindi) = 245 cr and counting. (Ticket price same as CE but only more on IMAX theatre which is 5-6 total in India).

    Biggest excuse: competition from next week, but as you seen its collection of 14 days and in first week in D3 collected 179cr hindi version, so even with competition will collect more than ce 227cr.

    Result: Aamir Khan washed out CE from each and every corner both India and Overseas in just 3 months.


    SRK failed to beat Aamir with 2000 extra screens after 3 years (Ghajini vs Don 2)

    Aamir washed out CE all over the world with just 550 extra screens in just 4 months.

  • Since 2001-2013, Aamir has done 10 movies (Lagaan. Dil Chahta Hai. Mangal Pandey. RDB. Fanaa. TZP. Ghajini. 3 idiots. Talaash. Dhoom:3.)

    5 of them are RECORD OPENERS. 3 of them are Non-Holiday (Mangal Pandey, Fanaa and Dhoom3). 2 are Holiday (Ghajini and 3 idiots)..

    3 idiots is biggest hit of Multiplex Era, Ghajini and Dhoom:3 are another two. Aamir will have 3 biggest hits in Multiplex Eras. and also have One ATBB (Raja Hindustani) before multiplex era.

    Ghajini was 1st ATBB since the Inception of Multiplexes.

    Ghajini was 1st 100 cr movie. 3 idiots was first 200 cr. Dhoom 3 was first 250 cr (275 cr too is certain).

    Aamir has given 3 All-Time Grossers within span of 5 years. No one has given it in Bollywood except Raj Kapoor.

    Aamir opened 50 cr, 100 cr, 150 cr club Overseas.

    Aamir opened 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 cr club Worldwide.

    Aamir has 4 movies in IMDB TOP 250 movies Worldwide and no other Indian movies except him listed in that updated list on 25th dec,2013. (TZP,Lagaan,RDB & 3I).

    Now tell me why Aamir is not the one of the biggest superstar among his contemporary. Why haters mock Aamir and belittle his Mega Stardom when the World respects this man and he has proved time again and again without any media backing, without sticking to a genre, without having any PR??

    THINK. Aamir is called ACE for a reason !!

  • @sakhi – its true that CE was a blockbuster due to rohit shetty n deepika padukone endearing acting n not becoz of srk’s unbearable hamming act n overacting or stardom.. also dont forget back to back holidays.. before CE no srk movie had crossed 120 crores.. dont come n cry here.. the truth is aamir has thrashed srk’s record both in india n overseas n shown who the real daddy is! kaha tha na lungi tight kar lo..

  • Before the release, you said Dhoom 3 is perhaps your most-challenging role till date, and a lot of us in the media wondered how this could be true for a mainstream franchise such as Dhoom. Having seen you play the two roles, it’s now clear why you used those words. So was this double role, the main driver and challenge that got you excited about Dhoom 3?

    Yes you could say it was on one of the big factors.

    Dhoom 3 was challenging on two accounts. Firstly of course the double role, in which one could make 20 errors in each shot. And even one error would lead to scrapping the entire shot. Then the two roles by themselves were challenging.

    What I liked is that individually they are very interesting characters. Samar is the guy who has lived in a box all his life, but he is surprisingly the happier of the two. Sahir has been exposed to the world, but emotionally he is bogged down, and in a sense he is the guy who is living in a box.

    Also in the script I enjoyed the plot-point where Abhishek’s character, Jai, plants one brother against another. The scene where Samar tells Sahir, ‘Yaad Karliya Maine Baba Ko’ is very impactful. This entire conflict created by Jai between the two brothers, is a very good hook. The two roles were very well dramatised and I had a great time doing both of them.

  • There was a lot more to the film even after the big reveal…

    In Dhoom 3 we did not show a single robbery as the film was about the chase that follows and the emotional equation of the two brothers. There are many tender moments involving Samar’s insecurity and his fear of losing Aliya. For me that emotion is Dhoom 3. And the moving story of the two brothers is what I bought into as an actor.

    Samar was happy to live his life in the brother’s shadow. Inversely Sahir was unemotional and clear about bringing down the bank, but in the end surrenders to Jai for the sake of his brother.

    The scene, in which he removes his hat and almost begs Jai to let Samar go, is my favorite moment. It was a delicate moment as Sahir brings his pride to zero. Remvoving the hat was a very big thing for Sahir as it was a sign of submission. Maybe I am an emotional guy so I loved these parts more than the action.

  • Can you pick a favorite between Sahir and Samar?

    Haha I can’t pick favorites. I think I am a combo of both.

    In these times when nothing remains a secret on social media, the viewing expereince of Dhoom 3 was not affected that much.

    In fact you know what – We had expected the suspense to be leaked on Friday morning itself. But I am very impressed with the media for not leaking spoilers. And even the audience was very responsible about it. Barring a few tweets here and there, the suspense did not really spread.

    In fact a lot of people voluntarily did not want to know the suspense, and stayed away from spoilers. So hats-off.

  • ★ Aamir Khan: I want Salman Khan’s JAI HO to do more business than DHOOM 3 !
    January 3, 2014 | Rachana Sheth
    That Aamir and Salman Khan have turned best of the buddies in B-town is evident now. Time and again the duo has proved their newfound genuine friendship. As Salman went out of his way to promote Aamir Khan’s DHOOM 3, the highest grosser of 2013, by sporting bowler’s hat on his controversial Bigg Boss show, now Aamir would also try promoting his jigri dost Salman Khan’s upcoming film JAI HO in every possible manner. Aamir says, ”In every possible way I will promote Salman Khan’s JAI HO. Even I am eagerly looking forward to JAI HO being a great film…I am looking forward to it as an audience. I also want to be entertained and want to have a good time at the end of the day.” While DHOOM 3 has set the cash registers ringing in, Aamir Khan, like a true-blue friend, wants Salman’s JAI HO to surpass DHOOM’s record. Rather than being competitive, Aamir wants his friend’s film to do more business than his. ”I don’t see it as competition. I want JAI HO to do more business than DHOOM 3 has done. And that doesn’t affect me a slightest bit,” says the actor. He further adds, ”Whether you believe me on this or not but I truly feel I want to see better and better work happening from the film industry, from other actors, directors and producers including myself. I think all of us should strive for better work. I have no hesitation in saying that I would love to celebrate other’s films too that I enjoy. Not only JAI HO, but I would also love other films like HAPY NEW YEAR, KICK to do well.” Well, we simply can’t resist saying here Dost Ho Toh Aamir Jaisa!

  • @Indicine – Since you wont post aamir’s interview, and rather post some crap fotos of SRK so i thought let me publish his interview here. Please clear it.

  • Aamir vs SRK openings comparison. Aamir wins hands down since 2001. All data from BoxOfficeIndia.

    Here its breakdown:

    2001: Lagaan despite Gadar opened better than Asoka clashed with Indian(Diwali release). K3G was a multistarrer movie which had star like Hrithik.Same wise Aamir has Multistarrer DCH which was not opened too well but not a flop like Asoka.
    Lagaan-29cr clash with ATBB Gadar (76cr), K3g-47cr,DCH-15cr, Ashoka
    2002: No Aamir movie.
    2003: No Aamir movie.
    2004: No Aamir movie.

    2005: Mangal Pandey opened better than all movies that year, including SRK’s Paheli. Both are offbeats. Mangal Pandey collected,29-30cr nett, no idea about paheli.

    2006: Fanaa & RDB opened better than Don and KANK (Don Diwali release). Fanaa non-holiday release without Gujarat release. though Don have clash with Jaanemann but its domestic gross is less than Fanaa, Aamir Fanna-52cr,

    2007: Aamir had only 1 movie – TZP. collected 63cr clashed with Welcome-73cr, Srk OSO clashed with failure Saawariya-79.5cr, CDI-67cr

    2008: Ghajini opened better than RNBDJ hands down. Ghajini-114cr (remake), RNBDJ-87cr(Aditya chopra, yrf brand)

    2009: 3 idiots was an all-time opener, though no major SRK movie released except Billu.

    2010: No Aamir movie. However, MNIK fell short of 3 idiots record despite coming in more theaters as per opening weekend collection, lifetime can’t compare due to different zoner.
    2011: No Aamir movie.

    2012: Talaash had similar opening than JTHJ weekend, Talaash grossed 44.1cr in 3 days normal weekend with 2500 screens, JTHJ collected 42-43cr in first 3 day with 2400-2500 screens.
    point to be noted: Aamir is back in commercial film after 3I,a dark-Intense Film with popular heroine Kareena & Rani, AKP-Excel production but non-popular director.
    JTHJ-SRK back in his best Generation, Romance, two popular heroine Katrina & Anushka,No.1 Banner YRF,Ace Director Yash Chopra Last film and he also died before the film released so called Sympathy factor,A.R. Rehman & Guljar Music,Extended 6 day weekend however has clash but screen size is similar to Talassh or little lower.
    Talaash was expected to cross 100cr but failed, Jthj was expected to collect 120-130cr and many prediected 150cr, but collected 102cr.
    so both failed as per expectation.

    2013-Dhoom 3 & Ce- every one knows what happen, now srk fans you decide Aamir here definitly has upper hand since 2001 but there is also fact SRK was way ahead before 2000 than Aamir, so moral is if SRK is popular star than Aamir is nothing less and his film collection gives EDGE right now.

    2013: Dhoom3 despite being non-holiday opened better than Chennai Express which Eid release.

    Aamir is always the BEST ! Mind it SRK fans. Love your star, but dont mock or hate our star coz he has a certain class and he is most loved and respected by the World

  • @aks as you say a continuous success is good but that doesn’t mean is best but giving biggest grosser of all-time means best to you AS amir man ???
    if so then you know that and indicine alrady said in article “Controversial box office collections of Krrish 3 – Our take!”
    BOI declared Om Shanti Om as the biggest grosser of all-time at Rs 85.79 crore net. A couple of years later, they deducted more than Rs 6 crore from its total, making it the second highest grosser after Dhoom 2..
    Its unfortunate that after declaring biggest grosser of all-time they take back otherwise SRK may b first to get that milestone then amir and AMIR AND SRK both have 2 biggest grosser of all-time Bfore D3

  • @sakhi……thats no excuse….3 idots holds record 4 years……bt ce cant hold even 6 month….now whats ur logic????record break means record breaks….its not matter when,how it breaks……nd dhoom 3 smashed all record……no qu. stands near dhoom 3 record
    @romance new year…….as u mention amir has 3 blockbuster in india are gajhini,3 idiots nd dhoom 3….those 3 movie make milestone for other movies……gajhini started 100 cr club,3 idiots 150 nd 200 cr club nd dhoom 3 start 250cr nd possibly 300 cr club……nd in overseas 3 idots 1st touch 100 cr nd now dhoom 3 breaks 3 idiots record nd possibly touch 150 cr………
    amir done all dis with only 5 blockbuster nd ur srk cant do that with 25 blockbuster………thats a shame,ryt?

    2011-12 SALMAN
    Year Actor Major Succeses
    2010 Aamir Khan –
    Shahrukh Khan My Name Is Khan
    Salman Khan Dabangg
    2009 Aamir Khan Three Idiots
    Shahrukh Khan –
    Akshay Kumar De Dana Dan, Kambakkht Ishq
    2008 Shahrukh Khan Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    Aamir Khan Ghajini
    Akshay Kumar Singh Is Kinng
    2007 Shahrukh Khan Om Shanti Om, Chak De India
    Akshay Kumar Welcome, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Heyy Babyy, Namastey London
    Hrithik Roshan –
    2006 Shahrukh Khan Don, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
    Hrithik Roshan Dhoom 2, Krrish
    Aamir Khan Fanaa, Rang De Basanti
    2005 Shahrukh Khan –
    Salman Khan No Entry, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya
    Akshay Kumar Garam Masala, Waqt
    2004 Shahrukh Khan Veer Zaara, Main Hoon Na
    Salman Khan Mujhse Shaadi Karogi
    Hrithik Roshan –
    2003 Shahrukh Khan Kal Ho Na Ho, Chalte Chalte
    Hrithik Roshan Koi Mil Gaya
    Salman Khan Tere Naam, Baghban
    2002 Shahrukh Khan Devdas, Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
    Sunny Deol –
    Aamir Khan –
    2001 Sunny Deol Gadar Ek Prem Katha, Indian
    Shahrukh Khan Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
    Aamir Khan Lagaan
    2000 Hrithik Roshan Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Mission Kashmir
    Shahrukh Khan Mohabbatein, Josh
    Salman Khan –
    1999 Salman Khan Biwi No1, Hum Saath Saath Hain, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
    Shahrukh Khan –
    Aamir Khan Sarfarosh
    1998 Shahrukh Khan Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    Salman Khan Pyaar Kiya Darna Kya, Bandhan, Jab Pyaar Kisise Hot Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    Sunny Deol –
    1997 Sunny Deol Border, Ziddi
    Shahrukh Khan Dil To Pagal Hai, Pardes, Yes Boss
    Aamir Khan Gupt, Ishq
    1996 Aamir Khan Raja Hindustani
    Sunny Deol Ghatak, Jeet
    Govinda Saajan Chale Sasural
    1995 Shahrukh Khan Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Karan Arjun
    Salman Khan Karan Arjun
    Govinda Coolie No1
    1994 Shahrukh Khan –
    Govinda Raja Babu
    Akshay Kumar Mohra, Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Suhaag, Yeh Dillagi
    1993 Sanjay Dutt Khalnayak
    Sunny Deol Darr, Damini, Lootere
    Shahrukh Khan Darr, Baazigar
    1992 Sanjay Dutt Adharm
    Anil Kapoor Beta
    Sunny Deol Vishwatma
    1991 Amitabh Bachchan Hum
    Sanjay Dutt Saajan, Sadak
    Salman Khan Saajan, Sanam Bewafa
    1990 Amitabh Bachchan Aaj Ka Arjun
    Anil Kapoor Kishen Kanhaiya, Ghar Ho To Aisa
    Sunny Deol Ghayal
    1989 Amitabh Bachchan –
    Anil Kapoor Ram Lakhan, Rakhwala, Eeshwar
    Sunny Deol Tridev, Chaalbaaz, Vardi
    1988 Amitabh Bachchan Shahenshah
    Mithun Chakraborty Waqt Ki Awaaz, Pyar Ka Mandir
    Anil Kapoor Tezaab

  • @aks Buddy that was a great comparison and once again your superior knowledge has bowled me over…! I know what you are conversing to us but I fear the lungiwalas do not comprehend so in simple layman terms- Aamirs been rocking the Big Silver Screen for 25 years since QSQT debut.,,! :-)

  • @wtf We the fans of Aamir- Salman can also be appreciative and supportive of both our fav stars without prejudice…! Unlike others we are not insecure and dont fret over records/ starpower/ magazine covers etc etc as we know both an Aamir and Salman film will be both high in value and super exciting paisa vasool entertainment….! Lungiwalas need to loosen up and watch more movies of other stars than the same old tiring Rizwan Khan act/ routine over n over again on Youtube…!

  • @crap navin
    You are foolish like ur comments…
    You are dreaming jai ho to be ATBB….i laugh on u foolish guy…..
    HNY will collect more than kick and jai ho…
    Sallu gives chance to crap actors like daisy shah,sana,ashmit patel…lol
    I think he will also give chance to arman kohli in jaani dushman 2…lol







  • @sachin11 rofl bro the ‘priyanka turning into kangana’ comment was hilarious…! No I didnt notice that magic/ secret in the film as I was concentrating more on the mutants and trying to remember which marvel comic book I had seen them before…? Lol The movies promotional strategy should have been:- ‘spot the X-men mutants and win a Rohit kiddie mask for free if you buy 2 tickets at the next showing…!’

    That would have aided in getting actual footfalls to justify the imaginery 60 cr figure to the trade…! ;-)

  • @sem no way i don’t love Aamir as he has right now 3 highest grosser of all time,but i love he has masterpiece 3i in his name and was monster blockbuster every where,i liked him for doing movies like Qsqt,jjws,aaa,sarfarosh,ishq,lagaan,dch,rdb,tzp,3i,talaash.for me Raja Hindustani is one of his worst movie which i can’t see as a whole in 2nd time but wondered it was his first Atbb,i loved Ghajini and Dhoom3 but these both are nothing when you compared to above listed Aamir movies which i can watch again and again,similarly i loved Ddlj,swades,veer zaara,kabhi haa kabhi naa,Cdi(best performance of srk acc. To me,Baazigar,Chamatkar,Mohabbatein etc. And i can watch these no of times,but His one of the biggest hit Like Oso,kkkh,darr,k3g etc i can’t even watch again. I liked his RBNDJ and ce but i can’t watch these movies no of times. The nos which Aamir get just an indication to silent his Haters,even though if he don’t get these nos than also for me he remain best. No offense to srk.

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