Dhoom 3 2nd Week Box Office Collections

Dhoom 3 has emerged as the highest grosser of all time ahead of films like Krrish 3 and Chennai Express. The film has broken second week records with business of around 68.5 crore net (including all versions), which is about the same as the first week collections of 3 Idiots!

Dhoom 3 has also become the first film to cross the 250 crore mark (Hindi version has collected 245.25 cr so far) and has an outside chance of being the first ever film to net Rs 300 crore in India.

Two films have released in theatres today – Arshad Warsi’s Joe B Carvalho and Ramesh Sippy’s all-time classic Sholay 3D – both of which are unlikely to pose any threat to the record-breaking run of Dhoom 3.

Dhoom 3 Second Week Collections

  • First Week – 188.99 crore
  • 2nd Friday – 10.1 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 12.04 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 16.71 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 6.83 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 7.26 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday – 10.78 cr (New Year)
  • 2nd Thursday – 4.61 cr
  • 2nd Week Total – 68.33 cr
  • Total Collections – 257.32 crores

Verdict – All Time Blockbuster



  • dhoom3 collection??
    @Indicine Can you post the number of tickets sold of Chennai Express & Dhoom3???? Because the truth is that Chennai Express is accepted by audience mainly family audience that they watched it twice and thrice whereas Dhoom3 has got negative word of mouth and it got the collection because of the hiked ticket price….
    Chennai Express collected 228cr nett in India ,124cr overseas and 422cr gross WORLDWIDE with only 6 days open and competition from other films reducing the screen size from 3600
    As @Romance New Year suggested… Difference b/w Chennai Express & Dhoom3 box-office records!!
    Chennai Express run because of the BRAND “SHAH RUKH KHAN” and Dhoom3 run because of the Dhoom3 brand ,4500screens and hiked ticket price with no competition from any other films(3 open weeks) !!!!
    And 1 question …If CE had aamir Khan ,it would not have collected this much…..Chennai Express collected 122cr in overseas being a desi masala movie because of SRK…..Is it possible for any other actor???…wheras Dhoom3 would have collected this much with any established actor…and no one can deny this and have to accept it because it’s a fact
    (Note: if some dumb SRK haters say CE success is because of Rohit shetty as for your kind information ,Rohit Shetty’s film never crossed 110cr in India before CE…..)

  • Except couple of records in UK “Dhoom 3” has now broken almost every single record that exists in bollywood and that too worldwide.Dhoom 3 is still creating Dhoom worldwide after 2 weeks.

  • 2013 has been a great year for bollywood because in this year,bollywood not only could find quality movies like Lunchbox,BMB,lootera­ ,s26 etc,but also could see 3 all time highest grossers in the same year viz. CE,K3 and D3.
    In this year,the movies i liked most are
    3.Krrish 3
    5.Madras cafe
    also i liked special 26 and ramleela.lunchbox,ka­i poche are also critically acclaimed movies.but i couldn’t watch them.
    About 5 blockbusters of the year,krrish 3 is ahead of others in terms of quality followed by dhoom3 .but dhoom 3 is more a revenge 3 rather than dhoom 3.
    Other BBs like ashiqui 2,CE,YJHD were overrated movies.

  • all time blockbuster….now this is just outstanding…3 atbb in a span of 5 years…aamir is definitely the ace of bollywood

  • Founder of
    100 crore club=Aamir khan(Ghajini)
    150 crore club=Aamir khan(3 idiots)
    200 crore club=Aamir khan(3 idiots)
    250 crore club=Aamir khan(Dhoom 3)

  • Records are meant to be broken. Records will change w.r.t time.but truth willn’t change. And truth is that K3 IS A BETTER FILM THAN D3.
    i was amazed by k3.but got depressed by d3.

  • New BOX OFFICE INDIA Coming Soon

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  • I THINK dhoom 3 will collect 305 crore…. New release can’t effect dhoom business'”Ever green sholay every one watched 5time or Joe b not in list of effect dhoom’s business ””’ all the best Aamir for 3rd week..your film definitely cross 300 Mark…and will make another club 300 domestic club

    Domestic Collection:—-305
    Worldwide Collection:—almost 250
    Total:—530 around

  • Actor’s With Most Number of Blockbusters Worldwide in Bollywood :-
    1) Shah Rukh Khan :-
    India – 8 Blockbusters
    Overseas – 17 Blockbusters
    TOTAL :- 25
    2) Salman Khan :-
    India – 9 Blockbusters
    Overseas – 2
    TOTAL :- 11 Blockbusters
    3) Hrithik Roshan :-
    India – 5
    Overseas – 1
    TOTAL :- 6
    4) Aamir Khan :-
    India – 3
    Overseas – 2
    TOTAL :- 5
    5) Akshay Kumar & Ranbir Kapoor :-
    India – 2
    Overseas – 1
    TOTAL :- 3 for each.
    If we take only India its Salman who leads but overseas and worldwide SRK leads by Distance. Dhoom 3 gonna be another Blockbuster for Aamir ??? RIP all records whatever create, broken diwali 2014. The king will be back.

  • What we missed in Dhoom 3,i.e highly thrilling robberies,we will be able to see it in Happy New Year…

  • Top 5 films of 2014 (prediction):
    1.P.K 250cr (risky project but if it clicks)

    2.HNY 220cr

    3.Bang Bang 180-200cr

    4.Kick 170cr

    5.Holiday 150-160cr

  • @Sakhi
    Before CE no SRK ever crossed 120 crore hahaha
    All credit of CE success goes to Rohit Shetty and Deepika

  • @SAKHI Srk worked with superhit director Rohit shetty who had given three 100 crores movies before “CE” and Aamir worked with the disaster director Victor who gave disaster movie Tashan.Aamir is a brand bcoz he has given 3 ATBB in last 6 years while Srk has given just 1 and Srk depends on big bammers and big producers for big hits.

  • @nipun yes K3 was better movie than D3 but only in terms of magic and in D3 the magic was secret of Aamir but in K3 the biggest magic was Priyanka turns into Kangana and Kangana turns into Priyanka.Wow.What a great movie K3.lol

  • @sakhi rawant and long lost brother ‘nipun alcoholic- will you 2 give it a rest now… Same regurgitated rubbish just a different day… Didnt you 2 habitual losers not already post the same idiotic comments just the other day…? Feels like dejavu…
    In simple terms Sholay sold more tickets than Dhoom 3, Rohit 3 and Crappy Express combined and in terms of quality Toonpur Ka Superhero was more stylish than Rohit 3… Hope that satisfies your thirst for knowledge….! :-P

    So now that your stupid Qs have been answered- do youselves a favour- Sakhi Rawant you should go and buy a ticket to watch Sholay 3D in theatres instead of downloading it illegally and Mr Alcoholic Nipin take your rohit 3 lunchbox to a quiet corner and do what you do best which is dreaming of Jadoo coming to enlighten your feeble mind….

  • Congratulations to all Aamir fans- truly a deserving feat- never thought 3 idiots second week record will be surpassed what with so much scope for first werk collections but just goes to show that the film has found universal acceptance. Ok to be fair there are exceptions like certain domestic backward thinking regional territories like Paglapur and Chennai where a certain Sarkar stroke Thakur has brainwashed (debateable as to whether such people have a mind at all) his orcs sorry subjects into believing that only his lungi is praiseworthy….!

    Great achievement Team Dhoom and may you keep rocking until Jai Ho arrives and give us the grand opening of the 300 cr club…! Jai ho

  • D3 shattered and created new record,lets see where the collection of d3 ends. Its very interesting which movie will break d3 collection,my bet is on P.k. But kick also has great chance if being appreciated and if Hny got good wom than also have chance. Best of luck to coming movies. @sachin11 absolutely correct and i would like to add. 1.founder of 50cr club overseas (3 idiots) 2.100 cr club overseas(3 idiots) 3. Will start 150 cr club overseas (dhoom 3) 4. Started 200,300 cr club worldwide (3 idiots) 5.start 400cr club worldwide with d3 (though official of Ce said it grossed 400cr but Dhoom 3 is accepted by Boi and many other sites),there is every chance of starting 500cr club worldwide.so atleast one club is definitely in the name of Aamir and D3.

  • @buddha ki lungi- only thing you will see in Thakurs Players is what you did not see in Abhisheks Players which was……… another crappy fraternity song…! :-P

  • Mind boggoling collections by dhoom 3 . In india still d3 collected 258cr and in overseas 145cr , that is very huge. Lifetime collections will be 300cr+ and 160cr+ in domestic and overseas markets respectively . I think some srk fans like romance and sakhi are lost their mental status after D3 record breakin performance ha ha ha ..

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