Dangal tops Highest Worldwide Grossers: Aamir dominates globally

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has become the first Hindi film to cross the 800 crore mark globally and the milestone comes only days after S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 became the first ever Indian film to cross the 800 – 900 and 1000 crore mark at the worldwide box office.

The pace at which Dangal is moving in the China market – the film will cross the 850 crore mark today (Tuesday) and should cross the 900 crore mark in its second weekend in China. The film is looking at becoming the first ever 1000 crore Hindi film.

Aamir Khan has now started dominating both the domestic and overseas markets. His last three films have become the highest all-time grossers in India, overseas and also the worldwide box office – cementing his position as the biggest global star in the industry today.

1Dangal1401 cr
2PK761 cr
3Bajrangi Bhaijaan625 cr
4Sultan583 cr
5Dhoom 3561 cr
6Chennai Express406 cr
73 Idiots391 cr
8Dilwale386 cr
9Prem Ratan Dhan Payo374 cr
10Bajirao Mastani362 cr


  • Aamir – 4
    Salman – 3
    Global Pankha – 2
    Ranveer – 1

    The funniest part is galaxy gigastar yet to touch even 450 crs WW !!!!!! Lol

  • @Piyush loser cry baby keep crying. You can’t digest aamir’s dominance simply because you are hater. Talking about talaash? Where was your lallu’s main aur mrs khanna, jai ho, marigold, veer in the list? LOL. Check those out. Talaash still earned much more than those mega flops. Where is your hakla’s fan (last year’s release) and my name is khan? They both earned less than talaash you idiot. The fact is aamir is much bigger crowd puller than srk and salman. Talking about dilwale and PRDP aamir also had poor film like dhoom 3 and fanaa and both of them did ATBB business. So shut your mouth and don’t talk about stardom.

  • @Sandy why not. the Jungle book collected 30cr weekend in India, but ended with 188cr figures. When a big movie opened a huge level, there are less chances to grow and do wonders but when a movie opened with expected mid level, it scores huge on week by week due to extra ordinary wom. Fan released in 2nd week of Jungle book but that doesn’t stopped its run. Regarding there is no big film is releasing in China who can hit huge on Dangal screen count. Its not a big theory, just one have to see things with open eyes.

  • Dangal all versions +Vietnam – 750 crores, Chinese version – 350 crores total = 1100 crores gross.

    Baahubali2 11 Days – 1100+ crores gross full run – 1600+ crores gross.

  • @saloon:stop bashing other superstars u fool!!first look into mirror n ask urself,who are u n what have u achieved in life!!

  • @saloon again:amir’s movies works bcoz of content n other superstars u mentioned their movies work even if they are mediocre.

  • #Baahubali2 in Hindi beats #PK to become All-Time No.2 Hindi #Baahubali2 in 11 days: ₹ 344.25 cr Nett. #PK (Lifetime) – ₹ 339.50 cr Nett….

  • @Piyush
    Haan haan!! We saw your megastar SRK’s stardom. Cant give a clean hit. He has dissappeared since 2009

  • @Piyush
    A superstar is someone who has consistently proved his box office stamina. Akki never fell in that league. SRK has left it since 2010, but he still is a superstar like Amitabh, Rajesh Khanna

  • @piyush
    I m not degrading any star. All are our inspiration. I m just saying the truth

    BTW What are u doing?? Saying Aamir has no stardom? Isnt that degrading?

  • #Baahubali2 11 Days WW Box office: India: Nett : ₹ 710 cr Gross : ₹ 910 Cr Overseas: Gross: ₹ 210 cr Total: ₹ 1,120 cr

  • how can u be global star if u r not popular in america/hollywood??? they r the one who started making movies .

    So far there is no male global star from india ..

  • Indicine, why are you suddenly ignoring Baahubali 2 collections? Yes, we know, Aamir Khan is awesome and has broken records – he deserves the adulation but so does Baahubali.

  • Aizawl Fc India current I league champions journey from zero to hero is said to be made as a biopic led by Ajay Devgn and Robert Royte. Any further information? I hope it has the type of Chak de india content. Ajay has been not so consistent in box office but he is someone who can’t be ignored by rights he still is a big player with other things ticking in his films he can surprise I hope it deviates from some of his recent movies like AJ himmatwalla and Satyagraha,shivaay was really an eye opener to Bollywood raising bar but some unecessary incidents and his solo burden of doing different functions proved very risky I hope he can give a terrific performance. No negative about him he is still a respected superstar but not really giving powerful numbers hope his few biggies can bring him back to the Ajay we all know.

  • @Jaz
    U are the same idiot who was lately seen licking the feet of Bhai fans. You are among those aliens who happen to be “fan” of Akki. So dont talk with me you looser.
    I am not an SRK fan, but I have seen your colors in SRK articles. So see in mirror and get the hell out of here you looser!!

  • One person and all his user IDs-Vishal Maheswari
    1. Mr. Bollywood(aamir)
    2. Mike
    3. Mez
    4. Vishal Maheswari
    5. Die Hard ak fan
    6. Aamir my idol
    7. AK fan
    8. David
    9. The Godfather
    10. Supremacy
    11. Bollywood fan from Bulgaria
    12. Ace fan

    I can find out with the type of language this person uses
    Anyways, respect to Aamir. I have nothing against Aamir untill some of his fans come here to bash Bhai making a lot of IDs

  • @salon
    Read my comment carefully, when did I ever say Aamir does not have stardom. I said Salman and Shahrukh’s poor films managed to make it to the Top grossers. How does it mean Aamir doesn’t have stardom? Didn’t I earlier say all the Top 6 stars(i.e The khans, Hrithik, Akshay and Ajay) are all good in their own ways.

    It was u degrading SRK, Salman and Akshay.

    @1:15 pm
    Every superstar cannot be an Amitabh Bachchan or Rajesh Khanna. Understand that first.
    By ur logic even Hrithik doesn’t have a great consistency to boast about. Both Hrithik and Akshay did well in phases. They are not as consistent as the Khans but still worth enough for the superstar tag.

  • @Jaz aamir is biggest star you fool. The so callied stars you are talking about aren’t they the leading actors of all time flop busters like fan, flopwale, jail ho, main aur mrs khanna, marigold, veer, god tussi great ho, yuvraaj, paheli, and so on. Accept the truth yoy baby, aamir is far bigger star than srk and salman. Tiny stars like srk and salman are nothing but slaves in front of emperor aamir. Accept it and get lost.

  • Irony dies when flop actors like akshay kumar’s fans talk about “global star”. They better not even talk about that as their puny star is struggling even in domestic and local flop small budget actor so better not talk about biggest global indian superstar aamir khan.

  • Even salman needs content and so does srk. Bajrangi bhaijaan and sultan didnt work just because of salman. It had content. Without content and eid he is jai ho actor. So stop barking. Aamir any days has more stardom than salman.

  • @Being Prem FAN as if you are a saint. By the way if you have guts then admit that you also use fake ids. By the way the names you listed are not my ids. So without proving anything just shut your mouth. I also don’t hate any star. I bash him only if his fans blabber against AK.

  • SRK destroyed himself .He did movies in which a wife dsnt identify husbnd if moustaches r put on etc etc..YRF biggest reason for making SRK monotonous and morons movies..KJo & YRF most stupid film makers..

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