Dangal unstoppable in Taiwan

Here’s a quick update on the day wise collections of Aamir Khan’s Dangal in Taipei, Taiwan (just one city). The film is pretty much unstoppable, showing absolutely no signs of slowing down even though it has completed 45 days of release.

Note here that the 7th Saturday collections of Dangal is more than the 1st Saturday collections of the film and the 7th Sunday is almost as much as the 1st Sunday.

The trend is phenomenal, so the film could even double what it has collected so far.

Dangal could finish with lifetime business of more than 30 crore in Taiwan, taking its worldwide gross without including China collections to over Rs 750 crore. Including China, Dangal is set to become the first Hindi film to cross the 1000 crore mark.

Day 1616,320₹1,312,762
Day 21,161,764₹2,474,557
Day 31,318,251₹2,807,875
Day 4541,080₹1,152,500
Day 5561,170₹1,195,292
Day 6638,870₹1,360,793
Day 7570,895₹1,216,006
Day 8775,111₹1,650,986
Day 91,377,284₹2,933,615
Day 101,693,567₹3,607,298
Day 111,891,294₹4,028,456
Day 121,794,396₹3,822,063
Day 13822,395₹1,751,701
Day 14799,725₹1,703,414
Day 151,380,203₹2,939,832
Day 162,666,749₹5,680,175
Day 172,653,711₹5,652,404
Day 181,076,225₹2,292,359
Day 191,038,098₹2,211,149
Day 20830,930₹1,769,881
Day 21947,605₹2,018,399
Day 221,245,649₹2,653,232
Day 231,863,499₹3,969,253
Day 241,829,932₹3,897,755
Day 25936,010₹1,993,701
Day 26867,445₹1,847,658
Day 27980,510₹2,088,486
Day 28980,510₹2,088,486
Day 29954,905₹2,033,948
Day 301,161,373₹2,473,724
Day 311,968,660₹4,193,246
Day 322,061,955₹4,391,964
Day 33854,530₹1,820,149
Day 34745,615₹1,588,160
Day 35702,110₹1,495,494
Day 36887,303₹1,889,955
Day 371,614,301₹3,438,461
Day 381,652,199₹3,519,184
Day 391,402,270₹2,986,835
Day 40503,280₹1,071,986
Day 41503,590₹1,072,647
Day 42497,060₹1,058,738
Day 43697,275₹14,89,155
Day 441,501,506₹32,06,734
Day 451,238,760₹26,45,593
Day 46521,455₹11,13,660


  • indian cinema has truly gone global now beyond the NRI population. still can’t blv a country with hardly any NRIs like China is giving big collection to an Indian film

    aamir u r a legend 🙏🙏🙏

  • Shame on indicine…… Dangal week day collection in China gets more importance than THE BAHUBALI ignoring Sunday and weekday results knowing that this regonal movie has shattered the khans empire completely …… Be loyal and avoid discrimination ..a SRK fan

  • How many of you think that 2.0 is going to break bahubali 2 record… hit like…and those wgo don’t think it will break then hit unlike…

  • Indicine ..do any propaganda but your khan’s warrior cant ever touch the milestone of 121 cr on opening day which is non holiday …….. Better to follow the real superstar

  • Incredible Dangal. Setting milestone each and everywhere for a Bollywood films. Non traditional market like Hongkong,China and Taiwan witnessed huge collection by an Indian movie. Hail Aamir and team Dangal

  • Do Chinese understand Hindi or it is a dubbed movie or with subtitles or there are so many Chinese NRIs..this is a doubtful matter !!who all are watching this movie after such a long time ?

  • No doubt this movie was so perfect .
    best acting
    Best Emotional movie
    Best Fighting
    Best Story
    Women empowerment
    i also inspired one thing about this movie.
    If you have to be a best star,fighter,sports player,IT Specialist.you have to live different life from normal people.truely inspiration movie.hatt off to dangal.Bahuballi is also very nice movie.but it is just imaginary characters.but Dangal is real life story.Bollywood ki jaan Aamir khan

  • nothing to say, AMIR KHAN you are a living legend. undoubtedly you are a pride of our indian film industry.!!!

  • These are small steps to global market .. expect a big leap with robot 2.0 that film will be truly international class and will become freak of a blockbuster.
    The first genuine global mega hit from India

  • @Amit a srk fan why are you frustrating on Indicine. Its more a Bollywood website so they will always talk about Bollywood films performance. Bahubali works on pan India but that is still a regional movie. You never question when we have less article about The jungle book 185cr net last year. Highest for Hollywood.
    Bahubali is driven by its content power, why compare it with Aamir’s star power and Dangal. Look at the scale of Dangal and bahubali, still Dangal burning your ass more.

  • Some people are expecting 2.0 to break records. There is no doubt it will be one of the big hit but expecting it to match Baahubali 2 & Dangal is unrealistic. At best it will beat Bajrangi Bhaijaan ww collections but not PK & Dangal. Baahubali is once in lifetime movie & out of reach.

  • @Mahesh though I don’t care about 2.0 upcoming success, Forget about global mark, that movie won’t work even in Hindi market more. It won’t be Bahubali. In overseas it can do tough fight in regular overseas territory due to Rajnikant star power but can’t be next Bahubali. Stop giving your opinion related to 2.0 in every article. If you don’t like other movies than keep silent instead of ruining and irritating. Same comment on Bahubali and Dangal articles.

  • Btw, whatever happened to ‘duniya ka sabse bada superstar’ ? Ya, the same guy who has 3.2 billion virtual fans in the world out of which only 3.2 million watch his movies in theatres…oh, i forgot..he’s selling apples in india now 😉 An apple a day keeps the audience away…

  • @Incidine i think ur i te rested in promoting dangal during bahubali2 era,post the second weekend n Monday collections of bahubali2.Bahubali2 breaking records evryday n being a non holiday release wen Ipl is going on.tingu’s dangal cam on Christmas but still bahubali2 well ahead n may reach 1500crs ww.if tingu dangal released during bahubali2 time den i bet his film wud not do dat much.n don’t blabber over china collections bcoz we al know dat chinese people r his brother n sisters.compare bahubali2 wit dangal with India n al other places wer bahubali2 has broken dangals record in only 5days n den u vl com to dat bahubali2 has won al over the world n tingu is winning only in China. Lol

  • @sky
    I did the same with baahubali 2
    I am excited about new benchmarks..
    Whenever hirani , rajamouli , rajnikanth and shanker announces their projects.. I know something big is coming and some records to fall.. but this time hirani can not make records because baahubali 2 is too big for him , and robot 2.0 is sure gonna break baahubali2 by a huge margin .. the man behind is shanker.. by far the best in business. It is going to beat sholay the ultimate blockbuster.. so it’s the history in making .. how can I be calm .. I want it to release today and set international level benchmarks ..
    Shanker is God of Indian commercial films
    Rajnikanth is the biggest star
    Akki is among north top 4 in fan following along with sallu , srk and Hrithik
    Arr is the best by default .
    And budget 400cr is the biggest
    I am crazy about sholay history.. and I am awaiting something bigger

  • @Bakri my foot, why don’t you loser get a life and get your self admitted to mental assylum. Aamir is baap of your tiny star srk. Baahubali with huge scale and action managed to beat aamir only because of content and not star power. Thugs of hindostan will surely break all records and you will again cry. By the way why not talk about your 80 cr club flop actor srk? Where is he? What is he in front of baahubali? He is not even a small rat but a small bacteria in front of baahubali’s success. So shut your mouth loser. Srk is light years behind his baap Aamir in megastardom.

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