Dangal tops Highest Worldwide Grossers: Aamir dominates globally

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has become the first Hindi film to cross the 800 crore mark globally and the milestone comes only days after S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 became the first ever Indian film to cross the 800 – 900 and 1000 crore mark at the worldwide box office.

The pace at which Dangal is moving in the China market – the film will cross the 850 crore mark today (Tuesday) and should cross the 900 crore mark in its second weekend in China. The film is looking at becoming the first ever 1000 crore Hindi film.

Aamir Khan has now started dominating both the domestic and overseas markets. His last three films have become the highest all-time grossers in India, overseas and also the worldwide box office – cementing his position as the biggest global star in the industry today.

1Dangal1401 cr
2PK761 cr
3Bajrangi Bhaijaan625 cr
4Sultan583 cr
5Dhoom 3561 cr
6Chennai Express406 cr
73 Idiots391 cr
8Dilwale386 cr
9Prem Ratan Dhan Payo374 cr
10Bajirao Mastani362 cr


  • This is why aamir is bigger then salman srk and also prabhas because prabhas is nothing in front of aamir without bahubali

  • Slight correction Indicine, His last three movies. Dhoom 3 also became the highest grosser in domestic,overseas and worldwide.
    Aamur has become the only actor whose 4 movie achieve this milestone.
    3Idiots also achieved that feat, but mnik broke 3i record in overseas after 2 months but again after release in new markets 3I got the top position again.
    Aamir is in other league, he does less films but when his movie release, you can’t forget those easily. He rules both on Box office and Content. Hats off

  • #Baahubali2 Guys our Baahubali our pride is just unstoppable. Creatng a whopping 1000cr.It is just storming and bombarding all over #1100cr+

  • Baahubali2 11 days collections all versions – 1100+ crores gross.

    Life time collections worldwide Will be 1800+ crores gross.

  • The reason why #Baahubali2 tickets still not available to everyone is #RepeatAudience #1100+croreBaahubali2

  • They said
    1. This is Salman’s best phase.
    2. The megastardom of Salman today is unmatchable
    3. The phase Salman is going through has never been seen in the history.
    4. SRK is still the biggest global megastar
    etc etc

    And Aamir-the ultimate emperor kicks his haters every time

    SRK cant be called the biggest star in overseas today. He dominated the pre-2009 period since the 90s both domestic and overseas, but now he is a gone case, ateast when u compare to Aamir.

    Salman is simply living in hyped stardom. I think the media and rest of the Industry fears him. Else in his best(so called never seen era) phase, Aamir is beating him by two times Margin

    Akki?? Is he even a star?? He came in national holiday and gave 17cr opening. Ekka dukka fans in Indicine and twitter but not in cinema halls.

    Stardom is not about gathering crowd infront of Mannat or Galaxy. Its about gathering crowd outside theatres. SRK failed to do this after 2010 and Salman is only second to Aamir.

    Akki is not even a star. He is now in the league of Vivek Oberoi. What Vivek did in Krissh3 or Rampal in Ra-one, Canadian flop star will do less than that in Rajnikant’s Robot 2.O

    Today, Only Aamir rules. No flashing cameras, no extravagant display. His box office stamina is untouchable.

    Sorry to Salman-srk fans

    And sorry to those fake fans like “Toilet-holic” who fail to give even 115cr opening for their star.

  • If baahubali2 released in Christmas period it will collect 600+ crores nett in hindi version alone in India and it’s all versions worldwide collections will be 2000+ crores gross.

  • Who cares now Dangal is over. Only Bahubali. Bahubali creating record by record and u are still stack with dangal. What boring article this time from u. These is not record anymore. If any movie beat Bahubali that should be news. Dangal is good movie but it’s looks small now in front bahubali. Bollywood will never do this type of collection. Only Amir and samlam is hope.

  • Why this obsession with Khan’s? You mention about Bahubali 2 crossing 1000 crores, but easily miss it out from the list of top 10 movies. Pretty sure the Bahubali 2 Hindi version deserves to be in the top 10 grossing movie list!

  • Dangal budget – 60cr

    Worldwide gross – 800cr+ & will cross 1000cr soon.

    Where #Baahubali2 budget – 300cr

    Worldwide gross – 1000cr+

    So don’t compare both movies. You must proud that both movies making India Proud.

  • One more ass burning article for all aamir haters. The megastar is giving them back to back kicks in their ass especially @Srk my foot, @Ally8795, @Just Ketch and few more namunas. The more you will hate him the more and more successful he will become and give you more and more nightmeres. Ha ha ha. Keep it up.

    • @ARK, it doesn’t matter. The fact that it’s collecting will help Aamir Khan work out a better deal for his next film. The fact that Chinese people are coming out in such big numbers, in itself is a big deal. It opens up the market for the future.

  • Dangal will do 100 million dollar business in China. Will cross Baahubali worldwide collections by next week. It’s a game and played at high levels.

  • @indicine kudos to you guys .
    Don’t let such hate mongers ever pull you down . The right ones never comment and are far more than these schumuks who want your site as per them
    Thank you

  • @Sandy bhai give me your address, sending burnol to you. It could be a game when Dangal were not a big movie in home and overseas market but not for a actor whose last movie PK crossed 20m$ mark.
    Actually it is very easy to satisfy yourself that this is a game or fake.
    You can check below link which giving daily collection of Dangal with footfalls,screens,ticket rates etc. And Chinese website upped their lifetime prediction after seeing the trend. Monday figure crossed 3m$. One more thing Dangal Saturday & Sunday collection have record with highest footfalls & single day collection in any overseas country by a Indian movie.

  • No mention of Baahubali on the website. You Northie’s call it an Indian movie as soon as it collects 1000cr, but inside all of you are burning up of jealousy. No Bollywood movie will be able to beat the collection of Baahubali for the next 5 years.

  • Dangal started with 30 million prediction. Weekend prediction was 10 million. Reviews were already given and were accounted when prediction was given. First weekend business was 11 million in line of expectation. But prediction increased from 30 million to 70 million in 2 days-with 3 big Chinese movie releases, lesser number of shows and pirates scheduled latter this month-unaccounted. Now take a break and compare with Furious movie that has best WOM. Business dropped by 70% in second weekend. And significantly in third weekend. Can anybody explain how predictors double the prediction in such short time and be so confident about Indian patriotic movie (atypically) doing big business in China when even FF had drop in collections. What changed in meantime was BB2 crossed 100 million dollars in India. Can anybody see the link?


    In Last 6 Films


    This Is Aamir Khan For You

    No One Has Did Before

    No One Will Do in The Future


  • Do you wanna see a genuine global blockbuster from India ?
    2018 January
    Robot 2.0 freak of a blockbuster

  • Good Sir, I always respected your analysis. You are the best in business. Just hoped you allowed my comments to get published. Anyways no regrets keep doing the good work:))

  • @saloon
    You don’t have to degrade other stars to prove the supremacy of Aamir. All the Top 6 stars have worked hard to become what they are. Doesn’t matter how much their films in comparison. Instead of making comparisons and insulting other stars, try to earn atleast a fraction of those stars’ acheivments loser.

  • Dangal>>>>>>>….>>>>Bahubali 2

    Bahubali 2’s budget is about 5 times more than that of Dangal & given the fact that Dangal is not at all a big commercial movie.Though Bahubali 2 is a huge Commercial FRANCHISE ,still the difference in collection will be around 250-300 crores only.
    This is Aamir Khan for You….đź‘‘The BIGGEST GLOBAL STAR & THE UNPRECEDENTED KINGđź‘‘

  • @saloon
    SRK gone case since 2009??? Seriously? For Aamir it’s all about content. Whereas SRK and Salman have managed to pull huge crowd even for poor films like Dilwale and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. That is called true stardom that makes a producer confident in investing so much on a star. Where’s Talaash in the above list??? One bad of film of Aamir Khan and it is no where in the scenario.

    Stardom is not about crowd gathering outside Mannat but about crowd gathering out of theatre? So you are trying to say stardom is not about how many ppl love an actor but how many go to watch a good film. Ppl also watch Jungle Book if it is an outstanding film, does it mean Mowgli is a superstar?????

    Is Akshay even a star?? Yes he is! For someone whose eye-sight is beyond box office collections he is a superstar.

  • thats called dominance. In India its tie between sk ak with sk an edge while worlwide there sheer dominance at box office of aamir. he is currently top of the box office, hope thugs get solo release & break all opening records, it should be on par in quality of baahubali.

  • if dangal has got support from south like baahubali got then dangal’s worldwide would have been quite high. in actual sense dangal is ahead worldwide as its non masala film. but baahubali is anyday ahead in pan india specially hindi belt as on non holiday getting such numbers on each day is huge. both pride of india 1000cr movies.

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