Dangal Monday Collections in China: Targets India collections!

Dangal has sustained outstandingly well at the China box office on Monday as the film has collected ¥19.9 million (approx – USD 2.9 million / Rs 18.5 crore) on Day 4, taking its cumulative collections to a little under¥100 million (USD 14.5 million / Rs 93 crore). The Monday collections are better than Friday (opening day).

The trend is so good that the film is now looking at a $50 million plus total and could even get to $60 million (which would be similar to the net collections in India which is Rs 387 crore).

Dangal becoming the first Hindi film to gross 1000 crore worldwide now looks like a certainty – unless the film drops in the second week in China, which is unlikely because the word-of-mouth is terrific and the competition in the Chinese markets is said to be weak in Week 2 and 3.

The China collections will cross the Rs 100 crore mark on Tuesday and the film is set to be the highest ever grosser in China on Wednesday or Thursday.

Dangal China Collections Day Wise (Approx in Indian Rupees)

  • Friday (Day 1) – 13.6 crore
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 26.9 crore
  • Sunday (Day 3) – 32.7 crore
  • Monday (Day 4) – 18.5 crore
  • Total Collections – 91.7 crore




  • Indian Cinema now making a Mark in the world .
    Bahubali 2 collected more than 1000cr in 9 days & in North America it will go past 140-150 crs (first Indian movie)
    Now Dangal has every chance to cross 1000 crs WW & can cross 300 crs on China.
    Logic is simple – Content + Star power = $$$$
    And 1 request to Bollywood makers , plz stop remixing old songs & same old love stories & Rom-coms.
    Think beyond this .
    Bollywood should learn something from Tollywood, they all United for Bahubali 2 as it was an expensive epic movie .
    But in Bollywood stars have egoes & they clash with the big budget movies , no matter what. For e.g.
    Bajirao Mastani Vs Dilwale
    Mohenjodaro Vs Rustom
    Shivaay Vs ADHM
    Bollywood should support each others movie otherwise it’s the industry which will face losses & will hurt it.

  • I wonder what would be the prospects of robot 2.0 in China and other international markets.
    Bahubali 2 is a pan India blockbuster.
    Robot 2 will be a global blockbuster

  • Quaranteed………Mark my words dangal china=$80+ USD
    Dont underestimate,the word of mouth is outstanding in china
    Power of real “indian Star”.

  • Dangal Monday in China is Higher than
    All Salman movies Mon in India bar BB
    All SRK movies Mon in India bar None
    All Akshay movies bar None

  • Bcoz of super baahubali 2 collection in indian markets…indicine is showing daily collection of dangal instead of baahubali 2 domestic collection…bullshit

  • Dangal was actually a niche film unlike hardcore commercial entertainer baahubali that revenge,heroine, romance, song & dance, muscular hero, grand visual plus even over the top comedy in part2

    anyways quality of cinema plus message wise Dangal>> Baahubali 2

    I enjoyed baahubali 2 & for me it’s the kind of cinema v need to make more often as it is d most theatre friendly genre bcz of the visuals as well as bcz such visual films r mostly made rarely by us

    But it is absolutely idiotic for anyone to even compare baahubali with a masterpiece like Dangal

  • 2017 has been an extraordinary year for hindi audience so far.
    2 1000cr atbb grossers + as many 4 100cr successful films including the 1st ever 100cr feb hit (jolly) & 1st ever 100cr march superhit ( badri)

  • this is unbeliveable this kind of business in untraditional bollywood market is unbeliveable wow cridite goes to aamir khan for making this market for his films

  • Salman time is over its Aamir Khan
    in present time Aamir Khan is every
    where on top India or overseas

  • Hey Guys .. Plz stop this SOUTH vs NORTH and Prabhas vs KHANS. I am from telugu states and know the current standing of prabhas very well. Prabhas is a very nice person n shy just like Rahul dravid in cricket who doesn’t have much anti fans. But to be honest, he is not even the no1 star here in tollywood, forget about the bollywood. Mahesh babu, Pawan Kalyan n Jr Ntr(Even Chiranjeevi 2.0) are way ahead of him. Bahubali success credit is mainly attributed to SSR then to prabhas(though we can’t imagine anyone else in bahubali character). If SSR does any movie with any top star of south or north according to their persona n image and in the same grandeur level of bahubali the result would have been same.
    Finally see it as an indian film rather than a regional film. Bcz the film is on this level bcz all the people have watched it breaking the language barriors. BB2 is an eye opener n trend setter for all the industries. Hope every industry will make few pan india films with universal concepts n indian sensibilitis every year and promote them across all the states crossing the language barriers, so that indian cinema will grow further..
    Thank you

  • All the websites and media is just focussing on the collection of Dangal in China but not one has seen except BOI about the footfalls.
    Dangal has been watched by 35lac people so far in 4 days and if it collects anything near around 50m$ than the footfalls will be 1.2cr+ which is huge.
    Bahubali is thrashing each and every records in India and North America and its beating the record of Dangal, which is sad state of affairs for Aamir fans and the hidden haters of Aamir were jumping as Dangal records is breaking but after Dangal storm in china those people’s ass is burning again and they are thinking that websites are trying to ignore BB2 success.
    Kya baat hai Aamir ki, Bahubali storm me bhi kamaal kar gaya.
    1.2cr footfalls are more than any films barring top 5 actors in India from Bollywood.

  • If Dangal collected 350cr+ from China than it means it will compensate the losses from India as south Indians didn’t watched Dangal in big numbers. Will be huge though it hardly gave any revenue to producers.

  • @just ketch, yes this is a big news, A Bollywood movie is going to cross 1cr footfalls in a overseas market where Indian films released in very low numbers and success is even negligible. While 95% of Indian films failed to bring 1cr footfalls in India alone. Its better for you that hide somewhere because these kind of article will keep coming and it will not good for your ass

  • Dangal is enough to shatter all hopes for bhaiyyajaan to attain hgoty..so in front of baahubali 2 fuselight and tiger Murda hai are like tiny mouse. Due to flop status of fuselight tiger Murda hai will also open slow and also tiger Murda hai is clashing with dutt biopic …bhauyya now should forget ruling bollywood …go back now bye bye bhauyya.

  • Monday total is similar to give or take with first day of our Dadajis last crapfest that released on a holiday…!

    LOL on so called global king

  • South movie industry fans were lol at Dangal but even they know had Dangal been backed by a Dharma equivalent down south then it too would have smashed many records…!

  • footfalls Of Dangal in 4 Days in china >>>>> BB2 footfalls in north america
    because Dangal ticket Price in china around $3-$4
    while Bahubaali ticket Price in north america around $30-$45

  • @filmaddict who decides who is number 1 in tollywood? You? Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh babu had miserable flops last year. Jr ntr had a string of flops until Koratala Siva saved him. Chiranjeevi is the only genuine superstar who had a legitimate hit this year. He is no doubt still a fan favorite but he is over 60 yrs old. Why are you dismissing Prabhas? Only one flop out of his last six films, and three of them were blockbusters. Just because Baahubali 1 and 2 were directed by SSR doesn’t mean he gets no credit for them. The only people who don’t want to give him any credit for his hard work are the jealous mega family fans and the biased Telugu media.

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