Critics thrash Joker, washout at the box office

After Players, Tezz and Department, Joker is likely to be the 4th major disaster of the year. The film is an absolute washout on Day 1. The morning shows, as we reported earlier, were as low as 10-15% at places. Infact, a few exhibitors have reported that some shows were cancelled due to very low occupancy.

The film picked up slightly for the noon/evening shows, but the collections remained low. The mass centres have performed slightly better due to the presence of Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha.

The biggest cause of worry though, is the negative word-of-mouth. The critics have absolutely thrashed the film. On our review scale – we currently have 11 critic reviews – not a single positive review, 2 average and 9 negative.

The writing is on the wall for Joker. The target audience – children and family – is the only glimmer of hope as they venture out to watch films on Saturday and Sundays.

Joker is also likely to be the first commercial failure for Sonakshi Sinha, whose first two films Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore were ‘Blockbusters’.



  • Common akki fans show ur face to public :D :P u guys were saying joker will be an all time blockbuster… What a joke! What happened now?? U guys always speak about other actors… Now this is a big tight slap on akki fans n akki… Aage se auk@@t me rehna

  • Akki fans always speak bad about other actors… They always speak bad n vulgar on other actor’s link without any reason… They r the most pathetic n low grade people i’ve ever seen… Every other actor fans have standard but not akki fans… Now they have run away!! :D LOSERS!!

  • <Nishad 69. tu apne barei mei samajtha kya hei. Joker flop hui tho kya hua, akki next movies tho blockbusters honge, lekin tera hakle srk ki next movie tho mr. aur mrs. Khanna se bi badi disaster flop hogi.

  • @ ghajini. Not only your name is ghajini, but your a big mad mental fellow. Even if i suck and lick srk’s ‘banana and buns’ daily, it is none of your business. Srk’s next movie will surely break 3idiots record but salman’s dabaang 2 will not even break the record of mr. aur mrs. Khanna. And akki is the khiladi of making super disasters, dont compare him with salman and srk.

  • ek tha tiger now out of gas collect 1.2 cr this friday….now it is impossible to come closer to best it go around 180 cr ..which is impossible..after 2 weeks it collects 173 cr…and friday 1.2 cr so total 174.2 cr… is not i am telling ..bollywood most reliable site boxofficeindia give this….pack pack

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  • how many of u saw joker? and u r criticizing joker? i am nt from india. u live in india and hate ur own national actors? what a same,being from abroad i like all actors from bollywood,even sonam kapoor as well.hate is something being jealous of actors so dont hate anyone,no matter if u disliked

  • Watched joker today thanks god ididnt waste my money in multiplex,these ppl need to knowthat we are in ‘AVATAR’era of alien movies and not in 80s.

  • Watched joker today thanks god i didnt waste my money in multiplex,these ppl need to know that we are in ‘AVATAR’era of alien movies and not in 80s.

  • @ Indicine plz do something about comment section. NVS motherchod tera ma bahen ka gaand ki kasam dont use my id while you comment

  • hello srk bhai fans or saalu fans who hates shiris is ok but dont hate akki bcs he is super in this movie.although i am srk bhai fan but i love to watch akki film also.

    according to me joker is good film than ek tha tiger and akki is better than salman
    what you think

  • @bapu – r u joking? Joker is a pathetic movie.. Worst movie ever made starring the worst actor in the history of indian cinema..

  • hi guys what do you expect of joker kumar
    he promised his fans to be king kumar
    look now he became the second best joke after salwoman khan

  • @veer uncle, UTV bought the worldwide distribution rights of Joker for 40 crores. They have sold the satellite rights to Zee Tv for 22 crores

  • akki is the king of bollywood. it doesn’t matter that joker is hit or flop. he is not fake like other g3y actors of bollywood. i hope you guys understand who i mean

  • top grosser in the 1990 which has gross to maximum 70 crores today nett is 170 crore both overseas and domestic collection in just 5 days do you know and the music and satelite right sold is 47 crore i have not added 2nd and 3rd week collection without that the total 217 crores worldwide including satelilite rights and music, so this is the figure of in domestic nett it is 114 nett as per source. so guys keep your mouth shup and srk fans watch out for ra one 2 and don 3 by 2014 all the best God Bless Shah Rukh Khan and let the other monkeys shout at the mountain.

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