Critics thrash Joker, washout at the box office

After Players, Tezz and Department, Joker is likely to be the 4th major disaster of the year. The film is an absolute washout on Day 1. The morning shows, as we reported earlier, were as low as 10-15% at places. Infact, a few exhibitors have reported that some shows were cancelled due to very low occupancy.

The film picked up slightly for the noon/evening shows, but the collections remained low. The mass centres have performed slightly better due to the presence of Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha.

The biggest cause of worry though, is the negative word-of-mouth. The critics have absolutely thrashed the film. On our review scale – we currently have 11 critic reviews – not a single positive review, 2 average and 9 negative.

The writing is on the wall for Joker. The target audience – children and family – is the only glimmer of hope as they venture out to watch films on Saturday and Sundays.

Joker is also likely to be the first commercial failure for Sonakshi Sinha, whose first two films Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore were ‘Blockbusters’.



  • So after all it will earn less than jism 2. This is what india is.
    Feel sorry for akshay, hope he comes back well with OMG

  • it will be in the same range as patiala house,thank you and desi boyz…
    but akshay will be back with khiladi sure that film will work at the box office even though it doesn’t makes 100 crores..

  • If you’re in Bandra and hear a tight slap… Don’t worry, it is not Shahrukh … It is Farah Khan who slapped Kunder for Joker..

  • Forget critics thrashing joker. Shirish kunder and farha khan both watched the movie together and farha was very happy, smiling and giggling all the way and was very proud of her husband for making such a ‘rare, novel’ movie. They both reached their house early as farha promised shirish that she will give offer him a candle night dinner. Farha took shirish directly into their bed room, told him to just wait for a minute and then took in a jaadu,slippers,leather belt, kuch baarthan, a mota danda into the bed room and then closed the door with ‘donot disturb’ board. All the best shirish.

  • Hits and flops are common in every actor’s career and it is part and parcel of their stardom, but what is more important is how they overcome and withstand their failures to turn their next movies into blockbusters and akki can do it. So all the best akki for your next movies.

  • srk is great…badshah of bollywood no other actor can match him…rowdy rathore,ett record wil be smashed in first week…

  • NVS,rowdy786,kracker ki jali padi hai subah se…
    becharon ki most awaited film ALL TIME DISASTE ho gyi..

  • Shirish was a good guy, as he did not ‘slap back’ when srk slapped him in public, because he knew that if he slapped srk back srk ki poori izzat mitti mei mil jayegi. So in some sense shirish ne ”srk ki izzat ko loot ne se bachaya” and so shirish srk fans are thanking u for that.

  • guys its not about the shirish’s fight with srk.

    The reason’s behind joker failure are..

    1. no promotions by the lead actors.
    2. never been tried before genre
    3. promos didn’t attract the audience

    However, akki being one of the top stars in the nation, it could have taken a big start (at least in 8-12 range) had they promoted it wisely.

    You can’t just solely blame Shirish for this. I personally am a great fan of Jaan-e-man where the director pulled out one of the best performances from Salman Khan. How often do we see that?
    He has a great sense of story telling, you can deny the way he did that in Jaan-e-man.

    Better Luck next time for him and Akki … !!!

  • @NVS, we are not thanking sirish like that and we don’t want.
    Jab srk qui aadmi ko thapad maarta hai to woh aadmi upni aukaad me aaajat hain.
    No one has the power to slap srk back hehe.
    Wish he could have slaped u infront of the whole world for ur stupid irritating pathetic thoughts.

  • i watch movie and honestly its not boring. Its a good entertainer. The only negative point is its length too short. Agar kahni ko ise age adha ghanta or dete to ye saal ki bigest hit ho sakti thi. But over all its a nice movie and u come out theatre with a sweet smile. Media ne TMK ke tine ek game khela or logo ke dimag me negativity ka jahar ghola, usi ke base par ab logo ko joke ke bare mein miss guide kar rahe hen. So please go n watch it then give ur opinion.

  • so cheap srk fans…@srk if u hav guts enter ur name and comment…dont worry joker is better thn stupid ra.1 shahrukh did publicity for ra.1 and made indians fool unlik akki

  • @indicine ——can u tell me how is it a Disaster??????

    What do u think will be the Collection of Joker on 1st day(Friday……????

    for ur information Players did —-4.50 cr 1st Day(Friday)
    Tezz did——4.00 cr 1st Day(Friday)

    Do u really think Joker Sold at less than 40 cr to Distributers by UTV Released on more than 2200 SCREENS……
    Having 30-40% 1st day average At MULTIPLEXES


    Having 60-65% 1st Day Average At SINGLE SCREENS

    will earn Anything less than 7.50 cr than Sorry u don’t know Boxoffice even 1 bit…..

  • @NVS, And what did u say ” meri aur srk ke dushamni kai janmo me hai ” LOL!!
    Abe who srk nahi he woh mai tha. Agar panga lena he to mujh se le. MAI TERE KO AGLE JANAM PAR TERE KO EK MAHA PAGAL BANA DUNGA.

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