‘Certain forces’ don’t want Besharam to succeed: Abhinav

Ranbir Kapoor’s Besharam has been panned by the critics and audience on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, but the director of the film, Abhinav Kashyap isn’t too pleased with the media and people with ‘vested interests’.

In a telephonic conversation with Mumbai Mirror, Abhinav says he is happy with the response that the film has got. The first day numbers are the highest for both the director and the actor, yet, a certain section of the audience and media is targeting the film.

“I have the first day numbers of the film which is the highest for both me and Ranbir. I really don’t understand why the English media and certain people with vested interest are panning the film. I think they are not able to accept Ranbir in the character he is playing.”

The director said even though the film is being liked by the audience, he is also worried that the negativity on social media platforms might eventually begin to have an impact on the film’s performance at the box office.

“I am getting calls from my friends from cinema halls. People are roaring in laughter! I am happy with film’s first day collection. The collection might drop in the normal course of events as Thursday is a working day. But, then there are people who actually read reviews and tweets before deciding to go for a movie. And I am worried that these negative comments might actually have an impact on the film’s fate at the box-office.”

The Dabangg director concluded by saying ‘certain forces’ dont want the film to work

“It all started when the promos of the film were released. Fans of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan fans took offence to certain scenes, although we had no intention to hurt anyone. With whatever is happening around Besharam, I smell some kind of a sinister plan. Certain forces don’t want the film to succeed”

via Mumbai Mirror



  • @Ajay khans ke baap ka bhi baap us se bhi pehle 16 October ko 3 Khans= 1 Khiladi woh kahawat nahi suni the boss is always right ;)
    agree wid the hatters of ranbir kapoor 2 movies blockbuster dene se khan ke barabar nahi ban jaata koi ek saal mai 5 superhits deni padti hai Khiladi ki tarah se

  • yeh toh hona hi tha.. pehle sochna chahiya tha Mr Abhinav.. insulting the cult song “Tujhe Dekha Toh” from the cult evergreen movie DDLJ is too much to bear…may be he wanted publicity by taking SRK ‘s name.. but if its like that also,it should have done in a nicer way.. not insulting..

    VERDICT:DISASTER (as the budget of besharam is 80cr from various sources)

  • it’s official: Dabang worked because of Salman Khan’s involvement not because of A. Kashyap, and proof is Dabang2 and Besharam outcome!

  • First of all abhinav should accept the truth that his product has low quality and he should try arshad wasi or sharman joshis to make a 3rd class movie instead he used ranbir family and made their name bad
    So he mentioned indirectly abt SRKIANS and salman fans were disliking movie but its not true its shame to blame particular section of audience being a director if we ourselves got to theatre everyone that includes ranbir fans are disliking the movie so here the problem is with the director

    Finally DABAANG credit goes to salman khan at present

  • Someone making fool to Abhinav and call him about Fantabolous reception from audience. They may be blind who was unable to see those large number of people who left theaters during interval.
    Just remember GHAROOR KA SIR NEECHA. Abhinav always deliver bad and proud comments against One of the Biggest Superstar from last 2 decades that is Salman. But nothing helped him. He thought He made Salman a Superstar and He will make Ranbir Bigger then Salman. Hahahaha just a fool idiot. Kashap brothers said Ranbir is Bigger then all Khans equal to Dilip Sahab & Amit Jee.

  • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3 Oct
    Big holiday [2 Oct] + Ranbir after #Barfi and #YJHD + Massive release… #Besharam should’ve collected ₹ 25 cr+ on Wed. It didn’t!
    #Besharam Day 2 figure is looking at approx. Rs. 7 cr [or slightly more] range.

    Kamaal R Khan – KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 3h
    Abhinav Kashyap said critics are playing foul with #Besharam Sir who did play foul when you took small time actress Pallavi as a fresher?

    Indicine.com ‏@indicine 3h
    Exhibitors are reducing shows of #Besharam for the weekend. The LunchBox and Grand Masti in week 4 will get more shows.

    Kamaal R Khan – KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 3h
    Revised- Day2- #Besharam collected 6.75Cr means biggest flop in the history of Bollywood as I predicted. Narayan Narayan.

    The economy of #Besharam.. Production/Acquisition cost: 80C + 18C P&P. Total 98C. Non theatrical revenue from satellite 30C (Variable)sold to Zee Tv, Music 6C, Others 5C including brand association .
    Theatrical distribution rights bought by Reliance Entertainment at 80C with 60C for India and 20C for overseas.

    Producer Movie Temple will get 20/21C table profits from the project.But Reliance will fall flat to recover its cost

  • When you release a movie on 3500 screens and that too on a national holiday, then it will open big. At the end of the day, if script is not good then it will fail to maintain its momentum. I like Ranbir. Even he said he can’t replace the Khans. So I don’t understand why are we bashing Ranbir? Even Khans, Kumars, Devgns and Roshans films has boomed at the box office during their early career… It is normal. I guess Ranbir will learn from his mistakes…

  • @hritiklover such loser…we should appreciate ranbir who want to cater ppl of small towns he took risks early in his career….but hritik still fed by papa roshan…

  • @queensrk r u girl or boy to comment u
    Excuse me i m taking potshot on director and kept tweets of trade reporters thats all not ranbir i already appreciate ranbir many times so shut your comments and better stay away dont make bakwas comments and join in category of dustbins but tell me r u boy or girl

    Ranbir a future superstar

  • @queensrk (boy or girl) i alwayz support srkians but dont make besharam comments here otherwise you will face some ……………………………………

  • Where is @soroop? the srk fan who had said Besharam will do better than Dabangg becoz Dabangg worked solely due to Abhinav Kashyap and not Salman Khan. Mr. Soroop, pleasee appear on Indicine and reply to this.

  • abhinav kasyap sir u are wrong that only social media crashed the film.i believe that social media and critics play an inpact in boxoffice collection but can’t make a good film disaster.and one thing u said right that srk-salman fans spread negativity .it is true.and not only for your film. When any akshay kumar’s film release then shahruk fans do their hard to pull down it.but they can’t make it disaster.because of critics and srk fans film losses some crores but not become disaster.and your film besharam is going to the epic disaster.

  • And mark my word critics and srk fans will also do the same thing after boss release.but boss will be blockbuster

  • BESHRAMs full credit goes to ABHINAV KASHYAP he is sole responsible for this ranbir and his family had done their job and now its bad on criticizing certain fans Today ABHINAV got name and fame due to Salman fans he should fell grateful for them and criticizing srk song also he has done mistake now after failure he is giving wrong explanations
    Will see Ranbir Come Back for sure He has good lineup like ROY,Bombay Velvet,Jaggas Jassos,Imtiaz ali next and Ayans superhero flick makes him huge come back As a pure Hrithik Fan i m saying one day Ranbir reaches no 1 spot for sure but he has to change his off screen image i hope he will change for sure
    So as a Hrithik fan im proud of being Hrithikian and also same goes to ranbir fans as they were also feel proud to be Ranbirs fan at early age he had achieved really a big thing

    Finally RANBIR a true Superstar and Great Actor

  • Mr . Kashyap don’t try to take mileage out of the audience reaction to your Besharam movie if the content is good no force on earth can stop its success you became big and famous coz of salman and now you blaming on his fans come on man be a sport every superstar has given a flop whether itis Dilipkumar saab or Bachan saab or SRK everybody has given Blockbusterz and flops so don’t blame anybody if you have not mixed the right masala for its success go go home and think of some other excuse ok .

  • i think rk face same thing as srk…negetivity towards his films.. besharam was not such a boring movie and better then south copied movies like rr, sos, bg and i liked it more than dabbang

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