‘Certain forces’ don’t want Besharam to succeed: Abhinav

Ranbir Kapoor’s Besharam has been panned by the critics and audience on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, but the director of the film, Abhinav Kashyap isn’t too pleased with the media and people with ‘vested interests’.

In a telephonic conversation with Mumbai Mirror, Abhinav says he is happy with the response that the film has got. The first day numbers are the highest for both the director and the actor, yet, a certain section of the audience and media is targeting the film.

“I have the first day numbers of the film which is the highest for both me and Ranbir. I really don’t understand why the English media and certain people with vested interest are panning the film. I think they are not able to accept Ranbir in the character he is playing.”

The director said even though the film is being liked by the audience, he is also worried that the negativity on social media platforms might eventually begin to have an impact on the film’s performance at the box office.

“I am getting calls from my friends from cinema halls. People are roaring in laughter! I am happy with film’s first day collection. The collection might drop in the normal course of events as Thursday is a working day. But, then there are people who actually read reviews and tweets before deciding to go for a movie. And I am worried that these negative comments might actually have an impact on the film’s fate at the box-office.”

The Dabangg director concluded by saying ‘certain forces’ dont want the film to work

“It all started when the promos of the film were released. Fans of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan fans took offence to certain scenes, although we had no intention to hurt anyone. With whatever is happening around Besharam, I smell some kind of a sinister plan. Certain forces don’t want the film to succeed”

via Mumbai Mirror



  • its doesnt matter .whenever akshay movie is released srk fans crticies it & when srk movie releas salman fan hate it , when salman’s movie releas srk fan do it .it same with everybody. but at the end of the day audience decide the faith. so please dont blame anyone for your failure.

  • bhai picture acha banalay…ranbir himself said tht salman not insecure and same he confessed on koffee with karan yrs ago…dont give lame excuses…

  • what do u mean by “certain forces” mr. abhinav kashyap??? u made a pathetic film n now u r blaming it on others.. get a life loser

  • I think he said right,
    Personally i liked the trailer of Besharam,it was quite funny,but from the day trailer released it got huge negativity and mainly from SRK And SK fans or either they could’nt see RK becoming a superstar post YJHD’s success.
    You can also see the same case on youtube beshram trailer page,where it has got many dislikes.
    I mean i have never seen that many dislikes for a film trailer despite how bad the trailer is…
    Ok,the film is not great but spreading negativity for a film isnt the way

  • He should not cry here like Ekta,he must accept the failure and move on.
    But he really insulted the epic song “Tujhe Dekha To” from DDLJ.
    Btw,surprisingly i loved #Besharam,it was full on fun for me:(
    Going to watch it tomorrow again:)

  • fact is now for every movie people spreading -ve’ty but it is very rubbish to target srk & salman fans… media & so called critics dameging d films by their so called reviews & bla bla … at least media & critics nedd to publish their comments & reviews after the week’nd

  • ‘Certain forces’ dint want Chennai Express, Dabangg 2, Ek Tha Tiger, Agneepath, Rowdy Rathore etc. to succeed as well. And ‘Certain forces’ will never want Krrish 3, Dhoom 3 or Jai Ho to do well.
    If ‘certain forces’ have the power to control the verdict of a movie, no film will be a hit.
    The outcome is Salman recreated Dabangg without Abhinav as well , which apparently collected more than the original. While Abhinav will have to wait (probably whole life) to match the success of Dabangg.

  • After giving flop movie with lots of insult to srk/salman ..he is blaming fans of both superstars
    Flop director ever

  • Fans who dislikes trailers and spread negativity are few at the end of the day its common people who decides the fate if they like, it becomes a success.But as the case here is that the film has not been liked by critics and audience too.Though the multiplex people generally watches reviews but on social media the same jokes and negativity was also spread against CE but because audience liked it.And the result we know which is not the case with Besharm !!!! Huge drops are expected though first day was good.

  • dont make lame excuses. every actor movies gets criticized from rival actor fans. this is nothing new. but the difference with salman and shahrukh is that it does not affect their movies. even their films gets slammed by the critics and rival actor fans on social media. but even negative wom does not affect their movies because they are true superstars, such is their fan following. aamir is in different category and there is certain amount of respect associated with him. the three pillars of indian film industry salman shahrukh aamir. TRUE SUPERSTARS.

    lesson no.1 for abhinav kashyap – dont take panga with salman and shahrukh fans :P and the biggest mistake u made is to take panga with salman and shahrukh fans together. RIP BESHARAM

  • It’s not just actor who makes movie hit.. untill he is a Superstar…

    Ranbir thought he was superstar,,, but got his answer,,,

    Ranbir’s fans were too rude to say SRK is nothing compared to Ranbir(maybe the lucky success of his YJHD made ranbir fans mad)… and this negativity for ranbir from SRK fans (who generally liked Ranbir) is for that…

    so Get a Life Ranbir Fans.. Baap Baap Hota Hai.

    Superstar Superstar Hota Hai.

    next time don’t try to even dare to say ‘he is bigger than srk’ or ‘srk is nothing’ kind of things…

  • Man make a film keeping your hero into consideration. You always wanted to show Ranbir that Ranbir can over smart Salman Khan. LOOKLook at your film, it looks like a b grade movie. Had Salman Khan dis this, ur film could ve hit jackpot. ..Ranbir cud take 10 more years to stand head by head to our Sallu!! Baap to Baap hota hain

  • Ranbir is nowhere near compared to Akshay,Salman & Aamir.They are, to be precise, 72 times better than Ranbir.

  • @Bollywood Ranbir nevr thinks he is a superstar..although actually he is..he respect senior actors verych..whts ur problem..stupid n illitetate fans like u r the ones spreading negativity…u knw nothing abt ranbir u looser…get a life..

  • Whn that mch of negativity was thr the fi collected 20cr on first day…if its not his starpower what is it… many actually like the film… bt yes.. sm stupid fan bases n critics spread so mch negativity so that film will fail… Ranbir can try any genre…these kinds of films r not only for ur star…he is a super talented actor n he will try every genre n he will pull it off… if u r this mch insecure abt ur star..it shows ur jealousy… u r the pne trying to compare aa 6 yr old wth 20+ yr old…Ranbir has nevr compared himself…shame on dumb fans like u..who insults ur pwn favorite

  • ‘Ranbir Fans ko ab jhatka laga’

    Abinabh insulted both srk and salman in his movie
    that’s why besharam falls hugely

  • That’s the most ridiculous thing to say Abhinav, don’t tread on the path of your smart a$$ bro Anurag.

    There will always be some negativity around any film, no matter how good that is.

    Raja sen gave 1.5 stars to 3 idiots. Can you imagine that? What happened later is history.

    Hardly 1 to 2% of the public visit online for reviews, and they don’t decide the fate of the films.

    If it was so, then the movies that got more likes etc., on social media should have been ATBB, which is not the case.

    I guess you and your friends are too bothered and worried of online world.

    Go out and do you job, which is direction, and leave it to the public, who, if they love your movie, no what forces try, they will make it a success.

    be positive and shed negativity dude.

  • same thing was happened with veer media and social media was spreaded too much negativity about the film it was more than besharam. but salman defended his film.and never gave excuses for his failures nor by his directors or producers.if film is good it wil definately do well like grand masti which is also thrashed by critics by media.if ppnh film got such opening it would be blockbuster

  • more thn khan fans its hritik fans who hated ranbir more..khan fans ridiculed beshram not ranbir…but hritik and his fans r jealous of ranbir sucess…

  • Lot of negativity comes from the people who haven’t seen the movie. i mean watch the youtube videos of people who comes out after watching besharam.

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