Besharam Official Box Office Collections

According to Reliance Entertainment, Besharam has collected Rs 21.56 crore on its opening day, with about 7.17 crore coming from the Mumbai circuit. Delhi/UP and East Punjab were outstanding with 5.18 crore and 2.29 crore respectively.

  • Mumbai – 7.17 cr
  • Delhi/UP – 5.18 cr
  • East Punjab – 2.29 cr
  • Rajasthan – 1.11 cr
  • C.P – 97 lakhs
  • C.I – 84 lakhs
  • West Bengal – 88 lakhs
  • Mysore – 1.21 cr
  • Andhra / Nizam – 92 lakhs
  • Tamilnadu and Kerala – 22 lakhs
  • Bihar – 42 lakhs
  • Assam – 17 lakhs
  • Orissa – 18 lakhs

Total First Day Collections – 21.56 crore



  • @indicine you gave boi reduced figures of ppnh,ghanchakkar, ekthi dayan. While inflated figures of yjhd, besharam from boi. Why?

  • @Telgu
    Whn u dnt knw A of acting…pls STFU… Dnt show ur insecurity towards ur favorites..Ranbir is talented.. He can make even worst script so convincing…He is only a self created star…not a media created star like ur idol..

  • his next film is with the genius behind movies like black friday and gangs of wasseypur. so no worries for ranbir. but please hereafter don’t go for such dumb f*+#% scripts. you are a better actor than a star. so make the good use of it.

  • @Telgu2lallu
    Ranbir is not a media created star,he has got talent no doubt about that,only the thing is that his film has’nt worked this time,and it is no problem bcoz as a star u will have average or flop films in your career.

  • First weekend (5 days) will be around 60 to 70 crore, n life time will be around 110 crore.
    because besharam has 7 open days with 3550 screens….
    Perfect hit….

  • rezme116 thanx…. But dont know why female fans of ran(bore) like meghani became so angry… They cant give my money back. As far as my idol is concerned itz john.

  • list ten things in besharam which makes sense. I think everybody will lose this competition. Right meghani. Lol……. 10 is too much… again…

    over confidence On Ranbir. West bngal occupancy 10 percent…. Disaster for exhibitors all over.

  • slap on your face boi. Boi is a fake site. Reducing srk emraan hashmi shahid kapoor salman movie collection… And inflating ranbir amir khan movie collection.

  • @indicine plese provide link when boi said besharam will break 3 idiots record and k3 d3 will be chasing besharam. Lol. Phata boi nikla disaster besharam.

  • many centres down south dropped by 90 percent. Reports suggest 5 cr is gettable on thursday. 6-7 cr looks real tough.

  • If a film fails, everybody involved in the film is responsible for it. Amir is immensely talented. But was he not responsible for the flop, Mangal Pandey? SRK is an all-rounder. But was he not responsible for the disaster, Paheli? Salman is a superstar. Was not he responsible for the disaster, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, also?
    If a film is successful, we praise only the actors and forget writers, directors, musicians and singers etc?? When a film flops, we blame the directors and others and not the actors. Why? It is not fair.
    Why do we forget YJHD worked also because of the scripts, directions, music and Dharma productions besides Ranbir (Aditya, Deepika etc)?

  • @SRK are u crazy
    billu barber 2009 flop
    paheli 2006 flop
    swades 2005 flop
    shakti the power 2002 flop
    asoka 2001 flop 1 2 ka 4 2001 flop
    phir bhi dil hai hindustani 2000 flop
    dil se and duplicate 1998 flops
    koyla 1997 flop
    chahat 1996 flop
    trimurti 1995 flop

    @Stupid srkian says no flop in 20 years haha…

  • @SRK remember Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke in 2004 …which grossed 35 lakhs and Swades, Paheli, and Asoka were also flops….

  • This is amazing opening from ranbir.even superstars like aamir, akshay and ajay have not given such opening. Only srk,hrithik and salman have given such opening. Next big thing in bollywood

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