Besharam Second Day Collections: Early Estimate

BesharamEven though director Abhinav Kashyap has blamed the media and those with vested interests for the negativity around Besharam (Read article), the audience verdict is out. The film has crashed at the box office on its second day by more than 60%. Even at places where it performed very well on Wednesday, have dropped quite significantly on Day 2.

A exhibitor just told us “its like a normal Thursday today, nothing like Day 2 collections”. What he meant was, the second day business of Besharam was like a normal Thursday for other films, i.e 7th day after release.

The story is similar all over. Circuits like Mysore, where recent Ranbir Kapoor films have gone from strength to strength over the weekend, have fallen heavily.

Early estimates suggest that the second day business of Besharam will be around 7 – 8 crore net, which is a drop of 60-65% from Wednesday. Even though Thursday was a normal working day, these are early signs that the audience has rejected the film.

Besharam is almost certain to fall well short of the 100 crore mark. Saturday and Sunday will decide if the film will go on to be a average grosser or Ranbir Kapoor’s first disaster.




  • Wed:20cr
    Extended weekend:50crs
    And there on huge drops from monday onwards..

  • I feel barfi couldn’t have crossed 100 crs.but the announcement of sending to oscar made it to be in 100 crs club.otherwise heroine hype was more than barfi.
    Yjhd was successful due to so many causes like music,dp-ranbir pairing,ark etc.
    It’s d truth and ranbir gained much popularity and stardom after that.
    But i wouldn’t be good to blame ranbir for the movie failure because it’s the fault of the crap script.
    And he has stardom.that’s why besharam opened with 21 crs despite of receiving bad response.

  • not as bad as people are saying but ya script did get bit weak as story progressed like just for a car ranbir fought with villlians did sound stupid. but good performance by ranbir better than once upon a time mumbai 2, zanjeer ,himatwala. atleast besharam has entertainment value on lighter side.

  • And some idiots thought this film is going to challenge CE and 3I’s record…. Box office India was also shouting at the top of it’s voice. Anyway, such a dull response from big film is not good news for the industry, but with it’s overall poor quality, Besharam deserves it.

  • SRK fans and Salman fans don’t gel with each other and spread negativity against the films of each other’s idol. The question is “does that make SRK and Salman films flop?” Audience decide the fate.
    By blaming SRK fans and Salman fans together, Abhinav is digging his own grave. If they join hands against Abhinav, only God can save Abhinav.
    Though I don’t think comment on Dabangg in Besharam is not offensive, I personally didn’t like the mockery of DDLJ song. Don’t take me wrong, I am not a SRK fan.
    As for Ranbir, I am sure he will have hits even after the flop-to-be, Besharam. He is still at the early stage of his career and having success just like Salman and SRK had in the early stage of their careers. He will have flops after hits and hits after flops.
    However, if Ranbir thinks he is already a superstar, it will be his biggest mistake. Superstardom doesn’t happen overnight. It take years and decades. Take Amir, SRK, Salman, Akshay, Ajay, Hrithik for examples! Besides, Ranbir needs to learn how to be humble with his success and respect his seniors.
    And if a film fails, everybody involved in the film is responsible for it. Amir is immensely talented. But was he not responsible for the flop, Mangal Pandey? SRK is an all-rounder. But was he not responsible for the disaster, Paheli? Salman is a superstar. Was not he responsible for the disaster, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, also?
    If a film is successful, we praise only the actors and forget writers, directors, musicians and singers etc?? When a film flops, we blame the directors and others and not the actors. Why? It is not fair.
    Why do we forget YJHD worked also because of the scripts, directions, music and Dharma productions besides Ranbir (Aditya, Deepika etc)?

  • down south it dropped by 90 percent. In cpi berar drop was abt 85 percent.. Dont know why collections are 7-8 cr. 5 cr is real truth.

  • It again shows why ranbir said khan’s are the only superstars of bollywood
    Despite being panned by critics dabangg 2 still managed to gross 150 crores…is it a joke?

  • movie entertaining hai not good par media bar bar bura kahegi to kaun dekhne jaega mai bhi nhi jaane waala tha par chala gaya mere paas khaali samay tha.3/5 star movie

  • Besharam Has Epic Crash
    Friday 4th October 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Besharam crashed on day two with
    collections around the 6.5 crore nett mark.
    The two day total is around 25.75 crore nett.
    The film has fallen 65% on day two. The
    crash as uniform all over with Mysore being
    best circuit which fell around 55%. The film
    is now looking to close out its first three
    days at around 31 crore nett which is not
    even in the top three for Ranbir Kapoor.
    The first day business should have taken the
    film to safety with even below par trending
    for the rest of the week but the film has had
    an epic crash which is unlike anything seen
    Saturday and Sunday should see a bit better
    collections but with collections likely to
    range from 6-8 crore nett over the next
    three days which could take the five day
    weekend to around 46-47 crore nett.

  • Indicine,what do you mean by Ranbir Kapoor’s first disaster? What about Saawariya? Wasn’t it the actor’s first disaster?

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