Career best performance of 15 actors

A lot of people have been asking us to pick the career-best performance of the current actors, both male and female, in the industry.  So here you go, we pick the best performance of the top male actors in the industry.

In alphabetical order..

  • Aamir Khan (Rangeela) – It was a tough choice between Rangeela and Lagaan, but there was something magical about Munna. Hard to describe in words, no wonder Aamir was disappointed and decided not to attend award ceremonies when he didn’t win anything for his performance. Watch the film if you haven’t, one of RGV’s best.
  • Abhishek Bachchan (Guru) – arguably the best performance of 2007. He didn’t win any awards, not because his performance wasn’t worthy enough, but because it happened to coincide with an even better performance from Shahrukh Khan in the same year.
  • Ajay Devgn (The Legend of Bhagat Singh) – Widely considered to be the best performance of his career, along with Zakhm, Ajay played the real-life character of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh in ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’. He received the National Film Award for best actor.
  • Akshay Kumar (Hera Pheri) – Paresh Rawal as Baburao Ganpatrao Apte had the best role in Hera Pheri, but as the film progresses you fall in love with Raju. Impeccable comic timing coupled with a restrained performance from Akshay.
  • Emraan Hashmi (Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai) – It was between OUATIM, Awaarapan and his debut film Footpath. Our pick, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. He was fabulous!
  • Farhan Akhtar (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag) – Farhan has impressed in all his films so far, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was by far his best.
  • Hrithik Roshan (Guzaarish) – He deserved all the awards in 2010, didn’t he? Missed out because the film didn’t do well at the box office.
  • John Abraham (Jism) – John’s performance in his debut film was his best, followed by his most popular negative act in Dhoom.
  • Ranbir Kapoor (Barfi) – Tough choice between Rockstar and Barfi!, but the deaf and mute role was so much more challenged. It could have gone so horribly wrong with a lesser actor, but Ranbir nailed it and swept most awards that year.
  • Ranveer Singh (Ram Leela) – He started out with a surprise hit Band Baaja Baraat in 2010, and has only starred in 6 films so far. Ram Leela is easily his best performance so far.
  • Saif Ali Khan (Omkara) – It doesn’t get much better than Ishwar ‘Langda’ Tyagi in Omkara, does it? A once-in-a-lifetime performance and easily the best of Saif’s career.
  • Salman Khan (Tere Naam) – Salman is one of the most under-rated actors in the industry. Watch him in films like Tere Naam, Andaz Apna Apna or even in Dabangg to know why. Not his fault if his audience want to see him in larger-than-life action roles, no?
  • Sanjay Dutt (Vaastav) – Dutt essayed the role of Raghu, a simple boy next door who becomes the King of the Mumbai underworld due to unfavourable circumstances. He lived the character of the underworld Don in this Mahesh Manjrekar’s crime drama with utmost conviction.
  • Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey) – Shahid is one of the most talented actors in the industry, but very few of his performances have received critical acclaimed, except Kaminey where he teamed up with Vishal Bhardwaj.
  • Shahrukh Khan (Chak De India) – That scene when the women’s hockey team wins the world cup, and the camera zoom in on Kabir Khan’s face. His expressions filled with disbelief, joy, emotions.. it had everything.

Do post your own list of favourite performances of all actors in the industry.



  • @Sky 98% agree with you.2% not because barfi’s nett collection was 120.68cr(official figure).but no doubt,u wrote awasome.

  • @ all the srk, aamir, salman, akshay, hritik fans, In my opinion only Ajay Devgan is the best actor, here we are not considering the box office results but truly acting skills, no one can match ajay in that aspect. Be it Zakhm, the legend of bhagat singh, gangajal, deewangee, company, raincoat and many more the list is endless, ajay is way above the rest, shall I say a cut above the rest, no doubt that he has won 2 national awards

  • @sky: so in ur list, bigb in paa at 1st while hr’s kmg is not even in top 10! !
    Salman’s tere naam is at 9th while hr’s kmg which won him all awards is not in top 10 ! !
    According to u,amir’s 3i and rdb acts are better than hr’s kmg,ja acts. LOL. .i don’t want to argue anymore.

  • Does This Guy @sojib hussain have a brain? ?
    Agneepath failed to entertain people? ? ?hr’s acting was boring? ?GO HOME U ARE DRUNK. Also,many celebrities appriciated agneepath performance of hr. Yes,rk was gud in barfi. But calling agneepath a crap is totally was a critically acclaimed film. Ranbir’s role was different and dat film was an artistic and off beat one. That’s why it is more preferable. .rk was gud in barfi. But dat doesn’t mean hr was boring. I don’t think any of the khans,kumars,kapoors would have done it that efficiently. Only a moron can call it boring.

  • well rk fans wont agree with me, @Sajib, award dosent find best actor, nd i knw u didnt watch Agneepath yet, and dnt teach me to how judge performances, i m 1step ahead of selected awards jury to judge performance, and if whole bollywood praised barfi’s act, then y i dint listened about barfi after award shows?? While Hrithiks performance in Agneepath praised by A. B. Himself, its really boaring act?? I think rk fans are really senceless, and accept truth in barfi P.c. Was 10tym btr than rk and work even more harder… Nd rk’s that act even Imran khan will play with same ease with Anurag Basu kind of director…
    @sky, rofl 4 u rk’s act 2nd best in last 2 decade? Very funny, fan hai rk thik hai bt itna andha hona thik nahi…. And yes i m, im intelligent to judge performance more than u, even salman, srk fans praised Hrithik for Agneepaths performance, read everybody’s comments, u will find agneepath name many time in coments… Nd i dint said rk was expression less, read my comment again… Or @sajib u said agneepath failed to entertain audience? Really? Very funny man, its collect more than barfi, in month Jan, in 2012 i bet rk still nt able to cross agneepath’s lyftym collection in month jan. In 2015 too… With 2800 screens… Morons like u never accept truth,
    i used to like hrithik from his starting career, but i dnt used to be a hrithik fan, i m honest viewer not biased towords favr8 star, i told only that what is truth….. Bt people and sm other star fans also never accept truth that Hrithik is better actor than each, and later that make me Hrithik fan… In 2010 Hr wont win award for guzaarish, thats nt mean his performance in guzaarish less than srk’s Mnik from same year, irfan khan won Asias best actor award for lunchbox and doesnt won other Indian awards that doesnt mean he is nt perform gud….. have to say honestly barfi is awesome movie bt rk’s act didnt that much good… Aisa karna apni maa ko Agneepath and barfi 2no movie full dekhne k liye kahna and puchna apni maa se kiska performance best tha, atleast rk fans jaise truth se bhagta nahi mai, jo ye bole k movie or act boaring hai hrithik ka, its showin how much sence having u about acting and movie…. That truth not acceptors make me Hrithik Fan… Otherwise i just use to like him b4 some years not a Hrithik Fan… But people run away or didnt accept truth that gave me anger and I converted into His Fan… And @Sajib once again take help from ur mom or dad, show them Agneepath both old and new and ask whose performance is best…. Its gud to be accept a truth

  • @Hrithik i find u r the best commentater here, u analyse everything, wanna give u best comment award lov u. <3

  • @Ankan I Can’t stop my laughing.u r comparing with big b.goto hospital please.old agneepath was flop.but big b created a victory by this role.he won national award for this+critics proved you’ve 1paisa nonsense knowledge.i told u nah only u like 2/3 crap viewers support boring poor agneepath.acc to 60%websites barfi defeated agneepath in box office.Ranbir’s barfi perfomance–shut up your mouth.respect it.
    @lol_nipun u r most crap viewer of this site.ur every comments are funny :D

  • @Ankan Taare zameen par’s kid actor did better than hrithik’s agneepath perfomance.he was perfect entertainer unlike digital boring vijay dina-nath chauhan :D :D :D

  • @nipun yes Hr kmg wasn’t have any place in my top 10, for me it was great performance but far from my taste of films and performance i measure and likes. Yes Aamir’s 3i and RDB were better acts than Hr’s kmg for me as both films and performances was way better than KMG film and performance. aamir did what was the demand of scripts and what public likes. Its matter for me alot. I want a movie won as a whole rather than an actor performance. That’s why i said in my comments i used those performance which matched perfectly with the movie rather than simply award winning and pleasing critics act. @ankan don’t panic dear i am not a Ranbir fan but yes i loved his performance and barfi movie very much. I don’t need to involve my parents view in a simple thing just to make opinion of performance of stars. I don’t know what you thinking but if you compare with big b Than hr was far away from that epic act of Vijay chauhan and that’s the reason the movie being made as i never seen any old remake not having great act.

  • @aks:everyone has their own views. So it’s okay.
    @sojib hussain: u are a moron. You should know dat agneepath was a masala entertainer,but was not similar to craps like ready,dab2,sos,boss,rawdy etc. It was a classic.
    And i love class movies more. Yeah,barfi was a nice film and rk was also gud in it. No doubts about dat. But you’re saying hr was bad in agneepath and it was a crap which is totally ridiculous. Both hr n rk were great in their films.but rk was prefered in awards as it was a different role. I love rk. But morons like u always make me hate.
    And,u moron is comparing agneepath wid barfi which was an off beat film. What about crap besharam? SHAME ON YOU.

  • Eventhough u guyz always underrate SaLmaN bt he is still in top
    as an grt entertainer
    as an actor
    as an trp gainer
    as an attitude
    nd the best part is Being Human <3
    need i say more !!!

  • And i never said Big B is gr8 or Hr is gr8 in agneepath, But really wanna know then ask amit ji himself…. What he told about Hrithik after agneepath’s preview…..
    Dnt wanna say more anything, just i got today rk fans are most sencefull :D

  • @Ankan You can check what big b told about barfi’s role.He praised more than hrithik.shut up your every point you’re looser.acc to critics review,awards,imdb,audience not just ranbir,whole barfi team was can not skip it.because,its reality
    @nipun shame on you firstly,check previous comments @ankan this gay firstly started this fight.see his first comment.he told negative comment against barfi role.thats why,i told negative comments against hrithik.but,i’m not hrithik hater.I don’t hate him.

  • Best acting last 10 yrs:-
    1.BigB (paa)
    2.Farhan (BMB)
    3.Rajkumar (Shahid)
    4.Irfaan (PST)
    5.Ajay (Legend of Bhagat Singh)
    6.Ranbir (Rockstar)
    7.SRK (CDI)
    8.Aamir (Lagaan)
    9.Irfaan (Lunchbox)
    10.Salman (Tere Naam)
    11.Srk (Swades)
    12.Aamir (RDB)
    13.Abhishek (Guru)
    14.Hrithik (Guzaarish)
    15.Ranbir (Barfi)

  • Best acting since 2000:-
    1.BigB (paa)
    2.Farhan (BMB)
    3.Rajkumar (Shahid)
    4.Irfaan (PST)
    5.Ajay (Legend of Bhagat Singh)
    6.Ranbir (Rockstar)
    7.SRK (CDI)
    8.Aamir (Lagaan)
    9.Irfaan (Lunchbox)
    10.Salman (Tere Naam)
    11.Srk (Swades)
    12.Aamir (RDB)
    13.Abhishek (Guru)
    14.Hrithik (Guzaarish)
    15.Ranbir (Barfi)

  • yea, i again said Ranbir didnt act that much gud as cmpare hr in Agneepath, rk fail to give expressions more than 4-5, which is copyd frm character charlie chaplien and johny walker, i have to say after srk, rk also started to buy award, and he did it for barfi which is gud act bt not best of that year, and i dnt wnt to tell abt hrithiks acting and expressions and performance in Agneepath… Which is heart touching… Nly media praised rk just for a month, and i never listen frm any1 for rk’s act in barfi, and also i have to say pc who dserve award filmfare she missd it b’cz crap award jury and creater.. Almost Every award is sold out for that year.. And rk bought an awards for giving 4-5 expressions…..

  • Amir in Sarfarosh/Rangeela,Akki in Hera Pheri/MKTA,Srk in CDI(my one of the very fav films of all time)/Darr/Baazigar,HR in Guzaarish/Mission Kashmir/Agneepath,Ajay sir in TLOBS,Emmi in Awarapan/Murder2(Emmi was just fav in both),Shahid in Jab We Met/Kaminey,Ab in Yuva/Guru,Saif in Hum Tum,Sanju Baba in Kalnayak/Saajan/Vaastav…..according to me!!

  • ohhh sorry i forgot Sallu sir….He in Tere Naam/Garv/AAA/KA/Kyon Ki/Wanted(yes 6 movies;cause Sallu is not known for his acting;but in these film He was just Wowwwwwwwwwwwww………all r fav!!)

  • and Ranbir in APKGK/Rajneeti…& Ajay sir in TLOBS/PTHHT!!!there is no such performance of john,Ranveer etc. till now according to me;sorry!!!

  • Amir Khan : Baazi , Rang de Basanti
    Amitabh : Deewar,Zanjeer,Khakee
    Abhishek : Yuva , Guru , Bluff Master
    Ajay Devgen : The legend of Bhagat Singh , Pyar to hona hi tha, Ham dil de chuke sanam
    Salman Khan : Wanted
    Hritik Roshan : Kaho na pyaar hai,Koi Mil Gaya
    Saif Ali Khan : Kachche Dhage , Main Khiladi Tu Anaadi
    Akshay Kumar : Ek Rista
    Sunil Shetty : Krishna
    Govinda : Raja Babu , Muqabala
    Imran Hasmi : Not Remember
    Anil Kapoor : Tezaab
    Sunny deol : Gaddar , Gayal , Ghatak , Right ya Wrong
    Irfan Khan : Right Ya Wrong , Paan singh Tomar
    Akshya Khanna : Border
    Riteish Deshmukh : Masti
    Rajkumar : Tiranga
    Dilip Kumar : Shakti
    Shatrughan Sinha : Khud Garz

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