SRK tops Forbes’ Top Indian Leaders in Arab World

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will be the first Indian celebrity to grace the cover of Forbes Middle East special issue, as he has been ranked No 1 in ‘Top Indian Leaders in Arab World’. Khan has been invited to Dubai to launch the magazine.

“Forbes Middle-East made me feel special with their special edition cover story on my work in entertainment. Off to Dubai for the launch. Thank you all,” Shahrukh Khan posted on Twitter earlier today.

The organisers have also included a small ceremony to felicitate Shahrukh, which will be followed by a gala dinner and awards ceremony in the Godolphin Ballroom, Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

SRK had also graced the cover of the inaugural edition of Forbes India, where he was ranked as the most powerful and highest earning celebrity in India. Also Read: Forbes India Top 100 highest earning celebs

SRK Forbes Celebrity 100

SRK Forbes Celebrity 100



  • SRK fans – Ajay Devgn is not a superstar because he doesn’t have bumper openers and blockbusters
    Then similarly srk is not a *superstar*
    From 2007,srk has only 2bumper openers,ce and oso.
    He has the least as compared to Aamir,salman,Akshay and even Ranbir who debuted in 2007 has the same bumper openers as srk
    And it is also said that superstar guarantees bo openings and content will make the film run
    If they can’t afford this debate,then srk fans will say he has more hits.Then srk is a star just as Ranveer,Ritesh,Arjun,Emraan who have continuous hits just as srk
    Therefore srk is just a garbage STAR with media support and some zombie fans to worship him

  • Undeniable truth-
    Biggest Achievement Salman and Aamir Ever Had That They Were able To Be Compared with SRK After Dabangg and 3 Idiots .

    Proud to be SRKIAN :)

  • No matter what you say, your arguments are invalid. The best actor in the Bollywood industry is only and only Shahrukh Khan and no one else.

  • indicine team is promoting the khans too hard on it website and is totally ignoring all others. there has been many important news about other actors but you keep posting about khans over and over again. tired of your biasedness.

  • Most of the money was earned from dancing in weddings for money.
    SRK charges 8 crore per wedding for dancing.
    Salman, Aamir, Hrithik have dignity and class so they dont accept such cheap offers, otherwise they would also top the list.

  • Here India needs money and development and SRK is investing money in Arab countries. He rarely does anything for India. It would be best to call a traitor.

  • Our king will always remain at the top in highest earnings list as our king can go anywhere and can do anything for money

  • O GoD. He surprises me everytime… He has achieved so much.. Still he is always working to reach the sky limit

  • That,s called stradom class and popularity. And when it comes to overseas no one can compete with srk bcz they respect class.

  • as Usual,, SRK tops Another SURVEY,, but 1 thing dat I cant understand Y sum people cant digest the Sucess, the popularity of SRK,, Y do dey always run or fear to accept the Truth That SRK is the Biggest Brand WORLDWIDE from the Indian Film Industry,, By accepting dis fact itz not gonna make their Favourite Star Smaller either,, Every one M taking about A LISTERS,, is a Superstar in their own way,,be it SALMAN, AAMIR, AKSHAY, HRITHIK, or new entrant RANBIR but the fact and the Truth is dat SRK is just ahead of dem,, Simple……. I Wud lyk 2 sum it up as follows,, like AAMIR da Best Trend Setter or Quality Superstar,, SALMAN as the Biggest Mass Entertainer,, Hrithik as Actor par Excellence and A Dance Icon,, and SRK the Global Megastar,, Every one is great in their own Way,, just appreciate and applaud every one’s Hard work… bcz LOVE and Respect 2 others Brings Happiness and Joy., And War just destroys Everything,, so my request 2 ever member of dis forum,, to plzz Stop Fighting and start a friendly enviroment,, Rest U all knw better dan me,, CHEERS!

  • Everything about KING is news and Indicine knows it well that’s why they’ll publish anything about him cause many haterz will comment and that makes Indicine alive

  • my king deserved every thing in this world………he is truely blessed…….i am proud to be SRKIan….. love you mmy king khan……..

  • Congo SIR.
    With KKR performing good, HNY is red hot, FAN shotting has already started and RAEES is going to stsrt from NOVEMBER along with thia news, I wish you All The Best…..:-)
    Yo Yo SRK. (y) \m/

  • @aeey When you flop star and king of 60 crore starts giving hits, then we’ll take u seriously, ur comment makes u look very stupid and a bitter jealous nut as it is truly ur star akki who is in league of emran, ritesh, imran kahn, ranveer, arjun as he can go further than 60-69 crore and continues to give flop after flop after flop after flop……………………………….

    @ False fan and @bulli, This is what u call true success and recognition u haterz…………………….or and @bulli Our king has topped forbes in India and Arab, but our bhaijan is better as he has topped most wanted criminal by courts

    @virat khloi, Yeh this is much better news that seeing ur bhaijan with his angry and gulity self in courts

  • @aeey bugg off
    I thought u wer a sensible akshay fan..
    But no.. U arent.. Look at ur comment
    U made,a fool of urself.. Wen akshay hav the bumper opening as compared to shahrukh khan.. Plzz wake upp u are dreaming..

  • that’s why he is known as global superstar!!!!!…..SRK IS THE MOST POPULAR MOVIE STAR ON ON PLANET EARTH AS PER BBC POLL!!!!!(ahead of tom cruise,angelina jolie,brad pitt etc)……………LOS ANGELES TIMES CALLED HIM AS THE WORLD’S BIGGEST SUPERSTAR

  • That’s why WORLD’S almost people are laughing at some biggest morons especially they are called bhojpuris I mean salman/amir fan,they still couldn’t digest the super success of KING KHAN.simply PRs couldn’t change your fate if they could that then definitely each and every PRs of KING KHAN are richest and more popular than salman,amir and all bollywood stars,because they are trying to avoid their failure.undoubtedly an ACTOR came from a middle class family and proved SKY IS THE LIMIT and become THE BIGGEST GLOBAL MEGASTAR of the world ever produced.

    @nipun,only BEST could be THE BIGGEST,HE has challenged so much characters/roles in his life especially NEGATIVE ONE couldn’t be done by any superstar till date,if they are such bigger actors according to your thinking.

    @legend khan,JAMES CAMERON said INDIA means SRK and he wanted signed autograph of KING KHAN,btw who is naseerudhin shah?

    @aeeyy,from 1995 onwards he gave one after one biggest WORLDWIDE GROSSERS,obviously he is THE BIGGEST MEGASTAR on earth,what is bumper opening that you mean?

  • lol So srk fans wants to hear sensible comments.Except only 1user named @sweet_heart,all of you write nonsensical things.
    You keep on writing stupid things on Akshay sir’s page.
    And what i said is a fact,Akshay sir has tmk,sik and welcome as bumper openers while srk has only ce and oso.
    I didn’t even read all your replies because i know no one will say something sensible

    Wake up,actors are here to entertain not to be in a marathon race for one to be first or second.You people keep on degrading and bashing other stars,but when someone bash srk,its like the person has broken a taboo
    Be wise,stupid srk fans

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