SRK tops Forbes’ Top Indian Leaders in Arab World

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will be the first Indian celebrity to grace the cover of Forbes Middle East special issue, as he has been ranked No 1 in ‘Top Indian Leaders in Arab World’. Khan has been invited to Dubai to launch the magazine.

“Forbes Middle-East made me feel special with their special edition cover story on my work in entertainment. Off to Dubai for the launch. Thank you all,” Shahrukh Khan posted on Twitter earlier today.

The organisers have also included a small ceremony to felicitate Shahrukh, which will be followed by a gala dinner and awards ceremony in the Godolphin Ballroom, Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

SRK had also graced the cover of the inaugural edition of Forbes India, where he was ranked as the most powerful and highest earning celebrity in India. Also Read: Forbes India Top 100 highest earning celebs

SRK Forbes Celebrity 100

SRK Forbes Celebrity 100



  • Undoubtly srk is the biggest bollywood name in overseas whether UAE or USA,Uk. So not surprising if he get. I hope our complan boy didn’t contribute in that list otherwise it will turned biggest actor in the Arab all over the world. Congrats to srk and his fans.

  • @aeyyy Akki should retire and take samadhi as he cannot give hit. He gives flops after flops. Even Fardeen khan and ritesh deshmukh are 10 times bigger than Akshay.

  • @aeyyy ‘Akshay sir’? Seems Akki has become school teacher after flopping in bollywood continuosly haha

  • @aeey Welcome was a multistarrer u fool and TMK got bumper opening due to Sheila Ki Jawanni song not ur flop star, the time TMK came out akki was major flop star with action replay and kattha metha flopping badly, Also where was the so called bumper openings of akki of akki from 1991-2007??? huh? He only had one i.e. mohra and that too was a multistarrer and it go bumper opening cuz of rage song Tu Cheez, ur star is nothing compared to SRK…………..he is below the bhojpuri, tingu, Ranbir, HR, Arjun, Ranveer even Ajay will beat him this yr with Singham Returns and Action Jackson………………..Also bumper opening mean nothing, it is the final verdict of the film which matters

  • Congo to srk !!!! But Aamir & Salman believes in audience reward more than awards !!!! Whats the point in being most popular throughout the world but gets less number of audience (compare to AK & SK) when the movie release. This shows either the recognition given to him internationally based on people opinion (may be some governments & corporates plays a big hand in it) or he is losing popularity in his own backyard !!!!

  • to all haters
    kindly use a dictionary and read this article once again….
    you will get all d answers…. dat

  • After all he is S R K. Wherever he goes he shines and makes India proud….no matter some 60 cr star fans don’t like u but that is included in minority. No need to care. We srk fans are enough to support u.

  • This man is a smart business man in an artiste disguise. He does everything for money, even Lungi Dance at Wedding Parties!! May God bless his business and let him take some money away with him when he dies!!
    Hit Dislike if you agree and Hit Like if you don’t disagree. Stay neutral if you don’t think SRK is a smart businessman!

  • This man is a smart business man in an artiste disguise. He does everything for money, even Lungi Dance at Wedding Parties!! May God bless his business and let him take some money away with him when he dies!!
    Hit Dislike if you agree and Hit Like if you don’t disagree. Stay neutral if you don’t think SRK is a smart businessman! Reply to me if you don’t think SRK is an artiste.

  • Will be funny to see the Arabs faces when Sarkar does his Lungi Dance followed by Criminal antics with the half clad belly dancers…. Only then will they realise they invited the wrong khan to their event….

    But regardless its another achievement for Sarkar who knows that even despite having all this influence, recognition from meaningless organisations, global presence n global bakra fans club he still cannot hold onto the title of giving Indian Cinema its Biggest Hit Ever….! Its true when people say Money can buy you anything but happiness…! :-(

  • SRK keeps winning laurels and makes country proud with his global achievements. Other stars will only try to catch up with him. Self made icon!

  • @Hritik try to digest srk’s success then every thing will be alright. It’s looks sour grapes when ur fevorite don’t features in any achievement. Somehow I agree about Amir (only in recent year) how come salman pull more audience than srk? Don’t be blind.

  • ooo mr akki fan … ok aaki has 3 bumper opening but who sadi srk only has 2 … MNIK opening was bumper it was not released properly in maharastra belt otherwise it would had broken 3i’s opening record … was bumper opening breaking BG opening record of 21 cr … JTHJ was also bumper opening with a clash collecting 48 cr in three days without clash it would collected easily 65 cr … So from 2007 to 2013 SRK has 7 bumper opening out of 7 films … RNBDJ had bumper opening biggest of it’s time broken only by ghajini… DON 2 was the highest non holiday opener so shut up … also SRK is far ahead than aamir and salman …. who is akki in fron of him … i personaly like akki but fans like u make me badmouth him

  • SRK dances in wedding ceremonies they say.
    Thosr wedding ceremony is of LAKSHMI MITTAL they never say ;-)


    @aeey indicine published this list in 2012.. At that time jthj hadnt released
    Plzz hav a check.. U talking abt Ce n oso.. Even negative wom) n don2(affect of opened bigger than ak highest grosser till date rowdy rathore n housefull 2.. Lol
    N plzz compare films from the same year or the year n the coming one.. Going by this only mnik was behing tmk n housefull.. N dat too bcoz both of them looked commercial entertainers whereas mnik was a serious drama
    Also look at the films of the stars fearuring in the top 30 shahrukh has 100% 4 out of 4..whereas akshay hav 6 out of u wil count tmk sik but u wil neva count endles ak films like patiala house joker etc etc.. Even if vivek oberoi wil star in 15 films.. 4 or 5 of them might b a success.. Lol

  • HAHK, 3 idiots, Dhoom:3 only movies which were All Time Grossers both in India, Overseas, Worldwide simultaneously.
    Bottom line, no matter how much your PR overworks, you cant change the fact that Aamir and Salman are always ahead than SRK.
    Talk about any Major Hit in Modern Indian Cinema, ATBB or All Time Grosser or Opening, Aamir aur Salman names will appear on Top always.

  • Stardom At its Best.Biggest brand ever.Think no cinema halls in Arab and King is still no 1 there Take a Bow!

  • I m blessed to be srk fan. its very unfortunate to be srk hater. Its very tough to hate someone like srk. Proud to be srk fan.

  • MUMBAI: The MCA’s stand-off with the BCCI on hosting the IPL final at the Wankhede Stadium on June 1 may actually end with an unexpected piece of good news for Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

    The Kolkata Knight Riders’ owner, who was banned from the Wankhede Stadium by the MCA for five years after an altercation with the association’s officials in 2012 post an IPL game involving his team, may be allowed to enter the stadium and watch the final from the stands, even though his ban is officially supposed to end in 2017.

    One of the conditions that the IPL Governing Council (GC) has put forward to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) to change its stance of awarding the final to Bangalore, is that “all the team owners, including Shah Rukh Khan must be allowed entry into the Wankhede for the final.”

    It remains to be seen if the MCA agrees to this condition, since the members Shah Rukh had a tiff with a couple of years back are still around.

    An official, however, didn’t rule out cutting short SRK’s ban to ‘bring back’ the final to Mumbai from Bangalore.

    “We may call a Managing Committee (MC) meeting to end the ban. We will also take MCA president Sharad Pawar’s view on this matter,” he said.

    On Tuesday, the IPL GC, after a meeting at the BCCI office here, decided to defer the decision over the protest letter it received from Pawar on Sunday, after it was announced a day earlier that the IPL final would be shifted to Bangalore from Mumbai.

  • As expected,none of the srk fans talked sense and they are saying multistarrers and music gave bumper openers to welcome and tmk. lol
    No reply

  • @sht : I am not blind but you n some of your mates. You cant understand simple thing that when Salman gave 5 back to back BB srk was struggling to give Super Hits. I dont think there is more evidence or proof is required to prove who can give bigger openings !!!!!!

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