Career best performance of 15 actors

A lot of people have been asking us to pick the career-best performance of the current actors, both male and female, in the industry.  So here you go, we pick the best performance of the top male actors in the industry.

In alphabetical order..

  • Aamir Khan (Rangeela) – It was a tough choice between Rangeela and Lagaan, but there was something magical about Munna. Hard to describe in words, no wonder Aamir was disappointed and decided not to attend award ceremonies when he didn’t win anything for his performance. Watch the film if you haven’t, one of RGV’s best.
  • Abhishek Bachchan (Guru) – arguably the best performance of 2007. He didn’t win any awards, not because his performance wasn’t worthy enough, but because it happened to coincide with an even better performance from Shahrukh Khan in the same year.
  • Ajay Devgn (The Legend of Bhagat Singh) – Widely considered to be the best performance of his career, along with Zakhm, Ajay played the real-life character of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh in ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’. He received the National Film Award for best actor.
  • Akshay Kumar (Hera Pheri) – Paresh Rawal as Baburao Ganpatrao Apte had the best role in Hera Pheri, but as the film progresses you fall in love with Raju. Impeccable comic timing coupled with a restrained performance from Akshay.
  • Emraan Hashmi (Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai) – It was between OUATIM, Awaarapan and his debut film Footpath. Our pick, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. He was fabulous!
  • Farhan Akhtar (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag) – Farhan has impressed in all his films so far, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was by far his best.
  • Hrithik Roshan (Guzaarish) – He deserved all the awards in 2010, didn’t he? Missed out because the film didn’t do well at the box office.
  • John Abraham (Jism) – John’s performance in his debut film was his best, followed by his most popular negative act in Dhoom.
  • Ranbir Kapoor (Barfi) – Tough choice between Rockstar and Barfi!, but the deaf and mute role was so much more challenged. It could have gone so horribly wrong with a lesser actor, but Ranbir nailed it and swept most awards that year.
  • Ranveer Singh (Ram Leela) – He started out with a surprise hit Band Baaja Baraat in 2010, and has only starred in 6 films so far. Ram Leela is easily his best performance so far.
  • Saif Ali Khan (Omkara) – It doesn’t get much better than Ishwar ‘Langda’ Tyagi in Omkara, does it? A once-in-a-lifetime performance and easily the best of Saif’s career.
  • Salman Khan (Tere Naam) – Salman is one of the most under-rated actors in the industry. Watch him in films like Tere Naam, Andaz Apna Apna or even in Dabangg to know why. Not his fault if his audience want to see him in larger-than-life action roles, no?
  • Sanjay Dutt (Vaastav) – Dutt essayed the role of Raghu, a simple boy next door who becomes the King of the Mumbai underworld due to unfavourable circumstances. He lived the character of the underworld Don in this Mahesh Manjrekar’s crime drama with utmost conviction.
  • Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey) – Shahid is one of the most talented actors in the industry, but very few of his performances have received critical acclaimed, except Kaminey where he teamed up with Vishal Bhardwaj.
  • Shahrukh Khan (Chak De India) – That scene when the women’s hockey team wins the world cup, and the camera zoom in on Kabir Khan’s face. His expressions filled with disbelief, joy, emotions.. it had everything.

Do post your own list of favourite performances of all actors in the industry.



  • @everyone, yes, i feel hro’s d2 was also one of my favs as even in an action film,he showed a lot of things. He also won awards and he was well deserved..his eye connection,expression,style,expression,chemistry everything were fab. For top 5, i think i have mentioned gud roles including guzaarish,kmg,cdi,black,ja etc. .d2 was my choice only. N btw,do u people really think any amir’s or rk’s acting should have been in dose 5? Yeah, amir’s lagaan,rk’s barfi n rockstar, srk’s mnik,swadesh,hr’s agneepath are top 10. But not top 5. However, guzaarish was definitely best performance of last 2 decades. That needs some speciality which is present in hr.

  • @jc:i am not saying ranvir was bad. But he had done a bit overacting. His dialogue delivery was poor in some scenes. And have u watched lootera? He was perfect in it. Many people complain dat he sounds slow.but dat was needed in film.
    U are wrong about hr. U should watch your bhai’s masala n hr’s agneepath n compare it. Hr was great in guzaarish,ja,agnee,d2,lakshya etc too other dan kmg.

  • @sky aka aks: all have their own choice. And do u think your sahir,samar in d3 should have been there?

  • PLZ make the female best performances available now n hrithik rocks in koi mil gaya agneepath krrish n guzaarish srk in my name s khan chak de india

  • Although i’m a hrfan.still, i wasn’t disappointed when ranbir for barfi won filmfare over hro for agneepath. Yeah,hro was great in agneepath and i expected for hr. But it’s okay. Artistic movies are easily more preferrable than masala.

  • Hrithik is gr8 In versatile roles and acting in that character, no matter movie is hit, flop, Blockbuster or atbb, or average,
    best acting starting from career,
    1. Knph, won ol awards,
    2. Mission kashmir, just watch movie
    3. Fiza, must watch, hrithik, karishma both are awesm, bro – sis, their acting.. And storyline of movie,
    4. K3G, nothing to say hr won filmfare, awsm dance, acting his emotions wen truth reveals each time front on his close ppls,
    5. Kmg, no words, won many award,
    6. Lakshya,
    7. Krrish, 1st ever watch superhero with awesome style, and as rohit best acting in movie, won iifa award,
    8. Dhoom 2, awesome versatality in 1 movie with various characters and with different voice, dfrnt acting skill for difrnt character as change that getup, won many awards,
    national award, international golden minbar award, made wax staue in madam tussauds only legends places thr wax statue in madame tusa…
    9. Jodha Akbar, words are less,
    10. Kites, best romantic movie after titanic in world, Their emotions, understanding, bonding of couple everything, stunts action scenes, Hrithiks looks beard nd classy, dance, totally given fi8 to hollywood… Doesnt matter earning, last scene climax of movie awesome, who want to understand thr language from heart then its best ever bollywood romantic movie,
    11. Guzaarish, win some awards, admin said ri8 for it, its best performance of Hrithik and best of running decade,
    12. Agneepath, dont want to say just watch movie… Best performance of 2012,
    13. Znmd, i 4got it, as business person, cool stylish looks, acting flawless, personality attracts you, lovelly guy..
    14. krrish 3, not in his top 5 performance bt include 2013’s top 3 performance, best as rohit, mature as rohit, we felt sm litl difrnce in rohit’s character as he grow old he take change in character as oldie…
    15. Bang Bang, Hope Hrithik will do dhoom again as spy… Agent… Cming with salsa Dance style, sngs wl b awsm dis time in mvie hollywood reflection would be cming through movie… best versatality mean Hrithik..

  • akshay best performance

    mai khiladi tu anadi

    khiladiyon ka khiladi


    khiladi 420

    sabsai jyada sangharsh mai

  • My favorite performances of these actors from the movies I’ve seen:
    Salman Khan- Tere Naam/ Dabangg.
    Aamir Khan- Rangeela.
    Abhishek Bachchan- Yuva.
    Ajay Devgn- Company.
    Akshay Kumar- Hera Pheri.
    Emraan Hashmi- Can’t choose between Awaraapan & Shanghai.
    Farhan Akhtar- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
    Hrithik Roshan- Koi Mil Gaya.
    John Abraham- No Smoking.
    Ranbir Kapoor- Rockstar.
    Ranveer Singh- Lootera.
    Saif Ali Khan- Omkara.
    Shahid Kapoor- Kaminey.
    Shahrukh Khan- Swades.

  • @sss : You always bring your own gabberish & idiotic theories to support srk & find loopholes in every actor. If you think srk is some kind of super power let it be but keep it your dreams dont try to even post it on indicine. Learn to accept every one’s hard work. Oh !! I forgot you being a blind & fanatic can never do that !!!!!

  • Aamir Khan — Lagaan
    Abhishek Bachchan — Guru
    Ajay Devgn — The Legend of Bhagat Singh
    Akshay Kumar — Namaste London
    Emraan Hashmi — Once upon a time in Mumbai
    Farhan Akhtar — Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
    Hrithik Roshan — Lakshya
    John Abraham — Madras Cafe
    Ranbir Kapoor — Barfi
    Ranveer Singh — Band Baaja Baarat
    Saif Ali Khan — Omkara
    Salman Khan — Tere Naam
    Sanjay Dutt — Vaastav
    Shahid Kapoor — Jab We Met
    Shahrukh Khan — Swades

  • Each & Every actor has worked hard to entertain us. We are fortunate to see so many stars with different skills, styles, technics, charisma on big screen.

    Big B – overall Deewar is his finest performance but in recent he stunned audiences with his performance in Black.

    Aamir – For me Lagaan first then Sarfrosh rest are all perfectly done. I like him as DJ in RDB too.

    Srk – CDI & Swades then Veer Zaara. Loved him in Mohabbatein too. Rest are all good but some over the board like Chaahat & Raam Jaane !!!!

    Akshay – Namaste London & Jaanwar outstanding performances. There is no one in Btown who can beat his comic timing after Govindaa.

    AJ Devgaan : One of the finest actor, if Zakhm was an epic performance TLOBS was speechless. His eyes expression has more presence than his body language.

    Saif – Dil Chahta Hai, he not only re-invented himself but gave a new dimension to supporting cast. Hum Tum & Omkara are praise worthy too.

    Emraan – Awaarapan, single handledly carried entire movie. In OUATIM had AJ too which took some shine out of Emraan’s performance. Jannat was also one of his best. Emraan has come a long way from serial kisser to power hungry Shoaib !!!!!!

    Ranbir – To be honest I find his acting more funny than serious. Though loved him in Rajneeti. Could be a future superstar (thanks to media).

    Shahid – Almost lost ground but still hanging there. Kaminey & Fidaa was mind blowing performances !!!!!

    Hrithik – My second favorite, name a skill which Hrithik doesn’t have or cant do. A complete star with power packed performances, KNP, KMG, JA, Lakshyaa !!!! Guzaarish may be good but it was more suitable for Art movies audience.

    Salman Khan – Even Indicine agrees ‘Not his fault when his fans’ wanna see him in larger than life roles. Such is a persona of Salman. Undoubtedly Tere Naam was most powerful & intense performance of Salman followed by tough cop in Dabangg. He surprised even critics with his performance in Jab Pyaar Kisi se Hota Hai (one of my fav movie). Salman is termed as Entertainer than an Actor but if given ample roles he has proved he can give stellar performance too. But audience loves Salman, the Rockstar than Salman, the Actor !!!!!!

    Having said it none of the above can match 3 finest actors in acting department. Guess who ?? Irrfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai & Nawazuddin but these 3 also cant match the star power the above stars command.

    Ranveer is still a rookie but have great future hence cannot be considered in same league as these superstars & megastars !!!!!!!

  • I think Emraans best career performance is either Shanghai or Awarapan. Rest of his movies are awesome too. But Shanghai and Awarapan were the finest. No other actor is capable of doing so. Neither Salman, SRK nor even Amir!

  • Abhishek & John never attained superstar stardom but Guru & Jism proved there is an ample talent in both which they have been wasting from so many years.

    Farhaan – Sorry to missed him. The powerhouse of acting. Rock On & BMB characters have etched in audience minds. Very sensible & simple actor which makes his acting skills talk rather looks or family background !!!!!

  • SRK – Chak De India
    Aamir- Ghajini
    Salman – Tere Naam
    Hrithik – Guzaarish and Koi Mil Gaya
    Sanjay – Vaastav
    Ranbir – Barfi
    Saif Ali -Kal Ho Na Ho
    Akshay – Ajnabee

  • hrithiks best perfforances

    1. Guzaarish 2010
    2. Koi Mil Gaya 2003
    3. Fiza 2000

    Sanjay best performances
    Mission Kashmir

  • @nipin senior You rate Hritics performance in that Fly Documentary as better than Ranveers Lootera act…? So what was this 9 months of non stop ranting n raving like mad craziness everytime Lootera was being snubbed all about then…?

    Your blindness for spoon fed hritic n biasedness knows no bounds it seems…!

  • @nipin senior contradictions galore today coming from your big gob.

    Your list is even funnier than the Pro Lootera mantra you were chanting during the past 9 months when ‘nipin junior’ was inside ‘sakhi rawant’…!

    Surprised you didnt have 5 hritic films in your top 5 n you could have included Kites in there and use the artistic style angle over masala substance angle but wait you already used that arguement to include Agneepath as an artistic film n not masala so you must find another rationale for including Kites into your crappy list…! :-P

  • Ok for the record heres my list but I wont bother about a top 10 or top 15 actors best performance list as we all know just the Top 5 matters so here it is.

    1- Aamir Khan- Lagaan (Rangeela was good GRANTED but as Munna I felt the role was too easy for him or maybe he made it look so comfortable but in Lagaan you can see the struggles in trying to pull of the character in every scene so it made it look that much better)
    2- Akshay Kumar- Ajnabee (the wife swap angle was unique n it needed a villainous portrayal by Akki so for me it was better than his Mohra, Hera Pheri or Dhadkan performances)
    3- Hrithik Roshan- Jodhaa Akbar- when I heard about this film being in the works I feared a Troy type movie with an ago centric Akbar type role but Hrithik was calm, cool n collective like a Russell Crowe from Gladiator- sublime performance n his best work ever- JA was Hrithiks equivalent to what MEA was for Dilip Kumar- ICONIC.
    4- Salman Khan- HAHK- for those of us young enough to remember the MPK magic from early 90s thought bhai could not give us another Prem type performance were truly mistaken as his HAHK Prem brought back those cheerful memories once again to our hearts n houses. Bhai truly rocked
    5- Srk- Not Swades n not CDI as I found both films a drag but strangely I loved his KHNH Aman performance the best. Cant say why but guess love was in the air for me in those days n the way he played that role of Aman brought a tear to my eye- truly great stuff.

  • 1. SRK: Bazigar,muhabbte,dewdas(better than dilip kumar dewdas),swadesh,cdi and mnik. Aamir:lagan,sarfrosh and ghajni. Hrithik:kmg,JA,Agneepath. Hrithik is 4th complete actor after dilip sir,amit g and Srk.

  • Ranbir Kapoor-Barfi(Baap Of All Roles)
    Hrithik Roshan-Dhoom2
    Shahrukh Khan-Devdas
    Salman Khan-Dabaang
    Aamir Khan-Lagaan

  • @babaji_nipin :p why you’re showing poor favourites :p thats too much funny:D use 1 id in here.ranveer’s ramleela perfomance was awasome.ranbir is bigger star&performer than hrithik.please don’t cry.

  • @Ankan Ask this question to hrithik,100% sure he’ll also rate ranbir’s barfi role.don’t post funny comment.not only critics,recently aamir khan said ranbir’s barfi role is inspiring.maximam superstar stars like shahrukh,salman,madhuri,amitabh,farhan,vidya etc everyone praised barfi role.i think you’ve not seen barfi.must watch it then comment.this role was also huge popular in 2012.he won maximam 97% awards in that year.So,stop your joking.

  • 9.Once Upon A Time In Mumbai(Ajay Devgan)
    10.Taare Zameen Par
    12.Chak De India
    14.Munnabhai M.B.B.S
    15.Mother India (Nargis)
    17.Tere Naam
    20.Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

    3.Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
    4.My Name Is Khan
    8.Kal Ho Naa Ho

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