Can Ra One beat Bodyguard and 3 Idiots?

Our inbox has been bombarded with the same questions – ‘Can Ra One beat Bodyguard’ is the most asked question and a close second is  ’Can Ra One beat 3 Idiots’. Here is what we think.. 

Ra One vs 3 Idiots

  • While 3 Idiots was liked by 9 out of 10 people, Ra One – at best – is being liked by 5 out of 10 people and even that is debatable.
  • The regional versions have crashed and some small but key territories have witnessed drops Friday onwards.
  • At single screens, Ra One opened well but the trending is unlikely to be close to as good as 3 Idiots.

200 crores at the Indian box-office looks highly unlikely. 3 Idiots record is safe, all eyes on Don 2 now.

Ra One vs Bodyguard

  • Bodyguard’s record is well within reach, especially since the Salman Khan starrer had big competition from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Ra One has none until Rockstar on 11th October.
  • Bodyguard performed better at single screens, while Ra One is expected to fare better at multiplexes. If Ra One manages to sustain on Monday and then the following weekdays, it has good chances of going past Bodyguard.

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  • Aaj kal har koi low budget ki hi film bnate hai, aaj kal 10-12 cr ki film bnaker 10-12 cr ka profit ker lete hai but s rk ne kya socha ki 200 cr ki film bna ker 10-12 cr profit ker lenge- hi hi hi ha ha hooo

  • salman khan best film tere naam, wanted, mujhse shaadi karogi, ready, dabanggg, and bodygaurdd, and many others salman is the box office king

  • srk fans ke liye khuskabri ki no.1 pe ja chuki hai lekin neeche se no.1 is the super flop movie of 2011

  • i am waiting to salman khan againest film , salman bhai koi new film don2 ke sath release karo- tab don 2 bhi flop hogi

  • Now it is clear that Ra.One is not going to come close to the record of 3 Idiots. In my opinion, SRK had a wonderful opportunity to do so, but failed for the following reasons:
    1. SRK failed to understand a very important lesson from 3 Idiots. In order to sustain box office collections beyond the first week, a film must have a good script and strong performances from all the lead actors. A one-man show with a poor script will not sustain the audience interest for 2.5 hours, and consequently, will bomb at the box-office after the hype evaporates through word-of-mouth.
    2. It seems to me that SRK has surrounded himself with sycophants who can only sing his praise and therefore cannot give him correct feedback, so important for a movie’s success. In contrast, Aamir Khan recently responded to negative feedback about some new project of his and asked his director to tone down the emotional content of the TV show. Here is a quote from Times of India:
    “Aamir Khan seems to have taken his Mr Perfectionist tag too seriously. The actor-filmmaker and now television host has decided to rework the pilot for his upcoming television production since his close friends and staff found it a little too emotional.”
    3. A second important lesson that SRK should have understood was from the failure of Blue, which was technically a marvel with fantastic deep-sea scenes. But at least in the Indian context, mere technical excellence will not sustain audience interest if the script is weak, as was the case with Blue.

  • bollywood main three kings hai 1) aamir 2) salman 3) akshay

    shahrukh ? shahrukh sirf bandar jaisi chalange marta hai sirf naam ka king hain abe apna thobda dekh shishe main sale tuzse to rajpal yadav acchi acting karta hai aur dikhta bhi hain ?
    shahrukh tum sirf dusro ke sath compittion rakhte ho but u r a looser. tum jaise hero ke kaise fan ho sakte hai yaar aur hain bhi to tension mat le kuch din baad they return to joined in aamir or salman fan club. samzha. sale in tino bhai ke saath life main kabhi khujana nahi nahi to sale aisa gayab ho jayega aur log kahenge shahrukh tha. samja apni aukaat me reh .

    salman = bhai of bollywood and best being human u r aal time best
    aamir= king of acting and aal time king of bollywood
    akshay= perfect macho man and best man in bollywood

  • salman bhai ne all top actors aur top actress ko ek sath ramp per la diya ,kya srk mai dum hai ki poora b.wood la sake ek jagey per ,salman ka bollywood mai rutva hai, poora bollywood unse darta hai, acche acche actor, directer, producer, and more sab salman ki dabangai jante hai unke samne koi bolne ki bhi himmet nahi karta

  • dheki faltu film lagi sirf ki entry ke 6 sec acche lage, poori picture mai itna maar khaya ki kuch mat kaha , khabi toh lga ki, superhero nahi hai, ne ko bahut dhoya, super hero wo hota hai jo poori film mai na petey , bulki vilen ko dhoye per srk toh khud dhulte hai ,

  • dekhi faltu film lagi sirf ki entry ke 6 sec acche lage, poori film mai itna mar khaya ki kuch mat kaha , khabi toh lga ki, superhero nahi hai, ne ko bahut dhoya, super hero wo hota hai jo poori film mai na petey , bulki srk toh khud dhulte hai ,

  • dabangg ,bodygaurd, ready ,wanted mai salman bhai kisi bhi vilen se ek thapad bhi nahi pda,aisa superhero hona chahiye

  • oh god srk jaisa superhero se public ko bachao kyuki ye hero public ko bachata nahi bulki public isse bachati hai poori film mai ek baccha iss hero ko bachata hai

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