Can Ra One beat Bodyguard and 3 Idiots?

Our inbox has been bombarded with the same questions – ‘Can Ra One beat Bodyguard’ is the most asked question and a close second is  ’Can Ra One beat 3 Idiots’. Here is what we think.. 

Ra One vs 3 Idiots

  • While 3 Idiots was liked by 9 out of 10 people, Ra One – at best – is being liked by 5 out of 10 people and even that is debatable.
  • The regional versions have crashed and some small but key territories have witnessed drops Friday onwards.
  • At single screens, Ra One opened well but the trending is unlikely to be close to as good as 3 Idiots.

200 crores at the Indian box-office looks highly unlikely. 3 Idiots record is safe, all eyes on Don 2 now.

Ra One vs Bodyguard

  • Bodyguard’s record is well within reach, especially since the Salman Khan starrer had big competition from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Ra One has none until Rockstar on 11th October.
  • Bodyguard performed better at single screens, while Ra One is expected to fare better at multiplexes. If Ra One manages to sustain on Monday and then the following weekdays, it has good chances of going past Bodyguard.

Stay tuned for more on Ra One. Hope you have liked our coverage so far, do drop in your comments below.



  • @srkrulzurass..u knw urself…where did it get 170cr ur dreams right?..according to,it’s hindi version is not anywhere near bodyguard…it is more than 4cr less… extended weekend(hindi)-81cr…while tamil and telugu is coming out lower than expected at may 4.2cr..making it 85.2cr while bodyguard extended weekend by boxofficeindia is 85.5cr..i know srk fans wil b askin themselves how could it be…both it’s hindi version and addition of tamil+ telugu version couldn’t beat bodyguard only hindi… is d biggest flop i av ever seen….As for boxofficeindia and me…we only go 4 hindi bcos in tamil also was released both in hindi and tamil…also telugu…so i only compare d hindi going by hindi version… is 4.5cr lesser than bodyguard…biggest disgrace of all time…by this..i could proudly say dat is the biggest disaster of 2011

  • Salman and Amir fan just read this, well you all are say king khan is salman and Amir actually you need go hospital and check your mind because your all are fucking crazy you all know king khan is Srk name
    Srk have many fan in uk USA Canada Australia not only at india

    Salman kid my ass

  • Salman and Amir fan just read this, well you all are say king khan is salman and Amir actually you need go hospital and check your mind because your all are fucking crazy you all know king khan is Srk name
    Srk have many fan in uk USA Canada Australia not only at india

    Salman kiss my ass

  • Srk make history by boxoffice collection of five dayz 170 cror nett . . .wher z lallu fan of 85 cror nett of 5 dayz. . . .


    HA HA HA …

  • aamir and salman are rocking……aamir is the superstar of classes and salman is the superstar of masses…but srk never had that class of aamir and after ra one,he will loose his mass appeal also..
    so,aamir and salman both will rock.

  • is the best ever movie in the indian cinema.iam suprised that they r comparing it to the third class films like bodyguard ,dabanng.srk rocks woh salmaan ki tarah south ki film nakal karta definately gonna break all the records.salla nakachee salman

  • the most luckiest star of indian cinema is definitely salman khan…
    Doesnt kno acting
    doesnt kno dancing
    doesnt hav hair
    But still he is a hero in bollywood… Thanks to south indian films…

  • @wiz poka (change your name ti wiz pakau).. ha, ha, ha , i know you got the shock of your life, see i myself had not cooked this story, eros has declared this just go to indiatoday, imdb, indiainfoline, bollyspice, economictimes.indiatimes etc etc, salman gandu fans were just talking about boi and 85 crores domestic nett blah blah but you assholes forgot overseas power of srk and truth is ra one indeed has collected 170 crores worlwide as per eros.

  • people don’t know about ra one collection in all world wide its 170 crore…..137.5+32.5=170.137.50 is the collection of india gross net of 96 crore in india in 5 days……i have seen in ero entertatment lmtd company…….so ra have the great chance of 500 crore collection in world wide….it will break 3 idiots record very soon.

  • @ indicine…….bodyguard has more collections than dabangg in both domestic and overseas market but still it has not been declared an all time blockbuster officially, though some sites have declared it an atbb…why is it …is bodyguard really an ATBB….how is RA.1 doing in overseas…please reply indicine team

  • If raone collection is less 180crs it will be just hit not superhit so it s dificlt in 2011most successful film 1.bodyguard 2.ready 3.singham 4.don 2 5.ra one

  • Sab salman ke fans ne jan luta di ra one flop karne ke liye, lekin ra one ne 170+ crore kama hi liye. Aur negative marketing karo , ra one aur kamayega

  • @ Kingkhan hahahaha who said salmaan n amir r king khans ROFL

    lagta hai salmaan fans ko bahut shauk hai unki ko kingkhan kehne mein………that is name given to our very own SRK not for all the bhikari road khans……..shameless doosron ki naam ko chori nahin karte:P

  • both films r different. can any one do experiment like srk?
    and what about overseas reports? RA 1 have settled records In overseas and also 92 crore net in INDIA in 5 days.
    bodyguard,ready etc lacks story as well as good acting. please compare the performences among all these movies. RA1 is an international standard movie. it will live forever in people hearts and brains.
    and one thing more. . . . . dont compare 3 idiots with salman khan rubbish movies. it is a fact that
    3 idiots was a great movie. u people r just discussing buisness of films which indicates that u people dont have any idea of good and bad film. so finally RA1 and 3 IDIOTS beats salman khan films in all departments. please comment honestly about films.

  • SRK has lifted the standard of bollywood film to meet the standard of Hollywood. Now SRK’s DON2 is being ready to compete Tom Cruise’s MI4. Why you guyz comparing kING Khan with Bodyguard Khan..

  • Wizpoka..
    r u unemployed..busy writing such long one is even reading them..
    not even Sallu fans..coz they cant read ..English..

  • I really liked movie becoz dis is the 1st time in our bollywood noticeing a movie like international standards with great vfx specially the 3d and there is now comparison with bodyguard becoz both r difrent genre movie and far better than bodyguard. is creating new records it grossed 170cr world wide. Surely it wil beat 3 idiots records and remains the best of the year

  • @SalmanFans
    The cost of is 125 crores. Shahrukh told taran adarsh in recent interview if u r talking about cost of film then let see how recover it’s cost. Distributor Rights:77 Crores Satellite Rights:38 Crores Music Rights:7 Crores

    Overall:77+38+7=122 Crores

    So can’t be flop as ra,one already recover it’s cost and it collects 170 crores worldwide in just five days.

  • My name is Ikram Khan ……. man if SRK or Salman’s film will be very business So no use to me or are you all? Plz do not waste your time … for others films

  • shahrukh has d largest fan following exceeding 300 million worldwide… even greater than brad pitt n tom cruise…
    he is a worldwide brand….
    raone is an international level movie needn’t to b compared with bodyguard but 3 idiots was terrific….
    hats off for srk for his guts…
    shahrukh can recover its production cost even if it is released outside india only..
    wanted dabang ready bodyguard n now ek tha tiger all got boring kinda action…
    its truly inhumane… john lifted pulsar salman would b thinking of tata nano in its upcoming movie…
    this is the reason why foriegn actor call our movies rubbish…. standard of bodyguard and raone are incomparable…
    srk rocks.. sallu not need to be frustated bad for health… you should better work hard

  • @aashkaran,i don’t really hav ur time…when the final verdict by all trades comes out then we can talk…u urself know dat trend is very poor in hindi then y are u arguing with baseless can sunday collection be that low when big movies jumps abt 20-25% on sunday..think and trendin good or poor? unbiased and answer correctly..waitin 4 ur reply..thanks

  • —————————————-SHAHRUKH – THE REAL KING OF BOLLYWOOD—————-

    From Past 18 Years after Arrival of SRK as Baazigar I Am Hearing Who Is The KING OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and again

    But I Have Not Yet Heard That……….
    AAMIR or SALMAN , AJAY or AKSHAY AND So On…………….
    Every Time The Question Arise Who Is Leader Of BOLLYWOOD…
    SHAHRUKH Is Always There In 1st Place Compared To Others Actors……….

    It Is Simple That SHAHRUKH Was and Will B The UNDISPUTED KING OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    —————————————-SHAHRUKH – THE REAL KING OF BOLLYWOOD—————-

  • Its possible to break 3 idiot is going like a storm.and it should be not competiton with bodyguard is a disaster movie

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