Can Bodyguard beat Ready, Dabangg?

With less than 2 weeks to go for Salman Khan’s next release – Bodyguard – its time for some box office predictions. With the film releasing over the extended EID weekend, the 5 day weekend is expected to be record breaking.

Even an average of 11 – 12 crores nett per day would mean a 55 – 60 crore weekend! We expect both the weekend and Week 1 record, currently held by Dabangg, to be broken.

Having said that, the problem for Bodyguard is the fact that there are no open weekends. Most of the record breaking films like Dabangg, Golmaal 3, Ready and 3 Idiots had absolutely no competition for weeks.

Bodyguard faces tough competition from Yashraj Films Mere Brother Ki Dulhan which is scheduled for release on September 9th. A week later, Mausam starring Shahid and Sonam Kapoor is lined up to hit screens. Although Bodyguard is likely to remain the first choice at single screens, the release of two biggies would mean lesser shows at multiplexes. The number of shows would then depend on the audience verdict.

Hence, if the lifetime records set by Ready and Dabangg are to be broken, the film has to be liked (read strong content).

Going by the hype the promos have created and the popularity of the music, we expect Week 1 (9 days) to be around 80 – 85 crores. A detailed prediction will be published just before the release of the film.

What do you think of 85 crores in Week 1, unrealistic or possible? Can Bodyguard beat Ready and then Dabangg? To what extent will the release of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Mausam affect Bodyguard? Tell us in the comments section below.

Bodyguard starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor is set for release on 31st August 2011. The film also has Katrina Kaif in a special appearance.



  • up dude..
    I adrealined r u feeling..before ur salman’s that doesnt mean..u ..give rough and huge figures..85cr 5 days..
    C’mon man..
    Even Biggie Ra.One is expected 65-70cr for 5days..which is releasing on record scale..much bigger scale than BG

  • @ashakiran…dude y don u jus fuck off frm dis thread,u bloody srk moron..jus give us a break man..a humble request to al the bhai’s fans”jus ignore dis losers comments cos he cant digest bhai’s sucess”

  • aashkaran: hahaha…
    I say i’m a common man..
    And i’m everywhere in india…Not onlyone city
    Tum perday hazaron common man ko dekhte ho..phir bhi puchte ho which city i’m from… !
    I want to know..
    U tell me plz !
    r u an indian or bhutani ???

  • @aashkaran,u c wat i always say abt u…mind ur business…we saying it wil av 85cr even 100 is possible…wat’s ur business… is nt BG.if is makin 60 to 70 cr..dat is nt our business but we are tellin u dat BG wil make more,so why are u jealous?…simple,mind ur biz…tank u

  • @aashkaran,are u really obsessed abt salman dat u can not let go…common dude,u got real problems…u said BG was recieved wit mixed reviews..av u being checking websites wre BG has being topping most awaited films…i’m nt sayin the trailer was betta than dabangg but wat do u expect…dabangg cannot be compared to BG bcos they av different story…dabangg is pure action bt BG is more of a romance film…was d third golmaal review has d first…no but clearly the income of the third(107cr) was much more than d first(32cr) but stil d first was much better…so dat is d situation here,wanted(68cr) was much better than dabangg(140cr) but wat was d income difference…so aashkaran wen u talk,use common sense…jst wait nd see nd stop blabbering…tanks

  • aashkaran ra1 is biggie kyu mazak krta he yr yaha joke maarna mana he :):):):) BODYGUARD aane wali he aashkaran tayar hoja 5day weekend 85cr hogaaaaa ,.,ab teri jal rahi he tb teri fatjaye gi :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • We’ll see..
    tumhara Salman Katrina laaya..BG ke liye..
    Humhar SRk..Akon leaayaa..farak toh yahaan se start hogya..

    Tum sab SRK ke page mein bura bolte ho ..toh tumhare Sallu ke page mein aake thorda bola toh..tum toh itna insecure hogye/

    chalo btw…tum apne bhai ko karo support..
    and I’ll expect ki it doesnt turn out to be..another Wanted sequel type movie..

    And..about the collections..I’ll meet u here see ur faces when my prediction goes right..

  • :):):):):):) aaskaran mai bhi yahi miluga jb bodyguard atbb ho jayegiiiiiii aur tu bhagta phireeeeeeegaaa :):):) 5day 85cr hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr currrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :) :D :D

  • @aashkaran,pls if u want to talk to me…talk in pure english and secondly…it’s today dat i realised ur true color…wen u first came to dis site…u said u love all khans…liar..u are just a mere chameleon who changes color…pretender..thirdly,wen u love all khans,pls wat justifies u to call salman a criminal…u av personally done worse things than he has done…do u tink srk dat u are worshipping is nt a criminal…he is more than a criminal…he is jst a mere coward lyk u who does evil things in d back nd tend to show to d world dat he is gud so dnt criticise any actor bcos u are nt beta dan him….so pls mind ur business…u born liar…i always kip it cool…but u overstepped ur boundary..tanks

  • WizPoka..I dont wanna write bad..but..u knw..when I visited Indicine site..few hrs ago..I was blown to see..anti SRk comments on Ra.One..plot waala thats why..I wrote it to make u realise..tht u r the one who start it..
    as for the bodyguard..I also know its BB for sure..and super hit at minimum..but whats the fun..dont u wanna see ur bhai get out off this south ko copy kro image..for his betterment..

    mere bhai..
    jab picture release hoti haina..toh 3 din rush hota hai..fir no. of people who have seen the film rise..and those who are yet to see..falls..
    so dont expect keep earning at 17cr everyday..thts ..bloody..imaginative..take an abd of 11-11.5 or at max 12cr everyday..for the weekend.. logical..if u want..I can even predict..daily breakup for u..

  • @aashkaran….listen v sallu fans r least bothered bout srk nd his movies…so y the hell r u srk fans pokin in dis thread….get some life u freakin losers

  • @ashkaran::: u r a nonsense & frustrated….go & hav some life eill be a huge hit…it wud definitely earn 150 cr……..srk is an ugly gay monkey….very arrogant…..he will get fucked when ra1 will bomb…….so wait & watch…..& pls dont call sallu impotent…..i told u that why he is not married yet…it’s unfortunate..his lovelife has been painful….ur srk is the gay-king of the world….. ra1 will surely bomb………..inshaallah
    & let me tell u devdas,don were remakes…& mnik was also a poor remake of a hollywood film called forest gump may b…
    so stop barking..salman is far more good looking & far better person than ugly gay monkey srk….

  • @ashkaran::: u r a nonsense & frustrated….go & hav some life eill be a huge hit…it wud definitely earn 150 cr……..srk is an ugly gay monkey….very arrogant…..he will get fucked when ra1 will bomb…….so wait & watch…..& pls dont call sallu impotent…..i told u that why he is not married yet…it’s unfortunate..his lovelife has been painful….ur srk is the gay-king of the world….. ra1 will surely bomb………..inshaallah
    & let me tell u devdas,don were remakes…& mnik was also a poor remake of a hollywood film called forest gump may b…
    so stop barking..salman is far more good looking & far better person than ugly gay monkey srk….
    salman rocksssss…….

  • All the Sallu Bhai’s Fan r take my love & greeting. i read all the comments, i hope “Body Guard” will be huge Hit. May be ATBB. But i want to say it will be cross 150cr mark easily,may be Cross 200cr mark. but 80-85 cr weekend it’s looking like Impossible… plz all the bhai’s Fan r be realistic. If we r post That Kind of amount in weekend & suddenly( hope not) that will not happen then surely SRK’s Fan r going to be fun of us. we said that…….. “Body Guard” will be the Biggest weekwnd Ever……. But 80-85cr not possible. 5 day totals May be___ 1st-13,2nd-18,3rd-16,4th-14,5th-14 Total 75( may be). 75 cr if happen then it should be very difficult to others to beat “Body Guard” records.And end of the liftime it will be bigger because 75+25cr+ (4 week days)= 100+ ……… week “MRKB” i think it also take good start beside “Body Guard”. but End 2nd week 150 cr very possible…….. then it should bigger.
    This is the 1st time post “HAHK”…….. “Body Guard” is the going to great Business on Overseas. Because It’s have great Emotional attachment. i saw its malayalam & tamil remake that why i m sure it’s will be well excepted on overseas. siddique also a very good director so……… cheers For Salman Bhai & His Fans. Please Take My Comments in ur Favour
    & Last Keep away Yourself From @aashkaran (who is insecure SRK’s Fan). whom try to get down us besides SRK’s Fan.
    But we Sallu’s Fan r the Best In the World………… give me some clap

  • BEst of luck to all..we’ll see after 26th Oct..
    and this is because of people like khaleed I make anti-Salman comments..otherwise..I have no ill will against Salman..

    my break up..
    so its weekend comes to be close to 61-63Cr
    and week might end at 88-91cr
    if content is liked..

    if its not would see downfall..from 2nd week..coz highly praised and awaited too..due to youth content..though Bodyguard will enjoy..good run in Single Screens..

    I expect it to end above or near Bodyguard
    i.e 140-150cr or let say 150-160 cr

    its pretty logically written..

    Overseas would be avg..not a big deal..coz These type of films..dont work big time their as Salman’s fan following abroad is not that great..
    it would work excellently in Abu Dhabi..

  • aaskaran bodyguard prerdiction
    wed 16cr+)
    thurs 17cr+)
    fri 16cr)
    sat 16cr)
    sun 18cr to 19cr)
    total=84 to 85 cr :) :) :) :) :) :) ab bolo yrrr :)

  • Yaar Ninja bro..why dont u understand..with each subsequent day..the no. of people who want to see BG will decrease..and who’ve seen bodyguard will the rush of public will grow less after intital days..all the days will not have consistency like 16cr ..
    I believe every day will remain same..with jumps of a crore or half..then subsequently two crore jump on Sunday..

    84-85Cr nahi..I’ll stick hard to 61-63..week is possible to cross 90cr..
    Dabangg’s record is surely broken..and it’s releasing I guess on 1600 prints..same as ready..

    and BTW site working on your PC..
    meri khul nahi rahi error aarha hai..

  • @aashkaran,BG is releasing on 1900prints,300prints overseas…get ur record straight…yeah box office india has nt being working 4 d past 2 days nw…HERO NO 1 4 2011 is salman khan…this poll was conducted nationwide among 19states…and Heroine no 1 4 2011 was katrina kaif…this shows how many pple loves salman…he’s going to win most bankable star 4 2011 and surely one of his film(which i tink is BG wil b no 1 in top grossers)while d second wil b among d top three…watch out 4 anoda clean yr in 2012 4 sallu bhai…wit bodyguard nd ek tha tiger,sallu fans abroad wil b unparallel…he may even b d biggest star overseas…tanks

  • aaskaran wed. and thurs is holyday .,.like dabangg had .,.sat and sun ,.dabang collection jump on sat,.,aur sunday ko sab jante he dabangg ne kitni badi jump maari thi .,.jabki sat ko eid holyday tha .,.boi ne bhi kaha ki saturday big holiday ke baad aisi collection ki umeed nhi thi .,.,.
    yaha tak bodyguard ka swaal he first 2days is holiday ,.,.den friday yr friday ko to film na dekhne wale bhi flim dekhne chale jate he,.,saturday half day den sundayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .,.,.,.,
    aur AASKARAN MERE bhai .BG ka WOM bhut acha hone wala he dekh lenaaaaaaaaaa .,.:):):):):):):)

  • aaskaran bro box office wale setting kr rahe .,.unhe pta he BG namak tufaan aa raha he .,.,kahi sambala na jaye isliye phele hi tyari me jut gye .,.,aa gya re dekho bodyguard.,

  • sunady to pakka 19cr hona chahiye ,.,. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.,.jab 31august aayegi tab sabhi ANNA ko ch@dh kr bodyguard dekhne bhagge geeeeeeeee .,.bodyguard jinda baad:)

  • Ninja..bhai..ab toh 31 ko hi..pata agar 3day weekend hota toh..main bhi sunday ko 19 cr ka satta has 5day weekend..Indicine..waalo ne bhi lagbhag wohi likha hai jo maine likha hai..

    no I dont agree abroad..Salman is most popular (popular se matlab loved) in India..abroad mein..SRK is undisputed (atleast agree on this 8 ATBB and 20Mil$ MNIK)..aur Akki second pe hain..
    Salman is good in Dubai..only..Indian masala doesnt work wonders abroad..exception for SRK..

    and about the polling thing..the most massive all india poll ke result yaahaan dekhlo..aur jaan jaao..

    its undoubtedly the biggest polling..

  • @ashkaran:: i also don’t hav anythng’s because of ur nasty comments i abuse srk..srk is also huge star.. but salman is greater……more good looking & a better person….
    & yes bodyguard will be rocking….but main yehi chahta hu k ye dabangg se v badi hit sabid ho…Aur second week se har film ka downfall aata hai..chahe wo achchi film ho ya buri….so obviously despite being a good film bodyguard will hav a fall in 2nd week….but BG is sure shot an all time blockbuster……

  • Khalled agreed..BG will break Dabanggs record

    but..u said Salman is better person..and more good looking..
    Are movies abt that only..where is the acting ..the most important part..

  • aashkaran: ths time u hv need a doctor…consult a doctor
    Plz go fast…
    Aur bharti ho jao Agra ke mentol hospitol mein
    One word 4 Salman’s actng ” Sallu is the Baap of srk in Acting”

  • @ashkaran:: let me tell u one thing salman is a very good actor as well….tere naam.wanted,dabangg,hddcs,mpk,hahk,msk all this films were salman show…& he did a fab job in all those films…….& bcoz at heart salman is very soft thats why people luvs & adore him…….sallu rocksss….

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