Can Bodyguard beat Ready, Dabangg?

With less than 2 weeks to go for Salman Khan’s next release – Bodyguard – its time for some box office predictions. With the film releasing over the extended EID weekend, the 5 day weekend is expected to be record breaking.

Even an average of 11 – 12 crores nett per day would mean a 55 – 60 crore weekend! We expect both the weekend and Week 1 record, currently held by Dabangg, to be broken.

Having said that, the problem for Bodyguard is the fact that there are no open weekends. Most of the record breaking films like Dabangg, Golmaal 3, Ready and 3 Idiots had absolutely no competition for weeks.

Bodyguard faces tough competition from Yashraj Films Mere Brother Ki Dulhan which is scheduled for release on September 9th. A week later, Mausam starring Shahid and Sonam Kapoor is lined up to hit screens. Although Bodyguard is likely to remain the first choice at single screens, the release of two biggies would mean lesser shows at multiplexes. The number of shows would then depend on the audience verdict.

Hence, if the lifetime records set by Ready and Dabangg are to be broken, the film has to be liked (read strong content).

Going by the hype the promos have created and the popularity of the music, we expect Week 1 (9 days) to be around 80 – 85 crores. A detailed prediction will be published just before the release of the film.

What do you think of 85 crores in Week 1, unrealistic or possible? Can Bodyguard beat Ready and then Dabangg? To what extent will the release of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Mausam affect Bodyguard? Tell us in the comments section below.

Bodyguard starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor is set for release on 31st August 2011. The film also has Katrina Kaif in a special appearance.



  • Saw the trailer of Bodyguard.. sounds good.. better than that silly movie Ready.. will be a blockbuster for sure coz 1) it’s Salman’s power 2) it wl be released during Eid holiday.. so.. I think millions r going to watch it

  • But..! I think the opposite way..!! I’m a huge salman fan..!! But, Bodyguard has been already made in Malayalam, Tamil and also is making in Telugu and Kannada..!! Which means tat the south Indian audiences wouldn’t prefer bodyguard as they have already seen the movie in their respective languages..!! And also the scenes shown in the song ” I LOVE YOU” is the same shown in all these languages..!!So preferably, I wouldn’t go for this film as i have seen the Malayalam version..!!

  • weekend ( 5 days) – minimum 70 crore..

    1st week (9 days) – 100 crore guarantee..

    life time – 150 cr..

  • Well i hv seen the trailor nd i liked that. I liked some of its songs as well. For me i think it is blockbuster for sure. Best of luck to sallu bai. I hope it will be an all time blockbuster.

  • no one film will effect the bodyguard either mere brother ki dulhan or mausam
    bodyguard will break the record of ready dabangg and 3 idoit and it set the record

  • Atbb may but blockbuster is certain,if d audience clicks to it(bodyguard),it wil surely bcome atbb…all d best sallu…i’m certain ek tha tiger wil b all time blockbuster…jst can’t wait…really love d digital first promo..

  • indicine…did u 4gotten..what happened with dil bole haddipa…when wanted was released and we r family preponed bcaz of dabaang…no 1 can beat salman on eid yar….v all look 4 salman film after precious month of ramzan…

  • weekend of bodygurd will be 80 cores.
    and week-120 crores
    lifetime- close to 200 crores
    biggest in the history of indian cinema

  • mbkd multiplex pic he .,.bodyguard SS AUR MULTI dono he .,.so second week bhi SS ME BG ki aandhi chale gi ,.,.aur multiplex me MBKD ke jaisa hi rahe gaa ,.,.MBKD collection kharab ho skti he pr BG KI nhi,.,.,me sure BG KA WOM BHUT ACHA hoga.

  • OF COURSE THAT SO HOPP THERE AND IT SEEMS OVER 200 CR…..WOW IS AMASING FILM Bodygaurd will be break 3 idiots and dabangg records will be all times blockbusters

  • yaa, offcorse
    Coz BodyGaurd Common Man’s Movie hai…
    In India 80% population of common mans…
    So No Doubts.. !
    Salman is Great & Awesome !!!

  • saju dey..stop copying pasting..if u dont have valid points..

    See Bodyguard..has no Dabangg kind of praise..and await..
    Dabangg set buzz on fire wid its promos..while ..Bodyguard was recieved wid mixed reaction..with its fans mostly praising..naturally..
    Bodyguard has no extraordinary chart buster..every song is just abv avg
    What goes with bodyguard is..Salman’s newly found wave..and 9day week
    and what goes against is..MBKD..and Mausam..these have huge await..and like amongst audience..their music and trailers..are already massive..

    my prediction..which hardly goes wrong
    if poor like ready
    5Day-50-55cr (we dont expect salman films to topple in week 1 even though if they’re poor)
    9dayweek 70-75cr
    *will struggle..from next week releases at multiplexes..

    if good like dabangg
    5day-53-57c ( no massive change)
    9dayweek 77-81 cr

    if pathbreaking like 3I
    9day week 80-85cr

    and P.S dont sound foolish by will do 200cr business..100cr week..etc..etc..
    the conditions are not so very favourable for bodyguard..
    no clean release from next week..unlike 3I
    and no..chartbuster song..

  • @akhjhak..Bodyguard common man film..
    Wow..u r such a genious..
    I thought..Swades..CDI..TZP..RDB ..Dhobhi Ghat were common man films..

  • @aashkaran: there r two kind of films..cmmn man film which showcase cmmn man life….and cmmn mans hero…like salman…which showz da herosim..which they can nvr b…but they go hme with a smile…they may nt do or follow salman in their he persued his character but they vil b satisfied..abt the worth of the ticket…salman khan movies are paisa vasool movies…

  • @aashkaran: kya tumne ‘A Wednesday’ nahi dekhi… ???
    must watch ths movie 4 u..
    Common man ka pura biodata & detail tumhe mil jayega dear…
    just wait Eid and then see whats the reall power of BG !!!
    Good or Bad… Evrythng wl be clear…

  • the most common man film..
    but…yeh BG is common man film..
    you often see people hitting air.. ripping of your shirt..jumping from a building..really common..where do u live..I wanna visit and see ur city..where these common things happen..

  • aashkarn teri jal gyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) :) bodyguard 5day weekend 85cr net .,.aashkaran ki jal gyi jal gyi :) :) :)

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