Business Economics of Chennai Express

Released in theatres on 9th August 2013, Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express has broken almost all records that it set out. The film is one of Shahrukh Khan’s biggest hits after ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.

Chennai Express has also exceeded expectations in the overseas markets, where it is the third highest grosser ever after 3 Idiots and My Name Is Khan.

Chennai Express

Coming to the business economics of Chennai Express, UTV and all of the films investors are laughing all the way to the bank.

Detailed info below

  • Total investment: Red Chillies Entertainment sold the ‘world rights’ of the film to UTV Motion Pictures, who invested a total of 105 crores on the film.
  • UTV recovered around 21-22 crores from individual distributors by selling the theatrical rights of all circuits except Mumbai, Delhi/UP and Overseas.

Recovery (Note: All figures are approximates)

  • Music rights: 7 crore
  • Home Video rights: 3 crore
  • Domestic Distributors share: 125 crore (expected)
  • Overseas share: 55 crore (expected)
  • Satellite rights: 50 crore
  • Total recovery: 240 crores

Overall, Chennai Express is a hugely profitable film for all its investors – UTV, Red Chillies, Individual distributors, theatre owners (who also made a killing from snack/drink sales) and for the industry as a whole. What’s staggering is the fact that UTV recovered its huge investment from satellite rights and overseas share alone – the rest including the record-breaking Indian business of the film and various other rights are a bonus!

Verdict: One of the most profitable big-budget films after 3 Idiots. All Time Blockbuster.



  • @Hrithik. When u people compare and talk about risky films then n u will bring Aamir khan on board, when talk about versatality then u ppl bring on Hrithik roshan, when talk about intense acting then u will bring on Ajay devgan, when talk about star power u ppl will bring on Salman khan and when talk about energy then u will bring on Akshay kumar. Arrey we have only Shah Rukh Khan don’t forget that. But today Iam very sad bcuz NVS didn’t watched Chennai express and by telling that he made all Srkians very sad and I think soon we ill be under deep depression

  • you salman fans hide under the viel of amir khan to fight against srk fans,but of no use
    @ all salman fans bookmark this page and here is the challenge
    if not when your salman’s next,i mean azaad breaks 200 zinx i will anounce your salman superior to srk

    dum hai kisi salman fan main to accept my challenge!

  • @hrithik agree with you that srk fans gets chance to say anything as after 5 years since ghajini they get a chance to celebrate
    @suroop very funny Don2 is the suspense thriller before releasing the film its marketed as an action thriller and after watching that i get to know its action thriller though a crap it was beside srk performance nothing is good in that film, and about talaash you forget perhaps that the clash which you srkian talking with ce vs ouatimd it also happened with Talaash as in next week k786 released now don’t say Akshay is not a big star, and you also don’t know that Don2 released on holiday period while Talaash released on probably one of the worst period nov end-dec 2 weeks but still rakes 90+ so if you want to compare than compare logically. and you srkians are not lions because lions doesn’t need to show that who they are its seen by their attitude and you are not one of them. peace

  • @Aks. Don 2 released on holiday period but holiday fall on Sunday. Don 2 is lmmensly liked by its target audience. Talaash is non holiday release and had compeition with akshay movie but khiladi is not big movie like ouaimd ok leave that but what about 3 years gap, 3 idiots good will, huge star cast and still not netted even 100 crs!. If Aamir has star power then where is his star power dissappeared, if aamir had script sense why did his movie underperformed while similar genre movie Vidhya balan’s Kahaani made 70 crs that’s Iam telling u that Aamir fans can’t survive without the support of salman and vice versa

  • @nexus there is no need to salman fans that Salman is no. 1 if you think so, in our opinion salman is no 1 whether he will break ce or not, remeber its first time in history that srk film became highest grosser ever but is this changed srk fans love towards him or does srk get more fan after them, no so genuine fans of particular star remain same whatever the box office result is, for me Salman is most popular actor in India way ahead than srk & Aamir in India, while srk is more popular than salman in overseas but as an Indian audience what happens in India affect us more.

    @TS agree that srk is self made actor and what ever he achieved its a dream for others and i salute for him always though i not like him, and same goes for Akshay as he is also became star at his own, but you comment regarding salman and Aamir comes from family, they got these from their father’s struggle, indian star kids father or mother who belongs to bollywood they made their way on their own as srk did, so what ever Salman,Aamir get in begining from the life spend by their parents but beside that both of them come to this hight in Bollywood with their capablities,their charm and with their movies too. so please not put this unnecessary debate that star kid got easy every thing, prime example is Ranbir as he is talented that’y he got so success in his short career.

  • SRK is finished. He is almost 50. Most of these SRKians will find a new star to root for in a couple of years anyway. Ever seen a 50+ male lead star in big budget hindi movies?

    The real question is, does SRK have talent enough to stick around, as Big B has, and still be viable in hist 60s? Or will he drop from the face of the earth in 2015ish?

  • Ra One was omitted in top 20 films of SRK
    My Name is Khan grossed $29k (4.4m naira) in Nigeria. still highest grosser in Nigeria from

  • @BHAI Salman & SRK both are of same age..if SRK is finished then acc to ur stupid logic Salman is also finished…

    @AKS what we are trying to say is that SRK was in a bad phase still his movies crossed the 100cr mark at the boxoffice & were declared hits & the movies weren’t even masala flicks while on the other hand Salman was giving successful films with only masala pot boilers because he knew if he’s gonna experiment its gonna have the same result as VEER,YUVRAAJ,LONDON DREAMS,MAI AUR MRS KHANNA,HELLO etc & When SRK finally did a masala flick he broke all records…..nd u in ur heart know that Salman can never do movies like Swades,Chak de,Paheli,MNIK,Devdas becoz these kind of movies require acting which Salman is not aware of…

  • Life of Pi (suraj sharma, irrfan khan, tabu) 3800cr worldwide
    You guys are debating over who is king because of 300 or 400cr films,
    nobody is king, end of quarrels.

  • Aamir filmography (significance abroad)
    Lagaan — Nominated for the Oscars, best foreign language film
    Locarno festival award
    Rang De Basanti — Nominated for BAFTA, best non-english language film
    3 Idiots — First movie to finish in top 20 US weekend box office in 3 consecutive
    First movie to gross over $5m in the US, grossed about $6.56m in the US
    First movie to get increase in screen count from 119 in 1st weekend to
    156 in 3rd weekend.
    First movie to cross $2m in China
    First movie to cross $15m overseas
    First movie to cross $25m overseas
    Talaash — Finished in top 20 US box oddice in its first 3 weekends
    $3m grossers (US) – 3 Idiots

  • salman filmography (significance abroad)
    Hum Aap Hain Kaun – First indian film to gross above 5cr overseas
    First actor to have 2 films in the top 15 in the US weekend box office in one year.
    Ek Tha Tiger (14th) and Dabangg 2 (13th) in 2012

  • @zack : agreed Salman cant do Swades, CDI or MNIK but even srk can never do a Tere Naam or Dabangg. Reply back with neutral n honest view n dont be biased. So all three khans are unique n have their respective trademarks. The only advantage srk have is his consistency in overseas market n domestic.

  • @TS: FYI…. Aziz Mirza was a Godfather for your king who casted srk in Raju Bangaya Gentleman (though was not released as his debut movie) . Where is Aziz Mirza now? does your srk even remember him?

  • @Hrithik i m talking abt class movies not masala movies like Dabangg..

    @AKS u call SRK cheap….didn’t AAMIR sued his own father for the custody of his brother? & wasn’t 3I inspired frm Vhetan Bhagat’s novel Five point someone,still chetan wasn’t credited & when chetan tried to raise his voice in media he was humiliated badly by Aamir infront of media…that is called true cheapness…

  • @zack : yeah dude, according to you whatever srk does it is class n if others do it is crap. FYI … Tere Naam was not a masala movie but i wont call it class as well coz i am not a blind fan like you. Tere Naam is cult movie n will be always remembered for Salman’s acting though it was a remake of Sethu. so Swades was also an unofficial remake of a kannada movie coz srk never buys or pays for remake rights unlike Salman.

  • @IMAM : get your facts right. was ETT a masala movie according to you then Don & Don2 should be consider as masala movies.

  • @soroop : forget about what i said about SRk or CE. Even srk fans (except Romance Express who had immense faith about CE) including you are surprised by CE huge success n were not expecting to be huge. I had no dream that Salman bhai will hug srk n break his jinx (panvati). Thankfully one hug did the trick for srk. I never called London Dreams as an art film. It was a musical n neither a remake nor masala as per your fake conclusions. I had called it non Masala movie n still stand by it.

  • Pre-ChennaiExpress Era:SRK was delivering hits but not resounding ones. While Salman was having a Dabangg,Dabangg2,BG,Ready,ETT which were huge affairs,SRK was battling huge negativity with Ra.One in his kitty. To add to it,JTHJ,MNIK and Don2 were hits but considered lukewarm by trade and public alike. Not to forget that they were 100 crore+ grossers except MNIK which had to engage in perception battle with 3I. Media was hailing Salman as new King who was BO God.SRK was said to be in mid life crisis and was deemed to be finished. The pressure of success with respect to peers had started to show on his attitude a bit. Negativity had surrounded him and he had to even leave twitter. Salman fans and the parasites like Aamir,Ajay,Akshay fans tried to ridicule him.His 20 years of kingship was in extreme pressure. SRK was either to perform or perish. People had started talking that an era is over!BOI had started ignoring CE and pitched Besharam,D3 and K3 against each other.

  • Post Chennai Express era:And then the wind of change started blowing.CE arrived. And it started with a bang.Opening Day record smashedSecond Day Record smashed.Weekend record samshed by a distanceFastest 100 crore grosser in 3 days beating ETT which achieved it in 5days.Tremendous Trending.Broke ETT and YJHD..Trolled Dabangg,Dabangg2,BG like a bulldozer.And finally made 3I a history.Biggest Blockbuster Ever in Hindi Cinema with just 1 open week and competition with 3 films.Overseas breaks the myth that masala cinema cannot score–it crossed 100 crore mark.The platform suddenly changed for Salman fans. Aamir and Salman fans challenged us to break Ghajini and Ready,and here we were mauling ETT and 3I.We turned ETT into a forgotten joke. We made 3I history. We broke the myth that Salman is King of Masses. We mocked the fact that SRK cannot give huge grossers.Like a boss we made them shit in their pants. Haters like @srk_ff were seen running for life. Each SRK fan was like a hound on prowl. Salman fans couldn’t bear their star not touching 200 mark in 5 attempts.The real KING was back and how! Salman fans who thought Salman was invincible suddenly sank in deep shit. To ad insult to injury,CEbeat ETT’s distributor share easily.SRK stole all territories almost from Salman.Even a territory like Bihar where even DDLJ was weak once,bowed to our SRK. Don’t forget south where SRK had a thumping victory.Suddenly Salman was out of all top positions and Aamir had already tasteda high profile flop in Talaash. BOI had to eat humble pie.Trade Experts had to bow down to SRK’s star power. Even naysayers like Amul Mohan and others had to accept CE crossed 200 crores.Suddenly Bhai was a forgotten “incident” and SRK regained all that was lost.He was THE PHENOMENON back in Ishhtyle.So what do you expect Salman fans to do. Do you expect them to be happy for us. No! They are frustrated,irritated.They now know ETT is almost a disappointment after such a huge start it had 1 year ago with 3 holidays. They know D2 was a loss maker.They know SRK is back and they know the history.history shows whenever SRK has been fierce,his competitors have been blown to pieces. The only competition SRK had and will have is SRK. So what do they do.They engage in twitter hate spreading. They engage in malicious acts..heinous ideas. They show their class. They act so moronic that pathetic just got a new ambassador in Salman fans. But whatever happened proves a thing.You cannot refute the fact that SRK is the most poupular star of India,infact the most scintillating star in the galaxy in past 20 years. He sells.He makes stuffs sell.He is the necessity of even those reporters who spread hate against him on twitter.He is like a brand that has no replacement.He can be loved or hated but not ignored.He is the greatest phenomenon India has ever seen post Amitabh in Hindi Cinema.You may have ATBB,BB,Hits but you can’t beSRK.To be SRK you first need to understand success the way he does!Keep trending whatever. The truth won’t change. SRK is an event of a lifetime.Others are just occasions. #SRKPrideofIndiahttp://

  • @Zack, of course Salman Khan is also finished. Actually he was pretty much finished until Wanted. After that Dabangg revived his career, and he has done the same type of roles to stay succesful. But once he hits 50 he will be finished as well.

    Tell me of ONE hindi male lead, who has been succesful in his 50s? Who has delivered super hits and BBs? You can’t, can you? Apart from Dharmendra, who for some strange reason managed to stay viable well into his 50s, no one else has managed to do so.

    Bollywood movies are centered around young characters. There is no room for middle aged men running around, romancing younger women.

    Expiry date of female stars are 30ish
    Expiry date of male stars are late 40s to 50ish

    When has SRK, Salman, Akshay and so on, actually played their age in movies? They always portray characters who are younger than their own age. People won’t buy into it when they start looking their own age. Plastic surgery, blackening your hair and make-up can only tak you so far, at the end of they day, if you are 50, you will look 50. Who wants to see a 50 year old SRK play a 30-something bachelor wooing chicks in their 20s? No one.

    SRK in CE portrays the character of a 40 year old. I haven’t seen the movie, but do they actually acknowledge his age, and the age difference between him and Deepika? Do they joke around with what an old fart of a bachelor he is? There is no room for 50-something male lead stars in Bollywood.

  • Rightly said but he shld wrk hard as he has always on difrnt lined too he is vry good actor no doubt waiting to c wid ash in bajiroa mastani

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