Business Economics of Chennai Express

Released in theatres on 9th August 2013, Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express has broken almost all records that it set out. The film is one of Shahrukh Khan’s biggest hits after ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.

Chennai Express has also exceeded expectations in the overseas markets, where it is the third highest grosser ever after 3 Idiots and My Name Is Khan.

Chennai Express

Coming to the business economics of Chennai Express, UTV and all of the films investors are laughing all the way to the bank.

Detailed info below

  • Total investment: Red Chillies Entertainment sold the ‘world rights’ of the film to UTV Motion Pictures, who invested a total of 105 crores on the film.
  • UTV recovered around 21-22 crores from individual distributors by selling the theatrical rights of all circuits except Mumbai, Delhi/UP and Overseas.

Recovery (Note: All figures are approximates)

  • Music rights: 7 crore
  • Home Video rights: 3 crore
  • Domestic Distributors share: 125 crore (expected)
  • Overseas share: 55 crore (expected)
  • Satellite rights: 50 crore
  • Total recovery: 240 crores

Overall, Chennai Express is a hugely profitable film for all its investors – UTV, Red Chillies, Individual distributors, theatre owners (who also made a killing from snack/drink sales) and for the industry as a whole. What’s staggering is the fact that UTV recovered its huge investment from satellite rights and overseas share alone – the rest including the record-breaking Indian business of the film and various other rights are a bonus!

Verdict: One of the most profitable big-budget films after 3 Idiots. All Time Blockbuster.



  • Indicine,release a bulletin to tell that CE is the 1st bollywood movie to go past 400cr worldwide gross milestone.ThanQ! :-)

  • @unknown as i ever said that this movie not deserving collection, i m saying that this is not a product who deserves to call highest grosser movie of all time, and let k3 or d3 came whether they break this record or not but still looking by the trailer of k3, it is interesting to watch and wait for d3 trailer i think things will be clear to you.

    @shehanshah do you know in devdas and Don Big b and Dilip kumar is better than srk who remake them, why r you bringing surya here only south audiences scene Tamil Ghajini and Aamir’s ghajini watched by many so whether he did better than surya or not, doesn’t make a sense. and i think you forget Aamir refused Dar,if he do that srk is not in bollywood till date so stop joking. the right thing is that Aamir can’t do the role srk did in Darr and same like srk don’t have the guts to do a Lagaan,RDB and 3I.

    @ginger agree that ce will only remembered for breaking 3I record not for its content or product.

    @surrop even you also not for first day collection not belong to srk universally most authentic site BOI saying its ETT till now and i agree 2nd day,3rd day or 1st monday,tue etc not genuine record but i put that in the list to some srkians who were talking this as a record when ce was in 1st mon,1st on and for awards is this matter at current looking scenerio, longest running movie do you know sholay is the movie who completed golden jublee in nos of theatres, and DDLJ Maratha mandir is owned by yrf so it will show there always so nothing to cheer about them.
    and for your kind info i already mentioned the overseas collection record surpaased by MNIk but you know 3I released first and highest grosser before MNIK release and 3I surpassed Mnik collection in 2011 when it released to china, so highest grosser overseas from 2011 and japan released this year that boost 3I collection from $25 MIllion to $26 million.

    @anwar don’t be joking you srkians were never been so intelligent or content oriented fellows if that so than srk product like Paheli,Swades couldn’t been flopped, that’s y his craps like CE,JTHJ,Ra one got hit status not swades,paheli etc and that time movie like Main hoon naa,KHNK kinda getting superhits status. anmd even i say most dumb fellows are srkians dude.

  • Hahaha… Lol at srk fans comments. Cheap express is the most luckiest film for its every reason & also the BIGGEST FLUKE HIT ever in bollywood. Taking all the factors into consideration:
    had mr.perfectionist aamir been in this movie instead of srk it would have had collected atleast 230+ crores in india & atleast 100+ crores overseas
    had hrithik been in it, it would have had atleast collected 225+ crores india & 80+ crores overseas
    had akki been in it , then it would have atleast had 200+ in india & 60+ in overseas.
    So what i want to say is: more than srk, it is rohit, deepika, marketing & hype, the widest release & most importantly & luckily the sheer number of holidays it has got which made it to collect that much varna for srk movies even touching 150+ crores in india is a dream. And last but not the least just had the ultimate megastar salman been in it, 250+ crores in india is a guarantee & if not more with atleast 75+ crores overseas collection. I know srk fans cant cant accept this but it is a fact they can never ignore & shouldnt, as every record that ce has will get submerged within 1 year, so till then enjoy the ever-longing dream that has finally become true but unfortunately it will be a short-lived one. First k3, then d3 & then salman’s 2 movies & even rajni kanth’s movie will make sure that ce will be a forgotten history once & for all.

  • The bottom line is CE holds records. Let srk fans rejoice the moment which they got after 4 years whereas Salman fans have been celebrating each year in the last 3 years.

    @aks and @navin : Let them get over excited and abuse whoever they want. If you try to show them reality they will assume we are jealous. They are unable to answer about srk’s stardom during and Don 2 release (both solo and festive) and they want to criticise Salman and Aamir and talk about Janemaan and Don clash days.

    Srk fans : The biggest questions is how long CE will hold records compare to 3 Idiots’ 4 years as All Time Highest Grosser (Domestic & Worldwide) ? Let time comes and the tide will change !!!!!!

  • @ asks….u cant ignore that CE smashes 3 idiots 202 cr……then u just keep calm na…whenever whoever breaks it!Speak when CEs record is broken OK…..till then accept that CHENNAI express is the highest grosser of bollywood….hahahahAmuhahahahuhahaha.

  • @ asks….u cant ignore that CE smashes 3 idiots 202 cr……then u just keep calm na…whenever whoever breaks it!Speak when CEs record is broken OK…..till then accept that CHENNAI express is the highest grosser of bollywood….hahahahAmuhahahahuhahaha.

  • NVS lol if u call ce a fluke, then Salman in this industry itself is a huge fluke. He had a father in this industry. Even if ur dad was in the industry u would be in Bollywood today acting so that’s not a big thing. Before dabanng, Salman was a super flop actor. If he didnt get that cheap stupid idea of remaking south films and discovering the masala genre he would still be on that super flop streak. And besides all that, he has a criminal history. Today after ce released, Salman doesn’t have even a single record to his pathetic name. Shame on that! As for aamir, I have too much respect for him to say anything against him. But since U said that ce would have got 230cr if aamir had been in it. Then I’m telling u now. Lagaan, RDB would have been blockbusters and not just hits and 3idiots would have done maybe 250-280 cr in India alone. Srk is called king khan and king of Bollywood by the media. Not aamir and definitely not Salman. So get ur jealous smelly ass out if here and comment sensibly in future!

  • Whatever haters says its remain fact chennai express is one of the biggest blockbuster of all time. It’s smashes .3 idiots records.

  • @TS : If Salman is so successful in bollywood due to his father then why Abhishek Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi n Harman Baweja are not successful as him? About your calling him flop star, whose movie broke Sholay’s record? which actor had given highest number of biggest grossers (i am not even including his last 5 movies) ? who gave blockbuster (before Hrithik) with first movie as lead actor? your srk? if salman name is pathetic then half of bollywood is also filled with pathetic people. atleast he is not playing dirty politics, manipulating screens, insulting n disrespecting elders or stealing dam water from drought hit districts. Salman may be criminal for some countable morons like you but he is a real life hero for millions of poor n common people !!!!!!

  • @NVS. Let me tell u 1 thing, Salman fans without the support of Aamir fans and vice versa can’t stand against Srkians. Bcua Salman fans r way less compared to Srkians and Aamir fans r few in no. Srk = Salman + Aamir.
    Srkians are like Lions bcuz we fight alone whereas Salman Fans, Aamir fans, Hrithik fans, Akshay fans, Ajay fans are like Hyenas bcuz they need each other support to even stand against Srkians. but dont forget 1 Lion can destroy a gropu of Hyenas

  • @Hrithik. Weren’t u shouting that ask Srk to release masala flick and tell him to break all record. U also told ready wasn’t a masala flick and also went on to shock eveyone by saying London Dream is an Art film!. Aamir khan’s suspense drama Talaash didn’t able to cross even 100 crs but when Don 2 which is a suspense thriller didn’t crossed masala film Ready collection then u have huge problem with that. Ok leave all that behind and tell me do u still believe Ready is not a masala film and Londom Dream is an art film ?

  • @TS. Lol u seem to be another fake id of a same srkian who is a regular on indicine, fake fan of a fake cheap king hahahaha…

    ‘Abhishek bacchan should have been the biggest superstar as he is a son of a legendary megastar’, if one goes by your logic or assumption or whatever, but he is not. It is not a given that anyone who has a father or a mother or some relative in the bollywood industry will be superstars because, SUPERSTARS ARE MADE AND ARE NOT BORN and rajesh khanna, big b & salman are the biggest megasuperstars the bollywood has ever seen and no one before them were that big & no one after them will be so big. It is indeed srk who is the biggest ever fluke in the bollywood history & is the most overrated, most over-credited, most over-hyped, most over-achieved & the most over-decorated actor ever and it is a fact. Agreed that srk is slightly a better actor than salman but srk is no match whatsoever to the onscreen persona, screen presence, mass-hysteria, charisma, style and superstardom of the ultimate megastar salman and he can never ever beat salman on the sheer superstardom on any given day, movie results notwithstanding. And there is no comparison between a classy aamir & a cheap srk, there are as different as chalk & cheese, aamir is one of the greatest sons of the bollywood industry & most of his movies are the finest ever made, srk’s only 2 movies & salman’s 4 movies can be included in such a elite category. I already told that the collections of ce is more to do with the perfect timing, excessive bumper holidays, aggressive marketing & hype, widest release, rohit shetty & dp, all these factors contributed for more than 60% of collections & srk’s 40% is mostly because of overseas collection. By the way i have not seen ce & i will never do, i am proud of the fact that i will never ever see any srk movie as i dont want to lose my mind & peace, i would rather prefer the hell over any srk movie on any given day, i can bear anything & everything the hell can offer (except srk, his movies & his fans) but i cant bear srk even for seconds. Anyway wait for one more year and you will get to know who is the real EMPEROR of the bollywood & the fake so called king of bollywood, till then soak in the cheap filthy foam of success called ce.

  • #Hrithik
    lol! :-p
    you guys are celebrating every year ! What?
    Salman’s ghanta movie :-D

    Salman doing 5 back to back masala and still failed to break 3I’s record…
    And Srk does only 1 masala and all records are history….

  • #Hrithik
    where is salman’s stardom during main aur mrs. Khanna, yuvraaj,veer,god tussi great ho? got hugely negetive review but still crossed 100 cr. And ends in 125 cr.
    Don2 is offbeat movie which collects 106 cr.
    But all salman’s non masala flick sank at boxoffice even they get positive review….

  • Are you a report holder of box office india which gave you the report of genuinity and rest are fake….
    Accept the truth
    ETT’s first day record is history

  • @soroop. Rofl at ‘srkians are like lions’ hahahahahaha… really? Srkians are like foxes, the cunning, opportunistic, double-standard, classless, envious, arrogant, selfish & cowardish. Aamir fans are mostly classy ones & salman’s fans are mostly masses, more or less poles apart, so its not that all aamir fans watch salman’s movies & vice versa but they respect each other. Hrithik is more or less similar to aamir and akki & ajay are similar to salman with variable fan following. And honestly the isolation of srk fans is because of the their bad attitude & that of srk’s, same like foxes, opportunistic,mean, selfish, cunning, arrogant, egoistic, cowardish & greedy. Salman’s fans are like tigers & aamir’s are like elephants. And to end it all, please watch discovery channel more than the cheap pathetic craps of srk so that you can come to know that a lion’s bite force is almost half of that of hyena’s and a hyena with its one bite can easily break a lion’s bone and even a fully grown 600+ pound alpha-male lion cant dare to fight with 3 or more hyenas, so never underestimate the power of a hyena!

  • @SRK Haters u call SRK cheap well did u guys forgot AAMIR sued his own father for custody of his brother now that is called true cheapness…

  • @soroop : Lol !!!! at your comment. You n your Lion needs others favors to release his movies as solo or book screens. By the way plz ask @xzone, @IMAM & @Gewone they need Hrithik fans to debate against Salman fans forget about fights. Youu can imagine what will be the srk condition if salman beats him on screen. ;-)

  • Chennai Express – 222cr (still counting)

    SRK filmography (significance abroad)
    Dil Se (1998) – First indian film to make top ten on UK weekend box office chart
    Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham – First indian film to occupy third on UK weekend
    box office
    Devdas – Best film of 2002 worldwide by Time Magazine
    First indian film to enter US weekend box office top 20 (box office mojo)
    First indian film to receive BAFTA nomination for best non-english language
    Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna – First indian film to cross $1m in first weekend in US.
    – Script requested for by Oscars
    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – Script requested for by Oscars
    My Name is Khan – Oscars reminder list
    Best Film, Human Rights – Political Film Society
    Only indian film to gross above $2m in Nigeria
    – Highest grosser overseas (R)
    First indian actor to have 3 films in the top 20 US box office in one year
    Main Hoon Na, Veer Zaara, Swades.
    Only indian actor to have 15 films in the US weekend box office top 20
    (Devdas, Kal Ho Na Ho, Main Hoon Na, Swades, Paheli, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna,
    Don, Chak De India, Om Shanti Om, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, My Name is Khan,
    Don 2, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Chennai Express)
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – Highest position in both US weekend (8th) and daily box office
    Chennai Express – The first indian film to cross $2m in first weekend in US
    $3m grossers (US) – Om Shanti Om
    My Name is Khan
    Don 2
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan
    Chennai Express
    Don 2
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan
    Chennai Express

  • “Chennai Express” has now broken all possible records and finally film has become first ever Bollywood film to gross 400 cr worldwide that too in 24 days straight.

    Film should end overseas run close to 116-117 cr and worldwide total will be 342 cr nett and 405 – 407cr gross. This is a mammoth record and will take some big stuff to surpass.

    CHENNAI EXPRESS Is 3rd Biggest Grosser In UK, All Top 5 Are Shahrukh Starrer & 9 Out Of Top 10 Are SRK Starrer. This is some dominance which never happened and will never be repeated anytime soon.

    “Chennai Express” was supposed to do well at box office but film has surpassed every possible expectation and now has created the ultimate record too, highest worldwide grosser ever!

    Film crossed 400 cr figure thus overtaking 393cr of “3 Idiots”. Film is heading for 410-415 cr gross. Film is first ever 400 cr grosser ever and this is another new milestone at box office and tough to break anytime soon.

    Now this is some superb performance by film at box office, History Rewritten All Over!

  • since when did boxofficeindia become an authentic site,
    a site that makes so many errors, check their site, you will find satyagraha average opening
    dated august 24, if you cant trust a date will you as well trust box office values,
    moreover their editor vajir singh told agence france presse (afp) that Chennai Express had
    grossed 2.11b Rs ie 211cr (7cr less than UTV value) at the end of week 3.
    And boxofficeindia till now has not issued a statement that Chennai Express has broken
    3 Idiots record, they wrote on saturday (aug 31) that CE should cross 3 Idiots by the end
    of that day.
    What a site, no wonder film reporters abroad prefer taran adarsh figures to theirs,
    wikipedia used to quote boi & ibos, now they quote boi and others, tomorrow
    nobody may quote boi.

  • Lol I agree that having a film star as a father wouldn’t get you much success. I was just saying that its easier to get a break in the industry if u have a film star background. If u see all the top superstars of today, only srk and akshay have a non filmy background. Anyway, lets put that aside for a moment. Hrithik, ur talking about hahk which was a film almost 20 years old. And mpk which was older than that. U remember when jthj don 2 and ra one couldn’t simulate the success of Salman masala films in terms of business, srk fans used to talk about his list of old films like ddlj, KKHH, k3g, khnk, etc etc. And you people’s retort was “that was the past and not the present!!” Well, the present is that now ce has broken all the records and even the lifetime of 3idiots which Salman couldn’t break and that with competition from another superstars film, ouatimd. So don’t talk about the past. The present is that srk has all records in his name and has started the 400cr club. Now coming to screen manipulations which u mentioned, any film has the obligation for running for a full week before giving place to another film. So ce ran for a whole week before giving all the screens to ouatimd. And guess what, it has the 3rd highest 2nd week collections even though it faced competition from ouatimd. Now that’s called star power!!

  • And nvs, no one gives a horse shit if u watch ce or not! None of us are bothered! Ce is already the highest grossing film ever and u not seeing it is not at all anyone’s concern. And when u say there are 4 Salman films which could be in that elite category, please specify cause as hard as I think, I can’t recollect 4 films of Salman which can be compared to aamirs films. It’s ok if u like Salman. But the problem comes if u cheapos insult srk. If me insulting Salman would hurt billions of people in India, u insulting srk would be like insulting billions more people throughout the world.

  • And the saddest part is, when yash ji, one of the greatest and finest filmmaker of all times passed away, some idiots commented that it was srk who killed him to earn publicity for his film! You people talk about class and dignity. Here lies your class and dignity and you level is so low that you actually commented trash like that at a time when the entire film industry and its fans were mourning for yash ji!! That’s the true class you people possess. FYI not everyone is like that. I’m not generalising.

  • @NVS. Dude Hyena have powerful bite force but Lion have strength and go to any site or youtube and check even 10 hyena can’t stand agaknst 1 Lion. Regarding Srk’s behaviour then I have to tell u that every film star’s create a particular image like salman created a golden heart image for him he liked to known like that way and aamir khan created a certain image and sharukh for himself. No fans know the real Salman, Aamir and sharukh instead fans know them by their image if sharukh is egoistic or opurtunistic like ur saying then no director would have repeated him. Sharukh has been compared to each and every star by their PR bcuz they know that they can become big only compring to SRK. Even Ranbir been compared to sharukh. Come and debate without taking the support of other star’s then u will come to know ur fav star’s real aukaad. Aamir is good actor but not a big star while salman is big star but not a good actor but sharukh is combination of both so bring it on dude

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