Business Economics of Chennai Express

Released in theatres on 9th August 2013, Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express has broken almost all records that it set out. The film is one of Shahrukh Khan’s biggest hits after ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.

Chennai Express has also exceeded expectations in the overseas markets, where it is the third highest grosser ever after 3 Idiots and My Name Is Khan.

Chennai Express

Coming to the business economics of Chennai Express, UTV and all of the films investors are laughing all the way to the bank.

Detailed info below

  • Total investment: Red Chillies Entertainment sold the ‘world rights’ of the film to UTV Motion Pictures, who invested a total of 105 crores on the film.
  • UTV recovered around 21-22 crores from individual distributors by selling the theatrical rights of all circuits except Mumbai, Delhi/UP and Overseas.

Recovery (Note: All figures are approximates)

  • Music rights: 7 crore
  • Home Video rights: 3 crore
  • Domestic Distributors share: 125 crore (expected)
  • Overseas share: 55 crore (expected)
  • Satellite rights: 50 crore
  • Total recovery: 240 crores

Overall, Chennai Express is a hugely profitable film for all its investors – UTV, Red Chillies, Individual distributors, theatre owners (who also made a killing from snack/drink sales) and for the industry as a whole. What’s staggering is the fact that UTV recovered its huge investment from satellite rights and overseas share alone – the rest including the record-breaking Indian business of the film and various other rights are a bonus!

Verdict: One of the most profitable big-budget films after 3 Idiots. All Time Blockbuster.



    SATELLITE RIGHTS= 48+24=72 CR.

    Now wait for “Happy New Year “,full on entertainment, some more records are lined up.

  • Salman Khan : doing masala south remakes to save his carieer……. But still failed to make 200 cr. Despite geting huge screens and 3 open weeks

    Akshay Kumar : working on masala to break record ! Failed

    Ajay : himmatwala :-p Sos (barely cross 100 cr. )

    All actors are trying masala and south remakes
    but Srk came and Broke all possible records with only 1 masala film…..
    Srk will not do any masala in next few years..
    He knows he is the king
    ; he wants to keep trying different genre and do films for acting not money….
    I laugh when salman fans say Salman is king! Hahahahahah

  • @Indicine ,

    I heard that satellite right was sold in 48 crores with condition that if a movie collect more than 100 crores then for every 10 crores satellite price will increase by 2 crores… ( e.g. if CE collect 110 crores then 10 crores extra & so 2 crores increase in rights.. so total is 50 crores (48+2) )….

    CE collect approx 220 crores so it is more than 120 crores & hence Satellite price is increase by 24 crores so total satellite right is 72 crores ( 48+24 ) ……

    I hope u understand my question ……

  • @ready..why it is shame..??all who workd in movie..they did hard wrk..they invest money on it..and if the movie is doing good business so apriciate it..dnt use shame word..coment karna easy hai lekin 47 years hone k baad itne passion se kaam karna not easy dude so think bfor commenting..

  • Great Going indicine.
    One more article awaited from your side is about the CE crossed World Wide collection of 400 Cr.

  • such a enjoyble flim,great comic scene,i had already saw the movie 2 times in theatre and 5 times in my home every time i saw the movie enjoy it very much ,such a hilarious joyride.if ce got 3 open weeks then my god what was the total collection ,mindbloging 300 cr plus domestic &500 cr plus worldwide .the king of bollywood.not remake king.

  • if srk done this type of film then every film set a new this generation people wants to see this type of movie.i am a diehard fan of mr srk best of luck for year diwali.

  • Great news for SRK fans to rejoice..

    SRK’s next movies after HNY

    1. Rhahil dholakia’s next movie where he is playing a gujarati speaking don. According to farhan it is one of the best stories he has heard in years.
    2.Anurag kashyap has three stories for SRK. The good thing is he liked three stories and give anurag the privacy to select the story for him among the three.
    3.ABC – he thinks he has a very good role for him.
    4.Sajay leela bhansali has two scripts ready for SRK in which one is bajirao mastani his dream project. but srk is holding back from that project for a long time coz of his back injury as it has lots of horse riding.
    5. balki’s movie(rumored)
    6.Rohit shetty’s next after singham 2. If anyone will again say about box office numbers , he will come with another masala pot boiler to shut everyone’s mouth. So SRK haters, please shut your mouth varna SRK aajayega sabki muh bandh karnekelye but we dont want him to go like salman or akshay or ajay.
    What you say guys?

  • one correction in my below mentioned list which i posted in previous post of CE.
    3 Idiots was the first movie ever to cross 50 cr mark in overseas till 2009, it surpassed KANK figure of 45 cr in just 12 days so 3I was also having in overseas record breaking journey

    for those who r saying that no one can made or break no of records which ce made in its journey.
    i want to give some facts just look at those:
    records which 3I made at its release.
    1.Paid Previews record. = 2.5cr
    2. Highest Opening day collection=12.5cr
    3. Highest 2nd day collection.=11.25cr
    4. Highest 3rd day collection.=13cr
    5.Highest First weekend Collection=38.75cr Including paid previews
    6.Highest 1st Monday Collection=11 Cr
    7.Highest 1st Tuesday Collection= 10cr
    8.Highest 1st Wednesday Collection =9.5 cr
    9. Highest 1st Thursday Collection=9 cr
    10. Highest First Week Record= 79 cr Including paid previews
    11. Second Weekend Collection= 33 cr still not broken
    12. Second Week Collection=55 cr still unbroken
    13. Fastest 100 cr entry = 9days+paid previews
    14. Highest grosser in two weeks passed Ghajini collection in 12days
    15. Highest 3rd weekend and week collection still unborken
    16. Highest 4th week collection still unbroken
    17. first movie to cross 125,150,200 cr domestic.
    18. Highest grosser in 1st week in overseas.
    19. Highest grosser in overseas that was broken by MNIK but again surpassed by 3I and still unbroken
    20. breaking the record of KANK in just 12-13 days.
    21. 1st movie to collect 50,75 cr in overseas.
    22. Highest grosser of all time Domestic. =202.5cr
    23. Highest grosser of all time overseas =$26 Million
    24. Highest grosser of all time worldwide==392 Cr
    25. Highest Distributer share domestic==99 cr
    26. One and only movie in History of Indian cinema which were highest grooser in Domestic as well as in Overseas while ce will not beat 3I lifetime overseas collection.
    and still quite a few record i forget but main and biggest record i had given on the table

    now lets discuss which record CE broken i will given here as no. wise.
    1,2(debatable some say its broken some not but here i m taking official figure),3,4,5,9,10,13,18,19,22,24,25
    so from this list its clear that while 3I created 24 major records, ce made 13 from them

    point for arguing.
    second week couldn’t be record breaking as it had clash but in this year YJHD collected 46cr in 2nd week while having a clash with YPD2 and both OUATIMD & YPD2 get poor reports both from critics & audience and YJHD not having any holiday in 2nd week like ce had as Rakshabandhan.
    third week still clash with Madras cafe while YJHD also having competiton as Fukrey and both fukrey and Madras Cafe doesn’t have big buzz so YJHD 3rd week collection is bigger than CE here again YJHD having no holiday while CE has Janmashtami and it got jum on Janmashtami.

    record set by CE other than i mentioned above.
    1. surpassed 3I collection domestic.
    2. collected 100 cr in 1st weekend
    3. collected 200 cr in 15-16days.
    4. first movie who can touch 225 cr domestic.
    5. First movie having 400 cr worldwide.

    so 3I created 26 record while ce having 13+5=18 record in its kitty might have 1or2 big record which i missed but it will also for 3I Too.

    so srkians who having most no of records 3I or CE, i think intelligent will get answer while fools are still confusing.

  • Srk bad content movies like raone jthj collects over 200 crs worldwide and becomes hits while sallu amir gives flops like talash veer etc once wom is mixed. So if 3i ghajini etc were srk’s movies then the col. cud have been over 600 crs this shows the power of a common man called king khan.. Haters are afraid of the power of king khan lol

  • Names of KHANS with tittle
    Amir is mr perfectionist
    Salman is sallu miyan
    SRK is king khan
    King is alWays be KING

  • @aks. cant stop laughing
    look at this
    i ll also put
    1) fastest to 50 crores
    2)fastest to 75 crores
    3)fastest to 100 crores
    4)fastest to 125 crores
    5)fastest to 150 crores
    6)fastest to 175 crores
    7)fastst to 200 crores
    8) fastest to break 3 idiots records

    do u want some more.
    stop making a fool of ur self
    the problem with u people is u r still unable to digest humongous figures of tsunami express.
    i can go on and on with the records

    just wait for happy new year
    it ll ” kick” “mental” out of the world with a big “dhoom”

  • @aks
    CE collected 200 crore in 14 days.Tell Aamir to do a masala film & then cross collect 111-115 crores in overseas like CE.

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