Business Economics of Chennai Express

Released in theatres on 9th August 2013, Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express has broken almost all records that it set out. The film is one of Shahrukh Khan’s biggest hits after ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.

Chennai Express has also exceeded expectations in the overseas markets, where it is the third highest grosser ever after 3 Idiots and My Name Is Khan.

Chennai Express

Coming to the business economics of Chennai Express, UTV and all of the films investors are laughing all the way to the bank.

Detailed info below

  • Total investment: Red Chillies Entertainment sold the ‘world rights’ of the film to UTV Motion Pictures, who invested a total of 105 crores on the film.
  • UTV recovered around 21-22 crores from individual distributors by selling the theatrical rights of all circuits except Mumbai, Delhi/UP and Overseas.

Recovery (Note: All figures are approximates)

  • Music rights: 7 crore
  • Home Video rights: 3 crore
  • Domestic Distributors share: 125 crore (expected)
  • Overseas share: 55 crore (expected)
  • Satellite rights: 50 crore
  • Total recovery: 240 crores

Overall, Chennai Express is a hugely profitable film for all its investors – UTV, Red Chillies, Individual distributors, theatre owners (who also made a killing from snack/drink sales) and for the industry as a whole. What’s staggering is the fact that UTV recovered its huge investment from satellite rights and overseas share alone – the rest including the record-breaking Indian business of the film and various other rights are a bonus!

Verdict: One of the most profitable big-budget films after 3 Idiots. All Time Blockbuster.



  • Chennai Express’ success is going to peoples heads.
    One hit film in 5 years and suddenly Thakur is King once again.
    Ok will let ‘king’ deliver 5 back to back consecutive hits (blockbusters are too much) then maybe we can start calling Thakur the real boxoffice king but until then Salman Khan is still the undisputed boxoffice King/ Blockbuster Khan…!

  • @aks Great analysis

    @nobody bookmark this page and prioritise it at first position unlike the other 1234 crappy pages you been bookmarking as your list of records will soon be obsolete/ history…!

  • Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express continues to break new records everyday.

    In times when films do not run in theatres for more than a week, Chennai Express continues to do business even in its fourth week. The film broke earlier set records of Salman Khan’s ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and Aamir Khan ‘3 Idiots’ to become the highest moneymaker of all times

    As per trade analyst latest tweet, the film has collected Rs 3.84 crores nett in its fourth weekend. This brings the grand total of the film to Rs 222.26 crores, slotting it in the category of ‘All Time Blockbuster’.

  • A-L-L—T-I-M-E—B-L-O-C-K-B-U-S-T-E-R

    What A Victory by Sir SRK / KING KHAN


  • @imam and @anwar

    Happy New Year will see Srk going Mental as first Hrithik then Aamir and finally Salman all KICK srks depressing name / records from the history books all within 6 months…! ;-)
    First time in Indian cinematic history will it be the case that the ‘Highest Grossing Film of All Time’ be ‘kicked’ off the Top Spot so easily and so so quickly…! Truly Films like Gadar, HAHK, Sholay and 3 idiots were purely deserving of their status and numero uno position unlike this crapfest Chennai Express. ;-)

    Thakur truly will not have a Happy New Year and his deluded fans will go mental and start kicking your Guinness Book Of World Records which will need updating over the next few months as many films will break and pass Chennai Express’ lame records. :-P

  • @noam even i m laughing your previous comment
    tell me fastest to 50,75,100,125,150,175,200 is only done by ce my poor srkian 3I also did the same so again it was the record held by 3I at that time and only movie to collect 200cr apart of 3I is CE, so whether it collect on 14days on in 400 days will termed as fastest to break 3I record
    and you said Dilip kumar said srk is one of the finest actor of the country so bro tell me if someone asked something about Amair or even salman,akshay,Hr then dilip saab will say they are the worst actor, or nothing of bollywood, no one in the industry will say wrong abt any one when they don’t having any issue with somebody. so i m not making fun of mine, you r making fun of yourself.

    for ce i still saying it collected beyond any body imagination and no offense to any body i just put that article to show some over excited srkians that ce is not only movie to make many records it also done by 3I in 2009 and some of them still unbroken

  • @danish are you a fool or something else you know the highest overseas collection at the time of Ghajini release, it was KANK of abt 10.8 Million $ and that was 45 cr that time and if counting at current scenerio is approx 65cr, and srk did masala movies and two movies of him collected huge was OSO 10 million $ and Ce-17.5 Million $, but tell me if any movies has hardcore action like Ghajini, Dabangg had, both OSO & CE are less Masala more romantic family drama, and you r telling to Aamir to do masala and collect 111-115 cr did srk ever done this till 2008, and after that Aamir not done Any Masala and if he do in future then we will see what happen. just not the difference of Ghajini and ce, and tell me who has hardcore masala action movie.

  • @rag 13 at first when i read initials regarding compare of 3I & Ce i was thinking you are sensible but you proved again you r the same dumb srkians, you r saying only srk doing versatile roles. and Aamir not, what a joke do you know when last Aamir did a romantic movie, i will tell you in 2006 Fanaa, when he did masala movie before ghajini that was in 2000 Mela (flop), do you even compare the gap between 2000-2008, Aamir last outing i will tell you.
    1. Talaash- thriller/suspense drama
    2. Dhobi Ghat- Art movie which poor srkians think is flop which was above avg/semi hit
    3. 3Idiots- Revolutionary rancho playing a student in 44 old
    4. Ghajini- A stml case
    5. Taare Zammen Par- Art Teacher
    6. Fanna- Terririst/Flirting
    7. RDB- fun loving young become patriotic
    8. Mangal Pandey- Biopic
    9. DCH- a urbun Guy
    10. Lagaan- classic portrayal unconventional cinema Bhuwan

    tell me fool in what way Aamir did the same role, i never saying srk not doing different zone movie but still regarded as Romantic here, while Aamir called as Perfectionist, the same thing Happend with Mr. Bachchan he never been termed as specific zoner kinda Hero he Called Angry young Man begining in his career but not termed always the same.

    for srk’s manupulating firgure i would suggest you to read below mentioned article published on Indicine in 2010.

    you called BOI is bias you remembered JTHJ collection of 103 cr but forget as per BOI SOS was also at 88cr, YJHd officails are 189-190 cr as per BOI-179cr,
    Aamir tallash first weekend collection given by many sites as-47-48 cr while BOI given 43-44cr and you are saying biased towards Aamir, what a joke
    and srk always known to play dirty politics, regarding your srk consistency case i will ask if Ra one,Jthj, Don2 released on non festive time will able to get hit status, ra one still not get Hit status universally don’t know how a 135 cr movie became clean hit of 118 cr collection Domestic and that was the same Declared by BOI , as per BOI Ra one is a Hit, so i would say even Boi is bias towards srk, do you have any answer.

  • @ danish do you know most violent Masala flick Ghajini overseas collection as per BOI is $7.06 Million at that time having around 29-30 cr worth so when we have highest collection at 10.8$ million and ghajini has 7.06 almost 65% of the highest and even Aamir not strong in overseas there that time and now ce has $17.5 million lest assume final is 18-18.5 $ when we have 3I $26 million so ce collected 70% of 3I, so is there big difference even srk there is undisputed king. so don’t argue again.

    let me clear CDI is my favorite srk movie ever but because of some srkians compare CDI with Lagaan which released in 2001, 6 year back from CDI saying is more profitable and more successful than Lagaan, i agree with them as cdi is blockbuster and Lagaan was a hit, but lagaan releaed with pre multiplex period and alosng with Hurricane Gadar but still made a huge mark in India and foreign too
    but fair comparison of CDi should be with TZP, both releases in 2007 while cdi collected 69 cr Domestic, TZP collected 62.5 cr. Note the difference TZP released with Masala comedy Welcome Akshay Starer who was st his Prime in 2007 and its Kid dominated Movie not like SRK star studded, Aamir was supporting in that movie and still it become a cult classic more than CDI and got Filmfare and National Award for best film and loved by Many and for this all credit should given to Aamir as he is the producer-director and according to script demand he introdused him self just before Intermission of TZP, that called class of Aamir whether you srkians agree or not.

    So srk never can do movie like Lagaan (refused by him), 3I & TZP while Aamir can never do a DDLJ & CDI but Aamir is still more versatile and better actor and film maker any day than srk, whether anyone agree or not.

  • whether any one agree or not CE is the least quality and memorable flick ever in Indian cinema who became the highest grosser ever till date specially since Mughle Azam, movie like sholay, Hahk,Gadar,3Idiots will always remain in public mind even Ghajini and Dhoom2 still having memories in audiences mind but for ce case it will only memorable in srkians mind and that also not for long time sure.

  • dear skians did i mentioned any fastest kinda in my list regarding 3I so how i ad ce there at the time of 3I it was only move to collected 50 cr that time first, so in that time it was still the fastest that time as no one was ale then to collect that amt, only landmark which ce did in least time that was 100 cr domestic just in 3days +paid previews which i mentioned in the article and i think you not read my comment as per my side ce will never get 400 cr worldwide as per BOI or if so than still not big compare to 3I as it collected $26 Million equalent to 150+ cr at today time as per rs decreasing market price compare to $ so at present time 3i gross would be 269+156=425cr not surpass by ce. cheers

  • Mr aks pls rewind your memory for sometime YPD 2 was released on around 1800 screens and OUTIMAD was released on around 2550 screen from 16th august and Akki is atleast greater star then the deols.
    So is this comparision
    of 2nd week collections of YJHD and CE is that much valid as you are trying to say?

  • @aks they know that “3 idiots” is way better movie than “CE” but they got this opportunity to celebrate after a long time so they will behave crazy.

  • @Noam can Srk give 5 blokbusters back to back like Salman or 2 ATBB back to back like Aamir ? He has just recovered from his 4 back to back just hit verdict

  • @navin, 5 consecutive hits? Wake up moron, srk has already 10 consecutive hits including all genres. And if he does masala remakes like your taklu then forget 5 consecutive bb, he will deliver 5 consecutive atbbs. Yeah but your taklu superstar has already delivered 10 consecutive flops in his career. So stop talking nonsense, since 3 years your taklu is doing masala remakes and each time failed to touch 200 crs in india that too in his peak.. Lol.. Still he has not crossed kank in overseas…lol

  • Amir the big name but in GAJINI
    Suriya of tamil version is superb then him
    Lagaan, rang de Basanti, 3idiot first offer to SRK he delay or rejected
    Other wise Amir is nothing

  • this republic day all srk fans will become “mental” n then salman will “kick” all these srk fans out of the universe this eid. dont underestimate the phenomenon called salman khan. he is at his most dangerous when u underestimate him. well it will be 7 blockbusters in a row for salman. try n bear that! CE is the first n last movie of srk to break records. so all u srk fans dont get overexcited :-P

  • next year salman will have 7 blockbusters in a row.. try n beat that srk! salman is not king khan becoz king is too small a word to describe salman khan. he is “GOD KHAN”

  • @aks ce will always be remembered as the first film which broke 3id’s domestic clollection in’s a fact whether you like it or not.

  • @navin..5 blockbusters in a row of which 3 are remakes and all 5 are masala genre films. First ask Salman to beat kabhi alvida na kehnas record and then you talk! Lets see Salman doing a non masala film and getting the success which srk got for jthj(in competition with masala film sos) and don 2. Oh wait! I’m sorry. Salman can’t even act in a film like that and if he does make a film like that it will be like veer, marigold and all those crap films I can’t even remember the names of. I never intend to insult Salman in any page but if u behave like a crazy ass, u leave me with no other choice!

  • CE is piss poor content wise, no doubt about that.

    Also indicine likes to throw around the ATBB tag. Perhaps to get more viewers? BOI says BB only!

  • @Aks. There is no record such as 2nd day, 3rd day, Monday, Tuesday etc etc etc…
    Real and genuine records
    1st day record : sharukh film
    Highest single’day : sharukh film
    Highest weekend : sharukh film
    Highest week : sharukh film
    Highest lifetime collection : sharukh film
    Highest wordwide : sharukh film
    Longest running film : sharukh film ( DDLJ )
    Most no. Of filmfare award : sharukh khan ( filmfare is the oldest and only genuine awards)
    Now do u have any problem calling sharukh as king of bollywood?
    Dont worry Aamir khan has one record to himself, highest overseas collection but salman khan has none to his name and one more thing MNIK was the fastest and highest overseas grosser untill 3 idiots surpassed with japan collection. So dont spread false and fake news that 3 idiots did some kind of magic in overseas bcuz every one knows in overseas only one man rules that’s Sharukh khan ( naam toh suna hoga)

  • Wow, SRKians are the most childish fans around, no doubt about that. Can’t take contructive criticism, without having to retort to insults.

  • Navin…

    Thats the big difference between SRK fans and the rest. We are not desperate coz Swades is not a success but we are proud coz its one of the finest bollywood movie and he took the callenge.SRK fans always wanted movies like that and we go for quality rather than quantity.HNY is not a masala movie but we expect it will be great success too. But if its a good movie, then we would be happy. Its not SRK fans who made CE such a success but the “common man” made it huge success. SRK really showed the power of a common man to those who were saying they are the “king of common man” and trying for years by doing same masala movies back to back to break the 202 cr record. He is proved there can be only one king .

  • Collecting 200 cr is not a joke…some of you would have not liked it but most of the general public did…I didn’t like ashiqui2 and yjhd at all and still they did huge busines…liking a movie or not depends person to person….I loved chennai express…so did my whole family…records r meant to be broken…ce beat 3i…k3 or d3 may beat ce….

  • Ps: the hero of chennai express is srk but the hero of 3 idiots is actually not amir khan…its the sxript and the content…

  • #Navin/Aks
    5 back to back blockbuster ! Lol :-p
    all of them are masala remake
    Srk’s last masala OSO – blockbuster
    and after 6 years CE – ATBB
    so! If Srk does back to back masala he can deliver not BB but ATBB ….
    Grow up haterss..
    Salman is nothing without masala
    Srk have 100 cr. Atleast in every genre(Sci-fic,Action thriller,Romance,masala) and two 100 cr. Overseas and one of them is masala genre. Crossing 60 cr. Is dream for salman in overseas!
    And you guyz say Salman is King :-p

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