Budget, Verdict and Collections of Bollywood Movies in 2015

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan125320.48All Time Blockbuster
Baahubali-113.95All Time Blockbuster
Guddu Rangeela188.77Flop
ABCD 265105.74Superhit
Hamari Adhuri Kahani4037.57Flop
Dil Dhadakne Do8076.88Below Average
Welcome To Karachi299.2Flop
Tanu Weds Manu Returns37150.77 cr*All Time Blockbuster
Bombay Velvet12023.5 cr*Disaster
Piku4479.92 cr*Hit
Gabbar Is Back7585.83 cr*Hit
Mr X3824.58 crFlop
Dharam Sankat Mein107.97 crFlop
Ek Paheli Leela2125.03 crBelow Average
Detective Byomkesh Bakshi3219.87 crFlop
Hunterrr8.5 cr12.22 crAverage
NH1021 cr34.79 crHit
Dum Laga Ke Haisha13 cr25.67 crHit
Ab Tak Chappan 214 cr7.32 crFlop
Badlapur25 cr51.53 crHit
Roy48 cr45.09 crBelow Average
Shamitabh49 cr21.2 crDisaster
Hawaizaada25 cr3.45 crDisaster
Khamoshiyan11 cr13.35 crBelow Average
Baby73 cr96.91 crAbove Average
Dolly Ki Doli23 cr19.98 crBelow Average
Alone16 cr19.24 crAverage
Tevar55 cr40.48 crFlop

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What does Budget mean?

A. Budget includes the cost of producing a movie (also known as COP), marketing expenses (advertising) and release cost (print).

Q. What is net collections?

A. The total collections of a film at the box office is called ‘gross collections’. Entertainment tax is then deducted from the total which gives us the ‘Net collections’ which is then shared between theatre owners (exhibitors) and producers / distributors.

Q. How are verdicts determined?

A. We have classified the verdicts of films into Disaster, Flop, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Semi Hit, Hit, Super Hit, Blockbuster and All Time Blockbuster. Several factors are considered, but the main criteria is based on the recovery or profits of domestic distributor.



  • faridoon shahryar: Ragahavan’s#Badlapuris exceptional cinema that does Indian cinema proud with incredible performances by Varun-Nawaz.DO NOT MISS!!

  • Taran adarsh :#Badlapur rests on bravura performances. Nawazuddin has a chameleon-like trait. Embraces his part with brilliancy. Backbone of this thriller

  • @SSS – the garbage on earth

    Jealous of what?

    – Last seven years highest grosser of the year either Aamir/Salman. (SRK is the biggest star on ‘Pluto’ lol)

    – Acclaimed films: PK, 3 Idiots, Special 26, ZNMD, Baby, MNIK (SRK- 1 Aamir- 2)

    – IMBD rating of Aamir Khan’s last 5 films is way ahead of self-proclaimed king of Pluto even though his fans are experts in spamming!

    – Horrendous torturous movies: HNY, CE, D3 (SRK – 2 Aamir – 1)

    In every criteria Aamir is 100 times better than our king of Pluto.

  • @siney pihuja, ROFL.last 7 years?who will accept that success tale of salmir from last 7 years.KING should call that person who consistently ruled,lol.I think you didn’t answer to my question,what you got in Google search.OK I understand you are feeling shame to tell,it’s OK.everybody understood,ROFL.




    Poor fan,this is India.people doesn’t know the meaning of classic.a classic movie should contain reality based story not overrated illogical thinking alien/spirit helped movie.if you’re calling them classic,then you’re the biggest fool.you,your 12 hit actor in 27 years along with his wannabe classic movies are biggest joke,lol.

  • @sss – the garbage

    You believe in Google search? Very good!

    Kindly also Google “SRK is a ” and see what options pop out! LOL!

  • @sss is mentally retarded so I wont say anything to it. The whole world watches Aamir movies and loves them, so they have become the highest grossers of all time in India and worldwide.
    Top grossers of Indian Cinema:
    1. PK 340 crore
    2. Dhoom 3 285 crore
    3. Krrish 3 244 crore
    The whole world loves Aamir so his 6 movies are in IMDb Top 250.
    So box officewise, peoples love wise, and qualitywise Aamir is the Legend. People have rejected SRK, so he doesnt have single highest grosser in last 7 years. Old age, wrinkles, nicotine are some of the reasons.

  • If jthj and don2 are classic then Himatwala,besharam,rgv ki aag and humshakals areare all time classic. Please God save us…..

  • @siney pihuja,lol.thatís not my answer,I know youíre trying to avoid the situation.face the TRUTH ,7year canít beat entire career you loon.

    @legend,youíre totally forgetting yiur disaster talash starís real power under the shades of dhoom brand/raju.now wait for dangal pandey itíll surely again will chase talash/jai ho,lol.who said you whole world is watching amirís movie?itís 10-12% Indian peoples that also repeatedly watched the highest collected movie pk(340).that also with double ticket price whose actual figure is less than dhoom3.also boi also did manipulation by associating with vvc,lol.about fans,out perfaketionist has less fan even than akki/ranbir,lol.

    @nipun,oh sorry kindly give me a hard slap because I didnít say papaí srihit series is the best classic in this earth.yeah,I forget another classic dhoom2 or looters(the ultimate crap).oh sorry I forgot you even added crap concept exaggerated qualitiless talash/pk.BTW dost,itís not your fault itís the fault of the place where you born.now happy..???

    @ishan gulati,all KING KHAN haters are curse to Bollywood.

  • According to our hyderabadi genius only 10% of indian people watched Aamirs (Also Indias Biggest Movie Ever btw complan boy) PK so Mr Engineer work out for us how many percent of kings global fanbase of 3.7billion actually bothered to watch Kings biggest worldwide torture uff grosser Lungi Express…?

  • So, I need advices from brainless people like SupremelyStupidStarfan aka SSS.! ! !
    Lootera(one of the most critically acclaimed movies of B’town) is an ultimate crap for this moron, while JTHJ(A decent one, consisting zero chemistry between kat and king) is a classic! ! ? ?

    Loser, both PK and Talaash are better films than JTHJ and Don 2 (i haven’t watched Don 2,but from the audience response and critics rating it doesn’t look exciting to me).

    This loser always bark about quality and at the same time, he bashes Talaash and PK! Hypocrisy,brainlessness,biasedness and jealousy ka koi hadd hota hai !

  • And loser, better you don’t talk about the place were I was born.You must be older than me, but still you keep commenting shits over other stars. Even you look like a Psycho! Man, u need some mental treatment! Take care.

  • @navin,a simple calculation is required to find out this simple thing that even a kid also can do.take an average of 50? for a 10crores of peoples which is not even 10% of population of India if watched pk,then the collection would be around 500cr.but despite of doing double ticket price it did only 340cr.then even 10% peoples of India also didn’t watch.now which explanation you’ll give.Indian audience hardly watch true classic they want hugely overrated movies like dhoom3/pk.that your perfationist did by associating big names like dhoom /hirani.the same will not be happened again with dangal pandey.every movies of India whether that will be CE/HNY/pk/kick/d3,all are watches by 5-7% audience that also repeated.most peoples watching movie is dhoom3.that’s what limitation of Bollywood.even if you have more followers then also you have to impress them through your movie.Hollywood movie watchers ,I don’t think so bother to watch bolly movies,that’s might be the biggest reason.

    @nipun,my age is 23.what’s your age oldie?are you a kid?or your mind still not yet grown up? I didn’t nor even want to interrupt in your discussion because I don’t have any interest neither in you nor in your 6 fingered wannabe handsome god looking papa’s kiddo.then why you’re interrupting in my discussion?did I ask for a reply from you?

    Still kiddo,you don’t have a bit knowledge about classic.everything in movies talash was OK except that spirit scene along with the exaggerated climax ,even nawaz also couldn’t act so well at the climax.it’s a clear remark anyone can do.BTW you ever heard about movies like tzp/dch like amir movies criticized me?why?because I’m not a hypocrite that most of the peoples here do.

    In Oscar ,only those movies got it which represents real life situations with out any alien/spirit/ghost/zombie/Dracula.in 1991,a horror movie “silence of the lamb” got Oscar that also didn’t have any ghost.if so why same director’s “titanic” got but “avatar” couldn’t got even though it’s the highest grosser.could we call “avatar” a true classic ,if so then it would have beg Oscar.same happened with pk in Filmfare it went to masterpiece like HAIDER.

    It clearly resembles “CLASS MOVIE” simply can’t be exaggerated for entertaining purpose like pk/3i.but it’s India here ‘class’ is too different.here directors can easily manipulated.so if you’re thinking those movies are classic simply I could say you and your some worthless critic like anupama/rajiv are right and Oscar juries and I are dumb.DON2 is the best action movie till date with out a exaggerated /adjusted fight sequence that Bollywood ever has.and you blamed it even with out seeing it ?your dumbness knews no bounds.

    JTHJ didn’t has good chemistry?so lootera really has good chemistry just like son-mother jodi.BTW I shouldn’t expect a logical answer form mentally challenged psycho who are telling movies like kmg/lootera are classics,he should be sent to some jadoo planet.BTW I also didn’t watch over actress movie ‘lootera’ because I listened that movie was just a crap from my few of friends.don’t forget this “CLASSIC” slap that you’ll remember forever when you’ll remember the word “CLASS”.

  • @sss,
    You know in card games Ace ‘Ekka’ is the biggest of all cards, bigger than King
    Type “Ace of Bollywood” in google and see what you get.

  • @legend,Bollywood is not a card game.Here KING means RULER of generation and there is no ace /ass existed here.yeah the figure shows of amir khan but that doesn’t mean he is above the ruler.in acting ,he is not even closer to get FILMFARE with BIGB,then why are you comparing tingu with LEGEND LEAGUE ACTORS—-DILLIPJI,KING KHAN,BIGB.even BIGB said KING SRK is best among 3 khans when asked in kjo’s kwk show.even DILLIPJI also said 1000of amir/salman can come and go but Bollywood can’t get another KING SRK.no body is even asking your decade failure stars,lol.

  • @sss
    Type ‘Ace of bollywood’ in google and one name comes – LEGEND AAMIR KHAN
    Ace>>>>King. Becoz the whole world knows the fact. IMDb confirms it.
    Dont compare Legend Aamir with lifetime failure Srk. Srk has failed throughout his life.
    Thrown out of Wankhede stadium. Thrown out of KBC. Stripsearched at airports as noone recognises him. lol .Doesnt have a single highest grosser since 2007. All his TV shows flopped. Won Golden Kela for worst actor for MNIK hahaha. Also old, ugly and wrinkled face. Srk is an example of once a failure, always a failure. lol
    All highest grossers in India, overseas and worldwide belong to the Legend Aamir. Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. No comparison between Legend Aamir and lifetime-failure Srk. lol

  • Classic slap? ? ? Hahahaha. .look guys, a classless guy is giving me a useless reply and calling it an classic slap.
    Hey SupremelyStupidStarfan aka sss, I am 19.5. You should be ashamed of yourself that despite being an engineering student in 23, you behave like “GANWAR” and you cann’t even write a sentence properly.

    Loser, Avatar was also a great film(but not as great as Titanic).

    I am 100% sure that u would have called PK or Talaash Great Films had Srk done them.

  • @nipun : ignore the loon. Its like Bhains Aage Been Bajanaa !!!!!! He is simply blind n fanatic n unfit for sensible debates or conversation !!!!

  • @indicine,kindly publish my very important 12:41pm comment which is given to clarify someone’s doubt,kindly publish it and show it to others so that I,all be grateful to you.

  • @indicine,kindly publish my very important 12:41pm comment which is given to clarify someone’s doubt,kindly publish it and show it to others so that I,all be grateful to you,thanks.

  • baby become a hit on the box office with 96 crore nett on the domestic box office.such an stupid site.

  • It’s really hard to get ATBB Tag In Bollywood. A movied which breaks few territories or all territorie record is called ATBB. But it’s really funny that @indicine is awarding ATBB tag to those films(Bahubali,TWMR), which are not broken any territoty record even way behind of any single territory record. Funny lol:D

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