Tevar Total Box Office Collections and Verdict

The first release of 2015, Tevar starring Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead, is also the first failure of the year. The film was rejected both at multiplexes in cities as well as mass-centres.

The opening was poor, but Tevar did show decent growth in business on Sunday. However, the total net collections in Week 1 was Rs 34.25 crore, which was extremely poor considering the amount that Eros International paid for the theatrical rights.


Tevar Box Office Collection – Total Business in 3 weeks

Tevar is Arjun Kapoor’s second lowest grosser after Aurangzeb and Sonakshi Sinha’s second consecutive failure after Action Jackson.

Day-wise Total Box Office Collections of Tevar below:

  • Friday – 7.05 cr
  • Saturday – 7.12 cr
  • Sunday – 8.03 cr
  • Monday – 3.51 cr
  • Tuesday – 3.24 cr
  • Wednesday – 2.8 cr
  • Thursday – 2.5 cr
  • Total First Week Collections – 34.25 cr

Tevar Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday (Day 8) - 0.9 cr
  • 2nd Saturday (Day 9) – 1.15 cr
  • 2nd Sunday (Day 10) – 1.43 cr
  • 2nd Monday (Day 11) – 0.45 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday (Day 12) – 0.4 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday (Day 13) – 0.35 cr
  • 2nd Thursday (Day 14) – 0.28 cr
  • Total Second Week Collections – 4.96 cr

Tevar Remaining Weeks – 1.27 cr

Total Collections – 40.48 cr net

Verdict – FLOP



  • I already said when I watched 1st promo of tever, this movie will not work well at multiplexes hehe… its ok Arjun best of luck for your next

  • Sonakshi is now unlucky for bollywood . People get bored seeing her again and again . She should go to rest now.

    BABY will be 1st 100 cr hit of 2015.

  • Of course it flopped. Arjun Kapoor is a small star and doesn’t look like an action hero in anyway. He’s only in bollywood thanks to his family.

  • This was expected to flop considering the trailer,starcast and songs.

    The best news of the week is that Hrithik has started shooting for Mohenjadaro and his first look (in bollywood hungama) is very very impressive. Hope the shooting completes by this year end so that he can take a new film in January and target for a christmas release in 2016.

  • A film called tevar starring legendary actor arjun kapoor
    promoted lavish 5 months
    masala item song
    rap song of famous imran
    3000 screen solo release
    remake of blockbuster telgu
    is facing flop verdict .
    Too much fun…..

  • I have not seen Tevar but i read the review on Indicine and some user reviews and all were saying that Tevar was crap . This a really good example and i am happy that AJ and Tevar both were masala movies and were Box Office Flops . This should be a lesson for Arjun that he should not do such kind of movies in future . As or Sonakshi i don’t know what is wrong with her ? She was absolutely brilliant and flawless in Lootera . She should stop doing Masala movies . Public is getting bored to see her in same kind of movies and similar characters . She should try different genres . If she does not want to do Offbeat movies then she can do comedy movies or Rom Coms .

  • Tevar was a useless Film! Hope people will reject more idiotic typical masalas like AJ,R Rajkumar,Ready etc. Although, Tevar was still better than these three.

  • flop but better then Emraan hashmi as per box office collection.Top ten 1.Amir khan 2.salman khan 3.sharukh khan 4.Akshay kumar 5.Ranbir kapoor 6.Ajay Devgan 7.varun dhawan 8.sahid kapoor 9.Ranveer singh 10.Arjun kapoor.If you check box office collection i think my top 10 is correct.

  • It was too early for an actor like Arjun to do a masala movie since he has to establish himself in the small centres before doing such kinds of roles.
    Anyways happy that both Aj and now tevar have been rejected by the audiences

  • Masala films as such should be rejected out rightly. But, Tevar’s original and its subsequent remakes were good films. Maybe, instead Tevar had Shahid or any other actor better than Arjun Kapoor (who has zero screen presence) with a great screen presence, the movie would have done well. This Arjun is a waste, so rightly Tevar flopped!

  • Box-office is important but, if the film itself has a strong content and if it then doesn’t earn enough, then this disappoints me! It tells how bad is the audience here. High time we as an audience give credit to these movies and make these a bigger hit than some craps (read Tevar, Aj most Salman films except Kick) that are perishing!

  • @Sambuddha ha ha ha, arjun should start playing the roles of comedians like johny lever, Shakti kapoor or villainous roles like amrish puri.

  • @nipun not only people should reject mindless movies like AJ, R Rajkumar, Ready and this but also out n out mindless movies like jaadoo series, dhoom 2, Kites, and the last but not the least utter crap movie Bing Bing. and you are right add also bing bing as tever was still much better than Bing Bing.

  • @abhishek kumar didn’t expect such an insulting comment from u about arjun!!!
    hvnt u watched arjuns performance in 2 states?2 states wouldn’t hv been a success story if arjun hadn’t so brilliantly played the character of krish malhotra

  • Our resident rajeev masand wannabe n anupama chopra fanboy nipun kumari thinks tevar was better than ready… This the same fool who thought Lootera was the best thing since sliced bread…. Oh dear God no wonder critiKs get such a hard time coz of the stupidity of afew mindless jobless wannabes…!

  • Lets all hope that Tevars catastrophic failing at the Bengal BoxOffice changes the tevar of Some Buddha Mukherjee- this clown has been promoting the flop youngistan but on the sly he has been invoking an underground revolution with his Chameleonistan…! Lets all work together n stop this loons madness from going viral…. Bash the chameleonism tevar out of him once n for all…

  • I think its time that Arjun Kapoor and his fans has finally realizest that he’s just an ordinary fat guy and not good with masala movies. he should take a role he can accurately portray like 2 states and finding fanny.

  • I think its time that Arjun Kapoor and his fans has finally realises that he’s just an ordinary fat guy and not good with masala movies. he should take a role he can accurately portray like 2 states and finding fanny.

  • Tevar sequel in the pipeworks….!

    Eros head honcho Kishore Lulla phones up Boney Kapoor…! Conversation goes as follows:-

    Lulla- “Hello Boney its me Lulla…. How are you…?”
    Boney- “yaar Im a prisoner in my own house… Knocks on my door at all hrs of the day n night, witheld numbers calling me but I dare not answer, spam emails from chameleons, trolls from bengal sending me fake fan mail- I am going out of my wits here- what shall I do yaar…”
    Lulla- “dont worry yaar, its just the media ppl- this will die down in acouple of days…you see…”
    Boney- “media…? NO NO yaar, media I can handle while eating a double breakfast-Im talking about my talentless useless ugly son Arjun… He keeps begging me to let him come back home n wants another opportunity to launch him in Btown but I dont have the money to launch him in Kollywood let alone Bollywood- I cant get rid of him…”
    Lulla- “oh I see- you have to persist with him n keep trying to get him accepted like Amit ji is still doing with Abhishek..! Anyway I got a proposal for you… Me and my board have been thinking quite serioualy about our last venture n I personally think we should make a sequel to Tevar which the board agree to it…!”
    Boney- “what really…. I mean I dont know what to say…. why sure of ourse Yeah lets do it but this time lets give Arjun a greater scope to show his Tevar n lets do a tribute song to Sarkar n call it ‘Global Fan- Main toh Global King ka fanny sorry Fan…’- Lets do it right now Lulla… I will call Arjun back from Shakti Kapoors house… This is great news…!”
    Lulla- LOL “are you mad… I was just humuring you… I only called to ask for my money back you big fat fraudster- you had us all believing your son was the next spoon fed star kid after Hritik with a bigger fan following in Bengal than hritiks fans in Jaaduland… You lied n now we are taking you to court… Goodbye”

  • @some buddha mukherjee

    Forget arjun its you that refuses to acknowledge his mistakes so you will just keep on repeating the same juvenile mistakes over n over again…!

  • Arjun Kapoor attends Tevars only success bash which is held in Bengal by his local fanclub…!

    On arrival he is greeted by the Clubs Founder, President, Chairman, General Secretary, Marketing Guru, Spokesperson, Typist, receptionist, leaflet cartoonist, delivery boy, gardener, tea boy, photocopier boy all rolled in one- Some Buddha Mukherjee…!

    Buddha:- “Welcome Prince of Kollywood…”
    Arjun:- “oi buddha- Im the next prince of Bollywood not Trollywood okay..!”
    Buddha:- “wow Sir if only you showed that Tevar in your last flop film then maybe this party would have been held in tinseltown…”
    Arjun:- looks confused (the look in Finding Fanny when he couldnt find fanny) “are you trolling me…?”
    Buddha:- “no no my prince- I dont troll you… I troll ppl who deserve to be trolled like nipun, navin, gaurav etc etc… not you Sir…!”
    Arjun:- agitated now “see you are trolling me- am I not important enough to be trolled by you- why wont you troll me…” cries uncontrollably…
    Buddha:- “My prince I dont think you know what trolling entails or why I do it excessively…”
    Arjun:- sobbing non stop now says “I dont care why you do it- all I know is that you coerced me into coming to this success party for Tevar but theres noone here, no booze, no girls, no media persons n top of all that you wont troll me- I insist you troll me n do it now OK….!”
    Buddha:- “ok my prince anything you say…!”

    This is the explanatio for why today there are not one but 2 annoying ‘arjun kapoor fan’ IDs on Indicine…!

  • @Myanmar Yangon:: Well said bro ‘Manipulated K3’….
    Normally we find 10-15cr manipulation in lifetime collections but the krishh 3’s producers were desperate to beat CE’s record….
    63cr. Difference

  • Arjun’s 2 state movie better then manipulated k3, non-flyer kites, kmg and bang bong. Arjun is future papa boy. Don’t underestimate power of manipulation. Tever look like classic infront of bing bang, k3, kites and many more.

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