Buddha Hoga Tera Baap Box Office Prediction – Hit or Flop?

Buddha Hoga Tera Baap is the other release this weekend and the Amitabh Bachchan starrer brings back memories of the Bachchan era back in the 70s and 80s. Today, there are many stars who can guarantee a huge box office initial – Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan – are all capable of bringing in audiences in hordes to theaters. Back then, Amitabh Bachchan was the biggest of all, the first actor to get Rs 1 crore as his acting fee!

For Bachchan fans and those who grew up watching his films, Buddha Hoga Tera Baap will be a treat. It will be a tribute to a legend, the biggest star in Indian cinema.. respected by one and all in the industry.

Back to the box office prediction, Buddha will open lower than Delhi Belly but going by the initial reviews both films are expected to do well. Buddha should grow on strong word-of-mouth. We expect the first day to be around 4 – 5 crores. Below is our prediction..

Buddha Hoga Tera Baap Prediction

IF GOOD (very positive word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 13 crores
  • Weekdays – 6 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 19 crores
  • Final – 35 crores+

IF AVERAGE (mixed word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 11 crores
  • Weekdays – 5 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 16 crores
  • Final – 25 crores+

IF BAD (negative word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 9 crores
  • Weekdays – 3 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 12 crores
  • Final – 16 crores

Will Buddha Hoga Tera Baap be a Hit or Flop? Tell us, below in the comments section.



  • Buddha hoga is a creation of this Old Lambu who has become a Money-making Machine. In his total career he only repeated himself with his typed angry image; what new in this cheap masala film he can do??? It is indian foolish public who can promote such type cheap entertainer. It should be kicked out just like Lambu’s Tin Patti in first show itself.

  • What is the requirement of Mr. Bachchan at this stage to earn money with such type of pure and pure masala films under his own company? I think all his loans must be cleared with his various types of managed advts. of oil, soaps, creams, detergents, etc. etc. Now at this age he should take rest when public have rejected him since 2005 and onwards in Tin Patti, Raan, Bhutnath, etc. etc. Actually public bored with him during mid 80 itself but it is the hired media via whom he used to keep himself in lime light and with his tactful managerial ability he manages to sign films under new generation producers. In spite of this fact he was totally oblivion during 90s with most cheap films. But to make money this person never miss any chance to do any kind of cheap activities. Sometimes he used to buttering Gandhi family, some times Samajwadi party and now Modi govt. Shame to this opportunist person. Buddha hoga type cheap masala films should be bombed at box office.

  • abey anirudh and akroy

    pahale tum dhono apne muh dhoke aawoo. u people donot have any right to comment on the legendary actor. Who is AB he is the Baadshaah of Indian Cinema. Tum dhono pahale apne gaon main naale peh muh dohke aawo phir baath karo

  • you r right .. they don’t know nothing about him.. who is working in this bollywood until now.. still working now still fighting and dancing .. we accept but other crezzy mind don’t accept that

  • people are so crezzy .. how can they think about mr ab.. in 1990 there was some stare and he was also there in 2000 there has other come and othere was superstare and still he was there.. in 2010 menny actor has come and menny are stare and superstare and he is until now here..and time is going.. they says he just do angry young man.. so i want to say who is superstare now srk.salman.amir.akshay .. and menny menny .. what they do.. the big is now srk.. how can you remember him .. sad roal or angry roal.. what you call him.. he can’t do angry young men roal like mr ab.. i accept that he is master in sad roal but mr ab is father of him in this sad roal.. so what srk do..salman what do.. the best movie in this year.. he has body.. and what .. dance .action.. stant like kumfu.. nothing he do just director says.. the real action is what is on your face.. and amir.. the superstare of last 6 year.. ..befor there was in 1990 menny.. dharam paji.. vinod.jitu and menny so where are they.. where they went.. why they don’t come .. u know they want to come but people don’t accept .. and mr ab is still hear.. it’s mean people want to come more and more..about money maing so srk what he do in ipl.. he is crickter.. nothing everybudy do.. mukesh and anil.. they have much more money they can bye all bollywood.. after also they working .. the true is we have to accept that .. someone is in his long life he is still working .fighting .dancing .. so we have to selut of this man.. and that is mr amitabh bacchan.. and no budy can beat him.. no budy..

  • big B is greater actor of world, and i salute him from my core of heart. At last, if anyone misbehabe wid Mr. Bachhan, i will fuck all of them………

  • Mr. cvr- your name itself shows that you are a pure fraud like the characters played by Mr. Bachchan in many of his films, Chor, Daku, Mafia, Awara, Sabari etc. etc. etc. I have posted my own view point about his garbage film, who are you to comment on my comment. If you are a front benchers certainly this film is for you.

  • I support the view point of Mr. Roy in toto. Bachchan should not portray a mafia at this stage to earn money with a masala film. Media should also criticise this rather they praise on paid basis. Shame

  • Idiot Anirudda Fatma,

    From ur commet i can understand that U are a jealous animal a dirty bitch.May be U went to ask money with him and looking at ur prostitute face may be he rejected your plea.Who are you to say something like this to a living legend,You smelling dog next time think hundred times before saying any thing to any actor or actress.Look at the charities he is doing around us.

    Don’t give Money a chance to rule you in fact you rule the money.You dirty ass.Respect amitabh the king.If you have mind reply me.I am his biggest fan.

  • Amitabh is the actor loved by each and every one in india and around the world.How dare can any one say what ever comes to their mind.First see for whom u’ll commet

  • Dear Roy/ Suhan and fatma

    Its pity to read comments from you. I dont know what problems you hav\e . may be you still feel that how a man of around 70 still work so hard and be liked by masses and classes? I am sure you are not from this generation? May be you are jealosusthat you are struggling to earn and why a man who is Old be doing so well. Why people take him in Ads – he give results. This film is titled for PEOPLE LIKE YOU : BUDDHA HOGA TERA BAAP or rather it shoulk have been BUDDHA HOGA TU – For you all.
    AB is synonym of success……..

  • super flop waist of time bhudhde ko bhudhada nahi to kya jawan kahenge kya, i m waiting 4 salman bhais bodyguard

  • @ roy & anirudh: aap dono ne bahut hi correct comment diya hai….i agree with u…! who is AB…? AB…CDEF….YZ hahaha… sabka time aata aur jata hai so AB….is gone Bakwas movie hai BHTB…!!

  • bollywood me itne salo tak jo chala hai aur chalta rahega BIG B is only one.jo use galat kaheta hai use acting ke bare me kuch pata bhi hai ki nahi.jab se wo acting kar raha hai tab sayad wo log peda bhi nahi hue hoge.

  • srk is 10%
    amir khan is 10%
    salman khan is 10%
    akhsya Kumar is 10%
    Hrithik Roshan is 10%

    TOTAL IS 50% ———————————– THE BIG B AMITABH BACHAN IS 100%



  • they who talk rubbish about mr.bachchan, must know about the cinema…. ye uper roy or fatema ne likha hai…. dono ke dono ko sirf stage pe khada karo to koi juta bhi nahi marega…kyo ki waha koi hoga hi nahi……you both go to hell…. just… go to hell… if they may alow you….

  • Amitabh Bacchan rocks he is was he will be the only one megastar in Indian film industry . yaar aaj bhi tv pe unki movies aati he to hum dekhte he na, KBC is the prime example of his legacy and he is beyond hits and flop so why to waste the time by criticising him, his movies are still superior then others. its better to watch his movies than bhag dk boss.

  • agar ‘big b’ itne bade star hain ki unke samne salman 10%, aamir 10%, sharukh 10%….. etc. hain to phir ‘big b’ ki koi film hit kyun nahi hoti hai…? agar wo sach me sabke baap hain to phir koi superhit or blockbuster movie pichle 20 salon me kyun nahi diye hain apne dam per…? aur jahan tak tv ki bat hai to wahan Salman ka Dum dikh raha h jo per episode 1-3 crore le raha hai…!!! big b ki poori movie ki jitni buget hoti hai.. salman ne us se jayda rakam ‘NEME’ ke sign amount me liya h 30 june ko.. bhai log mere kahne ka matlab h ki koi bada ya chota actor nahi hota h… sabka ek time hota hai aur big b ka bhi time tha kabhi per ab nahi raha…! ek akhiri baat aur request plz aap log time k sath chaliye !!!

  • its a full pop up entertainer of big-B after so many years and puri’s dailouges were amazing and the he presented the great legend is unforgettable i enjoyed a lot watching it on 1st day 1st show ……

  • It is very sad and disturbing that our present audiences don’t admire and respect great talent anymore. However all said and done AB is the undisputed Baap of Acting !!!

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