Delhi Belly Box Office Prediction – Hit or Flop?

Delhi Belly releases tomorrow and the ‘adult’ rated Aamir Khan Production has competition from Amitabh Bachchan’s Buddha Hoga Tera Baap and the Hollywood release Transformers 3.

Now, any film that Aamir Khan lends his name to, is believed to be good by the general public. And Delhi Belly is no different, the pre-release hype is good and many are curious to know what the movie is all about given that the promos carried a lot of shock-value.

Mainly targeted at the youngsters, we expect Delhi Belly to work big-time with the male section of the audience. But will it be liked by the fairer sex? Will the family audience reject it completely? Either way, the advance booking is good and the film should easily be the biggest opener this week ahead of Buddha Hoga Tera Baap..

Still, its hard to predict the box office opening for Delhi Belly. The film is different and we are not too sure how big the opening will be. We expect Day 1 to be around 6.5 crores, just below the opening of Double Dhamaal.

Delhi Belly Box Office Prediction

IF GOOD (very positive word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 23 crores
  • Weekdays – 10 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 33 crores
  • Final – 50 crores+

IF AVERAGE (mixed word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 21 crores
  • Weekdays – 8 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 29 crores
  • Final – 40 crores+

IF BAD (negative word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 18 crores
  • Weekdays – 6 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 24 crores
  • Final – 32 crores

What do you think, will Delhi Belly be a Hit or Flop? Tell us below in the comments section.



  • Imran Khan can not act…aamir khan films are good but i think this is flops or below average and gross will be 25 crores or so

  • i will watch the film today……….it will rock………superduper hit………..i love u imran……….best wishes to u from me everytime…………

  • aamir is a big hypocrate….. uske dikhane ke or chabane ke daant alag alag hai…. pahele bolta tha main film banata hu… public ko message dene ke liye… chutiye ne kya message diya hai…. film ekdam kabada hai…. imran… imran is a furniture…. wodden face.. who can not act in this life atleast…

  • a film feauturing imran khan is guarenteed flop,and after the film the audience will sang on imran bhag bhag dk bose on his so called acting,how could aamir make such a torcher,total nonsense………..

  • I did not watch the film yet, however i agree that Imran’s acting is very poor, he has to improve more and try some good roles, unfortunately he does not have the super talent of his uncle….

  • exellent movies must watch but not with parents, go with your friends and you’ll enjoy it immensily

  • show Amir respect yar…he is the one who has brought the wave of change in indian cinema..otherwise abi tk wohi pyar aur zalim bap ki stories dkh rahay hoty..keep it up Amir…good job

  • i swa this movie at 2nd july, i feal is so intresting movie. you must be see this movie but with frnds group not parents ok . u will be feal good.

  • i saw this movie at 2nd july, i feal is so intresting movie. you must be see this movie but with frnds group not parents ok . u will be feal good.

  • Yeah, I have heard too that it is a awesome movie, a 1 TIME MUST WATCH… Well lets check it fast friends to see whether its correct or the SHIT REALLY HAPPENED…

  • chutiye …amir khan…….chuthiye…….bahenchod……..bakwas movie…………..a fultoo money loss …………..bakwas………gali nahi ati hai to sikhne jao…nahi tp mat jao…chuthiye log ki film hai

  • Shit on all those who are in part of making this film. They dont have mother, sister or family. They all are fucker and All those who will watch this movie are fucker.

  • KK dude i told you before don’t be so nervous coz you seriously need a help:
    If you’re a SRK fan start praying for D2 and Ra.One
    An Amitabh Bachchan start praying that Buddah gets a verdict of below averg
    An akki fan start praying for desi boyz after the serie of flops
    A Hrithik fan start praying for ZNMD after two big disasters in 2010
    A Sallu fan start praying for Bodyguard
    Looser, i feel pity for people like you, go and get a life!

  • All those who are naming the film: bakwass, flop…are just shit oldies who need to stay at home and forget about movies like DB which is from a different leage and not made for old-fashioned people like them…

  • why aamir is best than any other actors,he is proved again…………………….the film is fantastic…………….

  • ye film puri tarh young generation ki hai… Thanks for Aamir.. Jo log bhi ise bakwaas bol rahe hai wo sabhi old mentility ke log hai… Unhe wahi rona dhona, emotional aur overacting pasand hai..

  • this is a good movie, i have never seen like this. i liked dis movie.
    i was not axpected to aamir khan. he is perfectionist, in this movie he shown how to talk delhi boys each other. over all full to dhamaaallllllllll movie

  • Mr. Aamir Khan, what you have done is copied scene from some of the hollywood movies and created an movie here. You have copied scenes from Jackass, American Pie etc. This is all what you can do. Since many people are unaware of these movies, so your movie is a hit here among the young generation. They have never seen such vulgarity, so they are happy. Gajini was also a copy of another movie. So you don’t have any originality. You have created this sick+cheap movie, that is also not original. What can I say for you. And here you are spreading that you are experimenting. Its so funny…heh? Now people would argue that atleast he had the guts to make movie like this here. What guts? You think other people cannot do this? No, they wouldn’t do this, because they like to maintain their standards. You know most of the business/profit people do in internet, is through p.orn websites. People have become millionaire because of that. But everyone does not start creating his own p.orn website. Because each person has its own values and he likes to maintain that. I hope some intelligent/mature youth got the message, others can simply ignore my comment.

  • @Prem – You like watching shit? Then stay at home and watch your own shit. This will save your money

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