Boxoffice: Shahrukh Khan as Producer

Shahrukh Khan, widely regarded as one of the sharpest minds in the industry, hasn’t enjoyed much success as a producer.

So far, he has produced 10 films (including Always Kabhi Kabhi which released today), out of which 4 have done well and the rest have failed to make any impact. Kaal, which he co-produced with Karan Johar, opened well but soon faded away.

Below is a list of Shahrukh Khan Films as a Producer (box office verdict in brackets) 

  • Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (FLOP)
  • Asoka (FLOP)
  • Chalte Chalte (HIT)
  • Main Hoon Na (HIT)
  • Kaal (Average)
  • Paheli (FLOP)
  • Om Shanti Om (Blockbuster)
  • Billu (FLOP)
  • My Name Is Khan (HIT)
  • Always Kabhi Kabhi (FLOP, most likely)

Note: All films above, except Kaal and Always Kabhi Kabhi, featured SRK in lead or supporting roles.

What do you think is the reason for his not-so-success role as a producer? Lack of script sense or was it the case of some of his failures lacking entertainment value (like Paheli, Asoka, Billu)?



  • It’s just lack of script. You know the star power can increase publicity. But the rest of the thing the script decides. I don’t understand why he choosing these kind of films(flop).

  • He lacks script sense like Aamir.. just look at films from Aamir khan productions.. Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.. even a Peepli Live does well.. Dhobi Ghat was just an experiment and it was an art film, still it more than covered what was invested.

    Just goes to show that Aamir is not only the better actor of the two, but also a better filmmakers than SRK.. And now the competition is between Aamir and Salman.. if Ra 1 flops then SRK is in big trouble..

    BTW.. SRK should never take to direction, his films will flop big time.. Aamir wins there too :)

    And all i see is Salman, Hrithik and Aamir fans everywhere.. SRK fans seem to be in a state of depression.. :D

  • Ra 1 will break all record nd srk is the king will be king. No 1 position always belongs to srk nd he will be back. we r srk fans we r always proud of srk. Infact srk is the proud of bollywood. bollywood recognized through bollywood in overseas.

  • Everything is depend upon RA.ONE & DON 2 now, SHAHRUKH KHAN has lost his rank and if RA.ONE & DON 2 failed to be huge then SHAHRUKH will be no longer identified as KING KHAN. These two films need to become a blockbuster or mega mile so far, I can hope a lot from DON 2 because it’s being directed by excellent director FARHAN AKHTAR but little confused about RA.ONE because I don’t think so ANUBHAV SINHA is the right choice for a such huge budget film. But let’s see what happens with these two films, hope they will save the reputation of SRK !!!

  • and thes flop you call are mainly due to lakck of good scripts and big budget and asoka was ahit overseas it just that the audience didnt want to see difrent srk

  • It just shows how indicine like other useless website has only one work i.e. HOW TO CRITICISE SRK. Indicine team this is time requirement that u should start fair and same treatment to all he FILMSTARS.

    • @Ali, when and where did we criticize SRK? Just produced the facts and his production house has done well in the last decade.. Just that.. sometimes his choice of script, like with Always Kabhi Kabhi, is quite baffling.

  • sorry indicine look at the whole of films srk has produced none of them are same that shows that he is trying different projects, different scripts and different directors.
    phir bhi dil hai hindustani – flopped because the media gave a negative impact on the flm
    Asoka – was hit internationaly – in India it didnt do well but maybe at that time lagaan (cricket) was marketing at the same time.
    Billu another brilliant movie which people didnt accept it for what reason i have no idea
    As for Aamir khan has produced 6 films in total what is his success rate? only 3 hits really lagaan and tare zameen par and jane tu ya jaane na was just kids entertainment nothing out of the box, Mangal Pandey failed miserably, peepli live was not a hit, another rubbish was dhobi ghaat what art was in that movie. paheli was an art movie!!!!!

    • @Laving, you’ve got your facts wrong. Mangal Pandey was not produced by Aamir Khan and Peepli Live was a box office hit. Infact, the opening day of Peepli Live was better than films like Wake Up Sid and Badmaash Company. For a film that had absolutely no stars, it shows the kind of brand value that Aamir Khan Production carries. Dhobi Ghat yes, didn’t do too well, but recovered its investment. Can’t expect too much from an art film which many did not even understand. So, out of all the films that Aamir has produced, only Dhobi Ghat under-performed.

      Regarding SRK, his success ratio as a producer has increased this decade, but his choice of scripts remains poor. Always Kabhi Kabhi was a shocker! Billu, yes, was a good film.

  • this film is not a good has the same story like we seen before..but it is not so bad i thnk it is a average film.i will give it 5 out of 10……..

  • @indicine team, you rectified my mistake on mangal Pandey, but you being review writers i would like to know the mistake he did in making phir bhi dil hai hindustani, Asoka and billu? you even mentioned that billu was good, what was wrong in picking up scripts like these. this is an industry where films like golmaal series are doing great more than Lagaan so be the your own judge hats off to SRK tries out many things

    • @Laving.. Both PBDHH and Asoka didn’t work as a movie that’s why it failed. Now the problem with Billu was, excess of SRK. The story was about Billu, but in the whole movie SRK had one scene that is worthy of a mention.. apart from that rest of his screen-time was spent in showing people worship him as god, which was pretty hard to digest for many (especially the urban audience). And yes, SRK’s presence over-shadowed Billu’s character, which we feel was one of the reasons the movie didn’t work.

      And btw, same thing happened with the Tamil version of the same movie starring Rajnikanth. When you have such a big star, you expect him to have a role of substance..

  • Srk ke chutiye fans sallu k vot dekho,aur tumare srk ke vot dekho,srk ke ko to koi vot nahi karta,sallu ko roj 50,ya usse jyda vot hum daily karte hai.

  • SRK as a producer is 0 sadly, he should never produce any film again, i did not like a single film that he produced, on the other hands i liked all films of AKP from Lagaan to Delhi Belly and even Dhobi Ghat, Aamir is truely a genious filmmaker i salute him for bringing high quality of films and taking Hindi Cinema to the new levels, I don’t care id people hate him/his personnality/attitude, for me he’s the best artist in Bollywood, Hate him or love him you can’t ignore his work and exellence.

  • I am a big fan of srk. He is ginius. He performs in those flims which are special. But ak performs in copied flims like gajini,3 idiots ete. One of them is a tamil flim and another is english flim

  • @Rezwan: You idiot, Ghajini was a reamke of a tamil film(inspired from Momento) and 3 idiots was original, it was inspired from a Book not a copy from another film! GOT it?
    Poor SRK fans i feel pity on them, now only if fails at BO even god won’t be able to shave..sorry save SRK!! So SRKGAY fans start praying….

  • ppl plz consider few things (facts):
    !! jo jitna uncha hota hai uske utne hi jyaada dushman hote hai !!!
    i am not a srk fan .i like aamir , but i cant deny the fact….
    search on internet & mostly u will get srk no 1. its a fact. he is the undisputed king of romance. he has got more awards than any actor. most internationaly recognised actor, most loved, actually he is the one who started experimenting with role. like in baazigar he played a negetive role which niether sallu nor aamir had guts to do. salman seems in no mood of marrying & srk have 2 kids ,. now how can u call srk gay??… ddlj is still running in theater.. i do find amir’s or sallu’s fan jealous of his achievments.. i am not saying that anyone is inferior but its just that at present media is promoting salman more bcoz of his masaaledar roles. and is south india copied movies. ready was not that good movie..just the promotion which made it that big hit.. mnik was better than tzp..mnik was more meaningful and more important movie for the world as it a about the roots of terrorism which is the biggest issue for ppl… aamir and salman had a filmy family background , but srk an orphan made it bigger than the other 2!!!! he made hindi films global , with his movie pardes……its a fact that srk had done more good for the country than other 2… salute srk…

  • one more things — u will often find amir’s & specially sallu’s fans using abusive language about srk. this shows there character….
    plz all srk fans dont make ur tounge dirty…..long live srk

  • Srk is the king of Bollywood. He made the whole industry proud n famous. Most of his film was hit n gives gud sense to the people like MNIK etc.n romantic film like KKHH,KHNH,DDLJ,KANK,VEER JARA,etc. And i can proudly say that he did excellent job to go the film industries higher than SALLU n AAMIR,n i hope i will always do it. No matter if people dont like SRK nowadays but i m sure he will bring a lots of fans. So all the fans of SRK,no need for keeping ur head down, lets vote SRK.

  • all three khaans are best.
    But i wanna mentions dat
    check the success rate of the movies of three khans till they started their career. U will find best 4 srk.i know 4rm 2 to 3 years amir khaan is doing well but check the salman movies
    he gave 5 flops before wanted came.where were all the supporter at that time. and don2 will change every thing.srk is best and will remain best.u start comparing akshay kumar with srk when he gave 5 hits in one year now tell where is akshay nothing near srk.
    Everyone compape every actor like sallu,amir,hrithic,amiTg,akshay etc y everyone is compared with srk not with amir or sallu it is all because of standard of srk. If u got my that point then mean u got every thing and the best answer.

  • sahrukh is king al khans are bull shit salman and amir kan kanjar amir nain to apnye bhai ko nahee chorha kuuta sala aur to aur 4 shadieyain kien hain aur salman zallel insan hiran mar dieyain insan mar dieya kameena gril sko launch karoo mazye kqaroo sharukh acha insan hain

  • i know shah rukh is most popular and good actor as well as good man and will rule bollywood even he is live we love u shah rukh

  • SRK is good if he works with big names lets accept the fact and Salman got huge fan following but if you talk about acting Aamir is way way ahead of these guys .

    Aamir is just toooooooo great – he is class apart

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