Box Office Records of Aamir Khan

There is no denying the fact that Aamir Khan is ruling the box office like no other actor in the history of Indian Cinema. He might not command the sheer craze or mass hysteria that Salman or Shahrukh manage to generate wherever they go, but when it comes to box office numbers and trends (which almost entirely depends on good content and sharp script-sense), Aamir is way ahead of the rest.

The box office records that he currently holds speaks volumes of his success and stardom. Below, we list some of his major achievements and records:

1. Founder of 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 crore club: Ghajini was the first Indian film to cross the 100 crore mark. A year later, 3 Idiots became the first to 150 and 200. A few years later, Dhoom 3 crossed 250 for the first time and PK did the unthinkable – it became the first Hindi film to collect Rs 300 crore in India. The ‘3 Idiots’ record stayed for nearly 4 years before Chennai Express finally managed to beat it. How long will the PK record stand the test of time?

2. Overseas King: Dhoom 3 is the highest grosser of all time in the overseas markets and the only film to collect $30 million or more. PK came close in its initial run by collecting $26 million, but the film could eventually beat Dhoom 3 when it releases in other countries. All the Top 3 highest grossers overseas belong to Aamir – 1) Dhoom 3 – $31 million 2) PK – $26.5 million 3) 3 Idiots – $25.9 million.

3. Highest First Week Collections: Dhoom 3 collected 189 crore in its first week at the box office, which is the highest of all time. Dhoom 3 is followed closely by PK (183.09 cr)

4.Β Highest Grosser in India: With net box office collections of Rs 340 crore, PK is the highest grosser in India, followed by Dhoom 3 which is the second highest grosser with collections of Rs 285 crore.

5. Highest Worldwide Grosser: PK was the first film to gross Rs 600 crore worldwide (i.e India + Overseas collections) and Dhoom 3 was the first to gross more than 500 crore.

Aamir also holds the record for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week business in India. Box office aside, his films rank highly on sites like IMDB.

3 Idiots (Rank 114) is the highest ranked Indian filmΒ in IMDB’s Top 250 list, followed by Munnabhai MBBS (Rank 147), A Wednesday (Rank 150), Rang De Basanti (Rank 151), Dil Chahta Hai (Rank 196), Lagaan (Rank 212), Gangs of Wasseypur (Rank 215) and PK (Rank 248) – which is 5 movies in the Top 250. For someone who involves himself in the entire process of filmmaking – script, pre-production, shooting, editing and marketing – a lot of credit for the success and quality of Aamir films should go to the man himself.

Truly, a legend of Indian Cinema. A man responsible for taking the industry forward.

Once again, from the entire Indicine Team we wish Aamir Khan a very happy birthday. Records or not, we hope Aamir continues to entertain and surprise us through his films.

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  • Aamir is busy chasing excellence whilst our self proclaiming global king is chasing Aamirs records- proof of which is his abandonment/ delaying of shooting for Content Rich Billu Fan and Content Superior Rice King for favour of Shettys car fetish freak show ‘2468 Flying Cars Invasion’…!

  • Now a says @indicine is joking too much.overseas king is amir?then domestic king should be amir too because he is ahead of salman?but what will @indicine reply to US if dangal pandey will chase KANK record at overseas again,lol.Remind one thing,CONSISTENCY / WHOLE CAREER decides who is king not 3-5 year brand movies,lol.KING is HIMSELF is A BRAND.

  • Aamir Khan rulling BO??? dude u need to check talaash collections :D
    Without Brand names & great director Aamir is nothing
    Where as SRK gave 200 cr with the director of TMK
    With farah Khan aamir can’t give even 20 cr lifetime :P
    U can now easily understand who is rulling BO…

  • Shame on you. . u guys only see boxoffice numbers & give respect according to that. Try to give respect for good movies that Aamir offering

  • @aamir_khan Life & Soul of Cinema , Indian Cinema got some Standard , Credit all goes to you Happy Birthday Aamir Khan

  • @indicine So, don’t you people check before posting an article?
    Taare Zameen Par(Like Stars On earth) is at No. 109 on Imdb’s top 250 movies list. I believe you missed that. Either edit it or give a correctional comment.
    Also, this means Aamir has 6 movies in the list which is just mind-boggling & unbelievable for an Indian actor!
    This guy is ‘God of Content and Commercial Cinema in India’.
    SRK fanatics, stay in that delusional world of yours where King holds all box office records and has 50 movies in Imdb top250. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Me and most of us here will live in reality and savour Aamir’s success.

  • @ishan

    You should seriously visit Indicine more often. Love almost all your comment! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    SRK fans’ reaction to Ishan’s comment: πŸ™ˆ lol.

  • @ Navin :
    Tell something new .
    oops , sorry … forgot that we Bhai-fans are always chant the same dialogue , like our Bhai says his own dialogue in all his films !

  • @Legend – Who said DON 2 a failure ??? It belonged to the same genre as BABY, TAALASH…It was the only film to earn over 100 crs in this genre…It had no bikini scene, no kamli or krazy kya re song, etc
    infact while DHOOM is the pioneer of sequels and brands…D2 was annual hit of the year and all time highest grosser…while DON is the 5th/6th grosser of the year with serve criticism from BIG B fans and few critics.

  • Keep those mathematical equation to yourself…this is not any math exam…let me clear you this just by a simple example – When RBDJ released it had no promotion..but there was Mumbai Blast…while Gajhni was all about typical masala with huge promotion and xams release.

  • @ishan – We live in reality and reality is IMDB means nothing…Google it and you will find various examples regarding it…for instance DCH makes it way to tge list while VZ remains left out…lol…enjoy IMDB succes.

  • As per srk lunatic fans @romance and @sss rohit is better director than Raju hirani, point to be noted.Similarly srk is biggest star much ahead than Aamir.
    And the result the biggest superstar in rush to make a film with Rihit shetty so that he can cross their previous highest grosser CE while a less popular actor Aamir went miles-2 ahead with a average director like Raju hirani.
    Moral- They say 3i and pk success due to Raju hirani, CE due to SRK but Raju hirani is poor director.
    So they agreed indirectly that 3i and Pk success due to Aamir and CE because of Rohit Shetty.Right

    Srkians say Aamir release Dangal on Christmas as he fear that Talaash collected which was a successful film with 175cr ww collection on non holiday but their king last 5+1 (diwale) release on non holiday, are bhai srk ko kid cheez Ka darr h.
    Srk-5 holiday release after 3i, only 1 movie crossed 200cr.
    Aamir-2 film on holiday both were crossed 200& 250cr while 1 even crossed
    Srk poor man even struggling to get hit om holiday that’s why he pushed fan for 2016 and Raees on EID 2016, after all on festive at least srk can get hit verdict.
    Too much fun complan boys

  • @undertaker Well, DCH made its way because it is a cult movie, infact one of the best B’wood has delivered.
    As far as VZ is concerned, it doesn’t have enough votes for it to be considered.
    I have an idea, why don’t you ask 3.7 billion fans of your King to make accounts and vote a 10/10 for all of his movies. Believe me, you’ll beat Aamir hands down as there will be 75 SRK movies in Top 250, even Billu! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Haha, just kidding, you are such big a coward, that you can’t even comment here using your own name and crying foul about IMDb.
    Why waste your time here on this article? Go prepare an evacuation kit for yet another Storm of 400 cr. arriving in Dec. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    @gj007 Cheers, mate! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • @jc thanks.
    @not a taker or giver (under taker)
    You are saying Bollywood is not about mathematics, are you fooling me or are you a born idiot.You are commenting on Aamir box office records article means numbers game which is directly synonyms to mathematics.You said Aamir without Raju or brand that mean to say you are talking about Ghajini,tzp or Talaash all were successful.but you are saying talaash was flop or failure as it collected 93cr I.e.number.
    Degrading someone on nos game and talking about Bollywood is not

  • @3:07pm

    Abit rich to hear you talking about maths when you have been hiding in death valley in paglapur this past yr still unable to come to terms with the 1 in 21-1 courtesy of Lesnar…. That 1 is the hardest mathematical problem you have ever come across in your miserable existence (on Indicine) and you will never get your empty air head around it….

  • @undertaker Admit the failure of Srk woth Don 2. Having a big brand like Don, 2 glamorous heroines, stylish foreign locations and action. And it was released on Christmas.
    Dhoom 3 had same advantages, but finally…
    Dhoom 3- 285 crore
    Don 2- 105 crore

  • @Isahn Gulati – Lol…Your comment is as much funny as DCH being cult film…yes its in INDIA but not overseas…lol…A overhyped film like 3IDIOTS, a copy of OMG, and a cult film (?) with poor script is in the top list while a masterpiece like HAIDER, cult film like VASTAV, A true sports film CDI is out of the list…lol…explains lot…:v

  • @ishan – That 400 crs storm already arrived with CE grossing 400 crs…at that time you all are prepearing to hide from the storm until brand power and director power came to the saviour of

  • @no taker talk about overseas, let’s see poor joker.
    Srk highest grosser overseas.
    1. Ddlj
    2. Kkhh
    3. K3G
    4. Veer Zaara
    5. KANK
    6. MNIK

    Found some similarity if not I tell you
    1. Banner YRF, Dharma
    2. 4 film directed by Karan Johar
    3. 4 film Kajol was cast opposite SRK
    4. After MNIK (kajol-karan starrer) srk did 5 film all holiday not a single film beat MNIK so what srk did as both Karan-SRK don’t share the bond which they had earlier, srk went to Rohit with him srk given his only all time grosser in India, and cast Kajol opposite her so he can beat mnik overseas. But I bet you srk this time able to cross CE in India and MNIK in overseas but pk and d3 will remain untouchable to him.Wanna bet you idiot.
    After this comment you will come brain dead ideology of yours.
    Aamir reclaimed top spot from srk just after 4 month with d3, srk won’t able to snach that from Aamir till 4 year before CE arrived and won’t able to do the same till 2016 too.
    Keep dreaming no taker.

  • @underwear Stay happy with CE 400 cr. and HNY 380 Cr. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    We’ll stay happy with 650 Cr. and 550 Cr.

    People like you won’t understand IMDb and its working, so no point in explaining.
    There is a saying, “Kaala Akshar Bhains Barabar”, it just perfectly fits here. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • @ishan right made this “no taker” is full of idiot, he didn’t knew how Imdb works.There should be minimum 25000 votes for a single movie and it should be rated high to make a place in top 250, Veer Zaara has been rated 7.9 in comparison to Dil Chata H 8.5/10 rating from 30000+ votes
    He don’t know Bollywood as well as Aamir’s highest rated film on imdb Andaz Apna Apna got 8.8/10 rating but couldn’t got place in top 250 as it has less votes.
    3i got 8.5/10 from 1.4lac votes, 3i fb pages was like by more than 1.35cr people and it is overrated film compre to classic like don 2,jab le li jaan,hny according to him.

  • You remain happy with your IMDB rating…its actually the manner in which votes are counted in IMDB…Because despite having almost same votes as DCH and remaining just .1 below DCH….CDI is not chosen in IMDB TOP 250…Infact SRKs most loved romantic flick VZ remains at 7.9…lol…And talking about collection woo to humne dikha hi dia with just 6days free run…Ab dekhte hey tumhara AAMIR kya karta hey HIRANI and DHOOM BRAND ke siva…:-D

  • @sky – Similarly AAMIR was not able to give highest grosser until the best director RAJU and DHOOM came in force…if you see the similarities between the three of Aamirs highesr grosser you will find YRF xmas RAJU as common…he moved PK 6 months forward just to take the advantage of xmas…lol….If yoy want to compare a 6 days free run CE and 3 weeks free run D3 just to claim its AAMIRS take away of No 1 position then nothing to say…why don’t you say that infact AAMIR stayed away from doing films just to create a curosity in the mind of audience and then take up his firat villain role that too one of Bollywood alltime fav and highest grosser DHOOM brand..otherwise he was also unable to break 3IDIOTS record despite coming after 4 years with TAALASH…SRK gave away a masala BB and a class BB both in the same year and missed the highest grosser tag just because no release in multiplex and clash…lol

  • Nice comments by Sky and legend you both are proved the power of Aamir the one and only true mega star and i am sure all the haters got good answer

  • @undertaker than why are you seeing excuses only for Aamir releases,when srk wasn’t away for these brand, even for srk fans best bet to challenge Aamir’s d3&pk is only Dilwale among 3 release.
    Regarding villain roles,its not first time that Aamir doing a negative role,in fanaa also he was a Villain.
    In dhoom its bullshit to say that Hrithik or Aamir played negative roles, in many films our heroes steals money,having hand in drug racket or smuggling but regarded as positive character not villain.Only dhoom 1 has a negative hero that was john,after that in dhoom franchise is all about theif and they are not villains in movie anymore.
    Second for PK yes Asmir pushed the release date to Christmas and Hus decision was absolute right as they know film will perform huge on June but the expectation of trade to make it biggest hit like 3i can only complete if it was holiday release.
    CE 6 days collection were 130cr while dhoom 3 was 160cr, after than dhoom 3 collected more than 100cr + in lifetime.
    Don’t forget CE 7th day was National holiday when ouatimd released, screen count of ce was 2600 and ouatimd released on 1000 screens, a film which has on first day that too on national holiday,got very less screens and that had negative reviews only than fools like you can say it has competition.
    Ouatimd lifetime was 60cr and after first week ce also collected 62cr in its lifetime.Even if ouatimd not released still ce couldn’t grossed more than 225cr+ as per trade,and d3 still beat it comfortably.
    Don’t forget d3 surpassed ce just in 10days while ce beat in 21 days run.
    PK also crossed d3 also in 13days.while hny failed to cross CE.
    Regarding less release count.
    Since 2005 Aamir has 9 releases,srk had 12.From 2012-2014 Aamir had 3 films so as srk.

  • @ sky superb bro dont waste ur time to give explanation to these kind of people underwear. Amir is the king of bollywood and records as well. domestic or overseas everywhere Aamir ruling the industry with huge margin .and hakla cant touch that figures in next 4 to 5 yrs

  • Srk fans are burning after reading this article. The records belongs to Ace and Dabangg Khan !!!!!!!!!! Bakri khan desperate to break records.

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