Box Office Records of Aamir Khan

There is no denying the fact that Aamir Khan is ruling the box office like no other actor in the history of Indian Cinema. He might not command the sheer craze or mass hysteria that Salman or Shahrukh manage to generate wherever they go, but when it comes to box office numbers and trends (which almost entirely depends on good content and sharp script-sense), Aamir is way ahead of the rest.

The box office records that he currently holds speaks volumes of his success and stardom. Below, we list some of his major achievements and records:

1. Founder of 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 crore club: Ghajini was the first Indian film to cross the 100 crore mark. A year later, 3 Idiots became the first to 150 and 200. A few years later, Dhoom 3 crossed 250 for the first time and PK did the unthinkable – it became the first Hindi film to collect Rs 300 crore in India. The ‘3 Idiots’ record stayed for nearly 4 years before Chennai Express finally managed to beat it. How long will the PK record stand the test of time?

2. Overseas King: Dhoom 3 is the highest grosser of all time in the overseas markets and the only film to collect $30 million or more. PK came close in its initial run by collecting $26 million, but the film could eventually beat Dhoom 3 when it releases in other countries. All the Top 3 highest grossers overseas belong to Aamir – 1) Dhoom 3 – $31 million 2) PK – $26.5 million 3) 3 Idiots – $25.9 million.

3. Highest First Week Collections: Dhoom 3 collected 189 crore in its first week at the box office, which is the highest of all time. Dhoom 3 is followed closely by PK (183.09 cr)

4. Highest Grosser in India: With net box office collections of Rs 340 crore, PK is the highest grosser in India, followed by Dhoom 3 which is the second highest grosser with collections of Rs 285 crore.

5. Highest Worldwide Grosser: PK was the first film to gross Rs 600 crore worldwide (i.e India + Overseas collections) and Dhoom 3 was the first to gross more than 500 crore.

Aamir also holds the record for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week business in India. Box office aside, his films rank highly on sites like IMDB.

3 Idiots (Rank 114) is the highest ranked Indian film in IMDB’s Top 250 list, followed by Munnabhai MBBS (Rank 147), A Wednesday (Rank 150), Rang De Basanti (Rank 151), Dil Chahta Hai (Rank 196), Lagaan (Rank 212), Gangs of Wasseypur (Rank 215) and PK (Rank 248) – which is 5 movies in the Top 250. For someone who involves himself in the entire process of filmmaking – script, pre-production, shooting, editing and marketing – a lot of credit for the success and quality of Aamir films should go to the man himself.

Truly, a legend of Indian Cinema. A man responsible for taking the industry forward.

Once again, from the entire Indicine Team we wish Aamir Khan a very happy birthday. Records or not, we hope Aamir continues to entertain and surprise us through his films.

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  • He only started dominating box office in recent years. Also don’t forget dhoom 3 success was largely down to dhoom brand and PK down to the content by Rajkumar Hirani as it didn’t take a huge start.

  • His recent films haven’t been that great. PK, 3 idiots were good but dhoom 3 was bad and ghajini, talaash were average

  • @kk still you commented first on Aamir article.

    Thanks you Indicine, for this wonderful article.
    Slight correction Aamir’s directed Film Taare Zameen Par is top rated in IMDB ahead of 3i, though there was its English name “like stars on earth” which is ahead than 3i in between 100-110 ranks.

  • Happy Birthday Aamir, there are superstars, there are crowdpullers, there are Megastar but There is only an Actor-Megastar that is Aamir Khan. Your contribution towards I dian cinema is unparallel.lots of love and good wishes.
    Aamir has been always been a part of critically acclaimed,commercial success and all time crossers.Have a look.
    1988- QSQT (set the trend for 90s for love stories a cult classic).
    1989- Raakh ( A film which got critical acclaimed and only national award to Aamir)
    1990- Dil (a popular film of that year, superb love story)
    1991- Dil hai ki manta nahi (again a classic)
    1992- Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (Classic films based on sport,again a fantastic performance of Aamir)
    1993- Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Me( lovely family comedy film with Aamir-Juhi fabulos performance)
    1994- Andaz Apna Apna( Cult Comedy, highest rated Bollywood film on Imdb)
    1995- Rangeela (Classic,His portrayed as a tapori is considered as one of the greatest performance of him )
    Akele Him Akele Tum- This is a special film though a box office failure but has fantastic story and great performance
    1996- Raja Hindustani- All time blockbuster (for me the least good films of Aamir in 90s that unfortunately becomes biggest success for him in 90s but must say Aamir-Karishma performance as well as Music of the movie was great)
    1997- Ishq (a popular comedy film having 4 acting powerhouses Aamir,Ajay,Juhi and Kajol in a film)
    1998- Ghulam (a well made film, Aamir singing debut ‘Aati kya khandala’ and his scene running towards the train is epic)
    1999- A special year when he has 3 fabulous movies Sarfarosh,Earth and Mann though Earth & Mann was a failure but they were good movies especially Earth (Aamir performance in Sarfarosh,earth and Mann were fantastic, I loved these 3 films very much)
    2000- Mela (nothing to talk about)
    2001- Lagaan and DCH (two classics of Aamir who won national awards as best film same year, Aamir wasn’t delivered good films in 2000 but he compensated that with Lagaan and Dil chahta h, nothing more required to him)
    2002- No film but a year when Aamir-Reena got separated.
    2003- No film, Aamir got Padam Shree Award.
    2004- No film,Though Aamir’s Lagaan documentary got the national awards for adventures process of film making.
    2005- Mangal Pandey( not a boxoffice success but Aamir comeback and his looks got huge buzz, the film broke every box office opening records that time which is rare for a biopic that too in 2005, Aamir performance was also praise worthy)
    2006- Rang De Basanti and Fanaa (both were huge hits and RDB will remain a historical film in Bollywood )
    2007- Taare Zameen Par(no word to describe how good the film was, this movie set Aamir apart from all superstars for many, a dream director debut).
    2008- Ghajini ( First film to cross 100 cr mark, made Christmas a popular festival time to release films, a super revenge saga)
    2009- 3 idiots( first to cross 200cr film, still waiying for a person who say that 3i is a average film)
    2010- Perpli live (a fantastic low budget non starcast superhit), Asmir awarded as Padam Bhushan.
    2011- Delhi Belly and dhobhi Ghar (both were highly critically acclaimed and loved by targeted audience, Delhi Belly set the trend to popular a movie through A rated content openely)
    2012- Talaash (Comeback as an Actor with critical acclaimed talaash which were commercial success too)
    2013- Dhoom 3( Created a dhoom worldwide,first film to cross 300cr gross in domestic and 500cr ww).
    2014- PK (First film to cross 300cr net ,400cr gross and 600cr ww, highly critically acclaimed popular film of last year).

    Conclusion- Apart from 2000 not a single year of Aamir (when he acted or produced any film) when Aamir didn’t given any significant contribution to Indian Cinema, such a remarkable career of him.A huge salute from me to One and Only Aamir Khan.

    Sorry for the long article but a small tribute from a fan to highlight his contribution.

  • aamir is surly no 1 in india and oversease too… wat ever he does as a actor ,director,host or producer is simply best,…. he is most dedicated n knows audience best…salman is choosing correct movies n got what audience wants established himself as biggest entertainer ever from hum aapke ,…to dabbang…but what happened to srk he was doing good with chak de india and even om shanti om…suddenly he got into money race n made craps like CE and HNY… cm on srk work with great directors who will suit ur super stardom…. ALL KHANS…. ROCKING EVEN AFTER 50*

  • Jahanpanaah tussi great ho,Tohfa qubool karo!

    We all SRk fans have planned to say this line to aamir sir,tonight we are going to his house and we will pull our pants down like Silencer in 3 idiots and utter this line.

  • Name the bollywood actor who is in industry from 30 years and has just 11 hits in whole career

  • Wow worldwide king – aamir
    domestic king – Salman
    overseas king – aamir
    Undisputed king of Bollywood – aamir
    people’s king – salman
    romance king – Salman
    stylish king – hrithik
    comedy king – akshay

  • my fav aamir films
    1 3 idiots
    2 pk
    3 lagaan
    4 jo jeeta wohi sikandar
    5 rang de basanti
    6 taare zameen par
    7 ghajini
    8 qsqt
    9 sarfarosh
    10 fanaa

    other films I enjoyed were taalash dhoom3,ghulam,dhkmn,hhrpk

  • How about a little bit of salt in this article ???

    Founder of 100 crs and 250 crs sure to be SRK…But RBDJ halted by overhyped GAJHNI and CE halted by epic failure OUATIMD and two other average films….:-D
    More salt coming soon.
    Happy to play the spoilsport.


  • Today can be called as an Aamir Day on Indicine . By the way Aamir really deserves so many articles . He is clearly dominating the Box Office since the last 6 years . He is a brilliant combination of Acting, Stardom, Script Sense and Marketing . Let us see for how many years the record of PK will be intact .

  • @Rocky – Lol…After trying out some class films is it wrong for SRK to try two back to back masalas ???
    After CDI and OSO he gave B TOWN the path breaker in terms of VFX RA.1.
    He made DON 2 a dark gener film 100 crs netter.
    He gave one pure piece of family entertainer masala film which even class and overhyped film like 3IDIOTS failed to give.
    He gave YASHJI his only 100 crs netter..he acted in the film because its his last film…though it was spoiled by KAT and the script still its an achievement to earn 100 crs with clash and outdated script and over 3 hrs long romantic film
    Only salt in this sweet milk is HNY though it gave a new lease of life to FHARA (AFTER TMK) and AB (AFTER D3)

    Now after his larger than life character he will be doing another CDI in FAN…a negative charecter in RAEES…and a total family entertainer DILWALE.

  • predictions for all upcoming movies.
    shivay: 150 crore plus
    raees: 250 crore plus
    fan: 200 crore plus
    dilwale: 300 crore plus
    bb: 250 crore plus
    prdp: 200 crore plus
    mohenjo daro: 250 crore plus
    dangal: 250 crore plus
    golmaal 4: 200 crore plus
    sultan: 200 crore plus
    brothers: 150 crore plus

    list of 400 crore club.
    don 3: 400 crore plus
    robot: 400 crore plus
    krish 4: 500 crore plus
    rest only time will tell.
    i just predicted correctly if u have got any objection i am at my office knock the door it will automatically gets opened…😛😛😛😛

  • I think only dangal can test his star power. Talaash was also one of the movie which depended on his star power and failed. But non the less he is a huge star without a doubt

  • Dangal will decide whether Aamir is a big star or not. As we all know Dhoom3 & PK had Franchise & Rajkumar Hirani respectively.

  • I have no words to describe the great AAMIR KHAN.All i can say that almost everything which is associated with AAMIR and cinema is desperately close to perfect.He is not only a legend,but a legend of legends.Happy birthday from an akkifan to MR. AAMIR KHAN,one of the all time best actors of india.

  • @KK
    Dhoom + john – hit
    Dhoom + Hrithik – BB
    Dhoom + AAMIR- ATBB

    Raju Hirani minus AAMIR- 0 ATBB

    AAMIR minus Raju Hirani- 3 ATBBs

    This clearly shows both Dhoom and Rju Hirani failed to give ATBB without legend Aamir Khan.

  • Legend Aamir is
    King of Indian box office
    King of overseas
    King of IMDb
    King of Box office clubs (100,200,300 crore)

  • Yes he deserves all that credit..because he completely gets involved in the entire process of filmmaking…He is enjoying the best phase of his career and is already a legend of Indian film industry..Salute
    But i still feel that salman Khan’s time from Dabangg till dabangg 2 is also something that very few actors must have seen..and shahrukh khan has not been through a bad phase yet so his entire career speaks for himself..Aamir khan is definitely ruling the box office but in terms to opening,I will rate salman khan and shahrukh khan a bit higher

  • @Legend – RAJU minus Aamir with a semi retired non actor – BB

    DHOOM 2 with a actor having huge failures in past years minus Papas help – BB and all time highest grosser

    So its not a big deal to give an ATBB with a KHAN by HIRANI and DHOOM brand in such a time when films comes out like ants every week and people totally preferring the big star film with so much increase in ticket

  • @undertaker the BB you called for Raju Hirani was a sequal of immensely loved film Munnabhai MBBS, 3i and PK were not just bb,they were all time grosser and difference in collection were so huge.
    When 3i released the difference between highest ww grosser 340cr and Ghajini 190cr both Aamir starter is equal to SRK highest grosserRNBDJ ww gross 157cr almost that time.
    Similarly pk 600cr ww is 200cr ww more than srk highest CE ww collection.
    See the difference.its not a cake walk.
    @romance diwale, named the actor who has 4 all time grosser and 5 atbb in his career, there are many actor who has given hits,superhits,BBS but Aamir hold that atbb and all time grosser record.
    Srk delivered 25hits in his career, Salman did 22 hits the difference between srk and Salman that srk didn’t had so called bad phase which Salman had in 2006-2008.Still he is almost neck to neck.
    Just take a chill pill.
    Now tell me any actor whose last 4 film onon festives became all time grosser, srk had 1 and even in overseas srk failed to have back to back all time grosser even that he dominated in overseas for long long time.

  • @undertaker So Dhoom brand can give Blockbuster with Hrithik but Don brand+Christmas with Srk is just a Hit? Why was Don 2 such a failure.

  • @ indicine, i agree that aamir khan is ruling the box office at present and is way ahead of his contemporaries like srk, saman, akshay. However i do not agree with you that he is ruling like no other star in history, have you forgotten Rajesh Khanna, who in 3 years gave almost 13 superhit films and also commanded incredible fan following and whose craze and hysteria is unparalleled, the word superstar was coined for him and he is one and only THE ORIGINAL SUPERSTAR

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