Bollywood Trailers in 2016: Trade, Audience and Our Rating

The theatrical trailer has now become the single biggest deciding factor for the audience. While the decision on whether to watch a film or not, can change post-release if a film falls in the ‘highly recommended’ category (also known as ‘positive word of mouth’), it’s the trailer that generates interest around a film.

We believe that city tours, press conferences, interviews, television appearances.. all combined can create a bit of awareness, especially for smaller lesser known films, but for most big films it makes little or no difference.

The trailer is by far the most important, followed by the first song promo and the music album. One chartbuster song does make a difference, especially at smaller centres.

On this page, we will be dividing the response that a trailer gets into three different categories – Trade Response, Audience Response and Our Rating.

Trade (All India Box Office perspective): 20 people in the trade (exhibitors, distributors, investors, analysts etc) will be contacted and asked to vote for a trailer. It’s random and the same people might not be asked to vote for every film. Their options will be – Poor, Average, Winner. A special status called ‘Unanimous Winner‘ will be given only if the response is unanimous i.e 20 out of 20 people in the trade call it a box office winner. 19 out of 20 isn’t good enough, so at best only 2 or 3 films might get this and it’ll almost always feature a top superstar. This section will be updated 2-3 days after trailer launch.

Audience (restricted to internet audience – average number of votes will be 5,000): Voting options will be – Poor, Average, Good, Outstanding. This section will be updated 2-3 days after trailer launch.

Our rating: Our team will be asked to give their rating for each film, average score will be posted here. Will be rated a day after trailer launch.

Kya Kool Hai Hum 3AveragePoor3
Saala KhadoosAverageGood7
Ghayal Once AgainAverageAverage4
Sanam Teri KasamAverageAverage4
Love ShhudaPoorPoor4
Tere Bin Laden 2PoorAverage5
Jai GangaajalAverageAverage5
Teraa Suroor 2AveragePoor1
Kapoor & SonsWinnerGood7
Rocky HandsomeAverageAverage5
Ki And KaWinnerGood7
1920 LondonAverageAverage3
Housefull 3AverageAverage5
Udta PunjabAverageAverage6
Great Grand MastiWinnerAverage6
Mohenjo DaroAverageAverage7
Happy Bhaag JayegiAverageAverage6
A Flying JattWinnerAverage7
Baar Baar DekhoAverageGood7
Raaz RebootPoorPoor3
MS DhoniWinnerGood8
Ae Dil Hai MushkilPoorAverage5
Force 2WinnerAverage6
Rock On 2PoorPoor4
Tum Bin 2PoorPoor3
Kahaani 2GoodGood7


  • But Indicine you have given 10 to SULTAN Trailer I remember this because I use it so many times in my comment now you reduce it to 8….WHY?????

  • @bandar floppyholic

    salmanz inspiring dialogs towards the end is enuff for a 5/5 and ur still searchng..u floppy horlick

  • But in your indicine lbo you gave 10 rating to Sultan’s Trailer, so why here you have given it 8 rating??
    Please reply…

  • By the way your articles have become much boring… bollyarena will soon overtake you… they post information before and they try to reply to the followers comment

  • Nice article. btw tired of all the fan wars. Movie lovers enjoy every good movie irrespective of any star

  • @Indicine always do this with Salman Khan….they reduce collection, verdict and now Trailer rating always try to show Salman below others….

    I asked so many times why they reduce the ETT verdict from ATBB to BB but they never reply…go and check on below link where in comment section Indicine agreed that ETT was an ATBB

    And now they reduce Trailer rating….the big problem is they won’t even care to reply and explain why they change….

    But here I want to say 1 thing to Indicine you are running this site for us and you are bound to explain us what you are doing and why you are doing….

  • @indicine.. another interesting feature!! Gr8 job u r doin.. makes ur site furthermore interesting! Congrats!
    I guess out of the three only the audience part coz it is internet based may not reflect the actual response simply bcoz of the crazy dislike amongst fans for actors other than their favourite star! Extreme bias n hatred everywhere on social media n even here on indicine! Ridiculous levels !
    Or else trade n @indicine rating mostly wld reflect the actual response!

  • wait for rustom… akkians will be on full flow with hattrick of 100 crores movies in a single year

  • Sultan trailer unanimous winner,,,????Lol,,,Fan trailer was far more better than Sultan.It seems you are promoting Sultan so much.

  • @indicine can you post an article for the highest impact trailers of all time ?? if not all time thn after 2000 at least …. based on the youtube views you can pick the entries…

  • sultan trailer is overated nothing impactful it was jus ok not outstanding sarbjit trailer was the most outstanding one among many i did not believed it could turn a bad film i was even started thinking that aishwarya might win filmfare award but na as usual the over acting queen did her job and sunk the sarbjit in a deep blue sea that even sharks refused to follow it

  • Sultan – 8. Outstanding
    Fan – 8. Good
    Can you explain @indicine why only 8 to Sultan?? Why are you so cheap to SULTAN? Because it stars the Megastar of this DECADE? Common now!!! Just asking @indicine to be FAIR!!!

  • @sunny makkhiholic,brothers trailer got very good response,have multistarrer,heroine,songs,Dharma Productions.still a disaster,rofl.n it only that 90% of akki movies are going in that way.and recently a masala franchise hf-3 failed to beat it’s prequel by huge margin.akki should retire now.

    @tiger-the real chuha,yes definitely @indicine will do such ranking system from that day,when our bhi will unable to release his films on EID.

  • @sunny floppyholic
    Inspite of good trailer and chartbuster music your makkhi’s film still become flops.

  • @phenominal idiot:

    Exactly, they should make articles on lowest grosser of each star, lowest grosser of 21st century, lowest grosser of each decade, Biggest disaster of Bollywood history etc. And we all know which sadakchap gonna topped the list with his EPIC megablockbuster YLJK…. LOL.

  • Good work Indicine. Great to see you keep coming up with such different articles.

    Top 3 trailers for me are Fan, Airlift and UP.

    Looking forward to the trailers of Dangal, Shivay and MD.

  • @phenominal idiot:

    Exactly, they should make articles on lowest grosser of each star, lowest grosser of 21st century, lowest grosser of each decade, Biggest disaster of Bollywood history etc. And we all know which sadakchap gonna topped the list with his EPIC megablockbuster which failed to collect even 40lakh nett…. LOL.

  • @phenominal idiot:

    Hahaha….Barking on Nishchay collections quoting BOI!! Fine, according to the same BOI……….
    Kkhh is a Bhai movie (the same page showing u linked)…..

    PRDP opening day>>>>hny opening day.

    ETT opening day>>>> CE opening day.

    Jai Ho lifetime>>>>> don 2 & jthj lifetime.

    Ready lifetime>>>> Ra one lifetime.

    Hny lifetime- only 176cr..

    Now don’t show your HYPOCRISY by changing your colour!!!!

    Burih tarah se fasss gaya na?????…..hahahahaha….!!!

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