‘Neruppu Da’ song teaser gets 2 million two million views

The hype that Rajnikanth’s ‘Kabali’ has created is quite unprecedented. The teaser has garnered nearly 23 million views, which is more than the teasers of all Hindi films.

A teaser of the song ‘Neruppu Da’ has also taken the internet by storm, as it has received nearly 2 million views in less than 24 hours. 

The teaser also introduces viewers to the film’s main antagonist played by Taiwanese actor Winston Chao. It ends with the lines from Rajinikanth, announcing to the world, “Tell him I have come. That I have come back!”

Directed by Pa. Ranjith, the film also features Dhansikaa, Ritwika, Kishore, Dinesh and Kalaiarasan.

Kabali releases in theatres a week after Salman Khan’s Sultan.



  • Hrithik settled views records on YouTube like

    1st 10 Millions :: Krrish3
    1st 20 Millions :: Krrish3
    1st 150 Millions :: Single DDS

    Hrithik is going to set first 30 Millions views on Youtube with MOHENJO DARO trailer

    MOHENJO DARO :: more than 250 Cr

  • Where is the buzz of sultan that bhaithards speak about???where? No room for bhojopori loltan this eid. Only Kabali.
    #Rajni rocks

  • The teaser is mindblowing and then I heard the full song just yesterday. Didn’t understand a word but still blew away completely. Listened to it already more than 10 times since yesterday. Such a fitting song to the style of Rajni sir.

    Any one wishing to listen to the complete song can do it at the following link (though not the official video and without English sub-titles):


    Waiting for the official video of the song with English subtitles.

  • What awesome style of Rajni sir !!!!!! At the end of the teaser when he especially says the following lines:

    “Tell him I have come. That I have come back.”

  • Eid 2015


    Eid 2016
    Super Sultan-blockbstr

    i dnt like rajni but i hav respect for him

  • Outstanding teaser.Also watch the full song which includes Rajini sir’s epic dialogue which is also partially included in this teaser.
    Teaser is a reminiscent of old Rajini movies which I used to watch on every Diwali on tamil channels.

  • This is only shows that South Indian have more access to YouTube or Internet
    And yes they rarely watch Hindi movies ,forget the trailers.
    The percentage of views in Kabali teaser and song teaser from North Indians will be higher when compared to the percentage of views from South Indians for any Bollywood movie trailer.
    That might be the reason.
    There is huge Hindi speaking population which still don’t have access to Internet.
    So,this is bound to happen.
    Rajnikanth is highly respected human being.

  • Kabali will badly affecte to Sultan in South India side, Because Kabaali will release before 1 week Sultan not after sultana.

  • @ ultron: what a loser you are ….. after 3 stupid comments and bashing rajni you then suddenly realize at the end of 4th comment that you respect rajni …..

  • khan’s are Khans & they are the Gods of the Cinema Worldwide BUT Rajni sir is something else I donlt Understand a Single word Still i am hooked to the Screen , No one can match his Screen Presence and Machoism not even Salman sir

  • kochadaiyaan was disaster grief for distributors ad some of them were commit suicide.but profits for soundarya rajnikanth . lingaa same story repeated sold to exorbitant prices result was also epic disaster and last but not least kabali by showig this fake hype they r ready to sell it off .plz wake up
    and beware of kabali otherwise ur souls are in rest in peace.

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