Blue Movie Reviews – Positive

A couple of reviews for Akshay Kumar’s Blue are out and both are extremely positive. One is a video review by Joginder Tuteja for Lehren TV (watch below) and other is a review by Taran Adarsh.

Taran in his review promises a never seen before experience “You haven’t watched something like this on the Hindi screen before. Never ever!” He is also all praise for the director Anthony D’Souza “It requires courage, will power, fortitude, vision and of course, the financial backing to accomplish a project of this magnitude. And debutante director Anthony D’Souza puts his skills and the financial resources to best use. Anthony D’Souza is a director to watch. This film has style as well as substance. Also, it requires courage and conviction to think out of the box and most importantly, execute the material with panache.”

The performances have come in for special praise too, especially Akshay who seems to have delivered his career best performance “Sanjay Dutt carries his part well, although he looks very well fed in some scenes. Akshay Kumar steals the show with a sterling performance. This would easily classify amongst his best works. Zayed Khan is highly competent. This, despite the fact that he’s sharing the screen space with two hugely experienced actors.”

Female stars Katrina Kaif (in a 8 minute long special appearance) and Lara Dutta have nothing much to do, yet they impress mostly with their beauty, charm and screen presence “Lara Dutta has never looked so good before. Though the story revolves around the guys, you can’t overlook Lara’s small but significant contribution to the film. Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous and performs exceedingly well. The feminine charm would send the youth in a frenzy.”

So what’s the final verdict? 4 on 5 stars.. “On the whole, BLUE has style as well as substance. The film has everything going in its favour, right from its incredible star cast to the superb action scenes to the hitherto unseen marine life to the tremendous hype and hoopla.”

Time for Akshay Kumar fans and the industry to rejoice we think. First credible positive reviews for a Akshay Kumar movie in a long long time, add to it, great advance booking and a Holiday weekend.. A box office blockbuster? Lets wait and watch.

We also have the video review by Joginder Tuteja, he too is all praise for the movie and rates it 4 on 5. Some points

  • 5 key action and stunt sequences, that keep the pace up for the film
  • Bike Sequences are great.
  • Underwater sequences are breath-taking.
  • Blue has an international feel to it, compares it to James Bond movies!
  • Coming to the negatives, Joginder criticizes the storyline.

Watch the Blue video review below


The official Indicine Review for Blue will be up on Friday. If you managed to watch the movie, post your reviews below



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